Hammer curl exercises

Arm Toning Exercise, HAMMER CURLS! (Hindi / Punjabi)

Arm Toning Exercise, HAMMER CURLS! (Hindi / Punjabi)2 Apr. 2020
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A great exercise to help you tone your Arm Muscles featuring Canadian Model Jenn Toro!

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Comments (93)
Humza Qureshi

Bhai aap k han lockdown nai hwa kya?

Mani Singh

Bai g sorry from Punjab rann ciraaaaaa.

Sharjeel Abbas Jatt

Is gori ko dekh kr kuch kuch hota hai ???

Sahala Ahmad

Plz tricep ki achi exercise btay

mahwish hashmi

Nice sir

Aditya Singh

O paji acche lag rhe???

Evil Addiction 4 Muslims

Dear Hope you are fine.
Sir Ramazan shareef Ka month ma jym krni ha?
Or agar krni ha to kb krni ha(time)?
And diet plan kiya ho ga Ramadan ma.
Please tell.

Kalindi Sharma

Hi sir
I'm doing gym at home sir i do only biceps and triceps 6 days a week
Can you please tell me is it okay I'm doing only biceps and triceps 6 days regular
Sir please reply as fast as you can

Rock Star

Gym close hai


I always come to listen

Hey thanks for turning into my Bollywood body ? maza aa jata hai


Please Suggest some arm exercises without involving weights!

Himanshu Ghai

What a brest???

Hashim Bilal

Wow so big???....... your arms

Ali Chaudhary


Syeda Ishaal

Aoa from pakistan plz ap apna whtsap num dy dyn mera 3rd txt he bt koi ans nh? diet plan pochna tha

Yasir Sulehri

lay bai ah video tay sary punders ne comment kitta ha????

civil Engg.

I like the grl

Gurpreet Singh

Get a mic for god sake so you dont have to shout all the time ??

veet singh

Jannifer like a robot ????Pataaka
Yr mere weight ni vaad rehya koi hal das


Sunny Sir
Pls post a video on Kegal Workout

ruchita singh

I want personal training to loose weight asap. I have submitted the form available on your website 2-3 times but no response after that. Please get back to me asap.

Nisha Choudhary

Sir plzz plzz lower belly fat k liye how workout ka video bna o

raj Dhar

She have very big ?️?️

Samar kamboj

Eh video ehda insta handle te ehda saman vikahun nu hi bnai v na

palwinder pinda

thx brother
brother mai dahi mai pani dalkar use mixi se grand krta hoo
aur uspe jo makhni aati hai voh mai sabji mai dal kar kha leta hoon aur pani pe leta hoon
to brother dahi ko grand krne se uske healthy bacteria to nahi marte hoge brother please reply krna

Harsehaj Singh


Indhumathi PV

Thanks for your workout. But try to speak volume Medium bcoz so much echo. Please

Shuvajit Chowdhury

Sir, I want to reduce my face fat, can I do that with a diet low in carbs and high in fats and protein by consuming 1000 calories a day

sanket patel


Shabahat Riyaz

Paaji gaining k liye affordable deit btayie jisme protien zyada ho aur faltu k carbs ya calories na ho... vegetarian me?

Shehla Chaudry

Sunny where are you from originally?
Love the way you speak punjabi?

Gym Motivators


Zaid Rai


Jaz Maqsood

You can’t get 20 inches guns ? over night it ll take 10 years

Danish Thakur M8N


Priyanshu saini

Nice video

Shubham Mohire

Jennifer looks like a robot ?


Sir make a video on puffy nipples man

Shoib Kohli

Sir g shoulder pain ka bara ma video banao

Kirat kirat

Hello sir im 17 yrs old , i want to loose weight , wht can i do

Joban Sidhu

Jennifer ta lgda kde v chest day ni skip krdi huni

Lakhwinder Singh

Sunny bhaji one hour workout ke 10-15 mint. Ke baad multivitamin ke sath vitamin c le sakte hai kiya plz tell me. With Thank .


