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Today we compared a high

Today we compared a high flex (100) to a low flex (40) hockey stick to see which one performed better! In my opinion, you should always go with the lower flex stick, just to get that 'whip', or slingshot effect. Anyways, it was a lot of fun testing these two incredibly different hockey sticks, so make sure to leave a LIKE if you enjoyed and SUBSCRIBE for more awesome hockey content like this in the future!

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5 things EVERY hockey player should know about sticks before buying

5 things EVERY hockey player should know about sticks before buying22 Aug. 2017
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Get your hockey stick -

Get your hockey stick - http://www.pjtra.com/t/TUJGRU5KSkJGS05LS0hCRklGRUdN?url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.hockeymonkey.com%2Fequipment%2Fhockey-sticks-shafts-blades%2Fsticks-all-composite%2Fhockey-sticks-senior.html

Back to hockey season, here are 5 things every hockey player should know about sticks before the buy their next hockey stick.

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Full article - http://www.hockeytutorial.com/ice-hockey-tips/5-things-every-hockey-player-should-know-about-sticks-before-buying/

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Comments (100)
Big Dave

When you discribed the p92 you discribed me ?

Mojo 29

Hey, I shoot 60% wrist shots and 40% slap shots. Do you think I should get the warrior alpha qx3 or the ccm tacks 7092? Thank you to anyone who answers!

Josh Gimple

I’m 6’2 and use the pacioretty warrior alpha QX3, is that good

Michael Policelli

Ummm I Already bought a stick. Shit

Marino Pejic

I have buy ENERGY ULTRA 125 Hockey stick

mico390 yt

Picking a stick is just a personal preferance, wich he says after every point

Karter Gamer1097


Elias Norberg

Are u in sweden

Rohit Pal

This is not hockey

Nathan Uloswceh

Love the vid

Gabriel Gasse

Great vid as usual ??

z9944x -



i have a crosby curve and i’m terrible at hitting the net. i always shoot too high. other than my aim skill, what curve would be better ?

Matthew Gismondi

I am happy with my warrior qrl 5

Eric Wadja

I set the speed to .75 and it sounded normal

ItzKw Mike

176 pounds and 75-77flex

Petr Kowalewski

My stick snapped at the top in three weeks

Perpetual Student

A black guy speaking in a British accent discussing hockey. Never thought I would see the day.

Jeremy Acrobati

I just broke my ccm trigger 3D (sadly) I got a new stick and this really helped me


Tre Kronor!

Ronnie F'n D

Sherwood 5030 because I'm old and it reminds me of hockey in the 80's lol.

William Goodwin

"in 2019, this list helped me decide for the best ice skates scafe.shop/tbis2019?Co hope it helps you out too!"

Mark D

This boy needs some Canadian Beef ????


Just saying I am 150 pounds 5'5 and a bantam and I use a 60 flex Bauer supreme 1s also have a 70. I only use the 60 and it makes me mad when kids are like they can't get much power. Well it's because your 11 and using a 70 flex.

Shea Walsh

Fav stick Bauer Vapor Flylite

Cory Bys

While a good overall intro, unfortunately they're totally right. You have to just try tons of sticks to figure out what you like, there's really no alternative.

Rush Nation

I use 110 flex I weigh 189 but I can bend the shit out of it when I take a snap shot

Yeltsin 68

Very good explanation with caveats

ThePineapple 1

i love how he says t and k it like asmr


im still playing with my 87 koho

Music by Murphy

This was really helpful in a lot of ways. Just picked up a covert QRL and changed up my curve from P88 to the backstrom curve. Excited to use it tonight

Kaden Johanson 2

For a 60 bound kid how much flex

Grant Hollyer

Btw the p92 is a mid curve, and the most widely used blade in the sport. It's basically a curve that's a jack of all trades but doesn't specialize in one thing. An e28 or a p28 is a toe curve like you described.

screen heads

I’m 170lbs 5’8 and use only 55 flex haha, I have an insane snap shot with it.

Real Cheeken

I’m 5’11 130 pounds and I use a 75 flex ??

I make it work idk how


This was some unexpectedly good information from a couple of English blokes

Timothy Madden

That was super helpful


My hockey stick is to my eyes without skates on

Is it too tall and should i cut like an inch of it?? Im kinda beginner when it comes to hockey

Peyton Cappitelli

There is no I in MLA format.

Ju Hef

No disrespect but i expected a some white guy from Canada Not Some Black Guy From The Uk. I’m a black guy so this comment not racist! ?

