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Choose the right WATERPROOF JACKET & TROUSERS with expert advice from myRaceKit running stores

Choose the right WATERPROOF JACKET & TROUSERS with expert advice from myRaceKit running stores7 Sep. 2020
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There are so many

There are so many waterproof jackets and trousers to choose from, with lightweight and more robust, feature-full options and everything in between, how do you decide which is the best for you? I went to myRaceKit store in Sheffield to meet up with staff member Steve Franklin who shares all the advice you need to choose the perfect one. (socially distanced filming)

Visit myRaceKit stores in Sheffield and Essex for friendly, professional running advice at every level, or browse and shop online https://www.myracekit.com/

This film is powered by myRaceKit - many thanks to them for asking me to create this series of 6 films for them about how to choose various key items of trail and ultra running kit. We cover trail running shoes, running packs & waist belts, sports nutrition, waterproof jackets & trousers, headtorches / headlamps, and road shoes. I hope you will find these useful and informative. Watch out for the next in the series, coming soon to Wild Ginger Running YouTube channel.


At myRaceKit we are passionate about running and have raced across the globe in many events such as the Marathon Des Sables in the Sahara, the Grand to Grand in Utah/Arizona, the Coastal Challenge in Costa Rica, the Big Red Run in Australia, The Everest Trail Race in Nepal, UTMB Oman, Ultra Tour de Monte Rosa, the TDS, the Grand Union Canal Race, the Centurion 100-mile races, the Transrockies in the Colorado Rocky Mountains, Oman Desert Marathon, Ultra Mirage 100km in Tunisia, and the list goes on.

We are also passionate about great customer service and about helping every runner finding the kit that is right for them. Our philosophy is that there is no "one size fits all" and our aim is to give you the best possible advice for your particular event and race ambitions.

Our dedicated team are all runners and/or triathletes and understand the needs of all levels so it doesn't matter if you are looking for a new pair of shoes for your first 5km, a light race vest for your Marathon training or first ultra, or if you are embarking on an extreme multi-day event. We would be delighted to help!

You can buy all of our kit online, but we do have a store where you can try before you buy if you have any doubts. We offer a personal shopping service if you book in advance of your visit.

We look forward to helping you finding the best kit for your next event!

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Comments (12)
Sarah Carr

Loving these advice videos with Steve!


In lower temperatures, a hood will help retain body temperature so a hood that is not easily blown off head by strong wind is a decided advantage.


very nice info defo learned alot great advice lol


This was useful. Its changed my mind from a 30K breathable UK jacket to to the OMM with is 10K breathable. The difference is the OMM has venting to dump heat, so over all might be better - at least thats my current theory

Adam Mills

I wish I was married to her.

steve benson

I wish there was a My Race Kit Store in north Alabama!

Adrian Camilleri

Weird question about pronunciation. Is the brand called Zero Emm Emm? Or is it Oh Emm Emm?

Kelly Benedetti

Great video, I love how it focuses on different brands and features instead of just reviewing one particular item. I've been thinking about buying a waterproof jacket for running. I love the 'popper' he mentioned that holds the front somewhat together when unzipped!


I like your channel! You deserve more views. I think you should google smzeus . c o m! I’ve been using it to promote my main channel and it helped me get my videos higher in the search results!!!

graham Riley

I cannot imagine ever feeling comfortable running in a rain jacket. Trousers no way! Just get wet? And have something dry to put on post run?

Antonio Cardinale

I could do with one of these waterproof the next winter and our Steve Franklin gives a good comparative review on the super quality of the running jackets although they are quite expensive . Well done both .

RIchard B

Another great vid, thanks.
My advice, although it is just a preference.
Take along your running pack when buying. Better to have a jacket that is slightly bigger, which you can fit over the top of everything. You can then slip in and out of it and stow it away easily, rather than have too slim a fit and have keep taking your pack off. You will boil otherwise when the weather changes.
Obviously, you might not want to do this with a 25l pack! But think about what the majority of your runs will be. Most runs might be bottles and the small mandatory list, not full spine race!! Spend money with an eye for what you make most use of.
I live in the Dales and regularly see people (walkers) wandering around villages dressed for Everest when they have only come from the car park a quarter of a mile away. Just think about the use you will give stuff, be realistic

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Comments (3)
mac kue

Are they waterproof to be outside all day if and rain all day? Thanks

Sean King

The lack of zippered pockets is my biggest deterrent. For traveling I prefer that security.

Joe Rawley

Nice Pelagos!