Pyramid bench press

Pyramid Sets For Muscle Building

Pyramid Sets For Muscle Building16 Sep. 2012
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Comments (100)
Fajzat Magdi

We created a video just for this! The Pyramid set tutorial: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vrstvIEeo8I

kusum sharma

Are you making these costly mistakes in your diet? Copy and Paste Into Google Fat Blast Factor to find out.


Ah yes 15,12,10,8,6 I do this on most of my compound movements. Has a built in warmup and sick pump.


Great Video. Glad you keep your channel negative free, keep up the good advice.


Hell yeah!!

Jason DeMello

Song at the end??


his last name is Hulse, does that answer your question?


Man this is sooo much better than the hodge twins video on pyramid sets. Thank you Elliot :)


It would be a shame if you did not build muscle when other normal people do it easily using Ripped X Beast (Google it).

D h u n u m d u R

Song at the end please !

tz spesh

follow SMOLOV OR SMOLOV JR. thank me later. look it up.

oliver carriere

Ya I go back n forth from stright sets to pyramids I find pyramids work better

Austin Gregory

is it better to pyramid up or pyramid down?

Maroon Ven

Reverse pyramid starts heavy first


lawl brah didn't everyone fuck with the spore creature creator when it first came out?

Farrah Mg

are these like drop sets ?


This man totally Express like John Cena...Anyway let me be a subscriber now..


Yo Elliott, are you a brother of the hodge twins?


Hi, have you heard about "Musclegend" (look on Google)? There you will find a great free video featuring the way to grow visible lean muscle easily whilst eliminating unwanted fat simultaneously. Ralph is among the numerous guys who experienced great results applying this system. It may help you too...


I disagree with your initial statement of "If it works for you, keep doing it" While it is a positive confirmation of one's gains, it doesn't mean that there are no alternative methods that yield better result. It's like sure, if you lift a weight in whatever form, you're gonna get gains (disregard the risk of injury as that's not the point here), but if you do them with strict form then you'll get more gains. 

Buzz Killington

So many likes for such a crappy information?
It was literally "Do it for 3 weeks on 1 week off(do sth else, he said). Stop when it stops working"
And a couple of anatomy terms which he googled right before the video.

Wolver Lex

Where do you get this information? What have you done or archive in Bodybuilding? Stop misleading the amateur

dils mike

If your desire is to have an outstanding body, you should Google "Aston Muscle Ripper". You are certainly end up getting the body you deserve.

_.RamBezzy Rambo

whats sum ways to make ur legs strong to jump highr

indu shrestha

If you want to bulk up, you should do a google search Mega Muscle Method. That might help you get the body you deserve.


Ians actually gotten alot bigger over the last year.


this is random...but can aaaanyone tell me the soundtrack at the start and end??

Sumon Kumar Day

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mr hansen

Pyramid is great I'm sick of doing sets if 10

seo moz

Have you tried "H6x Muscle Monster?" (look for it on Google) It is a quick and easy way to bulk up fast.


Hey there, have you heard about "MuscLeader" (look on Google)? On their website you can watch a useful free video demonstrating the way to start building notable muscles fast whilst losing excess fat as well. Geoff is among the numerous men who enjoyed amazing success applying this strategy. I hope it helps you also...


600 likes 0 dislikes, wow! Well, it's 601 now :)

yubraj bajracharya

Have you seen Vixen Fat Loss? (check it out on google) It is a quick and easy way for you to burn off fat fast.

Shooja Rana

Go google Morsch Muscle Madness to learn out how a unique discovery made an ordinary guy buff.

Gayathri K

Yes I agree cant even believe it. you can make your workout sessions much more productive if your eating the right foods to avoid fat and belly. Listen the surprising part is my friend who is not doing much excercises, maintaining his six pack with this secret food items. if you are serious go for it now bit.ly/16YroAj?=ppxhp




I hear a lot of hip hop in his videos, Nas for example.


yo elliot what do you think of the visual impact muscle building???

mahendra dev poudel

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gary owens

two people never been the gym

Myprotein Coupons - Use DHOB-R1

Plug him? What do you mean?

amine jooda



Why on earth did I get a perfume commercial for women?

Sean Neumayer

Yo elliot. I have a question maybe you could answer for me. Lately been watching a lot of mike rashid. And ct fletcher. And decided to try there pryamids/drop sets. So they pryamid up. Then drop set down. So basically I try to hit 10 reps per set going up. Or as many as I can untill I hit a 3 to 1 rep max. Then go to failure on the way back down. Only done it for one week so far. So to early to see if im getting hige gains. Althoigh I have seen some results already. Whats your opinion on this.