Havoc Was taken

50flex and I’m 10yrs old


Very informative.

Fjjdjdififhdgjdjf Fjrbkdksmekld

Theres a British black dude trying to give me advice on hockey

Seymour Gray

6" 170 and I use 85 to 100 and PM9 curve!

Kristian Solis

I’m a sniper, do you know what flex I need?

Scooby Doo

So I should be using a 50 flex? My stick right now is a 90 flex ?


Have any of you guys tried the true xcore 9 acf, I wanted to know mid kick point or low kick point is better for a forward player who shoot wrist shot and do stick handeling more, is the 1x good?

Mike Steinke

U lost me at Bri-ish...maybe try a Canadian accent next time.

riley haug

Gotta say P92 is by far my favorite. Tried P88 and just wasn’t a fan. P08 is just impossible to use unless your trying to shoot 30 feet over the net


can't believe they didn't mention that cutting the stick changes its flex. some sticks have lines that indicate the flex if cut to that length.


if you have to learn about the stick the stick isnt gonna help you lol
you should know what you like in a stick

FadedHero Icon

thank you fellas, i really like watching your videos they are extremely helpful


its the bauer nexus that's a mid kick, a high would be the supreme

Darkwear GT

This is ice hockey ?
I am looking for normal hockey waste of time

Bennanator Gaming

Supreme = high kickpoint
Nexus = mid kickpoint
Vapor = low kick point
Ribcor = low kickpoint
Tacks = mid kickpoint
Rbz = basically everything
Stealth = low kickpoint
Synergy = mid kickpoint

Bach Frog

Great video. So much to learn. I would love more hockey stick info


You remind me of Wayne Siminds

Cael Chua

what would you recommend for a 5'9 133 pounds as the bauer intermediate stick is short for me


A black dude with an english accent is really what comes to mind when i about hockey sticks.


I'm 130 pounds and my 50 flex tacks works great for me


im getting a hockey stick tomorrow with my mum cause I lost mine idk how

I -Zezel-I

don’t listen to the flex part of the video it’s completely wrong

Keith Mitchell

You did not cover everything! I have not played hockey in over 22 years, I am an old man now ?. Was shocked on the price of these sticks and the one thing you did not cover “can these sticks break”? Back in my day sticks break a lot, and I was wondering if these current expensive sticks still break like they used to?

Gustaf Göthlin

Little bit wrong! The Supreme is a high kick stick.

Shad Zani

What type of pattern and kick point is best for the velocity of a wrist shot? Not how quick the release is.. but strictly velocity.

Thanks guys!!


I'm Canadian and I'm watching a British guy explain hockey sticks ?

the cheps

Make a video about the legendary Coffee curve please.

Matthew Earle

Tried true and tested fiberglass / wooden sticks have great feel, are way cheaper and are fine for most rec league players; until you find the curve pattern you like. I usually wait for the $250 CF sticks to go on sale and buy two at $120 piece around boxing day. Crosby aka Sakic curve is the best pattern ever and never underestimate the mighty pmp 5030 Paul Coffey Special. Glad to see you dudes enjoying hockey - please call it a shin pad or shin guard and not leg pad. Peace from hockey town

Jack Smith

do you have  a  true stick

JF Bsvin.

Great video. Very detailed.

Bradley F

Why is a Canadian learning hockey from British peopel


I have a p28 flex and a bauer 1s that i really like both the wrist and slapshots are amazing:)

Azim Baluch

Great video, much more accurate information than some other stick videos out there. I would also suggest diving deeper into the feel each stick provides (some sticks will have better puck feel (Vapor) or respond much move lively (Tacks) than others might)

I have a bunch of P88s, a few P92s and one P30 (new this year). But I always tend to switch it up once in a while.

Rob in Canada

WHAT!! British hockey players?? Bloody Hell mate!!


I’m 5’10 is 62” a good stick size

Austin Brown

Im 200lbs and use 65 to 70 flex intermediates. Nothing like that whip lol

Nick DeMario

I wish they wouldn’t put “Kane” on the stick. He doesn’t use this curve on his actual stick. This is just a marketing scheme to sell more sticks! Watch Pavel Barber’s channel and he will confirm!

Kristian Solis

I’m new to hockey

Carter Busby

Thanks, I’m 19 y/o and joining a Adult rookie league. I’ve never played before, I’m definitely looking forward to it.

Peter Negan

Funny, every time you guys hit the ice rink there are always Swedes there.

