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The ‘Speed Gene’ Is The Main Determinant Of Race Distance

The ‘Speed Gene’ Is The Main Determinant Of Race Distance10 Jan. 2019
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A video abstract of the

A video abstract of the research paper "The contribution of myostatin (MSTN) and additional modifying genetic loci to race distance aptitude in Thoroughbred horses racing in different geographic regions" published in the Equine Veterinary Journal. Research led by Plusvital's Prof Emmeline Hill.

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Transhuman Genetically Modified Super-Strength is Upon Us!

Transhuman Genetically Modified Super-Strength is Upon Us!2 Feb. 2018
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It looks as though the transhuman future is just around the corner. An ex-Nasa biochemist, Josiah Zayner, recently publicly modified his own DNA in order to block the production of myostatin.

This change could potentially induce an increase in muscle mass of around 30%. The same process has been demonstrated in knockout mice, resulting in visibly increased muscle with no obvious side effects. What's more is that bulls and dogs can be selectively bread for this mutation AND it can occur naturally in humans to varying degrees.

This is not a procedure that is available right now and of course it carries risks: the long-term implications are completely unknown. However, this is undoubtedly a fascinating subject and a topic that we will need to contend with in the coming years. The process known as CRISPR makes this so easy that it will be incredibly hard to regulate. And there's no way to detect this kind of gene doping either.

This is just one example of transhuman technologies slowly becoming a reality - I discuss two other interesting ones in the video. What do you guys think about this kind of thing?

You may be wondering if you can block myostatin for increased muscle *without messing with your DNA. To some extent yes. Myostatin correlates with grehlin and cortisol - keep your blood sugar from dipping too low, avoid stress and keep eating and you can avoid muscle breakdown.

Likewise, studies suggest that -epicatechin, found in dark chocolate and cacao, might be able to reduce myostatin and increase follistatin.

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A Smith

Transhumanism is what the elite want


my hero academia is about to be real


I recover like superfast and think it might be some kind of genetic mutation is it possible?

Jean Paul

Let us pray that strength enhacement from batman to cap america,black panther and spiderman will happen and combined with brain to machine learn all 200 martial arts. Amen

God Wannabe

The far future is unimaginably weird.


Sounds like a Brave New World to me.

bat man

The way I look at it is it's our body whatever we want to do to our body is is our choice nobody else has a right to tell us what we can and cannot do to our body. That's it


Great vid x

love my wife D

Bulk smash!

Airhog Glider

He failed

Tudor Mureșan

I know that it's really late to say this, but have You thought of talking Extremis from Iron Man?(way more elaborated in the comics) Seems like a really good example of genetic transhumanism, If a bit extreme(get it?)

Eternal Watcher

Is there a way to change the genes that make our facial aesthetics safely? I couldn’t find any links or articles on that.

Mutt Fitness

This is about super villain level stupidity- to experiment on yourself like this without knowing the long term effects. But thanks for telling us about our new overlord.

Alex w

Well Arnold Schwarzenegger says bodybuilders are too big now and I agree that some are like Kali muscle so think how big this would make them

Jim Giant

Eddie Hall has a rare variation of the myostatin gene according to his IG, I'm too lazy to check the details at the moment though. I can believe it based off of pictures of his family members and pictures of him as a teen.

Flex Flex

So,with this thing i can train one month and mentain my muscles for another 3 months,so i can experience noobie gains forever??

Hooded One

Super strength doesn't matter unless you also strengthen the bone.

Şahin yaşar

We neeed a country for Transhuman generaritons for test long term affect of gen edit



Dante Zane

Have you read the book Bios by Daniel Suarez? I think you woul like the ideas explained in it.

Bart Simpson

People are slowly going insane....

martin sinclair

I can see a lot of benefits for criminals

Lanky Mc Gainsplease

The reason I started studying biomedical engineering was to get into trans humanism enhancement. Keep the content coming!



Leon Yu

human race extinction will definitely help our planet


It's only so long when something that was general becomes specific and then general again! Putting your pinky toe in the water still means touching the water. Why not the whole foot? Leg? Whole body?

