How much protein do you need after a workout

How much protein post work out

How much protein post work out11 Mar. 2017
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Comments (59)
Archit Thakur

guys go and watch history tv 18.

Ashok Gharat

intermidite ko apne advance bola

adil bhat

video starts aftr 1.30

Ananda Das

tarun sir it can be available online(this fitness magazine)??

Bhupinder singh



Please tell me about "cinnamon "
can i use it for muscle gaining activity

9996851649 whats app
i want connect with you

yogesh Fouzdar

sir after workout will take direct whey protein....or we take before this some simple carb....i m really confused about it....many person said if you take whey protien after workout your body will use this as energy source and your protien is wasting....so first take simple carb to give your body energy then take whey protien....is simple carb slow the digestion of protien?

Harsh Pandey


aashay salunke

Bhai try to form a Mr.olympia India team in future and make us proud.

Sammy Jadhav

are bhai kisine ultimate nutrition ka prostar 100% whey use kiya hai kya???? accha hai ya bura hai aur digestion me koi problem to nahi hai na?????? plz batao jaldi bhayio

Anupam Toor

i think whey protein is a dairy product and the acne bacteria feeds on it so it causes acne ..

Ahakhas Ashok

tarun dude plz speak in english i cant understand hindi


awesome !!
great job


Waiting for the magazine

kshitiz SINGH

Call Guru Mann in ur talk show

Akash Kumar

work on your thumbnails

Avan Jogia

Tarun Paa I am live in Germany. How can I read the Magizine ?? Can I buy it on the Internet ?
Your Videos are awesome Paa

Rahul. Singh

Wow. Smart move. Attractive caption daal ke apne sponsors ki baat ki. Beech me scoops ki baat ki. Fir sponsors ki baat ki. Cute enough.


me intermediate level par hu...par 1 scoop hi leta hu kyoki..usse jada liya to dabba jaldi khatam ho jaega 1 month ke pahle hi...badi mushkil se to pese jugad karke ek dabba leta hu :D

Roster Pubg

hey guys. . i will subscribe ur channel if u subscribe to my channel. ..first u subscribe to my channel nd write done in comnt box then i will subscribe ur channel. .100%

Faizraza Shaikh

I'm 16 should it start taking protine

Abhishek Biswas

Thank u tarun... im very excited about Fitness Talk Show..


Thumbnail is gay. Unsubscribe

Faizraza Shaikh

which one


hi, tell us a good veg source of vit b12

Irfan Shaikh

great job tarun gill
Huge respect??


what to take whether protein or carbs or a mixture of both post workout


Thanxx bro

sameer joshi

bro m ur huge fan but ur getting boring day by day

Anant Mahajan

your efforts will definately work to make india fit fitter and the fittest

Abhishek Vijay

what a boring channel..videos on this topic already there on youtube..alright 1:30 minute of advertising his magazine.

Rahul Tiwari

Hello sir .. nice Studio

Shivang Bhanushali

Hello sir..ive read somewhere that at a time body can't absorb more than 25g protein.. please enlighten me on this.

yadvinder singh Johal

u shouldnt eat anything post workout till 40 minutes as it inhibits hgh due to raise in insulin.And no need for supplements ,muscle synthesis is the game of harmones rather having high protein.

Rk technical

thanx bro give us knowledge about protin kyu ki mara bhi pait khrab ho raha th but maina stop kar diya

deep brar

very good bro

Swati Agarwal

start ads


use kaise krna hai mai office time mai job karta hun around 12 o clock to, mai kab le sakta hun morning mai 6 o clock or night mai sote time


Tarun Sir, Hard fan from America. I am glad that there are so much improving in your channel. Happy to know that it will be streaming. Tarun Sir keep up the good work you do.

Tilak Raj Vines

happy..... holi ... sir

Faizraza Shaikh

how much pre workout protein

pravin ubale

Hey TG, not 6 packs but how about video on tips to get rid of bloated abs; because we see many good bodies but bloated abs kills all the aesthetics.

Harmanjot Singh

Sir to gain weight should i use whey protein?? Will it will help me to gain weight?


