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I Paid Someone To Make My Boobs Smaller

I Paid Someone To Make My Boobs Smaller4 Apr. 2020
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All about my breast reduction procedure and recovery.

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CM Thom

10:09 to 10:31 will be viewed and reviewed over and over-- thank you.


she prettyyyyy


But why


Dealing with these stupid ass drains now ?


Normal women: I need to make my breasts larger for other people

Joanna: I’m going to get a breast reduction to make myself feel better

This is why I like her ? she’s not like most women.

Allen Redd

My lady wants a breast redux.. I'ma show her this bc this is pretty insightful ?


COUGH Young Don The Sauce God


Joanna: I paid someone to make my boobs smaller

Every LA Girl: Wait that's illegal!!!!

Sunnie the Simp

Finally! Someone who tells you in depth about this experience!!!


Also u growing, you should be making money about now?

Thug Drina

?? I keep telling ppl I’m getting a reduction and they tell me not to. This is confirmation for me. Fuck them

Mason E.

This is the second video of yours that I've seen. Great content ??

zoozoo king

Who else immediately click on the video


Gerome Frasier


King Sef

Y pree joanna rate yuh vids dem much love from JA ???

『Krønøs Prøductiøns』

My comment shall officially now be the 69th comment.


Kwesi Lawrence

I'm from JA ???? I love your videos

DemonKing X

She's going to be one of the biggest YouTubers someday believe it??. Much love ❤️

kerry johnson

The queen has given us another video ??

Diamond Love

I'm glad I got mine done. I'm 6 months post best feeling ever!!! My surgery was 33000!! I only paid 1,000

Jashon Scully

I’m Jamaican to

Jana Williams

Why is she the grown version of me. This is unnatural ?

Nahgee Robinson

I feel bad for clicking this video as fast I as I did I saw boobs and clicked immediately??‍♂️..... horrible


Joana you look like don you guys genes are strong

Wenshell Cloteda

Why Xodus?


Come again


I am confused with ur decision?? But ok

burrell dxn

Damn, good stories run in the family ?(including ydtsg)

Raheem Stephens

Last time I was here.... She had 12k subs now she has 16k.

Derell Augustine


Jazwaun Brooks

You think it would be cool if you tried animations too or nah?

Damon Corbin

Good for you at least you are happy with your decision

King J T

we need someone to get this girl some mo exposure

Twe tty

Pin this


You should start doing animations like your brother



Great Big Storytelling

You should do reaction videos


My dad needs it

Kimora Cheuk

Love u Joanna


My girl said she not putting a gun to our ears but remember god is watching?? bruh

ityall boi

Young don think oh sum bull?

Derell Augustine

U and don say but the same

TheyAce Magic

U are blasting up ??your channel is doing great good jobbbb!


10:09 to 10:33

TheBrattyBiography OfPretty

I’m 14 and really dislike the size of my breast as I’m a E cup and I’m just not comfortable about them and really have been thinking about getting a breast reduction when I get older and this was very informative

jeiska jordan

She is so funny and adorable!!!


Boobs too big so Had to pull out the reverse card on em

Dafoe fog

??Just work out your back muscles ?

Treshawn Woody

You are so beautiful you don't have to change your body cause you are gorgeous just the way you are

Luna Sol BeyTM

Girl! The big boob struggles are REAL! ? Other ppl have no idea what we go through!


I'm late nooooo


nothing wrong wid big titties

Hashim Murtuza

how does don feel about you posting this vid?

Guess Who

She said she could not cook she could not clean who else's heard that wifey materisl

Rūkasu kun

How are you feeling about the exponential growth in your channel the last few weeks

Bigboii Siima

I wonder what Don gon say

Ibk Olagzs

10:10 for the lads

NLNM_ mario

Yeah I love that ur so brave to show this video

Adam Yalahow

I swear this is only a African problem ?

Mel Stimpson

Thanks for sharing! Glad to see this channel growing and getting the views that you deserve!!!!