Rogue Mind

are u a misc brah? -_O

Cody Burkhardt

Couldn't agree more. Science just doesn't apply to everyone.


Thanks for staying informative rather than becoming an entertainer!

Rogue Mind

loool true i remember tryin to make HEDGECOCKMOBILE® and having people stealing that bitch day in day out...goood times good times...


just cause ppl saw chris jones doing pyramid sets hahah bodybuilding community are all interrelated



MD: Mahphuzur Rahman

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gizi moka

0:50 to 0:59 .....Ian Mccarthy anyone?

Robert Uibu

i do pyramid sets + drop sets at the end of each workout . ALLLLLLL KINDS OF GAINS

Cody Burkhardt

I've said it once before.....You ain't gonna gain NO muscle if you don't eat!!! I don't care what your workout is!!


Drop sets may be your answer. Rest-pause is a good technique too. Those are the easiest to test/add to your training routine I think. But I'm no expert, Elliot probably has a better answer.

Trpe Trpevski

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Parallel Coaching - Personal Trainer Courses

this video made pyramids sets really clear: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fpGmk-0uOnc

LeancleanandMean Leancleanandmean

best channel on here , great advice


My angus is peppered, brah.




There both good, pyramiding up to heavy weight means youve properly warmed up, preventing injury, warm up whatever your doing. I like to go from heavy to light, its a psychological thing, by lifting the heaviest weight first, your mind will think that the lighter weight will be easy, i like to do the hardest things first :)

Dino Aungpe

I like to do lighter weight high reps and then increase the weight as each set progresses but also acts as a warm-up by the time I get to my heaviest sets I know I’m good

nabeen Manandhar

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If you really desire to burn off your body fat, you may want to Google "Avon Fat Furnace". You are bound to get the appearance you merit.


about steroids. when u quit them did u lose strength/muscle? any other effects when u quit? or u just kept ur strength/muscle from the roids.




isn't it suppose to start of light and pyramid up to heavy?

Harrison Biddulph

JRE !!!! Best podcast ever. Olive Garden Butthole.


Don't pyramid sets start with light, then heavy, then light? Elliott said start heavy?


he could also plug you pretty nicely , that sounded quite gay in my mind


All about the GAINS! Top advice Elliott, if it's working... why stop

Mr. Lang

How long should i rest in between each set with the pyramid workout? For example if Im doing a pyramid of 12, 10, 8, 6, how much should i rest between my set of twelve and my set of ten and so on?


damn these boys even act like they're talking to ppl now lol. putting @and a name that's not even commenting.


no such thing as sacroplasmic or myrofibular hypertrophy


honestly i first heard of this form this video and did it. /watch?v=_m11wH3CUes i personally got up to the seventh pyramid thats 7x7= 49 push ups. but in the video the guy goes up to 11x11 hes such a beast

Hm Ok

someone tell me how to do it. start heavy or start light. how many sets and reps, rest periods. everything. please!!

Satans son


Jason van schie

If i only take a preworkout once a week is it ok to use it for longer than 12 weeks at a time?


ya lol im miscing right now at 4:54 am. feels bad but kinda exciting and scandouls man.


Delorme and Oxford methods should not be done together, i have not seen anyone beniffitting from over year training they squatting same max weights and bench press, one or the other

Bronte Bennani

No dislikes? Let me have the honor..

Rogue Mind

a misc member that played spore never saw that coming lol....some crazy shit goes down there in 'the misc'


I did a massive piramyd at the chest press.
32kg up a level 5 reps up to 64kg, down to 14kg and back to 64kg.
Up and down a level and not jumping. Plus doing 10 reps on the lighter kgs.
Minimal rest period like 10s

rojina gauchan

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Asli Desi

It would be a shame if you did not bulk up when normal people bulk up easily with Atomic Max Muscle (go Google it).


Is it best not to rest between sets when doing pyramid (starting heavy to light? )

Callum Cole

Elliot ''HULSE'' , ''HODGE'' twins, haha joking bro but they do look similar!