1 st

Hamxa Khan Afridi

bro urine bohat zyada ata hy or jaldi jaldi
es ka whey protein sy ya khany peny sy kuch talauq hy ya per ye normal hy . may din may Bs normal sy thra sa zyada pani peeta ho magr peeshab os sy b ziyada karta ho .
bohat skhti ka lagta hy per control nhi hota baag kar toilet Jana parta hy

Deep Choudhury

I LIKE all ur videos sir . plz sir try to bring thakur anoop singh

divswagger ch

Tarun, you mentioned you're bad with numbers. Aren't you an investment banker? ;-p

Mujeeb Here

hi sir can you make a video about how to fix muscle imbalance

Hassan Khan

is ka channel loday lg ra views nhi mil ry toh chootiyapa shoro

akash ojha

Hlo sir please make a video on hostelers what to eat ,how we maintain , how we gain muscle , etc ....... Because in hostel there is lack of food ..And it's very tough to maintain or gain body in hostel life

jude oshane

Good tarun please talk in English

Sharma ji


Karan Tanwar

bhai tarun agr humme 2000-3500rs ka supplement hi khana h or vo bhi sirf 1kg ka to hum or koi acha product na buy na kre or iska to taste bhi acha nhi h....or kitna mahana krega bhai or tumhara creatine,bcaa,glutamine bhi baki products ke price ke around h to hum thode paise mila ke vo hi product na lele..


damn stop saying i am back

saim khan

jab tak India wale workout nahi karenge tab tak WO whey protein to steroid kehte rahenge?

Chaman Garg

sir r u sure..
intermediate 2 scoops and
advanced 1&1/2..??
means advanced is having less than intermediate.

Jaff Video

I get pimples from whey protein sir what should I do now.plz help me sir..........

Mithil Kumar

hiiii tarun sir i admires your efforts to make people aware about fitness because their is dearth of knowledge to people in this field of fitness....they take dbols and supplements blindly...a strict salute to you..hats off.....i have a query regarding to know about the testing of supplements i have whey protien i want it to be tested ....can you send me link of that site or address of that testing lab where i can get my whey tested ...i will be very thankful to you....!!!


i take weight gainer milk banana shake after workout. , is that fine or i should take protein supplement , i m extreme underweight nd is on weight gain

Tejas Kulkarni

i hate broscience

How Much Protein to Consume Post Workout ??? @hodgetwins

How Much Protein to Consume Post Workout ??? @hodgetwins29 Aug. 2011
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Comments (100)
gabe baldovino

1:07 cheese!


1:05 hahahhaah best part :D


do it for yourself and not a gf lol


Question...I'm an Endomorph (female)... Should I take my protein supp/shake BEFORE or AFTER my workout?


jimmy struthers diet only consists of protein powder shakes and all kinds of supplements from gnc and hes 245 lbs of solid muscle and he only lifts once a week

Luis Robledo

Hey fellows, I was on my way to gnc to buy some supplements, and guessed what I ran into jimmy, shit went to his house end up buying some great stuff,he said I would put on 20 to 30 pounds in 4 weeks, he food me a stack of (D ball n testosterone,) shit and threw some free pills of winstrol for free!! Hey guys jimmy is alright, I just think he comes across wrong,

Victor Vynston

are you a lady body builder...? Epic Max Muscle, is this a good stuff..? write to me a little about this [email protected]

Do you even lift?

I'd also like a T-shirt with "Fuck out da Whey!"


thats a good one. :]

Diana Stefanova

If you are looking to build muscle, you should search Google for "Smashing Ripped X". You are bound to get the body you deserve.


water if you want to lose fat milk if you are already skinny and want to get bigger


thats why i take maltodextrin with whey after the workout

tommy getenet



The truth of the matter is you do not need as much protein as protein supplement makers would like you to believe. Also a normal american diet as plenty of protein in it. What you need is something sugary after your workout to replace the lost glycogen. Gatorade would be ideal.


In the locker room?!


yo man, y do u sniff like a crack head at the begining. stop that shit.


@labanx milk is primarily casein which is the slowest absorbing protein so not ideal post workout.


I drink milk with some pure cocoa powder as a post workout drink. 0.5 l gives 25 g of carbs and 17 g of protein. It's really cheap and tastes good. What's your take on that?


