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King elon walking in on

King elon walking in on grimes and ashnikko’s ig live stream

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Elon looking at grimes like “why would you wear that mask?” Love it

Maddie K

How did she end up with him. Why can’t I be Mrs. Tesla instead

Ione Shakur

I find it kinda surprising that he doesn’t listen to her music

Bea Legata

theyre so cute id be friends


this is so uncomfortable


I think Elon is making it awkward for a reason, maybe grimes forgot to make him dinner, why else would he be interested in this useless talk about bidets

Rhiannon Lough

How do such superficial people become mega rich ??

L. Q.

Does Grimes know about Heard the Turd?

Isabela Michaud

The way he just walks in and is so normal is just so startling to me. Like, I expected him to not be normal?

La Flame

Bidet is popular in France?? in Italy maybe French people don’t know what a bidet is

Иван Надольный

ха-ха, офигенно

Mister Fusion

So... no bidets on Mars?

Antonio Fitzgerald

Is Elon Musk girl and daughter age

Makeba of Saba

He likes them kinda young like Jeffrey. Is Elon Musk making a habit of "photobombing" Gislaine "Epstein" Maxwell proteges?

stella lee

For some reason I died whenever he was commenting something lmao

jane lefenek

Why is she wearing a mask and not him if they already are dating since few years ?


grimes at the end lol

Garry Reyom

Elon: “You should get a bidet”


wiping your bum with tree paper... are you a cave person? Buy a bidet. Save a tree. Boost your hygiene.


Ashnikko is gross


I have recently become a hugeeee fan of Ashnikko & now I haveee to go find the song they released. You should add her to the title. I think you will have people come for her who wouldn't otherwise.

Jessica Limones

Why is grimes audio so quiet?

Chad Clifford

any asshole could do what elon does


bidets are great.

Macy Byrne

Ashnikko knows elon musk and grimes. so proud of her shes going places


His wife is actually 32 everyone. But she does look young. So it's not as bad as it seems.

What the chuck

This might be the same day he was hanging with Kanye


Elon: "How do you dry it?"
ashnikko: " You just shake it"
Me: *twerks my wet ass* AM I DOING IT RIGHT? IS THIS HOW YOU BIDET???

Ashley Dizon

Out of all the conversations you can have with Elon and Grimes ?


Elon Musk is figuring out how to secure the future of mankind, meanwhile his woman is wearing a facemask in her own home because she couldn't get her makeup right.

Ines Ferreira

I think they are the weirdest couple ever, but at the same time perfect for each other. Have you seen her with his kids? It's hilarious ?♥️

Golbon Mol

Weirdest most intelligent and enovative Western people have not figured how to wash their butthole - while we do this in the middle east do it everytime they shit

Oisin Bolt

she says the bidet dont work elon said let me buy you a new house witha bidet toilet inside

sea dawn

grimes kinda looks like Gigi hadid here

Jacob V

hes terrifying

Tyler Good

wait shes never used a bidet...

Dee H

Elon looks like a very happy family guy here! I like the vibes between him and Grimes!!

Sapphire Sky824

It's nice to see that a guy with an IQ like that can find someone special and appreciate the simpler things...which are just as important I might add

Amanda Celeste

He casually takes over her live ???

Redcoka Mixed

I’m happy for them but how

salma alouah


Mike Tyson

Did that sink in?
Middle East is far worse.

Now... At this point you have to realize this is really a suicide of Humanity and no-one can deny it. It does not matter. Facts are just facts.

I am not your biblical "Joshua".
I am just a fat guy in front of computer screen.
Got it? These are your choice.

1. Xi Jin pin commites suicide and give his power to the people of China

2. US Pacific empire vs Chinese Liberation Army with Iran's oil logistics.. 국지전

3. Somehow Our president Joe Biden will take care of it.

After all, Joe Biden is 미국군사 정점에슨자니까.

Without laws.. Only thing that matters is..
Law of jungle and human nature

That is it.


@0:20 that girl wrote her phonw number on the chat ....to Musk :P ?


Wow. That was weird.


why is this convo so interesting ?

Hossain Ahmed Saiman

World's most richest man and some pretty girls talking about shit! Shit!

Ârbáz Sháîkh

इलॉन भाई मचा रहा है


Why does it seem like Elon is trying to impress these two?!?!? We really are in a different dimension.

mike tyson

why is she wearing a face mask? Joe Rogan doesn't approve


Wow, I remember this

Ujjwal B

Grimes is lucky af

Security Sounds

Yeah this isn't creepy at all. Like a 50 year old dude talking to teenagers

Rachel Deschaine

Elon seems so normal I love it

Jacob V

god i hate him so much

jnd 141

So this is why he wants to go to Mars he loves aliens


If there is anyone on this planet that truly deserves billions of dollars, it's Elon. I know some people say he's overrated but he seems like such a genuine dude.

Nana Mikumi 3

En donde fue el live en twitter o instagram


Combined IQ of 400 vs Ashnikko level IQ.

