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Top 5 Basketball Shoes Mid 2019

Top 5 Basketball Shoes Mid 201928 Aug. 2019
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Best basketball shoes so

Best basketball shoes so far for 2019. 5 categories include Best Cushion, Best Court Feel, Best Support, Best Value, and Best overall.

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Awaludin Islah

Yo, Should I get KD12 or Lebron 16??

Ally Hing

Have the velocity insole released yet?


Have you seen that lebron 16 low x agimat collaboration?

Jamieson Strunk

do your videos ever have adds


I really wish you shipped the velocity insoles internationally.

Andy G

Favourite sneakers of all time that fits my style of play the Air Jordan Lockdown ! Air Jordan 28 ! Kobe nxt 360!

Afnan Azlan

Honestly i dont get why your views is so low, you deserve more man...definitely one of the best shoe reviewer on youtube


That beard is absurd


Hey can you tell me a good mid range durable sneaker for outdoor use please

Arthur Chen

U and nightwings are the best basketball performance reviewers on YouTube

Jamieson Strunk

great video very informative

Life & Time of Tiger24

For me Kyrie 5, Westbrook 2.0 SE, KD 12 and LeBron 16

Charles Ruiz

I love this guy

Sean Park

Great work! You deserve more subscribers for sure

Nick P

Most underrated sneaker review channel ?

Wattpad Ishere

Your review was great and i was just wondering what is the best basketball shoes to ball indoors and outdoors?

Johnson C

I eventually returned those KD12s. They were even narrower than PG3. I had to go up 1/2 size in the KD12s.
PG3 traction is $$$$. Best traction this year, followed by maybe Why Not 0.2 SE.
Traction wise, Lebron 16 (especially the XDR ones) can handle any court condition thrown at it, but that max cushion and being high off the ground makes quick lateral movements laborious.
I would not recommend the Curry 6 to anyone that have banged up joints. The light weight and traction are not worth the pain. Seriously.

Ian Pollard

KD12 is the best of the year overall...he's bang on!

Erick Ramirez

I agree, excelent video,(the Adidas t Mac Millenium is a low? )All great options!!! I need these insoles! And a question: Better sole in this video for outdoor?

Katakyie Nyarko-Smart

Is the KD12 a good outdoor shoe?

Chris Worland

Awesome video my dude!


Harden vol 3 are still my fav shoe to ball in. I have zoom freak 1 and i really love the fit but the cushioning leaves much to be desired. I gotta cop those insoles.

Rei 0403

I have tried the KD 12 in the store, I wear Size 11 & it fits kind of tight for my pinky toe but the length of the shoe has no problem, maybe need some time to break in


your list sucks big time ! kd12 for school team lol it's to expensive !

Bernardo Silva

I was able to get the tmac milleniums for 60 bucks really good deal!

Razzmatazz hops skiddly doo

damn CP3 XII r not released at my region
i really want those, but i buy PG3 instead and it fits me perfectly


Please try Li-Ning brand

Eli Shoshan

The Nike Alphadunks are really well cushioned too


Still thinking want to get kd12 or pg3 with XDR for outdoor court ...?

Fubu Men's Knight Basketball Shoe (Walmart shoe review)

Fubu Men's Knight Basketball Shoe (Walmart shoe review)30 Aug. 2020

#fubu #budgetfriendlysquad

#fubu #budgetfriendlysquad #walmartshoes

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Loteh Esorp

I'm so glad you cut them off! No clue why more people don't just do their own thing with their clothes.

Elbert avoh Znaiuqopac

How much the price?

Fred Herbert

That strap is so damn weird, I've never seen anything like it before. Strange! Good review.

AND1 Men's Capital 4.0 Basketball Shoe (BACK TO SCHOOL SPECIAL)

AND1 Men's Capital 4.0 Basketball Shoe (BACK TO SCHOOL SPECIAL)10 Aug. 2020
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#and1 #walmartsneakers

#and1 #walmartsneakers #backtoschoolshoes

Purchase in store or online At Walmart ?

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Young C Los

No Good Nike ? Every Day Nike.

Best Hits Radio

not bad shoes for the poor mofo on the block! LOL!

Jackson Smith

Overall, these are like a 7/10.....but for the price, they are a 10/10! Considering I can buy a fast food combo meal for the same price as these shoes, thats makes them a great deal imo. Look nice and feel great, plus that price. Yeah durability may not be that great, but for walking and running around in, they aren't that bad.


I'm glad to see someone rocking and 1s I'm gonna tell you right now and1s and Jordan's are made in the same facility by the same company

Fred Herbert

Kitty making a cameo haha

Jackson Smith

I picked up every color option available. I figured for the price and the look, why not? I dont really care too much about durability, since more often than not, I'll just be walking around in them lol

martin butcher

Bravo great vid
I Just got a pair of these