Milk can be very fatty, and theres a bunch of problems with milk. But overall take your protein from food and limit the shakes to 1 a day. pre work out its best to eat an hour before something healthy like a tuna sandwhich with asparagus for energy. Protein shakes arent magic potions.


thanks much

K Caballero

Kevin is jokes in this video lmfao!!


Jimmy struthers say that dick is the best source of protien.

Umair Khan

fuck off 

junior strong

You people are worse than your boy Jimmy. So, my female athlete who is 161 now should take the same amount as my male bodybuilder who is about 240? She will be 132 on stage. He will be 218. Same amount you say?


got to get rid of all that extra testosterone


lol my favorite part was at 1:05 :D


its Jimmy Struthers


I like to think of the protein as the bricks and the carbs as the labourers, building the house.

Bishal Gurung

If you desire to build muscle, you should search Google for "Ripped X Beast". They will help you get the body you deserve.

Living Dead Paradox

@666grimface That would be the greatest shirt ever!! Twimmuscleworkout needs shirts!

Tye N

@ProcyonAlpha thats a good ass way to break it down lol

Kenneth Furdich

You guys have the most sensible approach to building mass and working out that I've ever seen, subbed.

diegoramos209 lumbre

u guys just lucky uaint fat or u wudt be talkin so much shyt

Anwar Jahid

Hi there, have you heard about "MuscLeader" (look on Google)? On their website you will find a nice free video explaining the best way to start building noteworthy muscles quickly while reducing fat all at once. is one of the many men that had positive results because of this approach. Hopefully it helps you also.

Jason Rivero

@vmeister01 ooh yea i tried that ezequiel..the have sprouted grains. Well thanks..good luck with your goals


@BZBlaner pre workout matters far less, in fact, a lot of people fast before working out. You get your proteins after working out because protein builds muscle. How are you going to take protein in before you work out when your muscles aren't ready to absorb all that protein?

Do you even lift?

Means you didn't workout hard enough

Gimberg Preval

The way they speak sound funny especially how they say protein. Lol
But good video


throw em up in the air and play raffle with them hahahah

mohini duguju

They laughed when I told them I was going to build muscle with "MAD Ripped Muscle", but then I showed them the results. Go Google MAD Ripped Muscle to see their reaction. (You should see their shock!)

Eddy Active

carbs initiates insulin release which sucks protein and glycogen into the muscles. very important post workout


Yup spot on! Thomas Delaur video says the same thing with a little more science. You guys are totally right. Every one is different, protein source is different and from what I just read as long as you get the protein within a 24 hour window.


what if your mesomorph?


My god you guys are fucking twins! You could do some serious tests to see whats bullshit and whats not. Why don't ONE of you drink protein post workout, the other eats it. Do this for 3 months and see the difference.


Who the fuck is Jimmy? :)


Please answer someone who knows this: Why do people think you need to "refill" your glycogen after a workout to start building muscle when its blood that is transporting nutrients? Glycogen is ATP? and that's only used for energy for activities? and its not even depleted anyway.


hey man i drink my protein with milk, whats your reasons for drinkin with water or milk please answer anybody - thanks

y.dayakar Kar

If you want to get ripped, you should search Google for "Elite Muscle Formula". They can guide you and help you get the body you deserve.


i like stroking my mushroom tip after a workout =)

Big Z

My classmates laughed when I told them I was going to get ripped with "Max Muscle Extend", but then they saw the results. Do a search on Google for Max Muscle Extend to see their reaction.

Ruben Kelly

do an athlean-x review


@hanirfc I dont know the % but theres also a bunch of whey in yogurt, it is absorbed quiet fast. They remove the whey when they make cheese.

manuel davila


Prabesh Adhikari

If you want to get a six pack, you must Google search for "SSM Muscle Method". You are bound to end up getting the appearance you should have.


Thanks for the info guys! And btw..which one of y'all ain't married? ?

nikesh shakya

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Dont-be Evil

my butt hurts after my workout

BicepCurls ForDaGirls

Jimmy Struthers told me if i drink my protein shake in the bath i absorb the protein faster due to osmosis. IM BUILDING ALL KINDS OF MUSCLE MAN.

