False grip muscle up

False Grip Progressions Pt.1

False Grip Progressions Pt.114 Mar. 2011
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Update: you can get the Pull Up rack that you see in this video at Rogue Fitness: http://is.gd/RogueFitnessPullUp.

Building up a strong false grip is important for all kinds of work on the rings. In this video, Carl will explain how you can build up stronger wrists and forearms even before you get on to the rings to practice your false grip, just with a couple of simple drills on the bar.


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Comments (36)

Is this also good for strengthening the wrists?


Nice video mate


this is hard, but I've found that you can train this unilaterally by hanging off one false grip fist and one neutral grip, (then changing when you've reached your current max)

Madison Adams

How the hell do you scale trying to hang? I tried doing the first progression with having your fingers out splayed. I can't even get my wrists to hold.

shootingmen yea

does it require forearm strength?


0:57 sheesh that’s tough ?

Erwin Hewitt

does this guy speak like Woody Harrelson or is it just me?

Amr Shazly

best false grip video EVER !!!

Oli H

thanks dude from 2011 for making the best, simplest video on this ever


Mad Scientist.

Cláudio Sampaio

That was the VERY BEST video tutorial I've watched so far for the false grip. An IMMENSE thanks to you, sir. I was stuck for more than a week trying to do anything with a false grip, reading several sources, to no avail. Although it is, as they said in the other comments, quite painful, I managed to do 5 pull-ups with false grip on the bar, next I am trying on the rings. I've noticed that using the chalk is quite important also...


I feel like I'm peeling off my forearm skin trying to learn false grip. Not giving up tho

Tommy Seacat

Awesome thanks!

Nick Papayiannakis

Years ago I did calisthenics with a false grip on the rings. Except, I didn't know what a false grip was, and I did all the movements like in the video... When I realized my mistake (8 months later), the real false grip was easy thanks to the Popeye forearms I developed.

kestrel archer

this is extremly hard to do, i can do chin up version where the finger was pointed at me without any problem but struggle to even do the pull up version that you currently doing. Any idea why is that? Do you have any suggestions?

Cláudio Sampaio

One question tho: when hanging myself with a false grip, I cannot ever keep my arms straight, they stay slightly flexed. Is that expected? If I did, I lose all support on the wrists and slide from the bar.


Just to clarify: so a false grip you are actually pressing down on the bar, ring, etc with your wrist tendons?

Amirul Mokhris

I've tried it just now,and it's hurt as hell to hang...lol


Bonecrusher27WTF, it's where you grip [whatever you're gripping] but your wrist is about as high up as your knuckles, unlike the neutral position of a dead hang where the wrist is directly beneath the knuckles.


nice. I can MU on bar, but couldn't even knock out a pull-up with that gripless false-grip.


THere's an old grip training exercise where you hold a small ball (like a tennis ball) in the palm of your hand and hang or do pull ups from the position holding the ball forces your wrist into. Is that applicable here?


thank you - that was very helpful

Derrick G Wood

This just seems super unhealthy for my tendons. I have tendonitis, so I'm very wary of trying this


Thank you, today i decided to start working on false-grip and said "before i do a ton of research, maybe Paoli has a video..." LO AND BEHOLD, 3 VIDEOS.

Paul bellis-jones

Couldn't agree more bud its agony


This is definitely NOT COMFORTABLE, but if you can work through the pain, will help tremendously with Muscle up progression. I also agree 100% with Claudio at the top there!


be able to do 10-12 chest pullups-> cant even hang with false grip --> feel weak and cry yourself to sleep

Velha Guarda Tricolor

1:05 thanks for the honesty and the heads up! A feel a lot better now!!

William Gone

Thanks bro

Andrew Ling

nope just hurts like shit when you start

Calcio & Calcio

Gg u still active bro?

Paulo Dourado

no. none at all..............

Mike Campbell

By far the best false grip vid/explanation I've found.

Paul bellis-jones

This is super painful


thanks for a really great video!

are nuzzle

Going to try this a low parallel bar to work way up

Developing the False Grip | Slow Strict Muscle Up Tutorial | Part 1 of 4

Developing the False Grip | Slow Strict Muscle Up Tutorial | Part 1 of 420 Dec. 2019
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5 stages of the Muscle

5 stages of the Muscle up: https://youtu.be/k2uuQAO0c64

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Hello Humans! Welcome back to another series! In this series we will be tackling how to muscle. This series will be broken down into 4 parts starting with how to develop the false grip. If you have any questions leave them in the comment section down below. If you liked this video remember to share and SUBSCRIBE :)


Comments (21)
Aart-Jan Hak

Some.great tips there for me, thanks for sharing!

Bartosz Dopke

Is it safe to hang in false grip almost everyday?

Jaafer Mohammed

is cool if i dont have chalk

Arnold Glatzel

Short, informative and super helpful. Thanks mate!

