New adidas sweatpants

Are Adidas Pharrell Williams Collections Still Good?

Are Adidas Pharrell Williams Collections Still Good?1 Sep. 2020
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Today we're looking at something more colourful. Taking a day off from sneakers, we take a look at the new Adidas X Pharrell Williams Premium Basic Essentials collection that just released. This collection as is implied is full of basic essentials such as t shirts, hoodies, sweatshirts and sweatpants. They released in a plethora of not just vibrant, but earth tones as well. But do they stand up to their name? Is Pharrell Williams' new collection a banger, or a dud? Watch the video to find out!

Hope you enjoyed the video!

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Comments (15)
Jonathan Kulesa

Just looks like some Hanes to me... ?‍♂️ And the 'inmate' theme just don't sit well with me... Years ago people wanted to look homeless, now they wanna look like they just got new, state issued, jail uniforms... That's just how I feel... But hey, if that's what you like, I ain't mad atcha... ❤✌


these look great and u always have good style with the socks too. luv it! ur handsome and luv the beard too. ❤️kim


Have you bought the wrong size or are they that big?

Uiran Vieira

Very good bro ! ???????

Geron Fletcher

I have the yellow shorts and ive been getting nothing but compliments from women I know. 2 of em asked to have em I’m like no lol


Pic Fam

Giovone Mendoza

Dude looks like them cartoon villains when they go to jail

The Shoe Processor

Another fire content! ?

George F

Not a fan of Pharrell, but I am a huge sweatpant snob. After years of buying cheap H&M and other retailers, I only buy premium quality ones at this point. I won't even look at them if they don't have zippered pockets and starting to feel the same if they don't have at least one back pocket for my cell. That being said these look pretty damn solid, my definite go to is Talentless at the moment. Incredible quality and same price as these. I'd love to see more essentials clothing reviews in the future, whether that be hoodies or sweats. Thanks for the review Picsoleated!

Helga Pavlov

They were never good


So happy to see the videos more often :)

Anna Olintla

Good video!!

Jon R

Should I go true to size in the pants or size down?


yooo have u seen the leaks of those new human races with the OG soles? adidas is backkkkk ?

Stan Yiu

I wish they incorporate some of the Hu NMD Chinese or Sanskrit text somewhere on the garments. That would tie these with the Pharrell Human race line more organically.

The 8 Best adidas Track Pants To Wear With Boost

The 8 Best adidas Track Pants To Wear With Boost12 Jul. 2017
432 687

George takes a closer look

George takes a closer look at 8 of the best adidas track pants, to wear with your boost trainers, that are available right now on adidas.com. There's a nice mixture of materials and styles with some being full length and others cropped for the summer.

Let us know what one are your favourites below.


Premiere Pants - http://bit.ly/2uiW7Oe

Shoe Montage Sweatpants - http://bit.ly/2uiWcS2

SST Cuffed Track Pants - http://bit.ly/2uj4iKn

Nova Wind Pants - http://bit.ly/2ujhjUa

Fashion Track Pants - http://bit.ly/2ujiqDG

Instinct Cropped Pin Tuck Track Pants - http://bit.ly/2uj4tW3

SST Relaxed Cropped Track Pants - http://bit.ly/2uj6GkC

Seven-Eighth Pants - http://bit.ly/2ujdu1p

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Comments (100)
Николай Якубов

He sounds like his rapping

Nikola Golić

gonna need this to squat with my friends

Cult Boy

Has anyone had the Adidas predator track/soccer pants? I can't find them anywhere

SBK8 Black

No one

Tonya Rivera

What are the shoes paired with the Fashion track pants called? The shoes at 1:06.

son guku.z

Ultra boost and nmd are for musically kids

Alexandros Tsiouralidis

Can we learn the sizes of these pants?

Ivan Soltani

addias ZNE joggers

Loretzo Axel

Nahh all looks wack . Tiro 15 ,tiro 17 are the best faxtss

Μαρινος _7

0:41 which model of ultra boost are those ? Best color.

Chango Diss Trackzz

Addy das

Chris Grant

Anyone know where I can get track pants for tall people I’m 6’3


난 이 중에 4개 있지롱~

Max Payne

Your handmoves are making aggressive

Mikele Konstanty Fiedorowicz IV

what is good adidas panths for winter and coldness but not to swearting much in house tempreture?



anas ali



1:05 What kinda Pants are those? i dont find any "Fashion Track Pants Adidas"