*scandalous* fuk.


if you boys desire to get ripped prompt without spending a single extra minute in the gym, then you really want to check out this video tutorial COOK46.COM There were doors that looked like large keyholes, others that resembled the entrances to caves, there were golden doors, some were padded and some were studded with nails, some were paper-thin and

Trent Fontenot

That's a legit idea.

dusan stevanovic

Many thanks for the movie. Like Youtube because of this kind of stuff!My step brother used to be bullied. He said he was going to get bigger muscle mass. I chuckled at him because I didn't think he would for a second.... Until he added 40lbs of absolute muscle mass. He used the Muscle Building Bible - look in Google. He does not get bullied any longer. I personally subscribed a few days ago. Plus the guys emails are fucking awesome!

jimmy knckles

Man keep makin vids I love them very informative

natasha smith

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john Thomas

Have you tried Maxidale.com There you can watch a great free video demonstrating how you can build up notable lean muscle fast whilst shedding unwanted fat simultaneously. Kyle Leon is among the numerous men which experienced good success because of this method. Give it a try The ink notifys the lopsided rest. How does the gabby slip familiarize the taste?

Farbod Pirouz

yo Elliot, I think you've confused pyramid sets with dropsets. pyramid set means starting really light, like 50 reps and keep adding weight until you get to like 10 reps.


My family laughed when I told them I was going to bulk up with "RushMax Muscle", but then they saw the results. Google RushMax Muscle to see their reaction. (You should see their shock!)

Aayush Rana

Hi, have you discovered Moro Muscle Ripper? (search for it on google) You will find out how to bulk up.

Liam Stewart

thanks for the advice bro! :D


as your muscles fatigue they have to recruit more fibers to move the weight, so training heavy first to excite the CNS and tap into them high threshold fibers quickly and then beat the muscles up with more volume as you fatigue


It's Mister T!

370 lbs Bench Press Pyramid Routine

370 lbs Bench Press Pyramid Routine11 Feb. 2012
8 589
HomeGymFitnessSubscribe 438 721

This is a day I have been

This is a day I have been waiting on since I have come back from a shoulder injury that put out of working out for a year and a half. I have never once tried to put 370 on a bar and bench it. Probably shouldn't have done it for one more day so I could let my triceps heal a little more from an intense tricep workout I did the day before.

Comments (89)

@ugotitpunk Thanks. That was the hardest push I have ever had to do. Just had to really make myself believe I could do it. I am going to be trying Dead Lifts again tomorrow. I have lifting hooks that I am going to have attached to my wrists and only use them when my grip fails during a set.


That was a fucking stretch...got it up though--can't deny that. Think you could get two with fresh triceps?


@ceelocc1 it wont let me because the song matched third party content

Curtis WiesHausenlicktensteinski

I shouldnt have reminded you about Bartell. Now you are going to hurt yerself getting to 380


good job man. Zeroing in on 405!


@legend2kill Just eat good food, do pyramids, creatine, vitamins, push as hard as you can, don't quit, enjoy your workouts, don't listen to haters, you don't have to workout on a set schedule, I work a muscle out when it feels like it's ready, not when its scheduled.


@BeastBodyBuilding I'm wanting to get to a 405 pyramid bench press routine in the at least 2 months. Also I am going to get serious about leaning out for summer. I never really had motivation to get leaner than I usually am because I don't compete. I just recently got my motivation back.


@largetree Oh it's ON!!!


@mickey6192 That's fifth set was far from easy. It was kinda stupid to do this after working a 12 hour shift too.


hey alex, do you have an specif goal to brake on pyramid? i mean like the max weight you wanna get to


Yea buddy!! Respect man. Keep smashing those PR's


@mickey6192 I didn't take it in a bad way. It weird when I look at the video. On some of the sets it doesn't look like I am straining to hard, but when I think about how the set was when I was doing it, I remember straining my ass off.


monday i tried to lift 225 lb and i almost tear a peci don't know what happened im sure i warmed up enough ): , and you just lifted 370 i feel bad lol


@largetree that's a good idea. I want a nice friendly competition.


@mickey6192 Only once. I used to to twice but I started to fall into over training


@mickey6192 I can't give you a definite number on how long it takes. Depends on the person, diet, how hard they can push themself, bodytype, stress. lots of factors. I went from 185-300 in under a year.


@HomeGymFitness i got your email for the shoulder Pyramid Routine just a question does this Pyramid Routine rule apply to all bodyparts i.e the shoulder Pyramid Routine has 8 sets does that mean each body part 8 sets only so chest 8 sets, bis 8 sets and so on? and thanks for the email


Amazing job dude. How long do you think it will take you before you hit 400lbs?


thanks. New PR


@largetree He's just a jealous troll. I feel bad for him.


@vicgarcia30 Thanks.


Good shit dude! Its a great feeling of getting a new pr esp after waiting that long to get it! What are your goals this year as far as bench press goes?