Becca A

idk who ashnikko is but shes dry as hell lol


elons mix of South African and American accent sounds so off to me


I thought that Elon Musk sleeps on a sofa at work? How is it possible for an intelligent "genius" to be having conversation with yuppie kids? Men????


When you’re glad that the richest man in the universe has a smart, beautiful, down to earth wife.

ph aedo

“How quirky can I be ????” contest

Marc-André Bessette

Lmao......i mean litterally......i think i've burst a bubble......


Gotta hand it to Elon. These ppl would drive me nuts.

crushed out!

this is so fucking awkward

Kym Healy

Surely he can neurolink a brain into his girlfriend...WTF IS HE THINKING

Milovan seen of seens

I musk se udebljao kao Seselj.

Pateticno, sto bi rekao Trump,
A ja bih dodao I simpatichno

Federico Juric


Victoria Manley


Red pilled patriot

I love how Elon asked her what the hell she’s wearing a mask for... he knows the bullshit attached to those ritualistic shame muzzles.

Bella Angel

That girl is beautiful her bone structure is stunning


he is so so nerdy but it is so endearing, and his gf seems a tad embarrassed...


Grew up in France being told bidets were used to wash feet...

Paul Christopher Little

imagine being the most innovative person on earth. Richest man alive. Rocket scientist, real world iron man and be cool with grimes and Ash Nikko. This guy is a legend!!


ashnikko probably just hates elon musk


Idiots Saying NOTHING of Any Importance

Dario Villazor

Found the comment


Ashton is so cute lmao

Charisma Bambina


Lord Currency

He looks like a dad


not ash and elon musk having their first conversation abt butt washing technology ???

Vivek Gupta

They were just talking about toilets and the breakthrough in their design ???

manobal bajwa

wtf is wrong with grimes wearing mask indoor propagating the very lies which her husband spoke against and lost a billion for his honesty and bravery . This is the problem with artsy types who are commercial they never cut ties with their media managers and puppet masters. feel sorry for musk to have her love so much to bear a child with her and this is how she behaves and returns his love by acting like a fool pandering lies . used to listen to her music not anymore.


She doesn’t deserve him at all.


Elon is the perfect everything.

lichi low

this under aged blue-haired hipster girl is probably gonna talk about the next 10 years, how she talked about pooping to Elon Musk. Rolling my eyes it hurts. ZzzzzZZZzzzzz

''''Chill vibez, i'm so chill, . poop. universe, whateveeeeeerrrr ''

Ana Mo

she kinda sounds like jules

Sonia Dossa

They have dirty bottoms if they don’t use bidets!


This Elon guy looks like he should have a lot of money or something.


Elon is the uncle that makes you uncomfortable yet happy

friday guy

ELON Musk is a Genius and a God to the common man. We need to protect him with all of our collective might

michelle guerrero

the way ashnikko was sooo casual about like having a whole convo with elon is so wholesome like she was nonchalantly talking to a whole icon, i stan


Me playing minecraft with my friend and my dad walks in:


Very interesting. His family home is in sort of a chaos. His girlfriend and her friend look drugged up to the eyeballs and Elon just interested in sharing food at the table, obviously never having any other time for his home life.

joe the lion

god forgive me he is so ugly

Illuminat Fx

This guy made me £340000 today ?

Nazi Potato

He looks like the man who owns that cyber truck

WeeBee Flipsters

She's basically telling him to get out of her room dad lol

Madeline Stevenson

GOD I love our weird alien space couple

Grimes on AI, motherhood, K-pop, & her love for Dune. | Andrew Yang | Yang Speaks

Grimes on AI, motherhood, K-pop, & her love for Dune. | Andrew Yang | Yang Speaks16 Nov. 2020
172 631
Yang SpeaksSubscribe 438 721

Andrew and Zach talk

Andrew and Zach talk about the state of the 2020 race - and break down the Georgia Senate runoff. Musician, producer, and visual artist Grimes joins Andrew to talk about protecting humans from technology, the perks of being Canadian, AI-generated lullabies, and their shared love for K-pop.

Shop Yang Speaks merch: https://yangspeaks.com

00:00 - The News

38:02 - Grimes

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Comments (100)
Rachel Kroll

Grimes would love Saint Petersburg Florida! We are 1,000% an art town and have over 1000 murals in our city!


Elon likes blondes.

Faye Childress

I live in Mississippi and was accepted into Mississippi School of Art and couldnt afford it but one day they called to say someone had donated enough money to let me go to that school for free. Was so grateful to them for that but my mom had gotten breast cancer and i had to stay home to help take care of her. But there are people out there who care about the arts and i am so happy for that.

Amanda Van Parys

"nature" totally. It's so true that kids grow into a predestined personality. You help them to thrive with that, but they are always the person they were meant to be.