International Woly

Me after seeing this Thumbnail

Me: She probably did this because of Guys
Yep Guys.

Mr Koala



Johnathan !

Congrats on almost 20k Your channel been growing so fast

Nanami Momozono

Lowkey thought this was gonna be a video about Photoshop?. But I'm glad you're happy with the results


Idk what it is but her accent makes me calm and happy


Who the fuck disliked this video?

Vanilla Cream

I had no idea that breast reduction surgery costed so much.

is that a chicken?

This whole video feels like when you tell your friend, "sis, you have nice boobs" and the friend is like "thaaaaaanks???"
Time stamps that butter my biscuit: 7:16, 8:30, 12:14 - 12:18 and 14:09

Also, God sees you ?❤️

Diablo Gaming

?bredda i was like why would u do that ...but then mi watch the full video

Savage Prince

Congrats on 16k ma lady bows

Ya boy Spanky

Why do you say everyone and their mothers why not say my G or something


6:00 she and Don are literally the same person

Koddy Brad

Fuck off

Diablo Gaming

Sound like u in love with the doctor ?

JayRah Griffin

What size were you before the surgery? I’m glad I subbed to your channel! You’re so pretty ?❤️


Aww why tho


She even has dons facial expressions ??? 10:35


You and don really are family, you both hate throwing up ???

Johan Unknow


Edson Matlombe

Everyone and their motherrrr

Jazwaun Brooks

You and have Don have a coo wayl of explaining stories with us, it drives my interest levels, wanting to know what comes next...its very enjoyable


What was your bra size before surgery and after?


I hope this isn’t weird but your voice is sooooo soothing. The way you talk is just so relaxing. You’re also really pretty


did it cost alot

Jaymar Music

HOES: I need bigger breast.
Queen: I Paid Someone To Make My Boobs Smaller

Adrion Francois


Amanda Perry

And thanks for the good contents!

Yes but no :I

I watched this in the morning u had 16k now 16.2


Can you guys subscribe to my youtbe channel it names JaheimOMG


Achievement unlocked:
Actually wanting your boobs to be smaller

Hii andre

Love how confident u are


Your channel rising extremely fast!


small boob contour...ok ok

Unknown Dynasty

Ayo she still looks great. As long as she feels good about it we should accept it. Women should not be objectified. Good for Joanne Xodus.


We found something with her and don (obviously) they both hate throwing up ??

Amanda Perry

Omg same I hate throwing up:(


Imma have to watch this later ?

Richard Bardalez

She could be a voice fi di youths
some niggas spoiled asf
She'll do a good job


don't let Don see this

Bloxy Dash

I like the fact how you literally have 0 dislikes

How to Lose Fat In Your Boobs // Chest Exercises to Add to Your Routine

How to Lose Fat In Your Boobs // Chest Exercises to Add to Your Routine1 Mar. 2017
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?E-mail: [email protected]

Hey Lovies!

Recently I have received a lot of questions asking how to reduce breast size and what exercises will reduce breast size. Our breast are primarily fat so in order to reduce the size of them we have to lose fat. There are not any special foods, exercises or supplements you have to take or do to achieve this goal. Just a combination of a proper diet, resistance training and cardio will help you reach your goals. You cannot spot train a specific area of your body to lose fat. When you lose fat you will lose it everywhere and we cannot control where we lose it first or last. I hope this video can help you better understand the process.

Thank you so much for watching!


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?Most of the products I use and LOVE: http://astore.amazon.com/amandtorre-20

?Intro & Outro: First Of The Year (Equinox)- Skrillex

Comments (100)
dayc0re_ violet

I want to be as flat as I was when I was 6.Big boobs are annoying as shit

mama mama

I’m already skinny what other fat do I need to lose ? I’m 36DD and bottom size 4


Ima tryna gain weight and lose weight in my breast area at the same time... like how can I do that ?