Kevin Sandy

I want a Hodgetwins T-shirt with, 'Hey man, You wanna build you some muscle man?' On the back and 'At the end of the day! You can do what ever tha FUCK You wannaaa doooo!' On the front. Get that shit together fellas! Id buy that.

Tyler Dufour

Jimmy Struggles!


At different times in my life, I've gotten big with a ton of whey protein powder post workout, I've gotten big with chicken and turkey, I've gotten big with burgers and I've gotten big with mainly plant based protein. The moral of the story? Go on your own quest to find what works best for you and your physiology but always make sure to feed your muscles. Cool video btw!


@grandmarkai sorry man you probably mean Leucine? I'm not familiar with this what would it do?


wtf does that mean?

Shams Hussain

man jimmy eats potato chips after his workout

Marco Stott

cows milk is BAD. Get informed


The most important thing after a workout is carbs. Your body doesn't only absorb protein after a workout. It's an all day things.


@Judicial78 cool idea, but unfortunately lift stressors (job stability, sleep, if one is married and one is not) would be unequal. what happens outside the gym directly influences what happens inside it...

krankstir krank

press 1 then 2 , enjoy :p


Oh that's you talkin to me ......lol....what's up man..lol


thanks man


Jimmy Struggles been telling me I need to keep lowering my calories even though I'm getting hunger pangs.

Nishant Narola

Sure is right. we must kill the bad fat and belly first to get the 6 pack. And My international body building trainer also recommended this 7 food elements to kill your fat belly. have a look here bit.ly/1bVyMiV?=cvhfs

Number 6

All I take is Glucose after a workout. All you need

Md. Murad Hossain

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alex spink

YO HODGE TWINS! i know you guys usually work out in the morning but what about those of us who work out in the evening? would you still recommend a post workout carb considering we try and stay away from carbs in the evening? i've been wondering this for a long time so pleaaaase give me a response. you guys are sic!

vikram kadam

if you dudes are looking for to get ripped immediately without spending a single extra minute in the gym, then you have to check out this video tutorial SIXPP.COM Passion gives me moments of wholeness


30 grams??? That means i have to wank and swallow about 6 times after my workout.


This is one of the best comments/ideas I have seen.



tim robinson

i can do what ever the fuck i wanna do :)...but i think they know what there talking about lol ill go with there advice


Jimmy Told me to get about 10g of Protein per pound of body weight but decrease my fiber


you guys are great

The Iron Dicklin


upendra shrestha

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Keith Howard

Ya'll are killing me. This was the laugh I needed today., but you're right, you gotta figure out what works for you. Everyone's got advice and a-holes. So take a little here, take llittle there, put it together, and see what works.

Ajin Leo

Hi there, have you discovered Atomic Max Muscle? (check on Google) You will learn about the serious crimes we commit against our bodies. With Atomic Max Muscle, you will discover how to bulk up fast.

Team Shmo

you can only absorb so much protein at on time. Most whey is 25-35g a scoop because thats enough for most people

Callum Jeffcoate

Jimmy Struthers is knockin' back 300g of protein post workout, and he's seein' all kinds of gains man.

Sumros Giri

It would be a shame if you did not build muscle when these other people accomplish it so easily with Slim Body Maximizer (Google it).


thank you ! ... some people say i needed 1g per lbs that crazy 

Matt Sanchez

im 160 lbs and im trying to get a gf by making "all kinds of gains". what should i do?

Andy Le

hey twins wat about if u take intra workout carbs? do i count that as my carbs after or should i have additional carbs after? i drink like powerade during workout


@skankhank74 outplayed


lmao funny.. I just started whey today ^^ My parents finally approved :))


@theUSER101 did you read this "science" in a mens fitness magazine by any chance?

Mody Abo Dia

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Kanwarbir Singh Bajwa

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Mr S Is the Best

80 to 100 grams plus 180 to 200 carbs 50% slow digesting 50% fast digesting

How Much Protein Can You Absorb In One Meal? (20g? 30g? 100g?)