Stalmer Kamil Mrzyczek

The best movement canal- i lov it !!!
Could you mase press to handstand tutorial ?
Best regards from Poland

Daryl Daryl Daryl Daryl

very informative vid !!


I am so glad I came across this video and thank you for making it into a series. It definitely helps to break it down into steps and work on all the parts individually to have a movement with more ease. Subscribed.


Dude is absolutely jacked - I listen


I think you just gave me and Eureka moment! will come back to you if that works! I have all the strength but I was missing one thing and fingers crossed you unlocked it for me. Definitely gave me the idea to look at what I am doing wrong and self sabotaging.


Thanks for the great explanation

Gastón CG

me suscribo a tu canal .... esta muy bien :)

Θάνος Ντούρος

Thank u so much! Keep up the good work!


Very Nice
I can't find the other parts though


Great tips but the person taking the video didn't get your whole body at 2:10, which is a shame. Are your feet off the ground?

Norman Huefner

Great tutorial. But you didn’t explain what the 5303 meant on the false grip chin up negatives, and 31x1 on false grip chin ups.


Jackie Chan!

Norman Huefner

I’m been dinking around with the false grip half-ass for several months, but this video of yours got me inspired and committed to mastering the false grip. So today I did focused false grip training, along with FG pull ups and FG ring rows, and exactly as you said, I TORE BOTH WRISTS, and I loved it! Out of the woods now, I’m gonna get this puppy down and learn the strict ring MU. Great training videos, thank you.

Neal Tyagi

Beautiful, the chalking felt the movement version of a youtube makeup tutorial

medicus asle

Would u suggest to learn the false grip hang by simply hang on one ring normal grip and one ring false grip ?

Rich Cruz

Excellent.... thank you, thank you. ??


Is it necessary to use chalk? I can’t do the false grip, because i always lose the grip as soon as i lower myself and it becomes a normal grip

slow muscle-up tutorial

slow muscle-up tutorial10 Sep. 2010
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Stefan SietzenSubscribe 438 721

recently I discovered for

recently I discovered for myself how easy the planche can be, so I decided to make a tutorial that shows how to do a slow, controlled "parkour planche" / muscle-up.

Song: Blokehe4ad - Full Circle

Camera: EOS 5D mark II

Comments (100)
Vaniix -jovic

doing a muscle up is easy. you just need the technique

Mr. Vox

Niceeee thxxx

Thomas Cogger

Your momentum driven muscle ups kind of suck. But your slow muscle ups are flawless! Very interesting.

Angel Perez

THANK YOU!!! I’ve been doing kipping muscle ups for a long time and have never been able to do a strict non kipping muscle up. I’m able to do 20+ kipping muscle ups In a row and have tried so many ways to train just to do one strict one but was never able. I tried your grip and the very first attempt I did it! I was so shocked it worked!! I was only able to do one but that’s a start and for my very first try with that grip I’m super happy! Seriously thank you for the tip, goes to show that technique is definitely key!


thumbs up is Geek Climber brought you here

Beckham Aimanz

And how to do this in the gap of the door

Omar M

great video


Man wtf i did it

Pavel A Guevara S

Jajajajajajaja What a FAAAAAAKE 8 sec...

Paul Walker

This is one of the best muscle ups in youtube imo because it really focuses on thr most important part and that's your grip.

Mohamed Thowheed

bro i loved and am gonna try tomorrow.. Everybody says explosive pullups and blah blah blah.. gonna make a video too for that 1st one which am gonna try with your method.. Will c...

Daniel Ashman

great video! the closeups of the wrist stuff helped. especially with your red marking.

Slow planche...


very good

TasteYourLimit YTC

Well guys I have a problem and I don't know what to do.
4 years ago, I didn't train calisthenics at all,
I was 13yo and my brother was 2years older than me, how many years old is he now that I'm 17?
Well just kidding.
When i do muscle ups, I always use the false grip technique but I'm always tired after the 3rd muscle up, like my wrists are ready to break. FFS. Anyone know what I have to do to achieve more muscle ups?

Monkey King

i gotta say, this the most easiest tips on how to do m.ups..even if mine was sloppy one but i am glad i did it


If you think about it, this makes sense. When you climb, most of the time theres no bar in nature, except for tree branches. But even though, when climbing cliffs, walls and most flat surfaces or surfaces that isn't a bar, your hands will be flat like. So, this makes total sense to me. Work with your anatomy. Not against.

Saeed Kh

Thank you Stefan. That really answered my question among many different videos I have seen.

WAVE สายซิ่ง

very good

Larry Kosher

> I hope this helps...
Like a lot, dude! Like a lot!


thanks, it really helped

Lucas Abbud



I can do 86 pullups without letting go of the bar but cant do a single muscle up. what am i doing wrong

Calistenia no sangue

Massa com esse vídeo agora eu vou voar na barra ?????