Ava Rose

Honestly I think having breast is nice but not at this age lol please take them away


So IT IS TRUE that training chest will make your boobs smaller!!! Oh no thanks!

Rosé é

My chest really isnt big i think im a A but i just feel extremely uncomfortable with my chest i want the chest i had when i was a small kid, im 13 now and 153

Jess JustJess

Age 7: Stuffing my Training bra
(Now)Age 14: I'm 5'2 with a 34D Saying "Can I please remove them?! I just want to be at least a B."

Kitti G0th

I want very small ones cuz I don’t want boys staring at me when I’m older T-T I’m very insecure


Omg Ik this sounds bad but I want to cut off half of my breast so then the doctors are forced to stitch it up. And I will have smaller boobs ???


I just feel so insecure with my breasts like I just want to be flat so badly

panther. juju

if I couldn't feel pain they would be like my old friends. id just cut them off.


I wear a training bra still im 11 but they are way to small for me, i always have to pull it down and its super annoying i only have one friend that has big boobs too... everyone else is a flat chest and i just want to be a flat chest again! Also i dont really want to do this because im super duper skinny im like a twig but then i just have huge boobs! I hate it! It makes them pop out way more especially in tight shirts and bathing suits, and i have to go to the pool today! (It feels really wrong saying boobs for me ?)


:D thanks


I'm not really comfortable having big boobs because every time I put on a shirt my boobs shows and it makes them look tight (in a bad way) and I got a feeling that people are talking about them anddd there's this boy in my class that has a huge crush on me and one of his friends told me that hes like me because of my boobs like wtf

I love Min yoongi

I'm 12 n 32A
4'8 I hate it


i'm 13 and i am a 80B, i really hate it.
but i was wondering... is that okay for my age ?

Moha A

I hate my boobs and I just want to be flat chested like please help me. WHAT SHOULD I DO? Is exercising enough to be flat chested?

MoralmathsFred Wrist


doodle noodle

My dysphoria bouta get an asswhoopin


I want to lose it bc I’m a ballerina and when they make us wear spaghetti straps... it’s not fun ???

Philencia ORESTE

I'm 17 years old and I wear a 34 B I want them to be flat as possible


I use to do 15 ish push-ups every day, and it has lifted them completely, and they are more even now. ? Totally recomend it, but drink a lot of water! ❤️ (I’m very skinny and i’m a 32/34 DD. Height is about 1.68 cm, 15 years old.) But anyways, they should get smaller if i continue these push-ups. ? (I don’t really know if i’m a C, D or DD tho..) Mine get more saggy on the pill tho, so i don’t like that.. ? But i will hold on until i’m at least a B or a C. ?? The point is that I don't know how to lose breast fat when I'm almost anorexic-skinny.. :/ Does anyone have any clue? :/

UwU Heree

Wait so when you exercise your breast fat goes away aswell?


I ha d fat there but idk if i hit buberty, i also had this last summer so idk if i did


People who want large boobs don't understand how much they hurt...

Rey Pizza

I want to have a binder, but since I can't... At least I can do this
I'm 17

Sarah Lee Chang

So what if I can't lost that fat my body is too skinny

Kristen's Classroom

I'm trying to lose overall body fat for my wedding and ZUMBA has helped so much!! I actually tried my wedding dress corset and had a little extra room in the chest area :)

never mind

From a 36 B cup, to año A cup.I nope it really works

Rony ßmąřť

I am 12 years old and my breasts started to grow up I actually didnt like this I tried alot of excersises bit nothing worked and I dont want mum to know but unfortunately she noticed and she got me a sports bra but it's not working good and I also dont want to tell her and I hate bras.
I dont want mum to know so if I suddenly stopped eating calories she will know anybody can help??
also tysm for sharing this and hope it works for u guys. have a nice day

Its me Ash

To be honest boys are more lucky then girls.....

Created Lvsx

Well my boobs make me look fat and I’m so freaking skinny so I want them gone.


