Insanity max 30 ab attack

10 minute ab attack

10 minute ab attack21 Aug. 2016
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Showing the 10 minute ab

Showing the 10 minute ab attack from insanity max 30. Follow this return and your abs are sure to be burning. If you want help with at home programs, or nutrition. email cam at [email protected]


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Lucas Janson

Hot diggity dawg go job bro. You changed my everyday. Where can I buy that floor mat? I like your shorts. How much was your house? Real bright shoes. They radiate vibrance. I'm proud of you. Way to go kiddo


Currently doing Max 30 for the second time. I love it.

joe dee


Insanity MAX:30 Ab Attack 10

Insanity MAX:30 Ab Attack 1016 Dec. 2014
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Séance d'abdos de

Séance d'abdos de Insanity MAX:30, Ab Attack 10 pour plus d'informations visitez http://basementgym.ca/fr/insanity-max30/

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Insanity Max30: AB Attack exercises

Insanity Max30: AB Attack exercises14 Apr. 2018
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Video of the 10 AB

Video of the 10 AB Exercises for AB Attack. Read description below to know what each one is.

1. Floor Tuck Jumps: Sitting in c-sit position, engage your abs and lift your feet off the ground with bent knees. Tap hands to knees as if doing a seated tuck jump.

2. Low Plank Side Punch: In low plank (on elbows), lift one arm and punch to the opposite side. Put that arm back down and reverse on the other side.

3. Knee Push Extensions:

4. Reciprocating Knee: Feels easy at first, but it starts to hurt at the end.

5. Switch Kick Abs: Get mad and punch arms alternating as your legs come up.

6. Plank Toe Taps: You do this move in high plank.

7. Ab Sprint: In a c-sit position, pedal / sprint the feet as quickly as possible with control and abs engage. Hands should be performing a running motion.

8. Tricep Push-up Extension:

9. Floor Ab Attack: Sit in a c-sit with feet lifted off the floor. Chop arms left and right.

10. Drum "V": Keep your feet as high as you can and beat on your abs like you're on MISSION to see the definition.

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