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1,000 PUNCHES for 30 DAYS Challenge

1,000 PUNCHES for 30 DAYS Challenge23 Aug. 2020
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30,000 punch challenge: I

30,000 punch challenge: I tried doing 1,000 punches every day for 30 days for a 30 day fitness challenge. My goals: lose body fat, transform my body, become a martial arts master - can I make it?

Welcome to my channel! My name is Vu and I'm a consultant at Accenture living in Washington, D.C. I make videos every week about soccer/sports, fitness, learning new things, and traveling (on hold for now). Thanks for watching :^)

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M&N Life

Good for you on the motivation to keep it up for 30 days!

Damian Mooruth

Here from reddit ? woah! This is awesome it all makes sense ! Hope this video goes viral for you ?you look a little like the guy from fast n furious tokyo drift ? liked and subbed. Check out M100s try that one next ;) and shout me out if you do it (:

Nobel Nguyen

1000 kicks next?


What I started doing is 100 Jab cross, 100 Jab, 100 Cross, 100 Left Hook, 100 Right Hook, 100 Left Body Hook, 100, Right Body hook, And finish with another 100 Jab Cross

Sam Figueroa

Found this on r/unknownvideos/
I'm intrigued, think I want to try this.

Mr SpookSter

You're an ALPHA. Love the video ?. Never stop posting, Keep on grinding ?

Sandra Bullock

I started today the 1000 punches a day using 1 kilogram dumbbells each hand. So see you in 30 days


I don't think I'd have that stamina for that at all. Instead of doing 1,000 punches a day for 30 days, I'm just going to do 1 punch a day for 82 years. Wish me luck!

Jonathan Royer

Love the content, bro ? I subscribed. Keep it up!

joram paswairi

Try 1000 punches and go work a 9-5 job 5days a week. Not feasible.

Yusuf Sheth

Don't know how I was recommended this video, but glad I stumbled on it. Punches are surprisingly taxing. I got to 100 before I realized that this is actually a pretty impressive 30-day workout you've completed. Nice video!

Shaquille Estampador

Your fists will be faster than sound

A 2D X

Hey buddy, you inspired me to start the chellange aswell! :D
Feels awesome.

Aish Wardhan

What if I do 500-1000 punches on a heavy bag instead of just shadowboxing?

Rachel Elisabeth

? for sticking to 1,000 punches for 30 days, love the enthusiasm!!


Damn can't believe you managed to get to the end. Looks so hard but you managed to do so well! Looks so good at the end! New sub :D

Smik Smagger

1000 Punch Man

Asset lover

Gonna try it for sure
Video was helpfull for me as I was looking for same content ??❤️❤️
WILL tell u after 30 days if it worked for me...

Grihen YT

Did you change your diet

Jose Vega

"It looks like I got beef with the world" ??

Christine Wong

How did you count 1K while going that fast? I lose track a lot when I do 30 challenges that I have to use a counter. ? Great video as usual! Also have you considered splitting it up throughout the day or are you supposed to do it all at once?

Simmi Sharma

dude that's the wrong way to punch


Hey idk if youl see this byt imma try this. Wanna improve my power as a fighter

Travis Heinze v. Williston, North Dakota

Next. You can try 1k kicks a day.

gillynova ➐

This is a really good idea Vu! I might do this challenge for myself too. How long does it normally take you to do 1000 punches?

Duc Pham

tập cơ bụng thì nên dùng bài tập nào vậy bro

ATW Studios

Plot Twist: That isn't sped up footage, it's real-time!

Verania Ardon

You have beautiful toes


Dope vid concept love how it turned out :)

Joseph Ilos

You really did that, good shit man!

Vu The Voyager

Thanks for watching :^) hope this video packs a punch ?

Tatin Keyes

Loved this video idea!! Your definitely good at punching now?


Very impressive and great editing effects too. Congrats!


How did you count - does a left right count as 1 or 2?


Nice! Gains looked significant afterwards, might have to try this challenge for myself ? liked your editing and story telling here too, awesome vid ?

Living Listed

You look amazing after! It’s so hard for me to lose weight. So, after one month of doing this and for you to look like that, I’m so jealous. I’m starting reverse dieting in a couple of days. I hope I don’t gain too much weight, but hopefully afterwards, I’ll lose it a lot easier


Yes brother 1000 punches is good for endurance, i was looking for video to see who else been doing this


now punch the wall

Ailan Krohn

It would be interesting to do this challenge but with well executed boxing punches

Salah Chy

i punched 5000 punches without break

temp .x

I got inspired by you
I am 15 and was 78kgs
I did 6hrs of intense cardio everyday
3hrs in morning, 3hrs in evening
After cardio (I did mountain biking with a single speed bike)
I did 700 punches each arm
It's day 73 I'm 65kgs now :)

The Tattooed Ronin

wow this is one crazy cool challenge and video! I found your channel from KickingitwithDang shout out on a video he did! Great video man and cool ass challenge. !k punches huh maybe something to try soon! Yea I notice electro magnetic scales are not the most accurate. But close enough sometimes. Are you in Maryland too lol. I am in moco area not far from CP. So many cool challenges on youtube I need to catch up on. this one is on the todo list one day loll. You do look more define towards the end.

How To Do Punches Exercise

How To Do Punches Exercise6 Mar. 2014
213 891

Simple video demonstration

Simple video demonstration on how to do the punches exercise.


Comments (23)
Robert delaCruz

1 Jab

Robert delaCruz

1 Jab

Callaham Sepe

I check a lot of workouts handbooks. This one from Unflexal is the best.

Robert delaCruz

2 Right Straight

Robert delaCruz

1 Jab

Robert delaCruz

2 Right Straight

Robert delaCruz

1 Jab

Robert delaCruz

1 Jab

Alyssa Ann Baritugo

Exactly what i was searching for not some difficult fpotwork or whatever just literally how to punch. Straight to the point! Very helpful. Thanks very much dude :)

Robert delaCruz

2 Right Straight

khagesh jain

What work for knee

Surrix HD

Ridicolous because his stance is wrong

Robert delaCruz

2 Right Straight

Robert delaCruz

2 Right Straight

Robert delaCruz

2 Right Straight

sowjee ammu

I thought my media was in mute

Robert delaCruz

1 Jab

Youcef Guernane

what about the foot work?

Sasha Spiegel

What muscles does this exercise train?

Robert delaCruz

1 Jab 2 Right Straight 1 Jab 2 Right Straight 1 Jab 2 Right Straight


arm train

Uma Shankar Patra

Dil Diwana

Robert delaCruz

1 Jab 2 Right Straight 1 Jab 2 Right Straight 1 Jab 2 Right Straight