Brooks Johnson

This Channel has been amazing in helping me thanks guys!!!

James Morrall

I like the 77 flex on a Bauer, but I always cut it down to an 84 because it’s too tall for me. I want to cut it to the height I need without having to make it so stiff.. any ideas?

Tyler Boyd

I'm 180 and use a 60 flex for the quick shots

Warm Fish

Your accent is very satisfying to listen to

Darkwear GT

Best hockey sticks?

Heitor Morgado

thank you


OK i am black and I play ice dont judge me ok thank u still

London 08

First guys voice is so soothing

Exotic Timmy 44

I’m a defencemen and my ccm jetspeed is a 65 flex and I’m only 80 pounds and 11 years one but my ccm RBZ is 50 flex

Rombard Deerenberg

Very good video. Good explanation about the curves and the flexes.
See you all at the Pond in Antwerp next april???


I use flex 70 and I'm only 100 pounds


Lol im 120 and use a 40 flex it works great

Razgriz the Mandalorian

I'm a rather short, but stout fellow (5'6" and 175 lbs) and I'm a grinder. I prefer sticks in the 85 flex range because the stiffness helps me when I'm in a scrum along the boards and I also use a slightly long stick for my height to help with reach on poke checks. I play beer league when I get ice time but also skate along side high school and college level players when I'm on the ice, but that combination (and I use a basic, neutral curve in the blade that doesn't have a bias to high/low or left/right) works quite well for me. Just my personal experience as a guy who plays hockey as a hobby.

Kaden Johanson 2

Is super tacks 40 flex good for 63 pound


Är ni från Sverige

Christopher Bacon

because they can


Nice Job boys!


Length, flex, curve, grip, kickpoint


British people know what hockey is? Nice.

Hockey Stick Size & Flex

Hockey Stick Size & Flex22 Jul. 2009
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Ice WarehouseSubscribe 438 721

Tyson from Inline/Ice

Tyson from Inline/Ice Warehouse talks about hockey stick length and flex you should know about before buying a stick.

Available at: http://www.icewarehouse.com/Hockey_Sticks/catpage-HOCKSTICK.html?&utm_source=Youtube&utm_medium=Social&utm_content=fromdescrip&utm_campaign=Review_Videos

Comments (100)

I'm 4'2 my stick is between 60 & 70 flex junior stick it's a special type of stick but it has NHLPA on it oh I'm like 80 to 90lbs.

Alex Mccarthy

Also I'm 5,4


Hello Ice Warehouse. I'm new to playing hockey and looking to start this year for the first time. I'm 31 years old, 5'5 and about 145lbs. I have no idea what kind of stick to get, size, or flex. I'm starting out really new to this, so what would be a good stick to first start out with? Thank you!


bauer vapor x600 , bauer supreme 170 or ccm ribcor 28k stick also in ccm which curve would be closest to p92 curve

James Ballard

I'm wondering if, at about 5'7 and 190 pounds, an intermediate stick would be ok to use?


I'm 1.86 and 65 kg, what flex and size i should use?


Thanks so I should get a senior

Cole Perry

Quick question, if I weigh around 135 pounds and take mostly snapshots and am in an intermediate stick length what should I get? Also, is a stiffer or whippier stick better for snapshots/quickly elevating the puck?


Well I'm 13, 5'8" and 106 lbs so I'm kinda screwed xD


I'm 6'4" 160lbs 15yrs old What stick???

Dylan Johnson

I'm trying to start out on hockey I'm 17 5/8 and a half and around 160-170 which hockey stick would be good for me? Please help!!

Courtney Mcara

I'm 18 215Ib 5ft 6/7 What stick should I Get? I'm a beginner!

Insert Name Here

I will help you guys out I'm __ Ft __ In and __ Lbs and I am _ Years Old.

Joshua Deitsch

the information provided is a little to unspecific. stick size should be based on the size and weight of the player. age should have absolutely nothing to do with it. the flex of a stick should be equal to about half of the players body weight. and that is once the stick is cut. not the flex on the stick when you buy it because it gets stiffer as you cut it shorter.

Shaggy Rogers

I'm 6' and 120 pounds, what flex?

robin Cadotte

if you add length "extention" will it decrease the flex

Marshall B

i like a big senior shaft with a stiff flex.

Nico Tanco

What the best stick for a defenseman ( top of the line stick )

Skrt Skrt

I'm 5' 4" and 100 pounds. What flex?