Good seeing you finally break that 365 mark keep up the great work! And just saying completely fresh if you went for a max out you could probably hit a 385+ bench, maybe a max out video could be posted in the future? haha I have to admit you are one fun person to watch bench. And just to cover my ass, no homo everyone


@ugotitpunk 505 raw. that's crazy dude. I hope I can get up to that one day. What are you going to try for your bench day.


Dude your a animal! the pyramid program is going great for me Ive done it twice now and I'm seeing gains!


@MrStoneGhost probably not. I no longer try for 2. Once I got over the 350 workouts I decided no to try for the second rep because I still train alone and it's too dangerous.


@PowerlifterTy16 it fluctuates between 215 and 220

Nathaniel Buchner

Way to grind that 370 out man.  Impressive.


nice benching dude


@HomeGymFitness Yea I could tell. Can you send me this pyramid workout. I've been wanting to try it.


You have no idea what i am going through right now. making videos is honestly the last thing I am thinking about at this time.


@urockbroski I am a good role model for my kids. You can say anything you want, but when you bring my kids into in, you are asking for trouble. With your anger issues you are a role model for no one. Find out what's wrong in your head.


@PowellUploads it's sent as well


@findingfitness thanks.

Goran Spasic

Hi and thanks for the video clip. Youtube is made for this sort of info.My best friend used to be bullied. He explained he was intending to get bigger muscle mass. I chuckled... Til out of the blue he packed on 40lbs of full-strength muscle. He made use of the Muscle Building Bible - Google it. No-one dares to bully the man now. I registered earlier this week. Plus this guys emails are fascinating...


@19may0001 one pyramid per muscle group per day is enough. My chest can take a beating so I can actually do flat pyramid and incline pyramid back to back and be fine. I could probably do decline as well but my chest has always recharged faster than anyone I know. You could do incline one week and then flat the next week. straight bar curls one week and reverse curls the next, front squats one week and back squats the next. Mix it up. Make it your own and you will stick with it.

D.J. Carter

Do you have a workout chart for your bench press workout because im very interested in using i and i see your making awesome gains with your workouts. my max is 285 and im trying to increase it and i need help.


@HomeGymFitness ok, so just say i do ONE body part each day and monday i do my chest and follow the pyramid routine 8 sets, does that mean bench press 8 sets and am done with my chest workout or do i throw in 2 diffrernet chest exercise with the same pyramid rule? or just do ONE exercise that works the best and thats it am done with my chest workout? same applies to other body parts?


@goldenboyNJ what's no worth the injury? it's not from working doing what I did in this video.

Curtis WiesHausenlicktensteinski

Show OFF


What Are the percentages or where can I find these pyramid charts?
And awesome work!!!

Mark Murphy

use prilepins table theres an expanded version that goes 1-100 % on EliteFTS i think and tnation


@PowellUploads send me a pm with your email address.


I'm trying to get on your level homegym. Ive been trying these pyramids out and they kill awesome results so far!


@Keato520 Good. Keep it up. I have never had gains like I get when I do pyramids


@oratorman Thanks. I don't understand that kid.


Great work Alex !!


@PowellUploads I wanted it though.


@urockbroski Threatening you? Over the next few weeks you are going to be pissed when you see how you are wrong about my form over weight philosophy. That's not a threat. That's truth. Why do you keep saying five in five years? you are weaker now than you have been in a while, so congrats on being weaker bud.


@P90XBrian by doing pyramid workouts. they hit he muscle systems better in my opinion.


People that don't like trolls block them.


@themrpanda1 My main goal is to complete a 405 pyramid. I am hoping to get there in no longer than 3 months. Two things happened last time I hit 365. 1st thins... my brother stopped working out with me and I was too dependent on him helping me unrack the bar. 2nd thing... I never set a goal past 365.


@ninjabic As hard as it was last night I am either going to not do this until Randy is there or make sure I didn't do an arm workout the day before.

David Martin

Pretty scary there at 370 lol. Good workout man.

Ben Magnall



@HomeGymFitness Hope i get on your level some day brotha. check out my new channel. I'm lifting with a few of my buddies and we just started. TripleStrengthBB..thanks man


@19may0001 yes it applies to all body parts. Well I don't do it for calves. They are the only muscle group I have found that pyramids don't work on.


@HomeGymFitness oh shit, happened to me too lol, but now you know 365 wasn't your limit ;) , and hitting 405 pyramiding..that would be really cool to see i will be really specting that video :D , and i just hit my max and first goal since i started going to the gym last year. without pyramiding i lifted 225 weighting 153 at 6 feet tall lol . but then i look at your videos and i feel weak lol, i hope to get to 325 by teh end of the year. take care alex


@IncredibleHulkRobert I would like to get you in this challenge me and my brother are doing. We are trying to see who can get 30 lbs of strength increased first through pyramid routines. With these routines I do, the weight you need to use is 20 lbs lighter than your fresh 1RM. If you want a copy of the program, send me a pm with your email address.