How Much Protein Can You Absorb In One Meal? (20g? 30g? 100g?)30 Jan. 2018
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‣ https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/19056590

‣ https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/19699838

‣ https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/27511985

‣ http://ajcn.nutrition.org/content/90/5/1244

‣ https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/17413096

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Comments (100)
aron canapa

did they test the differences between plant and meat proteins, i seen beef which is probably the worst

Bobby Hill's Thigh Burns

I think most of you in the comment section are shooting for absurdly higher protein numbers than you actually need.

Barney Walters

Can 14 year olds have protein shakes

Richard Middleton

There's the other side to protein intake in that it is the most satiating of the macros so you generally won't eat as much other crap therefore getting leaner and the fact protein has the greatest thermogenic affect and speeds up metabolism thus burning more calories/fat at rest. Just don't eat too much chicken unless it's organic and don't have too many whey protein shakes full of artificial sweeteners and crap! Beef, lamb, eggs, sardines, salmon and mackerel are the best sources of protein.

Altum Novo

Doesn't make any sense evolutionarily that grazing would be significantly better than feasting for humans. Sources of protein didn't generally come steadily.

BiWinning Stepnovski

How quickly does the protein get absorbed into your system? Could that be a factor? E.g., how quickly does the stomach empty into the intestines, where complete digestion and absorption actually occurs? Plus, how quickly does the protein absorbed into the body get used/depleted?

If the rate at which the stomach empties into the intestine is relatively slow, then there could be a rate-limiting step to how quickly digestion and absorption in the gut happens. This could allow for high doses of protein in big meals (such as a consequence of something like IF) to be, at least mostly, used by the body gradually over time for purposes other than energy production.

No idea if this is even remotely how any of this stuff happens. This is just a highly questionable, hypothetical rationale that my brain came up with while watching. I blame my exposure to organic chemistry (SN2 reactions) for the emphasis on rate-limitation.

Satyaki Mandal

DIAAS ( Digestable indispensable amino acid score) > PDCAAS ( Protein digestibility coefficient corrected amino acid score) > NPU (Net protein utilisation ) > AAS (Amino acid score )

Island Mike

Not the protein quantity but Selenium is what cannot be absorbed at once,So your bro science missed the point..again.

California Monster

i only drink pea protein and only eat bananas, beans, rice, and mangoes and been doing pretty good.

Tony Talk

Hi Everyone !
I have just uploaded my first YouTube video on Dopamine .


Go check it out !

Vasco Gamero

Great video.


The “fitness hobbit king” swallows far more than 30g’s of man-chowder at a time... ?


Much awaited video


Only commenting to give you props for trying. This, apparently, is too hard of a topic to have a clear cut answer to, but you tried to, and I appreciate that.

John Richardson

As an old guy with a lot of muscle mass (don't ask what else I have) who squats and deadlifts all day long, this was very useful. Thanks, man. Really lucid breakdown of a messy academic literature. Respect.

guy rombie

Jeff you should do one talking about how long to stay at the gym. I'm a new youtuber and I have to tell ppl all the time about time under tension vs time in the gym lol


2 meals a day 100 grams of protein each meal with snacks and protein shakes made with milk in between ?

Omar Ballesteros

Hey Jeff I need the macros for one serving of pussy


What about that 10g/h that can be absorbed? If you intake a protein water shake with 40g protein, if it takes 1.5 hour to reach your colon you will lose 25g. Wouldn't you?


Arnold consumed a steak the size of a laptop 3.5 inches thick for every post workout meal containing over 150 grams of protein.

Jake Hamilton

Always eat more so you get maximum gains, if your getting fat, cut a little. Simple.

Stephen Hurst

I fear a lot of these "science based" fitness youtubers are just reading random conclusions and review articles, then making videos about topics. I hope they're actually digging into the methodology and ensuring that the design of the experiment, and the assays used are not conducive to experimental bias, or just false conclusions in general. The problem is, most people who aren't actually laboratorians or researchers won't be able to assess or understand the individual assays or tests used, so they likely won't be able to conclude if the experiment is actually sound or not.


The one meal a day guys have proven all of this to be basically moot. Get your macros in daily.