But concentration ????????????????

Usama Khan

Paa G Jennifer da insta account v dasdyOo


Without dumble at home arm tonning workout kese kare

Arpita Dhal

What should be the weight of the dumbles for beginners women?

Teena Kaur

Hey my bollywood body?

Hanzi Jutt

Bhai ab to gym hi bnd hy koi aesi exercise btay jo ghr ho jay plz

Rajat Kasera

Sir can me I online tips and how much charges sir

AbRaCaDaBr A

Nice video sunny PA G with beautiful girl I love her just need that girl to wear bright colour why she is always wearing black tights instead she should wear body revealing cloths because has a nice body it will motivate many of her client's

Vaibhav Thorat

What were you talking about. My whole attention was on Jennifer. She is ?????

King Asim NOOR

Jennifer ka YouTube Facebook id etc hai???

may channel

गजब पाजी जी

Mr.Himanshu Kantale

Very big arms ??

Shivam Luhani

Yr isme work out pr dhyan hi nhi Ja rhA

sumair Ahmad

Suuny bhae inkiii age btaaa daiiii vrnaaa ma insa khud pouch loo ga


Like no 101

dhaval zala

Maaal mast he

Katy Perry

Are u physiotherapist?

M Ridware

Jennifer is Patakha

Ayesha Sanaullah

Anwar Shah

Nice aunty

kashif hussain

Aby to language urdu aur English bolta hy aur magr title pr hindi aur punjabi likhta hy, correct its.

The Jagirdar


Burhan Rehan

Salaam 40m pakistan ...sunny bhai meiny question kiya tha k mere emblyical harnia hai plank nahi lag sakti uski jaga konsi exercise karu??

Akhil Jii

Bro..your modal hot and beautiful.???

Nazakat Ali Matla


Ankit Tiwari

The milk tanks are deviating me.


Sir me more than 2 months se aapke workouts follow kar rahi huu(fat to fit series) and it just shocked me with Amazing result uske liye dil se thnq paaaajjjiiiii?❤
.. Lekin due to some reasons 2 week se I stopped workout and also got imbalanced with dieting so I wanna come back on track again so I should start the whole series from starting? I need suggestion and motivation sir?❤

MaNs M

Need exercise for the pain of neck please

Harry Sarpanch

22 pehla wali kudii jyada sohnii c guddi...?

Mohammad Wasi



Sir the very first thing is ....I would like to thank you.....because the way u r sharing the knowledge is very perfect and it's really satisfied my mind.
I have a request for u plz sir make a video on Jumping Rope ....what is it's good or bad side?

Aslam Khan

Good sunny bai i think problem solved❤✍???

mohammad ramxan

Sunny pa g aj tay tuwadi kisi v gal di koi samj nai i .
Sada Dehan he kisi or traf reya all time ?

Azanali Azanali

Veer je mujy v das diyo

Kunwar Yuvraj- LifeTrack

Bhai focus nh kr paiye workout pe dhyn khrb ho gya


They are so big ??, *biceps obviously ??


Hello j8

parvir singh


Yasir Sulehri

oh oh vekhi kitay doodh hi na chon lag payen mamma

Akash Pandey

Normally 12 months workouts krne walo k liye workouts program and diet programs ka ek episode bnaye bhaiya

Nongmaithem Poirei

At this hour you should tell your viewer to stay at home but instead you try to increase your likes and subscription. Disgusting bro.

Chandan Gilhare

bade bhaiya chest mast lag rahi

janu Vaidhya

Hi sunny ji
Plz intermittent fasting diet and workout video banaye plz
I m doing intermittent fasting but kya kana hai aur kab workout karna hai plz share kare

pardeep sharma



Kya bade chucchhe hain bhaii

Herbal Calony

2 big reasons why i m here???

kapil yadav

2 big muscle's brought me her?