Smart, talented, beautiful, sexy, warm-hearted. Where do I find one of those? #YangTulsi2024

lerri popi

41:45 at 18 you don't know who you are and your brain isn't fully wired but you're supposed to transition into the opposite sex before you're 15? lmao

Alessandro Bianchi

Really i dont give a f** about the election, I'm here for Grimeeeees

Kageyama Recordings

Grimes sucks. Get out of here you creepy woman!!!


I was completely naïve thinking that Grimes was born to a wealthy family. Turns out she's the by-product of the free Canadian scholastic and college system, and her first music videos were funded by that government's arts funding. Learn something new everyday. Go Grimes, and go Canada.

Rebecca Bourque

I’m Canadian and I have no idea what she’s talking about University being basically cost free. My best friend’s daughter came out over $75,000 in debt. I know tons of people that I went to High School with and they’re still paying off debts.

Lee Sandwhiches & Construction

andrew yang better keep running for president bc imma keep voting for him.

Kensley Schonauer

School here is absolutely not free?????? Depending on what you take, but its still pretty wild here for tuition induced dept???

Rene Girardi

Her videos are fire along with the song however, the music represents itself in my opinion. Amazing!!!!


i think i love grimes more than i ever did xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Anji Kaizen

This is the interview I needed and didn’t even know I wanted - Grimes & Yang talking about how insane and unnecessary college debt is and how she chose music... SO GOOD ❤️

Monica Hernandez

The conversation with C had me engaged the whole time. Love C’s views on the topics people barely even consider.

Madison Chessare

Lolll why did she do this to herself she's so different now it's so heartbreaking

Mersiha Gadzo

It's not true that Canada's universities are cost-free (40:20) and that our education is paid for (41:20). It's only in Quebec where the fees are humane.


I don't think she has the personality of a child. She just acts way more free and child - like, but is still mature. We expect 30+ people to become Karens while at the same time we bash people for acting like "Boomers" and call people that have a young soul autistic or weird. Just accept yourself, we all die, society is doomed, don't care about what others think of you because everyone sucks


the empire strikes back was made in 1980. I think they could have made a pretty good dune in the 1980s if there was enough will

Kin N

The overlined lip is difficult to ignore

Joselyn Romero

she looks like shakira, love her<3

Peachy Thang



So illuminating

sarah vand

Home of the crack Mayor lmao.. I love her ????


Grimes seems so different here, and not im a bad way.

Luis R

"have you actually listened to my music?" I just love her lol and I really enjoyed her talking about how her musical career came to be

Eduarda Santiago

You just don’t know the miracles that smartmatic can do in an Election Day, just check the countries that have elections run by those machines... it’s too sad, US is becoming a 3rd world country


Thanks y'all. I love this conversation.

haley hess

The solution Grimes offered at the 55 min. point is brilliant.

Karen Cury

Not saying “look at me” but my fiancé and I broke up in my last trimester.. not by my choice.. I was already a single mother of a 5 year old.. at 25. When the baby was born, I was exhausted and couldn’t keep up and my employer said I needed to come back to work at 4 weeks or they would fill my spot. 3 weeks later, my infant died at the child care center, supposedly from SIDs. I will never get over that. I’m 54 now and my heart breaks for any single mom. I’m so glad Grimes spoke up. Even if you can afford a nanny, or help, the babies need their mommies. She so sweet.

Justin Duncan

What great conversation and wonderful energy between the two of you, very fluid! <3


I started bawling hearing them acknowledge single moms. I raised my kids alone since babies thru teens and we never hear anyone acknowledge the level of difficulty. Tysm. I still don't know how we made it thru but we did.

Lord Refrigerator Intercooler

The only guy who deserves to be the next president if you ask me.

Why do we always get old white geezers for presidents like every where...

Tia Niculescu

I've HEARD the word like ....for 10.000 times! why you guys are destroying the language the vocabulary and altogether the standard of quality in dialog ??? I'm ....astonished! what is wrong with you guys? who taught you to talk at this level? can somebody give me any explanation? it's totally unprofessional to talk this way


YESSSS. The usa gives NEWBIE parents sole responsibility of the most difficult and important growing stage, ages 0-5.

Or imagine you were a single parent and had one or multiple jobs and a terrible time off policy or not paid that much? AND have debt from our terrible schooling system? I feel so stressed for single parents.

Vanessa Hotlosz

This is a pairing I really enjoy.

Atheist Leopard

after watching this, im unsubscribing. you suck dude lol

Don Alder

Yang if you want to fix the music fees to be proper, first know that labels are in heavy partnership with spotify which also comes with politics where they push specific artists in their algorithms, What you need to do is make streaming services, like spotify, facebook and youtube pay on a linear scale so 1 million plays gets top dollars then gets less with more plays. This would allow niche artists to survive. The donate idea will only work if you have millions of followers. Niche artists dont have this type of following. You should also contact Imogen Heap who is working on a mycelia project that could help get musicians what they deserve.


