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What's Better? - Dumbbells, Barbells, Or Kettlebells? - By Tai Zen

What's Better? - Dumbbells, Barbells, Or Kettlebells? - By Tai Zen31 Jan. 2016
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kettlebells for sure

Kettlebell vs. Barbell Press 80kg

Kettlebell vs. Barbell Press 80kg18 Feb. 2011
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Robert RimocziSubscribe 438 721

If you train only with

If you train only with Barbells you cannot press the same 1RM weight with Kettlebells. Conversely, - as you see - it works fine. (I do not really train with Barbell in the last 3 years.)

Then what gives you more, KB or BB? :)

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Robert Rimoczi

Dear Metalhead89, the secret is: not just lifting weights, but maintenance your joints with highly coordinative full range of motion movements, like "ginastica natural". Back press is not from evil. I am 41, and my shoulders are well. What about you? :)

Guido Lizzi

How do you find the carryover of kettle bells to barbells? For example, heavy double kettlebell front squats vs barbell back squats?

Kettlebells vs Barbells, and SuperSlow

Kettlebells vs Barbells, and SuperSlow20 Dec. 2019
Jerome ArmstrongSubscribe 438 721

Today I give my thoughts

Today I give my thoughts on Pavel Tsatsouline's position on Kettlebells. He (surprisingly) also gets a lot of things correct about SuperSlow Training, but I feel he makes some incorrect conclusions.

HitUni article: https://www.hituni.com/exercise/long-read-muscle-fibers-types-strength-hypertrophy-training-optimization/

Train Slower for better results: https://www.mikementzer.com/smith_fisher.html





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tiger boy

very well argued

Haydn Reiss

Thank you, Jerome, I'm really enjoying. My one recommendation is to consider breaking up the content into smaller sections. Perhaps max. 15-20 mins. A Part One, Two, etc. At this length iit's a lot to take in. It's very good and very detailed. I'm listening and learning...but...my brain gets overloaded as the ideas are new and time is needed to digest. Could you please post something geared to the over 60 crowd as I feel there are special considerations that need to be outlined and are missed in most of the fitness presentations.

gil reves

Hi there thank you for the video analysis you have some important and smart opinions on it.

as for your take one kettlebell swing there is no stabilising or and other activity of the rear deltoids during the descending phase (and it is not lowering), more over the front and medial delts are passive as they are not contributing to generate any force since when the bell is high in-front of the chest it only floats in the air for a brief moment, also the low back is maintained rigid and only helps transferring forces from the legs up.
your disagreement is based on lack of understanding and inexperience on the subject.

as for the comments on slow training and the way to apply it you should spend some time reading the materials doctor Sulyanov developed and the physiologic mechanism it is based on.
i say this because if you did read it you should have refereeing to the doctors research and work and not on Pavels explanations.

please do yourself a favour and find an SFG instructor in your living area to learn how train with kettlebells in a safe proper form.

Mayukh Sen

He didn't go into as much detail about the superslow method as he did in the Tim Ferris show.