Tiro 17 and 19

Rohan Dhanwe

how to buy it

David Gonçalves


Jesse Nunez

(┛✧Д✧))┛彡┻━┻┻┻︵¯\(ツ)/¯︵┻┻(╯ರ ~ ರ)╯︵ ┻━┻┻┻︵¯\(ツ)/¯︵┻┻(╯ರ ~ ರ)╯︵ ┻━┻┻┻︵¯\(ツ)/¯︵┻┻(╯ರ ~ ರ)╯︵ ┻━┻┻┻︵¯\(ツ)/¯︵┻┻(╯ರ ~ ರ)╯︵ ┻━┻┻┻︵¯\(ツ)/¯︵┻┻(╯ರ ~ ರ)╯︵ ┻━┻┻┻︵¯\(ツ)/¯︵┻┻(╯ರ ~ ರ)╯︵ ┻━┻┻┻︵¯\(ツ)/¯︵┻┻┻┻︵¯\(ツ)/¯︵┻┻(╯ರ ~ ರ)╯︵ ┻━┻┻┻︵¯\(ツ)/¯︵┻┻(╯ರ ~ ರ)╯︵ ┻━┻┻┻︵¯\(ツ)/¯︵┻┻(╯ರ ~ ರ)╯︵ ┻━┻(ノ°_o)ノ⌒┫ ┻ ┣ ┳(╯ರ ~ ರ)╯︵ ┻━┻┻┻︵¯\(ツ)/¯︵┻┻(╯ರ ~ ರ)╯︵ ┻━┻┻┻︵¯\(ツ)/¯︵┻┻(╯ರ ~ ರ)╯︵ ┻━┻┻┻︵¯\(ツ)/¯︵┻┻(╯ರ ~ ರ)╯︵ ┻━┻(ノ°_o)ノ⌒┫ ┻ ┣ ┳(╯ರ ~ ರ)╯︵ ┻━┻(ノ°_o)ノ⌒┫ ┻ ┣ ┳(╯ರ ~ ರ)╯︵ ┻━┻

Aman Hundal



pause there 0:08

Balázs Molnár

I want to vomit after seeing these

Valter Siba-Siba

The Premier.

abeer ༄ ʕ•̫͡•



Surprised you didn't include any of the tiro 15 or 17s

Lacey Simon

Do popular training program like Episoketren System really work and if so, how effective are they? I have heard many awesome things about this popular training program.


Why dont you wear socks like normal people?

Zakir Memon

adidas pants which no one would regret https://amzn.to/35s03dM

Akira Richards


Kyler Cockrell

Fake yezys

Benjamin Bogucanin

0:31 name ?? and how can i shop one ?

arvind agrawal




geza kiss

that's a no go

Will Lee

I love how the links doesn't even work ):

Omar Neira

the first! premiere pants are awesome for training and lifestyle, I have two: navy -white and black -white like in the video.

Ricardo Casas

Name of the first “premiere pants” pls? Link doesn’t work

Austine Tester

What is the best product or brand to increase your soccer technique? I read many great opinions on the net about how Episoketren System can help you increase your soccer skills. Has anyone tested out this popular training course?

Pedro Llort Torres

Adidas premiere pants I CANT FIND THEM


i can't find the them on a website and the link doesn't take me to them (Nova Wind Pants)

Cassia Monge Kamali

the way he says adidas LMAO "addy-ass"


Cant even find one of them :(

Joe Foster

Does anyone know the song in this vid?

Zakariya ali

What size do you reckon I should get. Am 6’3 and 150 pounds but am skinny asf.

Malte Jansen

you're sleeping on the eqt 1 to 1 track pants

Jow Ga.周家拳

The most Ulgy looking track pants on earth

Hinn Spengy

Is track pants still hype?


Black who’re and blue nmd what’re they called

steve nashlegend

Can adidas UK deliver to usa? Because I’m from USA

R Snr

Sst seems like the best one who needs those high water looks. Not I.

Mark Kohler

George only wears shorts !!

Relaxing Therapy

Does Eprosoke Training Program really work? I notice lots of people keep on speaking about Eprosoke Training Program. But Im not sure if it is good enough to improve your soccer game.

GD [hunger guy Boy]

Get slav

Keith Douglas

Will adidas trio 17 pants fade over time

Al Mustakin

Hip hop

MaFourLY Zann

Where i can buy tiro 15 or cardivo 16 ?

Tin Le

Tiro 19

Oskar Gawroński

tiro 15 i chuj


what abt the adidas match track pants


The best is adidad tiro 17

Danielle Bordegaray

I hate how men's cropped sweatpants look... It reminds me of the pants erckle used to wear on Family matters.

Luigi Jin

Howd u lace your 3white yzy??

Arian Shahrabi


Tiim Smiith

Recently discovered the EQT range, the quailty of the pants are so much better.


Whats that one pants that all soccer players wear?

Icy Ticey

I fucking hate how they say "Adidas". SAY IT FUCKING RIGHT

Zsch Uhguj

Don’t get me wrong all the shoes were hot but the ankle cut off and drop crotch are uglier than shit


when he says adidas its like he says IdEatAss

Dr2k Fanboy

Shoe name on 1:13 plsss

Thomas Wood

What track pants would you wear with bluetint??