Yess what this makes me so happy she is my queeen n one of my biggest musical I inspirations and heros. i admire her more than words can say I just wanna be half the person she is. she's perfect in every way x3

Shan Rafnezden

I'm a rational progressive too! Or a social-libertarian.


They didn’t talk about Elon at all??

Aidan Mansfield

3:57 aged well ?

Aisha with an Eye

I really like Andrew Yang and that's really cool that he and Grimes are friends. Their conversation is stimulating. A universal-based-income is the most reasonable choice if we prepared for technology to take more and more of the jobs no one wants to do anyway. Instead we're getting stimulus checks, a choice COVID has forced upon us, but, hey, it's still a step towards universal-based-income. Now what do we do about all the billionaires... we might not have to do anything as climate change ramps up and becomes the ultimate equalizer. No one can eat money.


Grimes and MIA are the only women that make me look forward to my 30s and 40s


LOVE how she corrected him about canadian politics, as an american living in canada i assure you nothing is better here, in fact it is actually worse and the politicians are just as dumb and corrupt. but americans love to just go off sterotypes when they know nothing about canadian politics literally at all like this guy

Serreina Wass

Awesome interviews! WOW.

Cyber Geek

Girl do "baby can read"

Amanda Van Parys

I've heard that humans now process the same amount of info in one day that someone in the 80s would receive over the course of a month. It's wild.

Daniel Griffith

She is now married to the Richest Person in the World. Mind blowing, huh?

Tess Jones

Yang - another first generation wacko who is here for power and greed by limiting the
freedoms of the citizenry. Is he a CCP operative? He us a cynical hater of America.
Venezuela said their elections were stolen by machines. Look at what they got?
Really. The world need to wake up to the Oligarch Control Psychopaths that run for office.

Knite Lite

Have you 2 heard of Cryptocurrency? Lawl. Hmmm...I wonder how we could invent a system where I could send someone "value" instantly without any middle men...It's called Crypto. I mean take an example of Basic Attention Token being used on Reddit to Tip content creators. Apply the same with musicians on every platform they're on. Make it an industry standard that comes w/ the contracts. Great discussion though. Wish there was that tip button.

Atheist Leopard

My Top 5 Female Artists
5-Siouxsie Sioux.
3-Aurora Aksnes.
I never thought I could have such a huge fkn crush on a female artist as I have on Grimes/c. SHe's a 10 everywhere :P

Gen T

Update 2021: Canadian universities are no longer “a few thousand a year”. With 10% tuition hikes per year, they are now $30,000 a year for a business undergrad, for example. It is just like the US.

Peachy Thang

Andrew fucking Yang interviewing Grimes. What a fucking concept. Thank you.

Your Limbic System

My mom was a poet who got a grant to finish a novel in the 80’s. we lived on the money for a while and she never finished the novel. I got pell grants to go to college in the 90’s. It paid for school and books and living expenses. I never finished that course of study & ended up leaving & then going back to school years later & paying for it myself. I grew up on the West Coast of the Unites States.

Jackie Watson

Education is not paid for in Canada. It's cheaper than the US definitely, but we still graduate with debt. I'm 32, so I graduated 10 years ago but I was 37,000 in debt after I graduated, and I lived at home. Live on campus, and you can probably double that.

Lee Sandwhiches & Construction

I love grimes! she's so awesome! good vibes 360!


This is a great conversation


Love those alien hands ?

Miguel Urueña

why does he interrups her everytime she talks ????


isn’t this just the same ol same ol? capitalism is bad, burn america.

Aleksandra M

I fall asleep for An hour and I wake up to this ? as a non American I’m SO sick of this liberal vs trump supporter crap. There’s more in this world then America

Jenny BK

Yang totally got me!

David Jesús Granadillo di Gravia

...Grimes is the kind of female artist I want in my niece's life. C'mon, in a world in which women is still so satanized in so many ways, I think Grimes is a great example of freedom and pursuing what you wanna be, as a young woman... a great example for younger girls... aside from drugs, of course... I'm referring solely to her artistic expression.

Tiffany Perez

Amazing video!! all of these topics are so important thanks for the video <3

farmer trevor

also the obfuscation and disregard of biological hazards of wireless technologies. the fact the fcc sanctions one the highest allowable limits for rf radiation exposure in consumer electronics in the world. time to listen to biologists and move to fiber optics already, 80 years ago

Ben N

"Brutalist Baby" <3 it!


Everytime I see her it looks like she’s trying to hide the fact that she’s tripping on some psychedelic.

And Avi

So she names her kid AI, makes creepy eery lullaby music for him and wants to put him in a cement prision crib ?

Nikki Becker

We appreciate power. Right Grimes?.... RIGHT?

run vnc

This type of interview is making me think my generation may be finally coming into power.


single mom and struggling artist here. preach!

Rich Lion

Why don't you mention the fact President Trump wants the machines analyzed? You're making it seem like democrats haven't been fighting to prevent discovery. I'm severely disappointed in your Andrew. I thought you were better.. the truth is you are also a Muppet.