@HomeGymFitness sent


Damn, I didn't think you were gonna get it. Good shit man


@piesek56 What's wrong with the music? Would you rather hear raw training? There are several reason for using music in the videos. 1. Is to cover up the shitty music I was actually listening to when I worked out last night, 2. Because I have a less than 2 year old son who always is trying to get in my gym when I am working out. I can't let him in when I am benching because it's too dangerous. He screams his head off. Do you really want to hear that in my videos?


@urockbroski amongst other things.


I used to be bullied as well. One day I decided to pick up some weights and help myself and others who don't have the strength to defend their self. Good decision too, because I never looked back and helped some people I know in real life become leaders instead of bullies.


how much you weight dog?


@ugotitpunk I'll trade you some of my Bench lbs for your Deads lbs. Let me know how it goes tomorrow. I am going to get some sleep. I am wiped out.


@Sportsnsc I honestly don't know if I will every do an actual 1 RM attempt. I really think it would stress my bad shoulder too much. I have always said that your 1RM is the amount of weight you can do one time before before you seriously hurt yourself.


@Guner360 thanks.


@simsohi You can use it now. The lowest weight in the program I have listed is 150

Living Dead Paradox

That was longer than barthelfitness max attempt I think. That was intense


@pbhenry Hang on let me weigh. I just jumped on the scale and it says 220


@travis271979 go to my channel page and my facebook is linked on it. Add me on facebook and I have just uploaded it under my pictures. Just right click the photo of it and save it.

Billy Brothers

Ridiculous display of strength and defiantly unorthodox because you did it the day after a Tricep workout haha good job


Just noticed your name...... you're blocked...

Tyler S

hey man any strength tips?


that was some impressive lifting man..i was hoping that u werent guna die on that 370 lift haha i was rooting for u man


You were definitely bugging with that 370 max without a spotter. Congrats on it but please use a spotter next time.

Bryant H

good stuff


Absolutely not worth a year and a half injury,next time the injury could be life long,then youll be lucky to bench 100 lbs.Think about it guys your goal is to be healthier and stronger not cripple and weaker.


no spotter?


Can u make this video available in Mobile.


that awkward moment when you think you gonna die on the bench press and then your adrenaline kicks and you go into fight or flight mode... lmao epic

Jason Dellatolla


Dimitrij Klevec



@ceelocc1 let me try

Epic Rupert

Good shit man hey I took your advice last time about taking a week off with my back injury I don't know if you remember. But yeah dude thanks, I fully recovered hit the weights twice as hard. And managed to get some good gains. Currently at 185 prolly gonna add 5 more lbs and lean down considering I started from 146lb and I'm 5 "8". Keep it up bro, you inspire me.

Mark Murphy

Word. When you pyramid DOWN get those reps in, maybe even to a hypertrophy level at the end


@HomeGymFitness can u please stop with the music? other than that good video man, you're super strong. props

Dimitrij Klevec

@HomeGymFitness When you were doing 370, I was like: "Pussh, puuuush, puuuuuuuuuuuuuush" :D. Ive done max 280lbs and you did that like it was nothing. Big respect again mate, keep it up :).

Starting a NEW Bench Press Program. (Pyramid Workout)

Starting a NEW Bench Press Program. (Pyramid Workout)10 Oct. 2017
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In this video I am starting the first week of my new bench press pyramid workout. The reason I am doing this bench press program is to increase my bench press. I am hoping to take my current 1 Rep max (155) and bench it for 10 reps in 4-5 weeks. I am hoping to really add to my transformation over the next few weeks.

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Comments (7)
Jeremiah Roark

Dude you don’t need programs like this right now. You’re considered a novice. Do a 3x a week full body program or upper/lower etc. check out Alpha destiny. Good stuff man. You’ll make progress much faster. You don’t have a lagging body part. A novice lifters whole body is weak bro lol. Gluck mate!

Ruse Kujoe


whatchutalknboutwillis ?

Comin along bro,seen your 1st video w/James,great results so far,kp it up!

James Christopher Mcgrath

My man kirby back in the gym!


real proud of u


He made 0 gains since he started wtf

Robert Contreras

hell yeah bro, Form looked solid. keep at it! consistency is key to success!