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Muscle Roller Stick11 Feb. 2016
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I got this Muscle Roller Stick for my wife Genny, because she has devoted a lot of time and energy into her exercise program. After a hard set of exercises she almost always asks me to rub her back to help relieve the tension.

Luckily for me this device came in the mail right after a hard day on the land cutting trees and hand digging a drainage ditch. I only stopped work when my hands could no longer grip the pick-axe and as I write this review I am extremely grateful I took the opportunity to review this item as it has reduced my soreness to the point that I can actually function.

This 18 inch bar has two fixed handles with a series of rollers along the inside. It is designed to allow the user to roll the device over muscles and help relieve tension and soreness. The device came with a set of instructions, but frankly being both a guy and someone that was in desperate need of a massage I just grabbed it out of the package and began rolling it over my legs, hands, and arms.

I think it would do best as a back massager, but frankly it is either to short, or I am to fat and inflexible to contort myself to set it behind me.

I can testify that after rolling it on my legs and arms I did feel better.

This was not something I would have bought for myself, I got it at a reduced cost in exchange for a review and only did it because I felt it was something my wife would like, but frankly I am glad for the opportunity as I was over exerted and all alone and it helped me be able to move the day after a hard day.

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Muscle Roller: Voted Best Muscle Roller Sold On Amazon.

Muscle Roller: Voted Best Muscle Roller Sold On Amazon.20 Jun. 2013
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With all the new brand names and products launched in the past year, selecting the right muscle roller stick is becoming harder and harder. A few years ago, if we started getting tightness and muscle discomfort, we took to go see a myotherapist, nonetheless nowadays it's all about doing it yourself!

One product that has actually been spoken about on online circles in recent times is muscle roller self massaging tool. The product is made to roll knots out of muscles, provide myofascial launch, and perform trigger point therapy.

The muscle roller stick is made for athletes at a really basic level, and is more for a reduced variety of tightness than for deep tissue damages, so do not anticipate it to work wonders on your body.

The benefit about it, is how easy it is to use. The muscle roller is light, small in size, comfy in the hand, and easy to reach most parts of the body. In terms of muscles, the calves and quads are probably the most convenient to target, and runners in particular have raved on about how great they are in easing tightness after a long jog.

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Right here is the bottom line ... If you want to accelerate muscle recovery and distribute the effects of lactic acid and substantially improve strength then there is definitely, no risk for you to purchase The Travel Stick!

Purchase Now with confidence knowing that 1000's of others have been entirely pleased with their outcomes because of our 100 % refund 3 tier client contentment guarantee.


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Top 5 Best Muscle Roller Sticks in 2020 – Reviews

Top 5 Best Muscle Roller Sticks in 2020 – Reviews20 May. 2020
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List products in video.

List products in video. Click the link below check on Amazon:

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4. Physix Gear Sport Myofascial Release Deep Tissue Muscle Roller Leg Massager:


5. Sportneer Muscle Roller Back Leg Loosing Tightness Massage Sticks:


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