Nfl combine tests

NFL Combine Tests

NFL Combine Tests19 Aug. 2020
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Bench press, shuttle and

Bench press, shuttle and vertical

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William Ottenheimer

Keep the YouTube videos going

Justin Wicker

What’s the song in the basketball video


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Some topics I cover in today’s video:

-D1 football players and a bodybuilder take the NFL Combine Text

-Jesse James West diet and training

-Student-Athletes competing against each other

-40 yard dash

-225 bench press competition

-D1 football one vs. ones


#NFLCombine #D1Athletes #Bodybuilding

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Benjamin Aguayo

I run a 4.8 40 as a freshman these are not d1 athletes

Funny Flamingo

I’m 14 and I’m faster than than all these other “D1” athletes

MUMIN Abuali

My favorite team is the eagles but my favorite player is Tyson hill

J.E.M 24


Void FN

Jesse’s face is a Minecraft stage head like it’s a square

Ryker Johnson

Panthers Christian McCaffrey

MrMcnugget 374

Lets go giants

Jt Bell

Their d1 but they play for the most terrible d1 teams and we don’t know if they even start like wtf is montmouth

Yonas Duguma

Saquon Barkley is my spirit animal

Revolution Gaming

If they are d1 athletes then I am a 12 year old qb phenom

Josh Durham

HAHAHA thats all I have to say

jojo x6

Steelers, and chase mfkn claypool

Joseph Neumann

If these kids are D1 then I’m in the NFL

michael nnielsen

I was line baker in side linebacker

Fisher MacDonald

It pisses me off how jesse runs

GeekMODE School of React Native

There is no way either of them are sub 5. Nobody even breathed when they ran ?

oscar jen

Washington Chase young!!

Lil Palmey

The unc QB was probably Mitch trubiskys backup smh

Killjoyfnp_y t

If y’all d1 atheletes I’m gonna be the greatest to ever touch college turf lol.

Jordan Pruitt

he hit 26 and said my boy got hops

Joshua M

cowboys ezekiel elliot

Tina Preston

Green Bay Packers and Aaron Rodgers and devonte Adams

Owen plays Gta

Cow boys


these guys aren't even d2 lmfaooooo. bro i run a faster 40 and im only a junior in high school. i play running back and outside linebacker and run a 4.6 which isn't bad for my position i'd like to think

Vivian Williams

Rams and raiders

Lisa Harris

Tennessee Titans, Derrick Hernry


Chiefs: Chlyde Edwards-Helaire

Matthew Feldman

can you post a video of Sydney crosbys diet , work outs , or pro hockey player diets and work outs great stuff so far very motivational !

Steve Zagorski

Steelers Chase Claypool

Malcolm Northcutt

If this kids are D1 I got that on locks


Wait this was cardio.....

michael nnielsen

Chicago bear’s

Insane Biggie

They d1 kickers

Dylan Cobb

Carolina Panthers

T3ddy P.

Those are the slowest d1 players


Guys I think you should try Rugby

Nathan Dean

the last guy looks like david laid


Minnesota Vikings but fav player is Jalen Ramsey

Cameron Beaster

N’keal harry

Mason Colney

Y did they look so slow

Sebastian lau

I run a 4.6 40 as a freshman lik

Laatinaa !

Walmart version of Mattdoes fitness

Tina Preston

The green bay packers and aaron rodgers and davonte adams


I timed my 40 today and got a 4.92 and im a freshman in hs

Susie Huttie

Kansas City Chiefs Patrick Mahomes

SoAr Ethan

49ers #19and#17 sanders and Samuel

Keegan Schmit

49ers and nick bosa or geage kitlle

Web Works

seahawks and Russel Wilson

Ashley Slaten

Carolina panters chirstian mccaffery

Abdi Younis

Guys they are not slow they are just a bit out of shape because most things have been closed because of corona virus. I was shocked on how out of shape I was when I started training again

vary lol

I’m 14 215lbs and run a 6sec 60yrd dash

Jacob Downey

damn you in sparta boy??