NEB Israel

I’m 11, 5’3, 115 pounds ish so I’m stuck between junior and intermediate

Joshua Deitsch

the information provided is a little to unspecific. stick size should be based on the size and weight of the player. age should have absolutely nothing to do with it. the flex of a stick should be equal to about half of the players body weight. and that is once the stick is cut. not the flex on the stick when you buy it because it gets stiffer as you cut it shorter.

Drew Davis

I'm 5-6 about 120 what flex should I get


this really helps. thanks!


Would you be able to tell me what Easton stick that is @ 4:23?

Dominic Dragon

I'm 5,4 170 and I use a 65 flex stick is that right

Raph Tremblay

Im 5'10" and 230 pounds.I have a regular 85 flex stick, is it stiff enough to get the most power out of my shot ?

Zachary rhodes

i'm 5'1 and 105 what size should i get?

Joe Hoe

My question is....what lower flex options are available for someone who is 6'2" 185 lbs?  I'm always stuck with sticks that are 62" or so and 95 flex or higher.  I finally discovered the Bauer Nexus N2, which offers 87 flex and 77 flex....which I was very happy about.  Are there any other options for me??  As a right hander, even pro stock options often have few options....as left handers have the upper hand, when it comes to pro stock.

Leahnell Ramirez

Hey ice warehouse, I’m a 13 year girl starting beginner hockey. I’m 5’1 as far as height and I weigh 115 lbs. I’m super confused about what stick I should use I want to order one but I have no clue. Do you think you could help me find the right measurements for a stick? I was wondering if you have any specific sticks you could actually recommend.Thanks.

Alve Bladin

I'm 5'7 160 pounds I like to take wrist and snapshots would a 85 flex be good for me??

Joshua Deitsch

the information provided is a little to unspecific. stick size should be based on the size and weight of the player. age should have absolutely nothing to do with it. the flex of a stick should be equal to about half of the players body weight. and that is once the stick is cut. not the flex on the stick when you buy it because it gets stiffer as you cut it shorter.


I'm 99 pounds and 5'6 which flex do I use


Hi im a 12 year old boy who is 4,7 tall and weighs 88 lbs and plays forward i need a stick any good recommendations??

shichibukai tetsuo

can anybody recommend me a stick to try, I'm a beginner i have one stick, it doesn't reach my chin because I'm six four, thanks

jay D

hi im 6ft and 9.5 stone and 60kg what flex would be good for me


This definitely helped me pick out the stick flex and length, along with blade pattern from the advice on your videos.

Ancient Keyboard Warrior

Im 62 y/o. 4'11 ft and weigh 230 lbs what flex should i use?

Dylan Monk

Ice warehouse please help, I am 12 years old 5'1 and 105 ish pounds and I am in that weird range of junior and intermediate and I don't know which one is right for me please respond soon, thank you


My height is 150cm should I measurement from bottom to chin or nose? please help me

Nick Harrison

Damn times have changed


Im 5"11 and im 140 lbs am i ok to use a 75 flex senior?


I'm 13 90 pounds and 5,4 and I'm looking to get a 1x stick and I was wondering what size I should get


Thanks for showing me how you get the correct stick!

allison p

hey mate plan on getting a new twig from ice warehouse, im 21 years old, 5'7" and weigh 129lbs and pretty skinny lol. I also have small hands and only take wrist shots (i play forward), should I use a int or sr. ? and what flex?

Corbin Hargraft

i’m 13 5’2 and 80 pounds ?

Sus Gold

The size of the shaft to get ur hands around


Im 15 and 5 ft 120lbs Lol idek what to use xD

JCJ Sneaker review

is it normal that I'm
14 years old
108 lbs
and use a 45 flex??


this sounds erotic

RoundedCascade RaginGzz

Well im starting 2nd year bantam and I'm 5'3 to 5'4 and 120 pounds whats the best stick for me?


is it bad if i buy a 87 flex stick when im only 11 and cut it down


Then there's Johnny Hockey out there using a 55 flex

Antonio Rodriguez

Every season I come up with 2 things I must do. This Winter season is learn how to ice skate backwards and learn how to play hockey. Should be fun lol.

Derick Marchand

if I measure 5.7 and weighs 105 ? What flex I should choose between 60 , 65 and 67 ?

Jimmy Beal


Goldmine MC

Hey thanks for the vid.
I'm 5'7 165 pounds defenseman so should I go for an intermediate 75 flex stick? I have a 50 flex vapor right now ?