Kode. [Not going to post a last name]

Basically not trying harder but lazily give ourselves and injection?

Saul Goodman

I injected myself with hydrogen peroxide and was struck by lightning now I am the flash⚡️

Rafiq Jennings

And one of your videos, you said how humanity in the West are domesticated as opposed to are wild or barbaric ancestors. Chemically made muscle men are still domesticated. It’s not evolution. Trans-humanism is not evolution.

liesamusz saibi

Wow!your not only strong but your a genius!

Mauricio Torres


Ty Lavell

I have younger brothers that are fraternal twins and they're bigger than me and they very rarely work out. I've always had to work out twice as hard. Even now that we're older and all a little more flabby they've kept most of their muscle definition. Always knew it was genes but now I know even more.

Goku Vegeta

Why was I not subscribed to your Chanel anymore ? I know I subscribed

Rich Verdino

I knew Demetrious Johnson was up to something!

Jason Bean

Exercise, exercise, exercise.
It's rumored that once, a tourist stopped Leonard Bernstein along a New York City street, and asked him, "How do you get to Carnegie Hall?" His response? "Practice, practice, practice."
Mind you, this is a rumor. But still..
My principle is this: Exercise every day.
Pick a form you like, and stick with it until it becomes boring. Then take up another form.
And daily. Not 3 times a week for 30 minutes. Not 5 times a week for 60 minutes.
7 days a week for as many hours as you can spare. 3 hours, 6 hours.
Sure, you'll be tired. But your body will thank you.
Your muscle mass will increase. Your bone density will increase. Your resistance to disease will increase.
Of course, you must eat as well as you can afford to. A proper diet is crucial to building a powerful body. But without daily exercise, even the best diet imaginable is useless.
As many hours a day as you can, exercise. When you go to the grocery, park as far as you can from the shop. Hand carry your bags to your vehicle.
Walk or bicycle to the park. Take a break, then walk around the park.
You can do this!:)

401 casuality

Can't wait for them to turn into gargoyles, through some unforseen problem.

C Camp

Transhumanism is the AntiChrist system. Combining iron and clay...metal and flesh. Your DNA is permanently changed and you are no longer full human, hence no eternal life for you. You become part of this beast system and can not go back. You are completely controlled by the controllers and have no free will and your life is not your own anymore. This is actually in the Bible predicted to happen

Sml Strength

Myostatin inhibitor has been research for years now.
Ive seen some.human trial(ace 078 if I remember) that had potential but they stop the studies due to slight sides effect.

Clearly CRISPR are more likely to work. And if it is safe or relativly safe. I would.clearly be willing to use that stuff as long as it.comes with something for the tendon. Im already strong enough to tear things up. So... getting stronger without the tendon strengh to follow the muscle. It is quite stupid.

WTF ISthis

Dam those mice gains are real.

Vardas pavarde

Nothing amazing about muscule gain steriods do better still very interesting video also if this technology is cheating bornig with good genetics cheating aslo xd

Sam Watson

soooooooooooo cool

Kris k

You are the only guy who talks about genetics and very well topic as far as I know. I hope your views get more. You are really putting effort, also I see you aren’t average YouTuber and you study a lot. Are you a bio medical engineer?

Achintya Bajpai

JB Rhine and his research on Telekinesis.


We already have pro bodybuilding competitions where guys walk around with 50+ more pounds of muscle on their bodies than they could without using steroids. And they win trophies. Why would we accept steroids and reject this?

Edit: I'm totally for this. I want the damn Spartan serum:)

Koko Beach

Thanks man keep going good job ?

Leonardo Isidoro

You should check out this Russian scientist that injected himself with a 2000 year old bacteria that is found deep in ice

Rafael Oliveira

1: 35 Bioshock, anyone?


Its the future people need to get used to the idea because its going to happen.


Great video :) Am still watching all of them :D

Robin Raphael Fitness

"Must there be a superman ?"

