How old is shemar moore

Kelly Can’t Get Over How Shemar Moore Doesn't Age

Kelly Can’t Get Over How Shemar Moore Doesn't Age21 Nov. 2020
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“S.W.A.T." star Shemar

“S.W.A.T." star Shemar Moore just turned 50, and Kelly cannot get over it! Shemar spills his age-defying secrets and shares how he celebrated the big 5-0.

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Bonnie Nunnally

We just getting better wit our age shemar lol

Sunny Sunny

He seem so corny to look so good

anna 1

Love him but miss the cm days

Coco Chante’

He should have became the leader on criminal minds.

Nikki R

Um he said YOU LOOK GOOD and Come play at my house. Is he single? Cuz Kelly need to jump on it.


Maybe she should've dated more black guys

Shemar Moore Family: Girlfriend, Siblings, Parents

Shemar Moore Family: Girlfriend, Siblings, Parents21 Feb. 2020
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A famous actor Shemar

A famous actor Shemar Moore was delivered in spring of 1970. Being a student, he signed a contract with one of the best modeling agencies DNA Model Management and started making first money like that. Due to his physical characteristics, he appeared on the covers of many popular magazines and also featured in music videos of Tony Braxton and others.

Having become a recognized figure, Moore was invited to become a host of a music TV show Soul Train. In addition to that, he also appeared in such movies and TV series as the Young and the Restless, Living Single, Criminal Minds, etc.

It is clear that the celebrity’s professional career is more than successful. But what is known about his relatives and loved ones? Let’s find it out!

The actor’s father Franklin worked as a president of a glass repair company. At first, he was married to Moore’s mom Marilyn. When a future star was a little baby, Franklin was imprisoned for four years. Then he married a woman named Nobuko Takanashi and together with her parented four children. In general, the movie star wasn’t really close with dad, as he wasn’t good to his mom. Franklin died in 2019, at the age of 78.

The mother Marilyn is a former math teacher. She also used to work as a business consultant. Both mother and son share a tight bond and Shemar enjoys traveling with her. In 1999 Marilyn was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis and the celebrity often donates money to hospitals or charity organizations that deal with this particular disease.

The actor has four paternal half-siblings. Kosheno is a half-sister, who was born in 1982. It is only known that she lives in Hayward, CA and has a daughter.

One more paternal half-sister is named Shebbura. She was welcomed in 1983. She works as an algebra refresher instructor in a college. Also, she is married to Benjamin Haugness.

A half-brother Shenon drew his first breath in 1990. He resides in Las Vegas, where he works as a personal trainer. Sometimes he also does modeling.

The fourth paternal half-sibling is Romeo. Unfortunately, there is no available information about him.

Shemar is not close with any of his half-siblings and never mentions or talks about them.

As for the celebrity’s personal life, he walked a stunning actress Sanna Lathan down to the altar in 1990 and has been married to her till 1996. They began dating in 1985 and after five years got hitched. However, due to the fact that almost nothing is known about their marriage, many people think they have never really been married.

It is no secret that Moore dated many beautiful and well-known women. For example, Toni Braxton, Shawna Gordon, Halle Berry, Anabelle Acosta, etc.

Shemar doesn’t have any kids as yet but in one of the interviews, shared that he is ready to experience fatherhood.

That is all.

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Elena Amaral



Shemar moore was never married if he was it would be on the internet and he just said he wanted to get married but he has no kids and isn't married but he wants kids and wants to get married


I Love you Shemar


My condolences to you Shemar for your loss. It is always so special to see children love and care for their mothers.
Be strong and your mom would not want you to fall apart. God bless you.
Love you on Criminal Minds.

Rosetta Bosley

Jealousy is not needed in his grieving process. No he is not Gay so get your mind out of the gutter Okay.

sabrina thepurplelovefairy

Aww rest in peace to his mother. May she continue to guide him into a good woman. His sisters are beautiful and his brother. That sucks he isnt close to his siblings. Prayers to shemar.

Brigitte Pee_Fluellen

My deepest condolences again and keeping you in my up most Prayers.
Stay strong Baby Boy.
Blessings to all ?❤?????

J Beautiful

He not gay???

Thomas Selton

Shemor moore mother's is now passed I saw it on be my face book page so there is it is you all

Jucee Babee

You have poor sources. Shemar is close with his siblings and he has never married. Im his first cousin so this is not a guess. Shemar's family life is exactly that, family life. Just because he doesn't put his folks in the lime light does not mean he is not close to us. Please respect his pain and not post things without serious research. He has just lost both his parents within 60 days have some compassion. Please.


Shemar I Love you more than Trump Loves The White House

Gloria Sanders

Shamar don’t have a girlfriend stop lying!!

Deanna Geoffrion

I'm so sorry about ur mom I wish you nothen but the best ur stronger than you know and ur mom will always be with you she's always in ur heart stay strong

Novina Wright

His mom had M.S. like myself this thing is harsh at times

Stormie J.

Much love and blessings to you shemar

Brenda Cali

He is one of my favorite actors. I've been following him for sometime. Y&R. Soul Train. Criminal Minds. One of Tyler Perry movies. I would love to meet him one day. I probably faint. My deepest condolences to you and your Family.

no name no name

Her navel is really high more like a woman's,,her chest is also low, which a man is a bit higher,,and more if you look closely. Even though she makes a handsome man,,???

Kurtrina Mckinnon

He is just Fine ?


I love Shemar Moore, i pray for him and who cares if he was married or not...its his life. This is why celebrities go through so many ups and downs in America

Margaret Yule

Stay strong for your baby girls

Monica Jones

God. Bless. U !!! so. Talented , Kind , Gifted !!!



Tyre Hodges


Chantal Therogene

He is s beautiful man leave him be!!

SunRae* **

Sinaii and Shemar were married ??

Jai'Neisha Wagner

This video has a lot of lies in it

Rosalind Gibbs

Oh dear lord isn't he handsome dude
my youngest is biracial w Irish, blk, Italian if you think the actor is
good looking my 27yr older is a
dream catcher.

Hope Burks

He does amazing job like always. Handsome gentleman, God bless his heart forever brother genius. R.I.P mom's

Triciana faatiliga

Old news. Hes too busy with Swat . its his dream . Leave him alone. He anint talking about you. So let it be. Leave him alone.

The Skeleton

Thanks for watching!
We have more to show!

Bieassia Law

Hell I didn’t even know he had siblings. I hope they’re rallying around him in his time of grief and that he’s not alone...

Corrine Warren



Shawna Gordon is trash he couldve did better

Shemar Moore Kisses for Cancer Research

Shemar Moore Kisses for Cancer Research9 Oct. 2013
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The handsome actor went to

The handsome actor went to great lengths -- and we mean great -- to raise money for Breast Cancer Awareness Month. But don't take our word for it. Watch it here.

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