Ashwani Dhankhar

Robot lg rhi h

Abdul wallai

Sir i have double chin and want to get ride of it.. Can losing some weight help me or i have to go throw surgery ?

Grin Much

Sale chutiye itna tharak kyu chada hai tumhe?

Pratik Shah

He brings hot models to increase his viewing. I bet she gets her cut of $$ from this video.

How To Do Hammer Curls To Build Bigger Biceps

How To Do Hammer Curls To Build Bigger Biceps6 Apr. 2016
116 190

In this video, I'll show

In this video, I'll show you how slightly changing your grip while doing hammer curls can help you develop a bigger biceps peak.




YOUTUBE https://www.youtube.com/user/DrJimSto...

FACEBOOK https://www.facebook.com/JimStoppaniPhD/

INSTAGRAM https://www.instagram.com/jimstoppani/

TWITTER https://twitter.com/JimStoppani


Jim Stoppani’s Six-Week Shortcut To Shred | http://bit.ly/SHORTCUTTOSHRED

Jim Stoppani’s 12-Week Shortcut To Size | http://bit.ly/SHORTCUTTOSIZE


Jim Stoppani received his doctorate in exercise physiology with a minor in biochemistry from the University of Connecticut. Following graduation, he served as a postdoctoral research fellow in the prestigious John B. Pierce Laboratory and Department of Cellular and Molecular Physiology at Yale University School of Medicine, where he investigated the effects of exercise and diet on gene regulation in muscle tissue.

He was awarded the Gatorade Beginning Investigator in Exercise Science Award in 2002 by the American Physiological Society for his groundbreaking research. Currently, Jim's focus is on his award winning supplement line (JYM Supplement Science) and his online training website www.jimstoppani.com

He has written thousands of articles on exercise, nutrition and health and is author of Encyclopedia of Muscle & Strength (Human Kinetics, 2006), co-author of the New York Times Bestseller, LL Cool J’s Platinum 360 Diet and Lifestyle (Rodale, 2010), co-author of the book Stronger Arms & Upper Body (Human Kinetics, 2008), and co-author of the chapter “Nutritional Needs of Strength/Power Athletes” in the textbook Essentials of Sports Nutrition and Supplements (Humana Press, 2008). Dr. Stoppani is the creator of the Platinum 360 Diet as found in the book, LL Cool J’s Platinum 360 Diet and Lifestyle (Rodale, 2010) and creator of the diet program found in the book, Mario Lopez’s Knockout Fitness (Rodale, 2008).

Dr. Stoppani has been the personal nutrition and health consultant for numerous celebrity clients, such as LL Cool J, Dr. Dre, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, and Mario Lopez, and has appeared on the NBC television show Extra as an Extra LifeChanger and as a science expert on the Spike television shows Jesse James is a Dead Man and MANswers.

Comments (55)
yashrio joens

ur body is good..dont mind but ur tattoos ruining ur aesthetic

Gregory Schaub

I want to worship your body


Jim where did you get that clock at??


Lol when he was pushing his finger in his biceps I was like ?? that doesn't look like it feels normal lol

George Middlemore

Would you solely train biceps or add them when you are training back ?

Super Saiyan 3

will try it tomorrow

trayton buhler

This specifically helps with brachial pain from armwrestling.

Abdullah Alshmiri

He Sounds Like Shawn Michaels

Shreenath Dhumal

Does it helps to build forearm

Alan Cameron

Great tip, thanx Jim

Ndronikus Ri

"Hammer curls actually focuses on the outer head vs the inner head..." DFQ you mean


Excellent video, love exercises with this grip!


damnit. I miss my 40lb dbs

Rick Weiss



I’m at the gym rn and I couldn’t help but come on here to say THANK YOU for this amazing tip it 10000% changed my workout for the better. I used to feel pain going through my thumb all the way to my forearm and it made hammer or bicep curls so much harder for me to complete. Now I’m using the open grip as you taught it and it’s so much better. Thank you for this. I mean it

Dan Stafford

Hammer curls does not build a bigger bicep that's a total myth... bodybuilding has a lot of myths... leg extensions does not build a bigger quad... seated calf raises does not build a bigger calf!

