How to raise a wall by yourself

RONA - How to Build an Interior Wall

RONA - How to Build an Interior Wall24 Jul. 2013
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The addition of an

The addition of an interior, non-load bearing wall is a simple and affordable project that allows you to update the layout of your house.

The location of the new wall depends in part on the alignment of the ceiling joists. If the joists are perpendicular to the line of the new wall, you can install it almost anywhere, preferably against a stud in the existing wall.

If the ceiling joists are parallel to the line of the new wall, its location will be determined by the joist near the intended location.

Tools and materials you'll need:

• Chalk line

• Circular saw

• Drill with screw attachments

• Drywall panels

• Electronic stud finder

• Hammer

• Joint compound

• Kiln dried lumber (S-dry) wall studs ( 2" × 4" × 8" or 2" × 3" × 8")

• Level

• Measuring tape

• Paint

• Paintbrush and roller

• Pencil

• Plumb bob

• Sealer

• Small nails

• Square

• Stepladder

• Taping knife

• Wood screws - 3 ¼"

• Working gloves

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what if the panels near the floor is in the way?

Sarah Herrera

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Sergio Flores

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Soooo what about the metal stripping for the cornerswhere the drywall meets


can u use L brackets instead of screwing at an angle?


how do you do the clean corners tho?


yay!!  WELL DONE GUY!!!

Attack Helicopter

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EXCELLENT tutorial...Clear and concise!..Thank you.

Romaine Athey

I am sure you can still buy handbook with all info you need on woodprix. Just google it.

google Account

What a great video. Am i the only one watching in 2021?? Is everyone still alive??

Christian Rosa

Is this wall going to kill me.. RONA! Lol nah, but this helped a lot thatnks

happy life

How much do the materials cost for this?

Nino Heđi

one thing i know about this is that you can resize rooms without headache. In my country exterior and interior walls are out of brick and when you decide to make room smaller it's a hell of a headache to break a brick wall. This way is easy.

wesley toole

that was very well done! thank you!

Morris Cerulo

Very well explained ! Good video !

Drews Quick Fixes Ideas And Hacks

I didn't see any drywall tape at the seam being muded. Lol that's gonna cause some issues ha ha

Ralph Joseph Lopez

Hi. Do you used 2x2 in the studs?

Gabriel Gonzales

Bueno guud wor


It looks easy but also hard at the same time. I don’t know anything about carpentry and I just don’t want to make any mistakes... But I also can’t afford carpenters??


To study this, you need to study the studs along the studs while you stud the stud that's studded to the stud. While those studs are studying, stud a few more studs in your stud to achieve studly stud.


What if you have radiant heating?


Why wouldn’t you use a nail gun with framing nails? And do you have to use cross studs? It’s not like there are cross studs on the rest of the walls when you frame.

Joan Benson

I wish stores had these thing already made and all you had to do was glue the sides where you want it!!

slinkysfx Collins

How much will it cost to do?

Tracy Qu

Do you need a permit to build a wall?


Very nice video, although it doesn’t talk about the joints between the existing wall and new drywall.

Leo Stunz

Take a shot every time your hear the word "studs" in this video lol let's see how that wall turns out ?


Almost useless video


Superb Information to built partition wall!

Moody Mooncatcher

All better!

Michael Forcione

Instructions unclear, I said “screw the top plate”, wall fell into pieces

Mitzie Lowe

your awesome Donald

Anna Banana

Thanks now I can build my wall

Jessica Sommy

I made it by myself. I used Stodoys woodworking plans for that.


great video, very informative, exactly what I needed.

Alexis Ramirez

I have a question how do I add nails on the plate too the floor if it’s tile

Christopher Sotelo

How to I make sure I don’t screw wires

Tracey Lafontaine

How to open a non low bearing wall, reconnect / re-route electrical double light switch and wall plug? In a weekend or two.

Yugio torres

I need help in how to do a inside wall and this video was very well explained
I hope this guy still making videos cause was 5 years ago
Now is October-2020


3:20 why isn’t the baseboard removed or at least notched? You can’t build a wall up against that!

Savage Slarius

will this cover Mexico lol

Steven Sun

thank you sir!
i love these educational/skill videos on youtube

johny deep

how much would material cost

Ryan Hong

Instructions unclear, built the Great Wall of China

Skelly Bones

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Screws? not nails? Is there a difference in your opinion?

Jay Rule

I learned something new today and also a new word Plumb bob.

Mike Heck

who frames with 2x3?? also please use drywall tape on your joints

John Maxwell

Great video. I think it is 2" x 4" x 8' - unless we're talking doll's house

slipem em110r4

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Fuck. Well I slammed my chair against the wall by accident and it broke. The whole thing fell I think I did it wrong ??