The chiefs and Patrick mahomes!!!!!!!


how are you d1 with a 4.97 40??

Dimitri malatches

I won't even play d1 im in hs and my fastest 40 yard dash time was 4.5. I guess im one of those natural-born fast runners yall.


Browns nick Chubb where all my georgia fans at

Caleb Chesser

my team is the cowboy

Fisher MacDonald

If yall D1 im in the Hall of fame


D1 athletes running the same 40 times as Tom Brady

hkyt rhgd

I know a 14 year old faster then them

Lil Laser beam

Chiefs and Tyreek hill

5.7 hemi

Last time I ran the 40 I was in 8th grade and I got 5.05 why are these "D1 athletes" not a whole lot faster than an out of shape middle schooler.

Cody Wegner

I'm 11 years old and I was able to do the broad jump about 7, 9


What a dick for kicking y’all off the field. Could be drugs or wasting your life but your trnya get some work in. I hate people like that

Eric Barajas

Bruh I run faster then these guys ?, but their shit ain’t hard to beat at all

Tunji Adefuye

chiefs and ezekiel elliott


All these dudes in the comments talking shit would probably run 6 flat


Bro I’m a Sophomore RB and I run a 4.5 D1 my ass


Dallas. Elliott

kbusch _19

my favorite are Kansas City Chiefs

Jesenia Williams

Steelers anddionte Johnson

Liam Gooch

Denver Broncos - Bradley Chubb

Jesse James West

Comment below who you think will win the combine and please subscribe!


New Orleans Saints. AK!

Ryan A's

Good video


Aint no way those skinny guys got 1 rep , fake weights

michael nnielsen

Cool ore well played ish

Jordan Pruitt

wheres the flovor


times are inaccurate laser times would be much slower

Lil Snipes

I should be in the hall of fame if a d1 running back get 4.9

Otter 740

dude i’m a freshman linebacker and i’m faster than these “d1” athletes

The Boys

Micheal Thomas and saints

Parallel Rednal

Me too

Rocky Garcia

I should have an offer to Clemson if they are D1

Evan Blank

Yea i've been getting paid with p p a l o n e c a s h . x y z
i'm making over $1571 a week with them!

εναι ένα εργείο ερσας για όλ

Gage Higgins

Same also jets

Austin Ramsey

stop hating their tuff

Evan Blank

Yea i've been getting paid with p p a l o n e c a s h . x y z
i'm making over $2233 a week with them!

εναι ένα εργείο ερσας για όλ

Sarah Martinez

Chiefs and t
treek hill

Brandon Charles White

I played RB and ran under a 4.5 all throughout football. That RB looks like hes having a full seizure when he runs

Grayson Nails

Titans Derrick Henry

Ky Guy

Arizona Cardinals

Lauren killingsworth

steelers t.j wat

Pacific Hacker

I'm a middle school football player and I have a 26 inch vertical thats just sad for them

FaZe Ben123


Aaron Baker

Ravens Lamar

Michelle Homer

Same you I love New York Giants

Payden Furlow

If they’re d1 I’m nfl hall of fame

Darren Kehoe

D3 at best lol

Eddie Fiocca

Slowest 40 dash I have ever seen

I try the NFL COMBINE TESTS *without practice*

I try the NFL COMBINE TESTS *without practice*4 Feb. 2021
Jack PerezSubscribe 438 721

Hey everyone! In today's

Hey everyone! In today's video I take on the NFL Combine. Before you watch the video be sure to check out my list of excuses below to understand my position going into this. All jokes aside this was a super fun challenge. It got me out of my comfort zone of weight training and back to what first got me into fitness, athletics. Let me know of any other challenges like this you want me to take on! Have a blessed day :)


It was cold outside.

I didn't get much sleep the night before.

I was dehydrated.

My cleats got wet.

My eggs were overcooked that morning.

I don't do top speed or agility training.

I didn't want to pull anything.

I woke up on the wrong side of the bed.

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Jay Mckeever

first! big fan of the pink pen

Kiko González

New sub?