Yiannis Moschov

thank you


Hey Doc, how about when we do rope hammer curls do we also use open grip?

shilpan dutta

Lovely tip. Thanks a lot Jim.

Shubham Nighot

Thanks JYM really helpful and very informative

Ulysses '

If Batista and Randy Orton had a baby


Thank you doc.

Joshua Hartman

Is it bad that I do these curls using both arms at the same time? I heard another Youtuber say that it won't work as well as alternating between arms during a set. Truth or bs? I don't want to waste any time or effort doing these. Thanks

John Stepp

Can you please tell the YouTuber with the fake Boston accent this?!

Andy & Amys Arizona Adventures

Nice thank you sir.hey a dude I know arms seemed to get get larger rapidly,he said they really took off when he started doing pull ups.?

Michael Rooney

Great tip Doc, always informative

A I MacLeod

Great content and fantastic tuition... Thank you Jim.??

John Doe

Kinda looks like Dave Batista

Gustavo GC

Its amazing, I train over 20 years, always take care about brachiallis work, but this tip I never heard it. Always learning, always. Thanks from Brazil ??, Jim!

Harley Dewalt

would that grip work the same muscle as the hammer curl would but leave out the forearm, or is it just working the long head, for instance if i wanted to do a hammer curl for that thickness that the hammer curl gives over time would i be missing out on that by not gripping with the thumb?

Candi Soda

Lol it's so wierd when you poke your biceps, it's so squishy


Cringe when he puts his fingers between his muscles

sisco v

great tip can this be used for regular bicep curls as well


I thought Batista lost weight for a second


Oh dang...awesome tip dude!


You're the man Doc!

Gaziano Outdoors

Nice tip, gonna try that, cheers


OMG I been doing curls wrong! I took the bell up over me shoulders!

Cody Morrison

Awesome advice, I had no idea! Thanks!

Arnando Cruz Jr

I like doing the Reverse Curl with the 21 method

Trevor Williams

I don't do as much hammer curls. They help build the forearms too.

Sdarms111 Doug

That's a brilliant tip! I can totally picture how that would feel in my head... I will try that.

Anirban Mookherjee

Jim, can you please make a video on how to make your biceps WIDE (from front view)? I've been doing a bit of research on this and figured width is contributed mainly by the biceps short head whereas the long head gives the peak and width from side view. Does training the brachialis lead to overall increase in girth of arm or only increases bicep peak height? I would rather avoid it if it increases only peak height.

Jim R

Cool. I'll give 'er a try when I blast biceps on Thursday.


Jim, what about cross body hammer curls? I watched your video tip about cross body hammer curl a long time ago.

paporoman roman

Big arm self


Love hammer curls.

Logan Flood

Gross dude, quit biking your arm, looks like an implant

Dan Stafford

Hammer curls will not build a bigger bicep it's not a bicep exercise.... it makes for a skinny bicep... if you want to build up your forearms do a reverse curl!


His skin is as thin as latex


Thanks ????

Mike Johnson

This guy is boss

Greg Newton

Thank you

Cathy Collins

Can u put thumb underneath for barbell curl

bharat singh

He sounds like WWE Shawn Michaels

Arm Workout Tips | Hammer Curls | Biceps Workout

Arm Workout Tips | Hammer Curls | Biceps Workout7 Mar. 2017
15 764
Body SpartanSubscribe 438 721


Comments (4)

Damn ,this really fix my hammer curl ,thanks bruh


You look very strong. How many reps can you do with a 100 kg power twister bar?


The intro sounds very aggressive


Thanks sir