George Bofylatos

You should do more videos in transhumanism really interested in it


just coming back to comment that the dark chocolate really works


You might be interested in James Casbolt, supersoldiers and the Secret Space Program. James Rink has a channel called "Super Soldier Talk" as well, a lot of that is about the SSP. They are sometimes genetically modified, and can transform into an animal. The type of animal varies between soldiers

Gabriel Gagne

I think we should do anything we want, as long as it passes safely long term studies ect.
Possibilities are endless

Tj Jourden

Power wheather physical/mental not earned is always misused.

JT Pointer

I think this is an interesting topic and like you I think it is too early to really say much about. But I can say that with technology advancing as fast as it is something like this should have been expected. I am going to keep an open mind myself.

William McFarlane

The biggest problems I see are how that will be used and by who, and who will have access...


Cool video, can't wait for gene editing to become safe. I've read that it became a thing in mice in the 90's and that it became widespread during the Beijing olympics, but that's just rumors I think.

Thorsten Heinke

Flex Wheeler used steroids.

Heks Fero

Instead of completely blocking myostatin, he should've gradually reduce it.He wasn't born without it, so his body isn't adapted to the possible drastic changes that might occur.

mk69 p9

It'll be shunned like steroids and if you're naturally a smart, big person you'll be accused of gene editing. Them same way I'm accused of using steroids even though I've got 15 years of training under my belt.

Berkay Karlık

For a second I thought he applied it to all of his cell via a vector like virus that would be crazy. Nevertheless the results will be still interesting.

Jacob Keary

Ugh fine, sign me the fuck up



yonblo lb

If myostatine gone we get muscles hyperplasia ?

Gitesh Dubal

It's definitely cheat code for evolution...I highly doubt it would be successful or free of severe adverse effects.. Ethically it should be limited to people with defects or disabilities... Let nature do evolution as it is more stable and risk free.. Let focus on removing errors in natural evolution like in genetic diseases... OUR JOB IS TO REMOVING BUGS IN NATURAL EVOLUTION, NOT REPLACE IT!!!


I wish you were in my feed more

Omega apple

What if you inject yourself with follostatin to overload the myosatain? Of course you could use dendrimers to release the follostatin so it acts as a virus that spread across the body and the immune system wont fight it off, to open the dendrimers can you use U.V Radiation? Sorry for the mispellings.


Oh no!!Transhumanism 2.0. and then zombie 2.0 ..so scary!


Do you think this is something that could help the elderly?


You can change ur genetics esp myostatin through supplements.

My Gene Therapy with Dr. Jason Williams

My Gene Therapy with Dr. Jason Williams28 Apr. 2020
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Dr. Jason Williams

Dr. Jason Williams discusses his decision to administer follistatin gene therapy, a myostatin inhibitor, to himself in 2015.

Visit Integrated Health Systems to learn more about follistatin gene therapy.


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mohammad Kooheji

Iam waiting for Gene Therapy to be affordable . Bless you Doctor .

Arkoff oficial

Que ganas de ser parte e integrar mi experimento luz yo trabajo con el monucleotido de nicotinamida con resultados co.probables pero lentos para mi gusto a 6 meses se ven algún os cambios en coloración de mi pelo y mejora de la visión como datomis uñas muy fuertes en fin .su terapia es más avanzada y siguiente sus publicaciones telomerasa es lo que estoy estudiando a Rull. Concluí que se presenta de origen animal y vegetal esa es mi duda dar liz


Sounds very exciting! How many patients have gotten this treatment and how much did it cost them?

Michael Castro

Does he mean he tried gene therapy before Liz Parrish? He said five years ago...? My, time flies! Me next!??

Rick C.

What is the dosage? I’ve heard of weightlifters injecting 100mcg/day for 30 days. Does this sound correct?

Narayan My Soul

See that's what I keep telling everybody the doctor is not stupid,and he did it on him self and clearly it works with no sideffect.

Dylan T

How was this treatment delivered?

Ratheka Stormbjorne

Well, he was partially right at the end. A long youth and a short decline is better than a short youth and a long decline, but better still to not decline at all, and live indefinitely.