The Marine Abroad

the protein is wasted if there is no fat with it, like whey protien, you won't absorb it all because of insulin resistance

Mr [email protected]

So we don't have answer, great.

hossam fahmy

I think it's not about how much protein per meal your body can absorb it's more about how much your stomache can handle per meal

Preston Cassise

Youre body will use what it needs depending on its condition...if your body is beaten down from training, your body will use more protien for repair. If you're a person that trains hard you will need more than a person that just takes their time and doesn't push themselves in the gym...more damage more protien..

Jordan Worley

This video is flippin awesome! Love this kind of content!


In the video he talks about 'spacing' out your meals, I understand it, but how much time at a minimum should there be between meals? Considering you want to max out your protein intake per meal.


If I only absorbs 20g of protien why dont I only absorb 20g of carbs, it's stupid the whole idea your body absorbs everything


Watch out for your kidneys guys.

Varshney Boy

I consume 50 to 60 gram protein per meal and I only consume 3 meal a day... and I am ok with it I am doing well everything...

Space Cadet

These studies are like guys sitting around a table playing poker, "I'll see your "study" and raise you this "study!", "Well, I'm out (shows a hand of poorly done studies), "Okay show your studies", "I've got a full house of studies!......"Yeah? I've got a royal flush of studies, I win, so there!"

Ravi Jagannadhan

You should cover ways to increase nutrition absorption. Could be a good topic!

Anthony Ferguson

The answer is yes, you can use them, because getting your 200g of protein per day means that you have to eat 10 meals for the day, which is ridiculous and cumbersome.
What really counts is nitrogen balance as we do synthesize our own protein from the amino acids taken in and do require essential amino acids as we cannot synthesize certain chains of amino acids. So it really doesn't matter that you put 50g of protein in each meal for 4 meals, it is however most important that you get your adequate intake daily

billy bobs

You are recycling old information ?

Aaron Römer

I do intermittent fasting and there they argue a lot that IF does increase the human growth levels by 300% if you fast for 16 hours daily and that increase the muscle protein synthesis.

Alexander Nuñez

I guess it depends on the intensity of your workout. Because the more resistance you put on your lifting workouts the more tired your muscles will be, therefore it will need a good amount of protein and amino acids to recover


Interesting discussion. Your final conclusion is similar to that of other knowledgeable people. Hence, I think that your conclusion is probably correct. Thank you.

Pickle Supply Company Yep!

This rather fucks up ones ability to rely on one meal a day fasting while building muscle.

Aaron NoneYa

My research indicates that people overthink this stuff. Eat a balanced diet rich in protein, complex carbohydrates and get your fruits and veggies in (adjust calories dependent on goals) and you will do just fine.

yeet ywwt

Answer : Space out daily protein intake into 4-5 meals in a day.


So the research is correct in saying that we only utilize around 30g of protein in one sitting?


Just walk around with an IV drip of protein 24/7. Problem solved.


very good info thank you

Digital Insan1ty

I think the type of protein and the food you are consuming it with also play a big role. If you drink a whey protein shake with just water it gets absorbed really quickly but if you mix that with greek yoghurt it will be absorbed more slowly

Randy Fulford

Having performed multiple long-term (72+ hours) fasts and then performed a variety of re-feeding strategies, I can say from personal experience that the human body is HIGHLY ADAPTABLE and can adjust from a 0 calorie intake to a 3,000+ calorie (250g protein) intake within just a few days' time. Enzymes used to digest will be low after a longer fast and will take time to ramp up, but it's not like we're talking weeks or months. As mentioned in the video, ancient humans simply would not have survived if they could not better manage feast with famine.

The idea that the body has no cellular intelligence has been proven wrong so, so many times in both human and animal studies. Penguins are a great example of what complex organisms are able to do with limited food supplies and storage.