Dat Boi

I’m 90 lbs, average strength, 5 feet tall and 10 years old, what flex? 50 or 45?

Thames Channal

i'm 5'7 / 120 what flex should i looking for?

Viktor E

What’s the category called when players use like
130-140 flex?

Brian C.

If around 5'2-5'4 what length should I get

Ashton Royea

I'm 5"7 and 110 what should I get?

Hamza Altahir

Thx the video help me

joel playford

Im 5.2 ft I weigh 100 lb
And I use 50 flex and I'm buying a new stick what flex should I buy. I take lots of snap shot and slap shots

Auty TT

I'm 6'4 and 160 lbs, what would anyone recommend?

Derick Marchand

Hello , please help me I am 23 years old , I 5,4 and 110 pound , I have a problem to select between junior or intermediate, thank you


i am 14 5,10 and weigh 155-160 what flex should I get for my 1n I take a lot of slappers and ppl tell me to get 77 but will it break? I don't wanna buy a 300 dollar stick (2017 model for Christmas) and break it first couple games can someone help me?


Hey I'm 15 years old 126 and 6'5 I need to know what kind of street hockey stick to get and where to get it please

Drizzy mane

ahhhh the old Sidney Crosby stick

Alex Mccarthy

Hi I'm using a Easton mako and its 67 flex after cut down, I weight 105 pounds and I'm 13. Would this be the right flex


I like my stick at my lips when I'm not skates since I feel like it's the most versatile.

Tyler Faurlin

5'6 130 pounds, should I be using senior or intermediate for the best proper shot? Thanks

Richard Richard

Hey chase im 5 foot 7 1/2, 12 years old, 16t pounds and have a bauer supreme hockey stick senior and the flex is 77 is that good?

Hudson Halladay

lol im 14 and im using a intermediate. 70 flex bauer 1xle

Gavin Lawlor

I am a bantom house player and I am 5 feet tall 95 pounds and 12 years old I am a defense man and I like to take big slap shots what flex of stick should I use


Hey can you guys help me pick out a stick i am 14 yrs old and i just started to play hockey, i fall into the intermediate category. I don't want to spend alot of money mainly cause i can't afford it. Get back to me as soon as possible. thanks


What the best stick for defenseman ?

Surprisedguy s

I'm 170cm and 65 kg, what flex

Connor Costanza

I'm 5'8 but am 120 should I use intermediate or senior

Nadia Maier

I'm 5"6 140 Ibs and 16 years I actually have a Bauer supreme with 67 flex should i get a harder one?


im 5"11 250 what should i get. i have a ccm tacks 87 flex and bauer 85 flex.

Michael Zhang

it's helpful, thanks


I cant find a long enough stick anywhere.. longest ones in the shops reach my chin only with no skates. and he highest flex stick I found was 87. It is like a spaghetti when slapping it.


"Rule of Thumb"

Ashtyn Shupe

I'm 6'2 260 pounds what kind should I get play defense

Mason Strodtman

I'm 5:8 135 pounds and have a 79 flex but I'm getting a 65 flex stick is this a good idea

Emmett Christie

hey chase, im 5'6 138lbs and like my stick right under my chin when im on skates. would a senior 77 flex 1x be alright once i cut it?


My son is 10 yrs old 5' 6" and 124 lbs what stick should I get and what flex?

Tiktok TChampion

What happenes if are 5’11 what flex to used


@icewarehouse im 21, 6ft and 165lbs. play rw, what flex do you think i should use

Warren Nein

Im 6'5 and 215Ibs what length and flex should i get


Hi is it to Late for Hockey w 12

Harry Tolhurst IV

I'm 5ft 4in and 101lbs plus 13yrs old

Gary winthorpe1122

I'm 5'6 and shoot a rbz 260. 75 flex is that too stiff

Some Body

Doesn't make a lot of sense to go by age. A light adult can often benefit from intermediate sticks.

Roe Nerem

Nice video, linking from my website http://www.fischerhockey.no to educate my customers ;-)

Master Chef

I have 2 sticks I'm 20 and 5ft3
One stick is my height the other is longer, I like switching it up


Winding the handle of the hockey stick.

Car tier

Players like chara and laine have an unfair advantage

Kaleb Brown

I'm 14 5' 8" and 170


I'm 5'9 1/2, 13, but only 102 pounds. I've been using a 75 flex for a while and am used to it, but I was wondering if you think I should go down to a 65.