Im 15 and have 34DDD they sag so much?

revisation sydney

Seriosly I'm a C 34c and my older sister is a 34A imagine hiw my self confidence is just lowered allt the way to 0

Timera Reno

What if you are already extremely skinny but have large boobs?


I am already underweight for my height, i dont think it would be a good idea for me to try and loose weight so what can i do ?? :(

Philile Purity



I only have B's but ever since they were more than beestings I've felt uncomfortable. I don't want a bump this big on my chest, it feels wrong and they hurt. I hate that I can"t hide them even with a sweater anymore. I look at guys im t-shirts and I'm jealous of how flat they are.

Tanyah porter

I hate my breast I am a 36 double D and I'm only 13

Grace Y

What am I doing here... I'm flat as hell and desperately want to have bigger boobs

SaNd HaNiTiZeR

I wanna be F L A T


Im at a GG...its torture...

Baby Yoda

•It's hard to run down the steps
•It's hard to lay down comfortably on your stomach
•It's hard to find jackets that can cover them!

just throw my whole life away

Hai I didn’t see u there

I don’t have a goal bra size, I’m just gonna stop when they are close or near my chest.


Im already skinny!!

Lil ChimChim

If someone tried this.. Did it work:(?

travis pog

hello transmascs

#Yaoi Fever

I hate boobs.....I am so envious of guys......they can go shirtless whenever and wherever they want.....and I am a Tomboy.....I don't need boobs cause I am not gonna marry so no point of boobs....When I will grow up and will have enough money I will chop them off.......????????????????

Pink Dior VU

I’m 36D and 14 :/

Shreya Das

I can't wear the clothings i liked because my boobs pop out . Please help me

Chandrahas Mahendra

My breast size is 33 inches and I am 12 years I want to get 26 inches


Who else finds this video not as useful as they thought it would be. Sad how we want Hone workout not Talking vids

Rohma Weasley

If you loose tummy weight, you will loose your breast Size as well.

moi elle

Some people did exercise and loose boobs size

Sofia Bekešová

I am low chested so i wish i was you ladies ?

Tapas Saha

I have one boob small and one boob big now tell me what to do

maddox lorraine

Haha y’all crazy I’m 13 and am a 32aa


Y’all are all beautiful big boobs or not and no one can tell you otherwise

There is nothing wrong to change your breasts embrace it loves


toya lee

I know I'm late on this but I'm taking every chance I got... I was wondering if it's possible to go and get some of the fat off my breast without exercising I googled already and their is no possible answer to my question and having big breast are so uncomfortable for someone that is 5'2 I'm literally a 36c.

Cloudy Sky

I’m a 36 C and I want to go down a lil

sage e

mine arent big i just want to wear tank tops and stuff without being catcalled

Nani Hine

I've read ALOT of the comments...and honestly my breast aren't that big...but they're not that small either...um idk what size tbh. And also tbh I don't want smaller breast because of other ppl, or so I can look good in clothes or whatever...or ever cuz I think they're in the way like the other ppl in the comments, also I'm not trans. I just simply want them to be smaller... because I just do, and always have, even before I got these ...things...I also was afraid of them better bigger ...I like flat chest(and I mean literally flat chest not small chest)not cuz I'm trans or anything and I'm not sure if I'm nonbinary I just don't want big breast...never have never will...so thank you for this video...and I hope everything works out how I'm planning

Izzy K

I have been a 36 c since I was in fifth grade like ughh

Mohamed saeed Mohamud


Jodie J

Can someone pls tell me if it works

Ori Scribb

I'm,,,a 42 DD... I'm..willing

Serious 1

I want to loose boob fat not body fat.

Tasmina Ahmadzai

There is nothing more in the world that I wan’t to get rid of but my breasts, I hate my life because of them mf’s and I don’t get why girls want big breast ?

Munkhzaya Munkhbaatar

Me 13 years old 80B ??

lexie :P

I’m 14 and I’m not even an A cup ?


