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222 and 444 Methods for Cash 3 Pick 3 Workouts, Rundowns Elimination and Predictions | Lottety

222 and 444 Methods for Cash 3 Pick 3 Workouts, Rundowns Elimination and Predictions | Lottety2 Jan. 2021
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Ok strategy BUT once you start to get into even,even or odd,odd numbers then you need to start flipping a digit I would say this particular rundowns are not for beginners

Peter Harper

Nice topic my friend.

Belinda Green

Cash 3


So what number came out

C .K . Scratchen Wynne

I'm all confused now what the what that doesn't register in my burned out brain really trying over here do you have a 101 for dummies ? ? lol



sweet Gina

Happy New Year Friend

Wehappy Ducks

Hey will MISSISSIPPI EVEA gt a “CASH 4”??

Billy D’s Slot Channel

Nice strategy .. Happy Saturday Mags ??

Brad Graham

I love to learn new workouts for pick 3 and 4 I'm in Florida now from Baltimore

Enrique Addison

Very happy ?? ??♥️❤️

Isaiah Williams

Do work for North Carolina pick 3 and pick 4 number

T at T Productions

Nice strategy and have a good day.

Amal Amal

Iff this way u will be a winner avery day. Let me know please. Thanks.

Jackie jo

Earlier I made a comment but it was on the wrong video due to opening my tablet in excitement! But I promised a couple weeks ago to tell you if I ever got my first win using your methods and I tried this for the first time today and won (STRAIGHT/BOX - AZ lottery). First win of the year thanks to you! Your way of explaining them kept my engaged and encouraged on top of the fact that I do like math. The only downer was that I should have also played my number straight as it did come in the exact order but I overlooked it for two other numbers that I thought was hotter lol Finally! Well, on my way to donate to your paypal. I wish you nothing but a flourishing New Year and some great wins in the future!

Chiqui Ramser

Muchas bendiciones Maestro para usted y sus familia bendiciones de lo alto

sara woodmansee

Hello Magnolia I was just going to ask you this is Sarah from Texas on your tic-tac-toe + 1 + mirror boards when I'm looking for prediction for my next number to do the does Samara Tic-tac-toe and the regular Tic Tac Toe board need to have similar numbers what am I looking for is are those are those boards supposed to match and have the same numbers are not okay thank you

Magnolia Money

Thank you all for visiting. For more cash 3 videos see the video description!

Danielle Dickerson

I like this method thank you

Belinda Green

Is this for cash ? Im lost


Would it be easier to ask you to do mind?????

sara woodmansee

Miss magnolia!! Hello. I'm not able to understand this.plz explain.OK. here are # s 039-992-238-144. How does these #s TTT plus 1& mirrored! Come to these #s??? #021-330-459-576-885-904????!!! I can't start my workout until I figure how this was done with that result! Ty lady!!!!

Shucky Ducky

With the 646-246 for miss. More rundowns just adds. More indecision.

Mega Millions Mike

Happy new year ?
Magnolia Money ?

Belinda Green

How yu no ezt number for the next day drawing?

VA Pick 3/4 Day & Night Workouts & Mirrors 2-11-21

VA Pick 3/4 Day & Night Workouts & Mirrors 2-11-2111 Feb. 2021
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Lucky Numbers

Lucky Numbers

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PICK 3 WORKOUTS 2/29/16 NC, IL, MO29 Feb. 2016
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Welcome to Let Me Share A

Welcome to Let Me Share A Thought With Ya!

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Comments (13)
Team Suzanna

hey question...have u ever played 1 off

Let Me Share A Thought With Ya

That's promising. Won't be long until you hit it. I've started playing a second pick with one number different. A lot of times I notice when I pick 3 or 4 of the pick 4 numbers that I have all the right numbers just in 2 different lines...

Team Suzanna

i combo played 174 and 470 haha...it was 473 lol...thanks for the shout out as well....been a rough day car problems gonna be down a car for a few days at least lol

Team Suzanna

yay haha na just kidding played a combo on 307...of course it was 773 and 1 dollar play on 2860 it came 2780....im tired of being 1 number off every draw except the random 50 cent hit last night

Tapout Zaddy

thanks again love your videos

Tapout Zaddy

thanks for the workout it came 010 so close these numbers are so tricky sometimes with the flips ?? im going to try to figure out the best numbers to use to figure it out.

Team Suzanna

i have played 1 ticket per lucky for life draw...and have still yet to even match a single number


only time my numbers hit is when I don't play them. like two Fridays ago. 706 came straight out

Brittney Fish-Beheler

one more question?? haha, what do we do when they do these double draws??? idk how to do my numbers for today now haha since they did 2 numbers

aaron crossfield

kansas. thanks


pick 3 is easy to win as long u know few thing about 1 out 730 = exact win price

Brittney Fish-Beheler

hey I'm new to trying out this formula, I hope I can get it to work for me ?, Thanks for showing this, is there certain days were 317 works best or is good for all days? and last question is there better certain numbers to use for pick 4 as well, like how 317 is for pick 3 is there a good number for pick 4?? sorry for all the questions..Thanks again for the videos! !!!

Gordon Lejunie

Mat if you would try picking numbers from Texas and would like to see how you do. I like your system use it for all other texas and La. went to Cal. and used it there works well.