Denise Paulsen

Our education is not paid for!! Get it straight. Kids can also end up in a ton of debt. So I don't know where either of you get the idea school is free up here in Canada.


What good interviewer :)

Ms Jade Campbell

Grimes is such a beautiful soul. She has such a pretty voice and she is super smart. Art is seen in every structure of business and part of life. I am a recipe developer. I love the fun crazy unique food combinations that I place together. I love the donate a dollar button idea. My kids are 28 and 20. Being a parent has a mixture of highs and lows. Single parenthood can be challenging and you need a good healthy support center. Awesome segment loved it.

Auryaun Nevin

I was a single mom by choice. I don’t regret it at all. I have a great relationship with my daughter. I did think I’d lose my mind by about month 5, as she got colicky...and she was terrified of taking baths, so I had to GET IN THE TUB WITH HER AND NURSE HER. That was a bit tough. I was definitely “winging it” much of the time. She’s 19 now and still living with me. She helped me get through cancer. She’s amazing.

Aletheia Backs

She wants all minimum wage jobs to go away and be replaced with AI and then tax those businesses up the ass and then give that tax money to people in the form of artist grants. So no more McDonald’s employees, you all can make a living off of the artist grants while AI takes your job and livelihood. Let that sink in.


How can one be romantic and not be broke?


AI will replace artists as well.

a c

WTF has she done to her face?? Chin, cheek and lip filler?? She looks like a cross between a creepy doll and the Joker...


Wichita Kansas is a artsy city and has murals on building all over the place especially downtown

Carol Fischer

‘No evidence of fraud.’. So YOU think. Such self-assured arrogance. vote recounts - joke. One cannot question the Dominion voting machines? fractional voting...other issues..?


What a lovely and intellectually stimulating conversation! It was a pleasure to listen to.

Leah Peters

This is an amazing interview!!!!

Mackenzie River Casey

I'm a little lost..they are acting like Canadians don't pay for their own education? ....we do? Unless Grimes got a bunch of grants? Having enough grants to pay for your entire schooling is very rare? I'm a fan of Grimes and understand she came from a pretty wealthy background. In all sympathy toward her outlook, I feel that might have clouded her realization of the financial situation that goes on for most young Canadians struggling to pay off their school debt on their own. I'm perplexed by what she's saying since I've had to take loans myself through Osap and even got a few grants to help pay my way. Nonetheless, I still have to pay for everything myself. That equally goes for my friends and everyone else I know. We are all loaded with debt lol! HOW does that make us any different than the states? Most are forced into Osap which is government loans if people born into middle class or below want to gain an education. We STILL have to pay that all back! In fact the Canadian Osap system has a higher percentage of interest than most credit cards out there and has higher penalties because you are loaning from the government !? Most of our parents can't help supplement, most of our parents can't help at all, we usually have to move far away from home and work full time jobs while going to school full time? ( Not complaining, it makes us strong and self sufficient adults) Yet this is a bad rep for so many hard working young Canadians. Again....feeling perplexed by the representation as a fellow Canadian. I don't want to take away from her interview. I just want to correct her skewed outlook on the matter. Still love ya Grimes! :) <3


Just from that first clip, you can tell Yang doesn’t know wtf he got himself into interviewing her.


She def got lip enlargements and went blonde for Musk I guess..

Erin Lawrance

I love how grimes doesn't say everything as a sure thing. Her points are so smart, but they're not necessarily facts so she doesn't present them as facts. It's so refreshing.

Don Alder

if you want stop all digression. BAN CNN off the air, while they may have points and truth they spin things to make people hate. I watch all the so called opinion news channels and they all are a problem but none come close to fuel hate like CNN. Lemon and Cumo should both be thrown in jail for the hate and violence they have fuelled for things they have said. Also as a foreign observer it seems both parties have let down usa citizens because they are both consumed with winning versus right or wrong. So now that i criticized here's a solution. People of the USA make a law that both parties and all politicians DONT get paid unless the come together to accomplish things together to enhance USA society. Simple solution make it so number one. Now that the Dems have full control there is NO excuses for fixing things and you cant blame the last 4 years. NO excuses now.


Wtf are they talking about ??? I have so much student loans . Our schools arent free???


The interview is fab!!! But, Grimes is naturally beautiful...that quirkiness is lovely...why does she suddenly have to be like every other social media personality with that pouty lip?...well that's fine if she wants that: just expressing my opinion...


Do I live in the same Canada? How in the world is university education free in Canada? I’m so confused.......... education is not subsidized here.


If you make president please have grimes sing at your inauguration ?

Eric Storm

Mr. Yang, would you still say that Trump should be spared federal charges? How can the US remain democratic if it doesn’t hold the most abusive actors (those that display no limits) accountable for their actions.

Constantin Costea

In past I've heard the song California by Grimes, and I liked a lot how uniquely sounded and all the sound effects. Then I recommended to someone to listen her song, and told to me nty XD


i love her! every time i listen to her i feel revitalized in my creative endeavors. ?