Not saying you can run a marathon or win a World's Strongest Man competition on the Keto diet... just saying the body is certainly capable of adapting to whatever feeding strategy you choose... so try not to over think it. This video hits on a lot of great studies that show how complex the nature of this myth really is :)

Elijah Iung

Do you eat or take a protein shake right before or after a workout? Arnold’s book talks about avoiding this as much of your blood goes to your stomach after eating, curious what others think of this


Bro i know this is super old. But I hope I get a respond. For me i work, hv uni at the same time and some days they clash and those days are the tuff ones where I can't amange to space out meals. And those days I'd go with 50 to 60g 1 meal making it a total of 2 meals which end up being 120ish roughly and 1 protein shake. But this is rare, I know meal prep can help but I prefer making my meals fresh as am so used to cooking which doesn't take soo long for me. Am assuming this is okay as long as its once in a while. Any info on this would be great ?

Chicago Cuesports

If you trained twice a week and ate the right amount of protein on those two days and also the following day after each workout, would it matter if you ate less protein on the other three days of the week?
The aim being to build muscle but not having enough time to train more than twice a week.

andy aguilera

So if you way 265 lbs at 30g's per thats 9 meals wow!


Jeff Nippard the mad man

False Positive

This guy is impressive.

Richi Ramlal

Hmmmm proteins! Should I prioritize meals over shakes? I'm 140 lbs, check me out!

Ron ball

I'm an intermittent fasting guy. Usually eat about 150g-170g of protein a day (as a 210 pound man, with about 26% body fat). The biggest difference I noticed, is making sure I get a lot. I didn't supplement protein, and didn't hit nearly the same muscle growth I'm hitting by stepping it up. I'll eat supper, then a big shake for dessert, and then a small snack 2-3 hours later. My shake is 75g of protein powder, 20g of eggwhites, about 5-10g of lactose free milk, and about a 1/4 cup of mixed seeds-Keeps the poops together for a total of roughly 110g)

When I didn't include this shake, I didn't notice much growth. Typically, id be fighting to not lose lean mass. For the past two months though, with this shake I'm maintaining weight, losing some fat, and gaining some muscle (i'd gain a lot more muscle if I had leg specific equipment and barbells-my legs are not growing as fast as upper body). I'm also noticing good gains in strength.

The TLDR: Get lots of protein, as long as you're not having problems with digestion and issues with your kidneys, it probably hurts more to not get enough than it does by not spacing it out.

Wayne Mcdaniel

All of it. Eat one meal a day and see. I think all these bro theories are ridiculous.


I loved the video. Thank you

Mbongo Ya Nguba

Nice video Jeff!


Isn’t protein absorption largely rate limited by a persons ability to produce enough stomach acid to break down the protein chains into absorbable aminos? If you drink powders or supplements, then you can just bypass that and have your kidney filter out the excess right?

Haoran Mo

This video makes no sense about protein intake per meal

Killin It

I weigh 240 and eat 310 grams of protein a day. So to do that while only doing 40 grams per meal, I now need to eat 8 meals a day. The total need is more important than how much you have per meal. In reality I eat 5 meals of 60-70 grams.

aron canapa

this and athlean-x are 2 best channels on youtube, world would be a better place if people actually used this information

Tov Henderson

How much protein in a single meal is a loaded question. It also depends on other factors including the food source providing that protein. Steak, fish, and other proteins take much longer to break down than others like dairy, poultry, etc. Hence, that one meal will slowly digest, providing those amino acids in your blood stream for a much longer period of time. Either way, great video as always.


a coworker recently had been talking about his “high-protein” diet to lose weight. I said, hey man, yeah that’s great.

Then a couple weeks ago he hits me with “why are you eating all of that chicken? You can only absorb 20g of protein at a time.” My jaw dropped. I said, bro, WHAT?!!! Where did you read that, a BB.com forum thread from the 90s????

So it turns out he was eating about 20g of protein per meal, for 5 meals. That’s only 100g of protein! He thought anything above 70g is “high-protein” because of the RDA labels. I told him bro, you need AT LEAST 1g/lb of BW, more if you’re trying to burn fat and keep your gains.

Garry Singh

I will still stick to the 30 to 35 g per meal. Its easy consume & and it took me from 52 kg to 72kg muscled

AL Vel

Big Thanks!! Jeff good work , very pro and helpful god bless you..

Edward White

All proteins digest differently. Per hour depends on the proteins. Period.