Yes I need this because I want to be a model

Danicka Theodore

im 14 and my boobs are a 36 D and it starting to get really hard to cover up

Mariam Morcos

2020 Anyone


I’m 10 and I wear training bra I wanna get flat

Hazel Brownnn

I rly hope this works. Tysm for this video you don’t know how much I am grateful❤️

jyxn ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ

I really want small boobs at my school guys love girl with huge boobs and i dont want anyone to like me for that so i wanna be flat chested :\

•Honey Vibes•

I’m Finn get a boob job I hate a big chest I can’t wear anything not even a crop top tsc??


if your lgbt and ya know it clap your hands

your mom

I’m not trans or anything but I’m in 8th and a triple dim not over weight it’s just in my genes

Chelsea Mercer

I'm petite and went from 180 to 110 years ago.my d cup is now an a. It's scary and I feel like a freak of nature for having gone from large to flat. That being said I was a size 14 or so pants and am now A 2 or 4.


Get my boobs OFF my chest NOWWWW PLZZZZ i wanna cut hen off but that will hurt ;-; anyone else? So annoying if u jump and u have boobs there like swinging around likes its trying to make people laugh at u :(

Caityn Rosales

What if you cant lose weight? I weigh 96lbs and have DD breasts
So like it wouldn't be practical to lose weight without being too skinny....


I hate my boobs. They affect the areas all around them such as my armpits and make me look fat in tight clothing. I hate overall the way that I'm built.


Welp I geuss I am just tall and skinny and flat


i literally only have a b cup and i want them smaller- idk i just wanna be flat


How can you stop them from growing further?
since my boobs are probably going to grow a lot in the next 5-7 years (im 13) because my mother doesnt have small ones, my big sister has an triple E cup or something and i dont want anything bigger than right now (i have an b-cup)


As a trans man, thank you for this video.

Rayjaunel Joseph

will this get me from a DD to a B???

sanaiyah caldwell

1:27 if you guys want to just skip! ❤️

ʚɞ starxy ʚɞ

I don’t want boobs or else It’ll be awkward telling my mom to get me a bra

Anya Kassan

I’m a 34b but my torso is skinny and short so they look huge

Nadjwa Saboun

6 yr old me wanting to grow up
Me now: I dont want my period, I dont like my chest, or acne. I wanna be small again

Martasia Davis



I wanna be an A cup badlyyy

yo mama

What if you're losing overall body fat and your boobs are still the same size?


I can't do at places like forever 21 or anywhere like that cuz they're stuff is for people with smaller boobs. I just wanna wear normal summer clothes without looking ridiculous?

sk8ter s

Thank you so much. I'm going into 8th grade and I feel like I'm the only girl with huge boobs :)

Anya Kassan

But my breasts are the only place I have a lot of fat in....

rove Riminal

Lol my sister bullys me out of them

jasmine bidz

I have an inverted triangle shape, i gain more weight to make my hips look bigger, but turns out my big breast get bigger as well. I want to reduce my breast without reducing my hips

FAST skin clearing & glowing weight loss routine! GET SMALLER BOOBS? CLEARING MY ACNE & EATING DAY

FAST skin clearing & glowing weight loss routine! GET SMALLER BOOBS? CLEARING MY ACNE & EATING DAY29 Mar. 2018
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Comments (28)
Christin Mogese

Did it reduce the actual breakouts as well or is it just for the scars?

Christin Mogese

Nickissss does your friend ship to Australia? ?


You should try and use a skin brush I use the no7 electric facial brush, it really get rid of all the makeup & micellar water / wipes are the best to get rid of makeup ! Xx

Nicola Star

Your skins looking great?

Emmanuella O.

When do you think the meal guide will be ready ? X

Werk Dat Weight

That's amazing! So crazy how literally our body speaks to us from the inside out!