Bella C

i think this is the most normal I've ever seen her

Lex L

Very insightful

The Story Of Grimes [PART 1]: A Childhood (DOCUMENTARY)

The Story Of Grimes [PART 1]: A Childhood (DOCUMENTARY)26 Jan. 2021
156 066
POPICANASubscribe 438 721

The Story Of Grimes [PART

The Story Of Grimes [PART 1]: A Childhood (DOCUMENTARY)

PART 2 [California]: https://youtu.be/X7iu545Bq6k

PART 3 [Marie Antoinette 4200 A.D.]: https://youtu.be/AvT2xhCfqBY

Don't forget to subscribe if you're new ;)

▬ Contents of this video ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬

Childhood 0:00 - 3:46

Teenagedom 3:46 - 7:01

Montreal 7:01 - 9:53

Musical Beginnings 9:53 - 12:43


Making videos about Pop Stars, Pop Music & Pop Culture.

If you are interested in Music, Film, Fashion, TV, Pop Culture or the Internet, you will probably find something you like.

thx ;-D

By the age of 8, Grimes had pondered over religion long enough and announced at Easter dinner that she was agnostic.

It was also around this time that the fierceness in her competition with her brothers grew and she started doing anything she could to quote defeat them such as taking up track and field because she needed to be faster than her brothers or defeating them at a Pokemon video game.

What was happening on the music side? Well, just about now Britney and the backstreet boys were at their peak so just like any other young girl, Grimes was infatuated. However, everything started to change when she was around 12 and her parents got divorced. Grimes has said in an interview that the divorce really didn't affect her and she thought she was probably a bit mental because of it but around this same time Grimes did start acting out whatever reason it was for.

At the age of 12, Grimes got her first access to the the internet which would be incredibly influential on her outlook and music as she got to listen to a wide range of musicians from a lot of different genres all at the same time, an experience that would later lead her to describe herself and her music as “post-internet”. She also used it to cyberbully one of her teachers.

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Brooks Murphy

I’m just now really just now discovering who she is. All I knew was she dated Elon.I’m glad I learned more about her. She seems like such an interesting person fs


Could you do Raveena Aurora? :L


Always loved grimes but had a big wtf moment when I learned she received the $90,000 artist grant this year from FACTOR that is meant to support Canadian artists. She hasn't lived in Canada for a long time and is with a billionaire.

Paweł Wolański

@POPICANA where's the rest of it?? foray into violent pop in the Art Angels era? or dehumanized sounds of Miss Anthropocene. What about Elon? and the baby?


and now she has a kid with a billionaire not everyone stays relatable

Daniel Rodriguez

Yeah but too bad shes crap now.

laurels heart

Grimes is so full of sh*t I worry for Ash. Since shes so richie rich she can now get ear surgery. Watch out Grimes, the FBI could still come.

Vanessa Banasiak

Im so thankful for finding her music back in 2014. I love her

Dark Aeon

and now she's hanging out with the r*chest people on this planet. Crazy.


When the cringy scapegoat from your high school ends up having a baby with the richest man alive


@elon is this yo girl?

Katie Beth

shes the main character


7:22 A bit rich coming from the daughter of an investment banker and a politician...

Caraline G

someone might’ve already said this but the Dune graphic novels are based on the original Dune novel that grimes would’ve grown up reading. The graphic novel is fairly new.


She grew up rich in one of the richest neighborhoods in Canada: west point grey

Bink Bonk

“Quiet town of Vancouver” lol that’s 3rd largest city in Canada. Great video tho

Pascal Junger

Grimes is just plain awesome, that is all there is to it.

And She Was

So she did what most teenagers did and the ones that dont but should, she rebelled. Her short life story as a teen now in her early thirty's is nothing new so many have lived her life but didn't become as well known as her and maybe didn't want too. Seems like teenagers have not changed in the last fifty years plus! What I want too know is the more interesting stuff in her life. I dont know why you called this "A Documentary, its hardly that at12:34 minutes, get it?? Like how she met Elon Musk and are they in love and what happened with Amber Heard the crazy bitch he was dating after she left Johnny Depp. You know, the dirt!

Joelle Perry

Could you put trigger warnings?

Moon Allure

And just like all those weirdo in USA whom people worship turn out to be psychos ie Marilyn Manson .....dont be surprised if in a few years she turns out to be a monster ...

Sean Lennon

Great video and content man, but I'd say slow the talking down slightly with a bit larger breaks between sentences. Other than that AWESOME!

Kiera B.

Incredibly talented but doesn’t seem like a good person.

