Funny exercise motivation

Get up and walk funny exercise motivation

Get up and walk funny exercise motivation2 Aug. 2020
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My husband and I just

My husband and I just celebrated 24 years of marriage. We recently started working out together (walking). He's going to get me for posting this, but this happened after our walk today. With everything happening that's causing so much stress for so many, this is just a little comic relief. #laughterisgood #laughterismedicine #marriagerocks

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Crazy Fitness Moments | Workout Motivation 2021

Crazy Fitness Moments | Workout Motivation 202119 Dec. 2017
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This fitness motivation

This fitness motivation video is made to inspire and motivate people going to the gym and also to those people who are working out at home. Our goal in this fitness channel is to inspire millions of people to adopt a healthy and fit lifestyle.

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Doodle Army

I don't wanna cross one of these guys

malai15 ***

а где девка в черном купальнике7


PLEASE don't show the guy with synthol in arms it's a shame !!!


the song it's called "N'to - Trauma

Protony Neutrony

1:28 and 3:18 Is that supposed to motivate me? Certainly not.



eXtreme Tactics

Руки-базуки тут явно мимо

Flip Flap

Does anyone know the girl’s name in the thumbnail ? (for a friend)


4:56, 5:30, 5:34 and 9:07 RESPECT !!! Invincible people

Easy Inglés

Lots. Of the real stuffhttps://youtu.be/sB8VuXIDjsw

Obed Contreras

Esa lista tiene puras mamadas yo golpie i me marco 600

스트롱 퐈니걸


People do seem to care about the most useless things in this world.


Small YouTube pls like thanks

Тимур Гаранин Научная Критика

Терешин? Серьёзно?



I loro stati di salute
rispettivi prevenisrlirfmdl

Santhosh Mathew

I can only say one word WOW -- I am inspired

ramad bara


Flaming Hyper


C home

3:18 3$ skin

Михаил Филоненко

чья музык, народ !?!?


What is name of this music? :O

Sonam Sherpa

Fully motivated n positive

Petr Bezděk

1:20 :D

ابو حمزه وعمر المصري


sam verhoeven

make a boy ent girls versie


dislike for 3:18


что там делает пдр руки базукиии аааа оррууууу


3:20 fake asteroides

Александр Момот

какого хера фрик с руками базуками тут делает


3:18 Synthol freak. Not muscle.


nice video sir

Art For Life

Amaziinnngggg ???


So am I a moron for falling for the thumbnail or are you the moron for not being able to find a clip with that girl in? Something to ponder :)


6:22 now that's motivation??

Möi Chi

3:18 Fake


7:33 это мерзко... :/

Rram ꓘ M

2:55 how to shape hand like that?

Sergei Burij




entendible tenga un buen día

3:20 ?? Eso es falso


7000 дизов за "базуку"? И правильно

Andis Sports for you Fitness



3:18 가짜 약물 근육

Миха Мериноа

Автор зачем фрика показал


Those army pants during a deadlift... An unwanted accident waiting to happen...

Will_The maker

2:42. That's pretty cool that should could generate that much force from such a short distance.

Safura Begum

very nice

Олег Иванов

а мудозвона обколотого нафига сюда всунули???

AS Fitness

Killer ?

Will LaidBack

Good energy ?? https://youtu.be/ciDXBiGCrFM ??

Flaming Hyper


Манас Ермек

Great video . By the way I know a website where there are cool things for Body

Volodymyr Mostovyy

Фу! И тут терехин, все настроение испортилось

Михаил Скорбеж

1:26 А не охуел ли ты, пацанчик, такое вытворять?..


лелики анаболики


1:25 wtf is that shit?


its in creative licence it means i can use this video right?


nobody in this video is natural

alexandre bernier

Hello. This is so informative! I have been trying to research for YouTube vid like yours that educates the topics in this vid!Your lesson for sure reminds me of the vids from Doctor Ethan! Doctor Ethan's tips are informative and I learned a lot for exams!

I recommend you check out his page out and give the Dr a like here! ? #DoctorEthanQandA

Vinh Buiduy

- bạn viết chữ việt cho chúng tôi ngưỡng mộ với , dành cho những người không có điều kiện tới trường,,, cảm ơn , chúc sức khỏe - qt-al-hp- nông văn dền

Рустам Ниёзов


Royberth Briceño

7:16 A ese lo sacaron de Call of Duty

Mostafa Hassan

Follow me ..I have best Motivational videos ...

vaijogarcoco ilha

fake cinema punch why he passed over and a veteran professional

Jean Martillo

Sin excusas!! .... Sin pretextos!! ... Sin complejos!! ... SIMPLEMENTE A ENTRENAR HPS. ?

Евгений Лукманов

Руки базуки чего здесь забыли?)

Cook, Eat, Live, Repeat !

Its easier to lift some weight under water. WTF.

Devian Fahri

Damn 6:25

Roberto Massa

Incredibile! Grandissimi

Sabin Rai

trying good https://www.tenor.co/9pKP.gif

Ven Ra

1:35 кто ето

Jeff Shepherd

@3:18 Is this the result of injecting oil into his muscles?

Ziyad97 _official

Başa düşmədim bizim kanalda xaricilər? davay bilmirəm basırığ yoruma bəyənini ?şərhi???

Николай Кендижаев

Это только мне кажется ? Что среди всех спортсменов " руки базуки" здесь лишние

Rick van de Roer

Hi there! This video is really full of knowledge! I've been trying to look for vid like yours that breaks down the topics in this video! The idea at 1:15 is my favorite. Your content for sure is like the vids from this awesome Doctor Ethan. Dr's tips are actually helpful and he actually helped me on my school.

I suggest you check out his channel out and give the doc a like! ➡️ #StudentDoctorEthan

Alexander Verum

Руки Базуки там как залупа на лбу

Alex М

терёшина то на какой хрен вставили ????

Jabrik Gaamiing

please subs back bro

Сергей Белоног

3:19 фэйл.

Aleksandr Suslin

Даже Клоков в басейне с штангой засветился.))) молодцы. Хорошее видео

Artur Linker

0:20 Jay Cutler?

Yahia H

damn man where is the boobed lady?

Gum Юрий

Все это конечно здорово, но приходит время и все это великолепие уходит в никуда, возраст не обманешь

Иван Полянский

Дайте 1 трэк


Makes me want steroids


Steroids compilation.

Flaming Hyper


Flaming Hyper


Sarojkanta Behera

Thanks to all

Health&Fitness Live

Try This 12-week Yoga Burn Challenge: @t

Joel kovetz

amazing motivational video!!!


3:18 it si not fitness stupid!! is synthol

Romel Esparaguerra

May Channel me Subscribe.?????


Where is Bruce Lee

Festival Bus

this cool

ibrahim Xelefov


Gordon Freeman

на 4:15 я офигел ))) надо брать пример ! )))


3:18 God damn it, Sintol ;;;;;;

Funny Fitness Moments ? Workout motivation ?

Funny Fitness Moments ? Workout motivation ?30 Sep. 2019

Funny Fitness Moments ?

Funny Fitness Moments ? Workout motivation ?

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