I keep looking at ur watch or what ever it is where can I get it pls Miss Nicki

Studious Anjy

I love you so much! This video has made me so happy! What you said about genetics was really insightful but I never really thought about it, it makes me feel better and has given me a new perspective ? ?


Invest in a facial brush and try the Indian Aztec mask. I feel like your breakouts might be because of not removing makeup properly. Clogged pores and then going gym is not good.

jacky more

My skin use to be much much worse it started wen I was a teenager I picked my face I had really bad acne, bbs take my advice stop using Foundation it's not helping the acne it's making it worse I use to use foundation to cover up but it wasn't helping at all and since I've stopped my skin looks wonderful, plus you don't need make up your naturally beautiful very pretty.. don't wear make up let your face have a break from it and trust me you will see the big difference..xx


Have you tried African Shea butter black soap it’s pretty good for clearing acne and acne scars . You can use it with lemon essential oil but not everyday cause it can damage your skin . I’d say use it about twice a week.

Think tank

Love your videos and you are so sexy n sweet and beautiful and love it when Yu show what u eat. I try n adopt it to big fan


I deffo see a massive improvement in your face ?

TT Moore

Hi Nicki, I love your vlogs so much, and the ance struggle is real. I agree with you, I just don't bother with make-up because I know my skin. I would suggest natural products and not anything too harsh if you haven't don a pact test with 4-6 weeks of a new skin routine. I use a lot of tea tree and vitamin products to help with scaring and dark marks I understand that too being a black girl and wanting all of your black to be the same. I would try the set salt spray thing as i'm am and i'm seeing results. Invest in your time of looking after your skin before and after gym as germs cause breakout as well.

Also the spinning brush you can pick up from your fav m&s. Trust me, night time only because you will dry your face out. Start expressing dried spots and blackheads after warm wash before bed too.

daric nd

use african black soap its only a pound.. u need to deeply wash ur face especially after wearing makeup

Holly Yabbey

Can you do a healthy weight lost shopping list please

Wynter Skyy

Yaaaaaaas love you! Living for these videos. You look so damn good! Omg that peel made your face flawless


Hi Nicki thanks for your video. I was just wondering exactly what is in the skin product? AHA or BHAs? thank you


Here i go again, I want the face peel Lol, As for cleaning your face have you thought about trying a spinning face brush? They honestly do clean your face well, nothing on my cotton pad when toning after, unlike when I use just my hands/wash cloth. Its a good thing we don't look alike, what with the fitbit, clothes and everything else I buy after watching you, ppl would think im trying to be you haha (the no breasts version Lol). Oh and congrats on the wait loss, you're proof that hard work does pay off. Really happy for you babes xx

Alicia Cooper

Very happy for you. Your skin already looks soooo much better!!


Nicki I dont have instagram, , how can I find this out??

Zara Khan

i love your nose lol so cute! ?

Jasmin Curls

I love these vids x

Gretalia Kensova

The acne may be due to eating certain nuts. Especially raw nuts. I normally eat peanut butter or almond butter and my skin was fine. When I eat roasted nuts like peanuts or almonds, my skin start showing acne.

Gaza Queenie

I would recommend cutting dairy for a while and see. I know many people that have skin problems that went away after they cut dairy

Serdana Tajah

You skin is looking beautiful. I have really problematic skin and serious hyperpigmentation. I find the more I rub my skin the more I break out, so you should try ditching the face wipes and using an oil to remove the makeup. Clinique take the day off cleansing balm is amazing, removes all your makeup without irritating the skin. You can buy it on lookfantastic it’s really affordable and they always have discount codes. Clinique three step soloution is really useful too for people looking for a basic skin care routine and you can swap out the products depending on what your skin needs

Georgina Saunders

You are so real, and your honesty and openness is giving people everywhere so much confidence because we can relate to you! I stumbled across your channel 3 months ago on the most random vid, I thought you were hilarious, subscribed, and I'm so happy I did! <3 Big love

Michelle Akua

I have the same hyperpigmentation/dark marks! I need to try this!