JustAhuman Human

Yeah, and now her father would say : without the fears and stuff , you never would be the famous person wich who you are now!!!>>> but why rich people do that for theyr children? Like eilish, fka twigs, spears, martinez, lady gaga and many many more!!!! The fathers are always very rich, bankers, pastors, men with much money and stuff, and the mothers are actresses, dancers or models!!!!>>>> its everytime the same story!?!?And now she is with elon musk>>> again the same story!!! >>> so the money keeps in the elite families!>>> a normal kid would never got these chances in the music industry!!! I know pretty much musicans but nobody has the chance to meet elon!!!>>> i believe that the relationship was a plan!!>> and thanks god or godess, that her child become a boy. So someday he will be a music-engineer? I hope, this family will keep on the right side of life!


Interesting that she was influenced by Hildegard von Bingen, the 11th Century German nun who is credited with writing the first opera. An amazing woman who defied everything that women were prohibited to do in that period. She's a mystic, author, natural scientist (only type in that period). She is of the same archetype as the Mexican nun Sor Juana, though hundreds of year before her...
I see her as the most important woman on earth, since she is the partner of the most important man on earth, Elon Musk. His importance is that there is really no one leading from the Corporate Culture to do broad and sweeping things to make sure humanity survives. He has opened up his already crazy schedule to include her, to open his heart to her, to make his cyclotron of a brain vulnerable to her. If she chose to play games with him, distract him, it could have huge consequences to human survival...


Ahhh, restless legs. I wondered if she had something - i suspected something like autism or adhd (lot of people with add also have restless legs but not everyone with RLS has add.


Idk maybe it's just me but like... You're allowed to breathe in between sentences, it's okay to say stuff as slower or take 1 second breaks
It's pretty frustrating to listen to thus since it's soo fast and sometimes you even cut off the end of a sentence because you absolutely dont want any breaks(???)
I woukdve totally watched this if it was 30 mins or longer and with small breaks/ a normal talking speed, but im at 4 mins rn and i had to stop real quick because I needed a break.

Really informative tho, not complaining about WHAT you're saying, that's all cool


i’ve always wondered how grimes went from being amazing and ethereal... to marrying elon musk. seems like a 180 flip.


she also used it to bully one of her teachers


I always thought of her as a weird goth singer that somehow got the attention of the world’s richest and smartest man alive but now I understand why Elon is with her, they are both nerds that got heavily bullied but then made a name for themselves later in life.


wow. she is so wierd in a brilliant strange way.... She really is perfect for our Master and Savior Elon Musk

ASaMuRai's Way

I just had a realization. How fucked up of a parent can you be to Raise your child on lord of the rings, and tell them that the bible is reality. I mean talk about the biggest mind fuck in history.


She was such a cute smurfy looking kid!

Cloudy Cakes

my sister and i grew up listening to her but lost a lot of respect for her when she had a kid with elon

Carmine Galante

This is condensed insanity with a deceptively normal beginning.


I'd love a part 2 with more recent news!! love ur work soso much<333


I feel like those of us who aren't raised in a religious family cannot really relate to how much of their psychology n views it has :/ Don't know if it's positive or negative per se, but definitely would have a huge impact.


The cutting yourself not because you're depressed but because you're hyperactive is a real thing


CORRECTION: That is not Mac Boucher. I mistakenly thought that was him after I went on his videography website and saw that picture on the Tukker section. I thought Tukker was a solo artist and stupidly thought that for some reason Mac was in the music video for a Tukker song eventhough he works behind the camera. Sorry for any inconveniences.

mario vazquez

wtf?!?!so her family was extremely estrict but then she smoke weed with her dad?

tracy lee moss

Only elaborates on another bio ..but love your "running " right threw it all...really well done ..thank u and I'm shareing it on f.b now?

Zakia Childs

this made me love her

corinna wawrzuta

Lord of her ring alright.


If you make me pause to read text one more time!



Bryan GC

What? She didn't come from Mars... Oh... Are you sure you did thoughtfully research? :(

manya phutela

i love grimes and her personality- and shes so pretty?? i dont know how i feel ab her stuff with deleting tweets and having married elon musk... but shes honestly great. i miss how authentic she used to be but i love her regardless

Virginia Crand

great video! is there more info on the meaning of the oblivion song?

Priscilla Morales


Foil Grim Timmy


Indiga Azure

I love Grimes even more now! She's weird just like me! I wish we could make music together, I'd love to pick her brain as one of my inspirations ?

Will Joseph

I hate The Walking Dead...


Can you make video for bjork


She watched too much tv.?

zimmy lolz

My life is so similar to grimes omg

Robyn Collie

So sad she sold herself in the end, she became everything she stood against...

Mechelle Winslow

Lord of the rings before she even went to kindergarten? That’s screwed up but somehow that doesn’t surprise me.

Milli Ashford

"speed" is meth you dont sleep or eat on meth

Jeff C

True artist! Unfortunately, everything art angels and after has been mostly good singles/ single songs, but both albums have been, as a whole, less inspiring than her previous handful (to me and most early fans, anyway). The the overly pop direction and sort of grimes-caricature of the newest album, especially, was disappointing when All I really wanted was a proper successor to Visions. She gets to decide what the future holds, though. So I will keep listening.