Lucas A

This guy looks like the white version of the geek climber jajajaja (jk, not roasting) thanks for the tip man I’ve improved a lot thanks to you

Lil Cûp

well false grip muscle ups are easier

Viknesh Jay

How to get a false grip on a bar that is far above your head such that you have to jump to grab it? Reply is greatly appreciated.
~1000 subber

Tsabi 1

Muscle up* 0:02

007 Anan

Fucken dope man

G. Pedro

Very Good



leon p

Of couse it does

Adam Oakman

Looks like in our universe Jonas Kahnwald learned to do slow muscle-ups

ThOse Crazy 2

in the intro it said im gonna show you how to do a slow PLANCHE.....wtf its called a muscle up

Lucas Moacir

tutorial perfeito


hi Mr Stefan. I feel pain during this ajustment in my wrist. please, How can I develop this?

William Song

I can do 578 pullups without letting go of the bar but cant do a single muscle up. what am i doing wrong

aasshbh fssvt

you're the man

Quit Kina



what a nice trick for non-muscular guys to perform the muscle ups, thanks!


Probably The Best video on muscle up in all YouTube

Yussef Cheaitou

legendary video


Just did my first one yesterday , thank you


So the rumers are true....You do have your shirt on!


Very useful, thank you

Bart Nieuwendijk

the grip is 25%

Smol rabbit

Came here after watching geek climber

494 Life - Official Channel of #20percent

Very clear ?✨✨✨✨


Why is this so high quality


great video dude

tjrejo wuluhan

this is the best muscle ups demonstration I have ever seen so far. so simple, but I can only dream to do it for now...


I’m able to do 10 pull ups with no issues, I have been trying to muscle up for about 3 months with no success. I will give this a try tomorrow.

Marek janousek

Thanks boss

Matthew Henry

Ur a legend, finally something that is actually helpful


The hands grip! This is the first video that really nails it! I will try again tomorrow with this newfound knowledge---wish me luck!


Tomorrow i will try ;) and i will write how it works hehe thx for tutorial


Simple hands position...

a. j. sw

Nice , this is my favorite

Pinheiro Neto

Thanks Bro, congratulation from Brazil.


f*** false grip

Drel Drofdel

Best muscle up tutorial I've seen to this day... Nice job! Simple and to the point. Excellent video.

Lemon n

wtf now i can do muscle ups

Beckham Aimanz


Arkham Asylum

Ok. Now I get it. I was wondering wtf

T Snow

You don't have to grip the bar like that to muscle up but if you don't have the strength to do so grip it like you do


This grip helps tô achieve a normal muscle up easily tô?

Phan Phạm

5/2020 thank you so much!


I assumed this would be filmed in slow-motion.

Raziel l

what a beautiful place!! fuck you!!! HAHA

Beckham Aimanz

Thank You!

Musti TV

His weight is lover than the Bar weight


Thanks! it helped.


gracias (/^▽^)/

shawon sarker

That guy is a genius! I now able to do 2 pull up.

Abazi Eni

you are the rare people who said the muscle up secrets...

Kuro tax

0:55 dude that was exactly my fail!! i will try your tip today!

André G

Thank you!! I will try that grip today!

mike o'neill

Nice observation and quick tutorial mate.

Yajaira De Beltran

Thanks bro. It really is going to help i know.

Janjan Ho

thanks man! that simple detail on how to grip the bar is very important and that's what other tutorial lacks.

Excalibur 9870

ty for that


i was trying and almost gave up cuz i couldnt do it. as soon as i saw this video i went out and tested it. i made it first try.

Stephen Nehemia

You make it look so easy..

Kostas Flouk

You are the best...subscribe and like:-)

chem leo

so true.


We can do it with the normal grip too but it 's harder.

Alexis Gomes

thanks you

gada erhan

Thanks...this is veryhelpfulll..

العبقري التونسي

جزاك الله خيرا

Alex Wang

After 3 months learning , I made my first muscle up today.

Foo Mun Kit

Damn, now I know the secret
Wish I found your video earlier

Jorge Cruz

exelente hermano ... hermoso el campo donde haces las barras. Y ECXELENTE EXPLICACION de como poner las manos mil gracias desde Colombia .

Aleksas Ivanauskas

False grip + strength is what you need to have


Stefan... Thanks to you, I will be able to finally slow muscle up. And I mean it.
It's already hard to normal muscle up; ¡¡So this will be great!!
Also you look just like Draco Malfoy, man ;)
Kinda cool.


its so hard for me to grip the bar like you and for the muscle ups

Charles Rogers

Very cool tip. Also, the video reverse joke at the beginning made me laugh out loud. Cheers!


Yes, it helps me...

Caz Graphic Design

I can do 13 clean pull-ups, and quite a bit of dips, yet I cannot do a muscle up. I'll try this next time I'm at the park, hopefully it works!

Eduardo C

Is this move even considered "hard" since some people say it's even easier than the normal muscle up

Calcio & Calcio

Gg bro