Lil Grape

Still dont understand why people dont wear long socks with pants


It's weird how it's kool now to tuck your sucks in your joggers now, back I. The day if you did that you was considered a chav.

Drew Wilkins

Turn off the graphics treatment so we can actually see the pants


hi whats the name of the shoe at 1:39 min???

Black Flame

They don't make pants for shorter athletes. Adidas is anti-short people.

arvind agrawal

L/Ss size means


Pause at 0:09?

Arbër Hyseni

Where can I find the shoe montage 0:32, cant find them on web? :/

Fernando Paulino Meléndez

1:06 name shoes?

Joshua Mushyakov

How do i put on socks over the track pants perfectly


What's the best fitting track pants guys?


1:10 streetwear beast achieved

JohnDwong Duong

ZNE pants are slept on

Francisco Galvan

Tiro 17 pant best ones I ever wore

Zander Bautista

ID knit track pants and pureboost black white shoes.

Dante Mikazuki

what is that white ultraboost ?


tiro 13 will always be my fav track pants

Pinsqueezebic 1

Cropped is so lame.heres a better list. Adidas z.n.e track pant and z.n.e. Travel pant.also the tiro 17 that has a really nice tapper and my favorite the reigning champ adidas pant with black stripes going down the black pants.

Pantelis Karagiannis

SST Cuffed Track Pant what is the size?

beanbag 88

wtf the first pair is around 140 here in nz

Edwin Martinez

Does anyone know if adidas pants shrink when in the washer

Sagem .moddoholic_vxrtl

Sereno 14.

LT seb

slav +100


Why the shoe montage pant isn’t available on the adidas webstore ? Is the production discontinued ?

Aman Hundal



Do you wear socks with your Yeezys or Ultraboosts??


Adidas classic wind

Best Track Pants You Must Have | Essential Pants | Ft. Adidas, MNML LA & DSRCV

Best Track Pants You Must Have | Essential Pants | Ft. Adidas, MNML LA & DSRCV23 Mar. 2018
324 183
Kadin YuSubscribe 438 721

My favourite track pants

My favourite track pants that I own currently. I think these are some must haves in your closet. Which pair do you already have?


Use this link for cash back:


L'Assemblage Du Cuir (LAC) - KadinYu10

Rarefied Clothing - KadinYu10

I Love Ugly - KadinYu10

MNML LA - KadinYu10

Bromwick Watches - Kadin15


Link to Purchase:

MNML LA Pinstripe Track Pant - https://goo.gl/5sqaxg

Adidas Tiro Pant - https://goo.gl/8dR5UX

MNML LA Natural Track Pant - https://goo.gl/pVxNpD

DSRCV Retro Track Pant - https://goo.gl/aqX5CP


Follow me:

// Twitter: https://twitter.com/KadinYu

// Blog: https://sharemystyle.wordpress.com/

// Instagram: jiakadin

// Snupps: http://snupp.it/VLsf4c





Comments (93)

t-shirt name?


Hello, its adidas tiro 17 or 19 ?


Thank youuu 4 ths

Muhammet Bulut

Du bist ein absoluter Ehrenmann

TDR Bando

what shirt r u wearing tryna cop it


Why are you wearing a dress

Lou V

niceee pants !!!! how to choose size ? mnml


Hey, do you live in NZ? (if so any tips on how to get the Oreos)




where did you buy this striped t-shirt?


where will I buy tiro pant now?

Lachie Edwards

how tall are you?

Curly cat

Hey I am 5”5 do u think I can’t fit an xs or r they too big


id for tee pls

Ильяс Рамаев

We have such things, unfortunately, are not available. Greetings from Russia, man!


does it look bad if u have black shoes?


Wait MNML runs small ??? Dammit I just bought 3 pairs in Medium lol

Jason Huynh

What shirt was that

Jumpshot Doctor

Y’all drop a sub to me

Bão Tố Toàn

1m78 58kg what size tiro pants bro

Jonathan Dela Cruz

Is that tiro pants 19?


Yo, what do you reccomend I do, I'm 6'1 and my inseam is 34" but my waist is around 29-30. No letter size fits me perfectly, medium is too short and large is baggy and wide at the hips...

Tomas Cabezas

hey men nice vid, what are the model of the adidas pants?

Bulu Naorem

Link to buy

Andrew lon

Where did you get your shirt from in this video?


Sup i am 190cm i am a skinny nigga which pants size M or L?

Game- Cho

U have a chicken legs but how does size M fit for u man?