JustAhuman Human

Her father was very ns>>>man? Wow, ive never thought that!

Angel Luis Espada


Maya Rashid

Definitely an interesting person... thanks for this


elon's actualy wealth.


How does she look exactly the same as when she was a kid ?

Aly Lipski

I didn't know much about Grimes's life before this video but for some reason I imagined it going something exactly like this lol


Duuude I never knew this was where she got the name Grimes from. This video was great.

Sigourney Bradshaw

They go by they/them pronouns


I learned that more about Claire, love it.

Lisa-Nelly Scarbonchi

Subtitles would be enjoyed????

Jack Mack

Good subject and research suffers from the terrible presentation. Awful narration - untrained uninteresting voice and talking way too fast. Why put up the quotes from the artist - your firsthand source - then give no time to read them? What, am I supposed to pause the video every time a quote is up? You should consider a re-edit with a new and better narrator.

brannon McClure

I like her.


Where is my documentary?


I remember the first time i heard oblivion it changed my life. I was on tumblr in 2013 and heard it and it fucking grew something in me.


"wow shes just like me"

Mariela Joya

A queen ? ?

T-REV 19 Gaming

Shes so beautiful I only heard of her when she wrote a song for cyberpunk

Anthoknee Key


Sprite Molotov

This is great. However the super contrast of the text box and the lack of pauses between sentences meant I couldn't watch past 1:33 keep working great stuff

Lexi Almeida

I’d love to have been in school with grimes, what an interesting woman!

Sith Lord

I think i like her.

Andrea Moody

Good info, im an old musician, was curious, her back story makes her make total sense to me now.


She was goth ?? bitch we had the same childhood ???‍♀️ oh Catholics


That homeless guy was the real MVP - they taught GRIMES the basics which led her onwards. Funny, you never know what a little helping hand to a stranger will accomplish.

Marlen Feldmann

The only thing there is to hate about her is elon musk

Rho Bot

Yeah.. I'm pausing at the commercial break to say, YAH, get back to the ,, "She cyberbullied a teacher." Did she pay any consequences? The amount of time... I think you did short-shrift to THAT. Has she ever made any public statements about that?? Not that I expect answers from you, Popicana, you did a lot posting, and I'm so grateful... I'm just.. mad! Then she got bullied and somehow, and with her fame, that very negative is glossed over. I'll go back to watching now . . Also, in your Charlie XCX you mention how she also loved the Spice Girls.. Maybe Grimes and Charlie XCX should put out a space age dance slammer! Thanks for the vids! <3

Ivana Santini

I miss growing up in Montreal. I had my first apartment at 15 just before turning 16 and rent was never a stressor and you got so much space for your price. Now living in Toronto it's so depressing I've lived in Vancouver as well and both are incredibly expensive but I'll always treasure my life in Montreal. I remember Grimes talking about the graffiti there and I was a big graffiti writer at the time and knew everyone in the city it made me smile and wonder who's tags she was looking at.


Wow she looks alot like her Mother

LilyBlue Donnelly

I saw some of my own story in her and it gives me hope.

Natalia RD

Grimes seems like a character out of "Skins" lol, all bullshit, drugs, deaths and issues but I'm very glad she bloomed into the human being she's today, she's the living example of pain will pass ?

Farty Stinkens

the gays

N. S.

Strict bible thumping parents always lead to their kids being rebellious outcasts who are picked on at school and want to run away. Idk why parents keep doing this, there should be a law or something against people who are stupid to not have kids whom they will mess up later with their religiosity and dumbness.


I've only known about Grimes for a short amount of time, but she has had a huge impact on me. Everything about her fascinates me and learning more about her childhood and early life nearly brought me to tears. I don't want to be one of those people who thinks they are exactly like someone else, but I did relate to a few things here, especially how she was bullied at school. I always feel there's something about a person who has been through that kind of thing; a determination to succeed coupled with inner turmoil. I absolutely adore this human for so many reasons. She has awakened my own creativity after nearly four years of writer's block. I'm writing music again and enjoying art and style because Grimes has put that spark back in me.

michelle guerrero

i’m just so confused how her mom is so close to the government when grimes be breakin the law with drugs a lot ?

Open Door Visuals

Her and Elon have a lot in common.

Gina Philbrook

I was a fan to begin with, but learned so much about her from this video. She's a legend!

Deborah Rose

And nothing about Elon Musk??? And their chiild named X Æ A-12 ???

Ash Tray

She's so amazing, I really love and appreciate her and her music/art so much! Such an inspiration

tilly mason

Some random guy on rec room told me I reminded him of grimes so I'm here now

k mill

i loved this. but, "quiet town of vancouver"? its a city of 675,218 people, definitely not a quiet town.

Milli Ashford

"a quiet town of vancouver" hahahahaha omfg what are you touched its a fckn HUGE city with one of the worse heroin addict populations among the rising homeless population, its no tiny sleepy town its bigger than the capital city of the province its in


Yikes listening made me feel like I’m suffocating