Olympic weight rack

Titan Fitness Wall Mounted 4-Peg Olympic Bumper Plate Weight Rack

Titan Fitness Wall Mounted 4-Peg Olympic Bumper Plate Weight Rack15 Dec. 2020

Solid storage option by

Solid storage option by Titan.

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Scott Rodriguez

My garage has a concrete footing that is about 8" wall and 3.5" deep, looks like there is plenty of room behind the base to clear that right?

Vakidis Vaselidis

Hey Matt, Great video. Just wanted to ask how far is it from the wall at the top of the weight rack? I know it's 10.5 in at the base, just not sure at the top. Thanks!

C Pat

Did you bolt it to the floor?


How did you bolt the top base? I'm so confused on why the top isn't flushed with the wall.

XRS 20 WEIGHT RACK REVIEW & INSTALL TIPS / Amateur Workouts episode 9

XRS 20 WEIGHT RACK REVIEW & INSTALL TIPS / Amateur Workouts episode 97 Apr. 2020
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Hello everyone! I purchase

Hello everyone! I purchase this squat rack from Walmart. Since gym are close from the corona virus, it's better to train at home! This is very convenient because you can workout anytime you like without waiting.

I am not sponsor for the product. This is for my personal tool to build muscle!

Enjoy the video! please subscribe for more workout content!

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Hau Ngo

Hello, are you Vietnamese too?

Hau Ngo

Does it match 5ft bars?

Hau Ngo

How to buy that, show me

Jawwad Anwar

How much was it


Awesome video!

Annola Powell

Would a 25 lbs (6ft) barbell work?

DIY Bumper Plate Storage

DIY Bumper Plate Storage3 Aug. 2020
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Using the engineering

Using the engineering design process to build bumper plate caddies for Rogue Echo Bumper Plates.

Build Plans for Bumper Plate Caddy:


Build Plans for 2x4 Half-Rack:


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My Virtual Bulldog Channel

7:49 WHERE IS THE FANCY dovetail JOInt???? I assume u only did them on the left side one???????


Nice work! Great video presentation and awesome final product. Any reason you didn’t go with safety spotter arms on your rack?

Build It Up

Love this mate - been making my own using ideas from your designs (without the dovetailing!)

fiorentino's liquor

Way more complicated and over kill then needs to be

But good design

Krish Sheth

Does it work for iron Olympic plates?

D Tra

Great video! I know nothing about carpentry or wood work, you mentioned the next time u build this u will use a a day do?

Minik Dam

Very nice ??✨

Ted Welch

Good channel. You have a new sub. I think you should google SMZeus . c o m. I’ve been using it to promote my main channel and it helped me get my videos higher in the search results!!

Brian Rouse

Exactly what I was looking for, thanks!