Vanessa Lyra

5am and I just learned how to built a wall. Ty!! let me get up and a built a wall now.

William Eddy

1. Why didn`t you build the wall on the floor and then stand it up ? That seems quicker .     2.  Why did you use screws ? I know they hold better than nails but I have never seen someone use them on a wall .  3. Why did you skip drywall paper when you  were " mudding " the wall after you had the sheetrock up  ?

Tim T89

? that's my stud finder

Moody Mooncatcher

I've tried and tried but my plum bob just doesn't sit right. I think it doesn't work if you only have one ball.


The stud against the wall is crooked because you didn’t cut the baseboard?!?! That makes absolutely no sense. Why didn’t you notch out the baseboard to install that first stud straight and flush against the stud inside wall your connecting your newly framed wall? That new wall immediately now has a bit of an integrity issue.


I found this video etremely hard to follow, is it just me? ?

Berice Frederick

Best how to video?

mag nhorme

Thank You!!! Now even I can do it!


Nah I think this video made things more complicated for me actually. It was all that joist business. No other video I watched mentioned it. I only want to divide a room?

Merry Grace M. Getutua

Yes it is a great day today and will be a little late to the store for a while ago a.

Winona MN

so if you have carpet do you need to remove it before you build the new wall?

dondondon matafaka

someone should send this video to Donald Trump. lmao

Matthew Lavergne

Great tIm using stodoys instructions to make it and I do it already :)


Is there a video that builds the wall with a wooden skeletal structure, insulation, AC power plug and socket, and finishing touches of dry wall, gypsum, and painting?

Recreate Regine

Maybe trump can watch this video instead of taxes us and build his own wall around hisself


also i dont have the same tools and dont want to invest money in it


what a great video, thanks

John Geiger

Am I the only one who thought this was meant to be a pet project during the 'rona lockdowns?

Isack Hernandez

Seems easier to install floor and then install the interior walls.

Recreate Regine


Roomy Rents

Completely ignored the crown molding


Rona ???

Joshua Belisle

so is this why walls dont block noise at all...




is anyone else watching this with no internet of doing it. i’m litteraly 14

JJ Made The Lesson

This guy's accent is weird.

Gankatron 5000

I was searching for videos with the words "screw" and "stud" in it.

...not what I was expecting, but since you know what they say about idle hands, I guess I'm going to be building a wall.

Great video guys!

parker trey

Hi Ryan, just want to thank you for your woodwork plans [ Check Details Here=>deam.design/9trw ]I have tried several other plans and most times I get lost on what to do. This is the easiest and most simple plans ever.

Marvin Alvarenga

Who are the people that do this as a career because it looks fun

Erica Tejas

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Hayden Stuteville

What if I have carpet

Brandon Green

Your company's name has taken on new meaning in 2020

Doro Da Eksplorer PH

I love the way it is

Scott Mclean

how do i find the ceiling joist


How much does this cost?

Mohammed Faraj



This video would make a great drinking game. “Take a shot every time you hear any form of the word stud” lol

Trent D.


Corey Lance

Question. If I am building a wall and the joists are perpendicular to the line of the new wall. the stud isn’t where the new wall would lineup. How do I go about that? Do I just worry about the new studs going into the floor and ceiling joists?

Lanvall Bear

I screwed the stud who was helping me.

Alex Koval

Watching this in 2020 is hitting different with the channel name being the pandemic we are going through

Ezra Brooks

I'm here looking for ideas on a Wall.

Spacaristen SN Pro SONIC_SEGA5

Trump will be happy

Frank Pace

You left the base board on, so I can't imagine this being done right

My Bingi

Hi.. step 6th sheets fixing is wrong sir..
The proses is every sheet screws will be on Horizontal frame ..

Paul Richards

Would have been an easier job if you build the framed wall first, then screw it in the wall and floor.

Sherryl Keith

I am sure you can build it too guys. Just look for woodprix page

How To Use a Drywall Lift

How To Use a Drywall Lift11 Mar. 2014
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Thankyou Good Sir

Otis Campbell

Good, informative video. Thanks for posting it.

Max love

This guy never takes off his hat even when he's having sex with his wife in bed or when he takes a shower

logan jones

Haha 3 or 4 guys to hold the sheet try 2 and 1 person to carry it in ??


it is a handy tool


Whats the size or thickness for the wall that's on the side of the house and the rest and ceiling? TY


This lift is unbelievably stupid!! If you're hanging 12' sheets you have to lift the damn sheet nearly four foot off the ground to get the sheet up to the hooks on the lift!! Why not make the hooks lower to the ground so one guy can use it!!

