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SUMMER HOT weather Running Apparel TANK & Shorts | ON RUNNING

SUMMER HOT weather Running Apparel TANK & Shorts | ON RUNNING2 May. 2018
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Some hot weather summer

Some hot weather summer running clothing outfit. This is the FIRST of a series for this upcoming season. Very light and breathable stuff. But So expensive!

On TANK: https://bit.ly/2jqzct7

On Shorts: https://bit.ly/2w349wp

ON RUNNING SHOE REVIEW: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fzMXsYawp2I

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GET SHOES: https://bit.ly/2GaUdkX

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Steven Moniaga

What do you use for socks jamie?


I originally found you because of that On Running shoe review! I have the On shorts and they're great for sure. But their clothing line is super expensive. That said, I returned my comfort T-shirt from them because it just wasn't worth it.

My Salming Seamless T is one of the best running tops I've ever had. Very breathable and form fitting. And it doesn't cost a zillion $.

Indra Prambudi

Japanese knit fabric + Swiss engineering. No doubt about the quality but $$$$$...


I just run shirtless


I'm a huge fan of On running clothing. I bought the long running pants and they are the best made piece of gear I own. I also bought the jacket after that. You can argue that $500 for a rain jacket and pants is insane, but what if you're running almost every day? It gets rainy and cold here in Europe too, I'll spend almost anything to be able to run comfortable even if the weather is complete shit.

The design and materials are so far ahead of any other brand. The best I can explain it, is a cross between Lululemon and Arc' teryx if that makes any sense. On uses really comfortable materials, and really clever design to make their stuff functional. Most other running brands are just cheap crap compared to this. You get what you pay for.

Tom The Friendly Human

U and ginger runner need shoe merch

Tom The Friendly Human



meh. I'd suggest doing a top 5 list of hot weather running gear and hydration options. Just too narrow of focus for a tank top.


Jamie, have you deleted some of the earlier comments?

Josh B.

Fear the beard


yo man do you (or anyone else) have any recommendations for running shoes around $150? i liked ur video on the nike epic reacts and was thinking about getting a pair but im open to suggestions. i wear asics right now and i run maybe 3-4 times a week and only 2 miles each run along with going to the gym. i would say i value good support in my shoes

Travis Jewell

Lots of heat dissipates through the head. Good luck staying cool with the Harden beard and a papakha worth of hair.

Tyler Collins

Just ran amaranthon relay

Michael Chan

Idk if other care, but can you do a review of the dry-fit gear from Nike, Adidas, UA, and maybe Uniqlo (since I’m 5’6 and can’t find good reviews for Uniqlo).

Tyler Collins

Tomorrow is my marathon relay IM PUMPED

Matt Logan

OMG it's the song from the gandalf sax video!

Santipong Prableng

We always wearing shorts and tank in Thailand. The weather in our home country is very hot all the time. ?

Matthew De Luca

Epic Sax Guy...needit

Cheryl Ladd Looking Very Fine Running in 80s Satin Top & Shorts 1080P BD

Cheryl Ladd Looking Very Fine Running in 80s Satin Top & Shorts 1080P BD2 Nov. 2020
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Cheryl Ladd (Kris Monroe)

Cheryl Ladd (Kris Monroe) is looking very hot running in a matching powder blue 80's satin top & shorts. Kris runs after the bad girls with Bosley (David Boyle). Then jumps in, and steals a truck. Next, she is seen getting out of the truck and capturing the head bad girl. An aerial view of Kris is shown at the end. Clip is from "Charlies Angles" TV episode "Hula Angels". The series is available on blu-ray. http://bit.ly/CherylLadd80sSatin

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Manabi Garcia

The best


To be honest. Cheryl looked good in any and every thing she wore on that show.

Jake Roberts

they run like girls....including charlie

Lululemon Try-on | Best Running Shorts

Lululemon Try-on | Best Running Shorts7 Jul. 2020
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Life RNSubscribe 438 721






Instagram: hungrynursetravels

Hotty Hot Shorts:


Secret stash pocket in the liner

Discreet zippered pocket in seam

Continuous drawcord is easy to cinch and won't get lost in the wash

Built-in liner offers extra coverage

Reflective details

Speed Up Shorts 2.5 in. Inseam:


Large hidden front pocket

Secure back pocket

Built-in liner gives you extra coverage

Continuous drawcord is easy to cinch and won't get lost in the wash

Comments (5)

love lulu, i wear 2 or 4

you know with Marty Kauffman

I think you look good in the size 4 oh and you have a peloton you should do a video about that I’m thinking about getting one


You look very cute in the 2.5 in. Inseam shorts. You look to be very fit. Hope you’re staying safe working in the ICU with the CV flying around...Thank you for taking care of your patients. Nurses are the backbone of the hospital....

Beauty is Wiild

lulu coming in clutch with these shorts

Krista Cannady

Really appreciate this video! Lulu shorts Im always not sure what size to go with