Vaibhav Sonnakul

What shoes u wearing

Kurt Allen Acupan

Ive got the DRSCV

Max Andy Sainzaneau

The fourth one

Brandon Q.

Why the drawstring on my tiro pants is on the back is it fake?

Christopher Fonseca

Can you do a review on the KDNK track pants they are pretty cheap they cost 38$ and I wanna know if the quality it really bad on them or not since they are only 38$

yasuo ddkk

Como se llama el segundo pantalón ?

Mary Antonette Navarro

perfect Pants ????

Victor Suarez

How tall are u

Zakir Memon

guys i really found one awesome adidas track pand....try it out u wont regret https://amzn.to/35s03dM

Jona & Ty

Mnml didn’t even send my jeans bro

Josh Y

What is the material on all of them

LordAyo 14

I can't get those adidas trackpants in large. Pls smn help

Paul Bloss

Best Video every time!?


Like like ??

Still I Rise4485

That instrumental tho???Just COPPED Game Royal 1s today, next week triple white Ultra Boost 4.0. I like the gen you wear in this video better though

tuyển lê mạnh

Infor trackpants adias

UnKnown Gaming

What shoes he using?


Cant find the one with stripes all the way to the bottom. Been looking for ages.

Abdul Malik

Manldhiz gabdan minfdlik

realwords realmeaning

I got the purple stripped ones and i have the mnml la navy blue track pants with the white stripe down the side and i have the black with red stripe down the side track pants i ordered from Mnml la today i will be doing a review on them when they get here. I wouldnt buy my track pants from no where else they fit so good

Valter Siba-Siba

Awesome video! Been trying to find the right adidas joggers, the Tiro halfbars with the zips will be my choice.

Manuel Arriaga

What’s the name of the adidas full stripe pants


Nice vid, im 75 kg, 192cm tall, what size of adidas pants should i choose?


I’m 59 what size would I be on those mnml pants and no I’m not fat

steve nashlegend

Why is the tiro pants in this video different from the tiro pants in adidas website? Where can I buy the same pants like in the video?

Angel betancourt

Am 5’7 and weight about 107 what size should I get I want it to fit like u


What size would you recommend? I’m 6”0 185 ish pounds and my waist is usually a 34 in normal pants

Edixon Rodriguez

DSRCV resells things from taobao and Ali Express at a more expensive price go on Reddit it or anywhere and proof is shown. STOP SUPPORTING THEM

Fabian Medl

I'm 186cm 79kg and want that it fits like you. What should i get in the mnml one and what in the dsrcv one?
and good video Bro!


What's that adidas pant's product ID?

Wildinout Tv

Yo style is cringy asf

Matthew Lapping

Do u own a pair of air max 97s silver bullets if so could you do a how to style then mmm vid

Chheav SengTong

Nice video❤️❤️ I’m 1.70cm and 68kilo and laps are little bit big what size should I pick for Mnml LA Track pant ??? Thanks before ❤️


Hey bro! Nice vid man. Im 170cm. What size of the MNML Trackie u reckon i should go for?

Abdul Malik

I man


How tall are you? Need a reference to buy mnml pants

2137 gę

that's ultraboost 4.0??

Heman Nguri

to buy track pant bestcollections.co.in

Yeety McGravy

Dude I'm 180cm and skinny AF. Im planning to buy mnml track pants. What size should I get?

Abdul Malik

Those adidas pants tiro I like those adidas pants???????


Where can you find the natural colour mnml pants?

Thái Nguyễn

Hello you,i come from Viet Nam,can you show me how to your pants become wrinkled,I'm using google translate to talk with you,please.Thank a lot <3

sheyojiyo 288

litt ??


Chciken legs


What are those shoes called


How to style red calabasas pants?

DTrey FloatGoat

Those tan beige ones were best


What about the Puma T7 vintage?


Can you let me know what t shirt is that

Edu Alonso

the adidas, what is the exactly model?

Geodude FT.

Fuckboy starter pack.

Ottoman Empire

Shoes name pls


wheres needles??

Michael Neuffer

Dope video dawg but I can't find the Adidas trio pants with the long stripes from the hip to the ankle on the internet. All I can find are pants with stripes from hip to the knee. Do you know where to find them?



Alvin Lee

Dope video??? BTW, I'm 182cm 80kg, size 34 in the M1 denim. What size should I get in that MNML track pants?


great video but how tall are you ?


how is the fit my us size in jeans is 32


how tall are you bro

Sauske Uchiha

Were can i buy MNML track pants?

The End

I like.

bogart chu

So which one was your fav and why?


Really hard to find Adidas tiro pants in M.

Pedro Sanchez

Skinny pants and loose shirt looks weird


How do you wash your ultra boosts? Mine are starting to get dirty and I don’t want to ruin mine.

finn rijkers

wich tiro pants do u have in this vid?