M Daley

Thank you for posting this! I have to do a brand new 10 x 20 shed and I envisioned all sorts of schemes and contortions to hang the drywall, all of them looking exhausting and slightly dangerous.

Robert Mckinnon

Shannon,good demo.Question. What is the length of the  sheet you lifted in your demo?

Brandon Weaver

Very much appreciate your videos Shannon. I stumbled across your channel some years back and they have been an invaluable help to me. Thanks so much!

Justin Tyrrell

just bought one .... now i know how to use it lol

lawrence ogden



Shannon why put a vapor barrier on the ceiling

dine youssef

what not to like about this video . thanks again for taking the time to make this video . please keep them coming: )


hmm , how high would that tool go up, i have 9ft doors on garage think i have 11 or 12 ft ceiling im want to tin it, that would work perfect

United Cab St Louis

Very good video short and precise Thank you

Conor Turk

are the legs collapsible? the machine looks like it would be hard to fit in thru tight stairs

Bobby Joe

Thanks guy,
I’ve got to buy one of these tomorrow morning and your video will be needed for sure.
Thanks again


thanks for the nice and clear explanation. I'm about to do some renovation on my home and I just bought a unit. By looking at this video a now know what I'm up against.

Spencer Colgan Wallpaper & Painting

Good job Shannon.

mirala sampath mirala

Good sir

Pualani C

Good video so thanks. I’m looking to purchase one and now I see how to use it. I need more research on brands and where I might find a good deal. They range from $39.00 - $399.00 and basically look identical. The research continues. Thanks for taking the time to show us how it works. :) A+++

David Henschel

do you usually drywall the walls first, then the ceiling? I usually do it the other way around...


Lol I wanted to see how you lift the board on your own without it snapping!

Steven Caudil

I notice that it takes two people to lift a piece of drywall into the lift.  Are there any lifts on the market that can allow one person to load the drywall right off the floor?


Can't you use it for walls also??

Treven Wright

Why are plastic on the ceiling joists


Extremely helpful for this newbie! Thanks!

Michael R

Thanks for sharing man!

Less Opinion


Draw Sawyer

Finishing my basement right now and have been on the fence about one of these for the ceiling. You made up my mind! Thanks


Nice video...getting this tool.

Danny Oliver

That S the way to go doing own project but wouldn't make no money getting payed every board put up to make a living

G Michaloski

Thanks for the demonstration

Alan Young

You are operating this lift improperly. The base should be turned 90 degrees from the way you have it placed. Then you can stand without ducking underneath the drywall.

Najja Foluke

Nice video. I'm getting ready to hang some rock and this tool is a must-have because I'm working alone. Looks like it will work just fine. Thanks for posting.


Thanks Shannon. Long time to find this video but it was excellent and a few markers I did not consider - Got a 3-width garage here in the UK and now my worries are over. All I have to do is remove the two classic cars with dead batteries then I can start! Do you ever mark the joists on the wall before offering up the board and do a chalk-line?

Monroe Kunz

Thanks getting ready to do 1st ever drywall and it's a ceiling

Charlie M

after loading the drywall, can you leave the lift bed somewhat tilted? Just wondering because I have a vaulted ceiling.


One question Shannon, do you put the drywall screws in the same pattern in the ceiling as you would when hanging drywall on a wall? Excellent video my friend.

Areal Person

VERY DANGEROUS AND INCORRECT VIDEO !! You trusted your life to the break and they slip and also wear out. My guess is because you do not know how to insert the safety pin.
Which is the #1 requirement that should have been demonstrated for people. You should correct this video (Show people how the pin works in actual operation) with the proper safety or remove this dangerous video. This teaches people not to rely on the pin which could result in death.

Tanner Brown

Why do you not make videos anymore ?

Daniel Rudolph

Good job on this video

Hector Agustin

why don't you ever mark center lines of the studs on the sheet you're working on? makes life a lot easier.


Thanks. One good idea I found from experience. Lock off at least two of the castors before you try to load the sheet or you can find yourself chasing the mongrel thing around the room!! :-)


I have been watching your videos and thank you for the great info you give. I have seen few other videos where they use a glue on the studs before screwing the drywall sheet on. I do see you have some plastic sheet covering the ceiling - what is it? Is that the reason you do not use glue on the studs? Any tips on how to use the lift when using glue on the studs?