Matthew Seelow

According to what I've seen from Ronnie Coleman....As much shake as you can put in your powder XD

Todd Werner

1 workout. 1 recovery. 1 Xg of proteins used to build muscle.
Why then does it matter to space out over 3 meals if you still keep the workout volume over time the same? It stands to reason that the meal isn't the only factor as to how much would be needed. I would believe what would matter more is hitting: Xg for maintenance + Xg for building = X total. Rather than needing Xg for building.

Chris Cardenas

Ronnie Coleman had 700g a day and his smoothies have about 200 each and he looked great.

Lay Lom

My.meals alwys 30 gr since 2 years 5 meals a 30 gr protein

Ryan Milner

The YouTube algorithm gods blessed me with this. Great video!

ashley pursell

interesting because when i come home from the gym i eat my post workout meal with a protein shake and a protein bar and i have had no issues putting on muscle mass, to note also tho i am in my first year as a lifter

Garbon Ratslayer

If humans could only process a certain amount of protein at a time the human race would have died out thousands of years ago as a result of protein deficiency.

Brad turner

what would be the difference in two adult males on the exact same training regime, same height ect, over the course of say a year, with one doing an optimised protein synthesis diet and one that isnt optimised at all. would the gains in performance and muscle gain be that significant?

insanely insensitive

The other Jeff also explained this very well.Its to do with food transit times.

Cesare Borgio

20 to 30g a meal.
Wow just saved you 12 minutes of cardio

Rampage Racing

When figuring out protein per body weight, do you measure physical weight of protein food or is it the actual weigh of protein content within the food? For example do you make up your protein weight by weighing your 100g of chicken or do you look at the actually protein content within that which would be roughly 25g. Can't find any definitive answer on the intererwebs


i wonder what you studied


Average person could be 170 pounds. Needing 170g of protein per day. If you went by 20g each meal you would need 8+ meals. At 30g per meal its atleast 5 meals.

For most simply not convenient. Hit your calories, macros and be consistent. End of.

Christian Long

All I got from this video is that as a 6’6 guy with roughly 235lbs of lean mass I can keep slamming my 3 scoop whey shakes. Cool.

andy aguilera

Weigh lol oops

Omar Abdullaziz

"Excuse the atypical background"
The atypical background is excused

Carolina Carmona

Well I'm not 100% healthy. I have lupus. Does that mean my body doesn't absorb all the protein?

SongsofThe Century

It depends on your age, the older you are over 29(because of anabolic resistance & decline in testosterone & HGH) the more protein you need. One meal should be 25G(50G if you are over 30) if you are training with 2.5G Leucine to promote protein synthesis(so this is whey or chicken or fish or beef & not vegan protein). Dr. Gabrielle Lyon on YouTube is the expert.

The Golden Jackel

One thing, protein to muscle is due to insulin, it is insulin problems not protein levels.

Richard Middleton

70's bodybuilders used to eat pretty much only protein! They were the best bodybuilders!

Valliant Lo

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You know what Jeff ,your not so bad


I'm a 16 year old girl that want to build muscle and keep doing intermmitent fasting. I wasn't sure if I should stop doing it to have more meals a day.... thank u for information :)

Game 1

Watching this after eating half a packet of turkey mince like 150g of protein at once ?

i eat a lot

How about this, how much protein do you get per meal?


The answer is definetly "it depends" ?

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I love this guy! I’ve watched him before. I’m down (fallowing).


It’s so weird seeing Jeff without his 2 years of neck training

Noise Injection

If it's not really clear, it doesn't really matter to the average joe, because if it did, you'd see a significant difference between those two eating patterns

James Orchard

Great vid Jeff! Really enjoyed how you broke this down.

Nic h

Fuck yes finally some good news I was terrified

Junior’s World

Make a science video on fasting

Ramblin Man

I'm 45 years old, 200 lbs, and I started the 20/4 warrier diet and weight training a month ago for fat loss. I'm down 12 lbs and have a little noticeable muscle growth. After watching this video I'm planning on taking two scoops of whey to break my fast, 2 hours later have a big healthy dinner, and then oatmeal with 2 more scoops of whey before bed. Oatmeal gives me energy for my 5am workouts. I should get 150-180 grams of protein for even more muscle growth while still losing fat. Any advice?