Tom Smith


Melvin Maloy

This would make a great sex tool


When you don't have one you use a 2x4 T I d


Is it better to sheet the ceiling or walls first? Any advantages of doing one before the other? I’ve seen varying opinions or reasons

irving Baruch

I love this mans enthusiasm.

Erik Zendejas

I do drywall everyday. fuck this guy and fuck this tool. this is why you are slow at working. a 7min video explaining this shit. in 7min me and two guys would've put a couple sheets up by then. no hate just my opinion.


Using a drywall lift is not rocket science. I would have been delighted if he showed how to assemble the damn thing.

Duane McKitterick

I always like your videos. Good job Shannon


Hi I have one from King Canada that looks exactly the same
, can I use this tool for putting sheet on Wall too?


Nice competent drywall installer...I bet when he's done, the job is nice and clean...Everybody is in a hurry, that's what I like about remodeling; you can take a bit more time...New home building is brutal... When you charge a hunny a sheet; it's nice to have the luxury of time...Charge more; make more...

Ridge Runner

I was raised building houses. I'm probably shorter than I should be from all the panels I've held with my head. We never had a lift. Kitchen sponge in your hat made the days better. No battery drills, had to drag cords. No roto zips, just keyhole saws. But, I'd like to have a panel lift. Glad you showed how it works. Young help can't work the hard way. So, I better get a lift. Thanks.

Danny Lee

I bought one and I thought it was enourmasly flimsy. The drywall bowed so much it was almost 8mpossible to get it snug. The idea is good but the tool isnt

Seth DeYoung

Thanks Shannon. I have learned so much from watching your videos. I really appreciate you taking the time to share your knowledge with the rest of us.


How did you lift the whole sheet from one side?


Awesome. Thanks a ton.


Great step by step video Once again

William Brown

Thank you


One of those things where the measurements need to be exactly right the first time. . up - down.. trim it,up - down.. trim it,up - down trim it.. surface getting marred..lol. Mandatory for someone who's shoulders are gone & hands numb seconds over head.

jafa1213 jafa1213

flat Silings only


already did ceiling i nailed wooden block near where panel will go and twist blocks to hold it up.

Yo Kells

Hi. Why do you have plastics under the beams? Never seen that before. Is that to cancel out the sound?


This one goes to 11.


@Houseimprovements Great video. What is the reason for the plastic on the ceiling? I thought that is only used for outside walls as a vapour barrier.

Toding Ranggas

There isnt in indonesia this tools

Chris Williams

The lift goes to 11!

Mario Lopez

Thanks that was a very informative demo.

Geronimo 2011

I wanted to see how to use it to put a sheet on a wall.


Thanks man. Very helpful

mark albers

U make a lot of good helpful viifeos Shannon

Jack Wellerman

Very well explained. Concise, accurate, clean with valuable tips like have a relatively smooth flood, or when lowering watch that the drywall doesn't catch on anything.

Goldengare Ramirez


suat usta

bir günde kaç metre kare iş yapıyorsun acaba ?

John Russell

what if i need a tool to hold the drywall for the highest drywall on the wall of a 10 foot tall room?? is there something available for that


Awesome job. You helped me with my porch last summer and now I'm finishing the basement and this will help me with that. muchas gracias senor!

Paco Tores

You make some great videos.  They are made for guys like me who like to diy but don't have a lot of expertise.
I watch all you vids.  Thanks for taking the time to help out the regular guy.

Zein Naja

Thanks Shannon! I've been wondering how to install the drywall on the ceiling in my basement. No way me and my wife could do it. I might surprise her, and do it without her knowing. Thanks again!


I liked the video but wish you screwed it in place


Thanks Shannon, big help... Thumbs up...

Amber DiPhillipo

What does this house look like, style, and floor plan? Could you send me a picture.

Luke Martin

You're awesome Shannon. Really enjoy your videos.

google user

Didn't he just say the good side face out, when he clearly has the good side facing down. This guy is questionable at times in videos. I appreciate the vids, but we must still filter for ourselves.

Michole Angela


Julio Dolmus



£100 on amazon. Lethal


god da** you sir. you are a fucking genius ... !

Tommy - RHEC

Just bought one. Your tutorial helped me tremendously. Thank you

Tricks On How To Build And Frame A Wall And "STAND IT BY YOURSELF" Under 2 Minutes

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Trena Pickel

Im using woodprix instructions to make it and I do it already :)

Rhiannon Angell

do it yourself , go to woodprix page and learn how .

BlueGamer Dude

12 inches? go 60 cm and u dont have to use so much wood

Keli Weisgerber

Just google woodprix ;) I made my own thanks to woodprix instructions :)