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What is the best (and fastest) way to lose omental (visceral) fat and are there drugs that help with that? When I took oxandrolone a few years ago, I felt like my pregnancy went down a bit, but now it got even worse, it's almost like I have twins. Could using Anavar again make a difference? Are there any other drugs that might help with that? Or any specific training like vacuums or long steady cardio? What's the role of the diet in this? I eat a lot to build and keep muscle, but I already do take care to eat only foods that I can digest properly, so digestion and bloating are not the issue here, it's the fat itself


My question from last week should have been: since HGH Frag 176-191 is infinitely less expensive than Pharma HGH, how much and what protocol can be used to achieve the equivalent fat loss of 4iu's HGH?


What do you think about primo? is it really worth extra cost over EQ, masteron, etc?


I had a question about combating tren side effects, and your insights on ideal Hollywood body drugs.


What is your opinion on subq trt?


I’m on a cruise on test E 250mg for 2 months now. I pin two times a week, 125mg. On Saturday morning I did my last injection 125mg before I did bloodwork Tuesday morning. My results came back today, and I’m skeptical. My test levels showed 1180ng/dl. I expected my levels to be Higher on 250mg test a week. I switched the test E from Balkan Pharmaceuticals to Test from Bayar Schering 3-4 weeks ago. I know the Balkan was legit, but now I’m wondering If the Bayer product may be underdosed/counterfeit. Shouldn’t my test levels be around the 2000 ng/dl mark at this dose? I also noticed after I changed brands that I got some small acne on my shoulders, I guess this is from a change in my hormone levels. My E2 levels were 0.244 nmol/L (or 41 pg/ml).


Can Equipose lower ACTH and cortisol levels? My cortisol was 1 and ACTH was 6. I haven't used any other meds or cortisone injections. Levels were normal prior to beginning my test cyp 400mg/Eq 400mg p/week cycle. Labs were done at week 8. I am normally on 200mg a week of test cyp TRT.


Could you please explain the mechanism of action and the proper way of administration of the anti-ischemic drug Mildronate (meldonium) for athletic purposes? Is the effect of mildronate instant or should we should start using it several days or weeks prior to the competition (boxing or tennis )? Do you believe that the blockage of carnitine biosynthesis by mildronate could suppress fat loss ?


What is a safe dose of masteron to run year-round? Also, what is a safe dose of masteron on blast to run for say 20 weeks?


If you increase your TRT dose (let’s say you go from 150mg to 250mg test enanthate per week), will that help to maintain your muscle mass during a period like this with all the gyms closed? Of course, you continue to eat properly, do cardio and lift at home with lighter weights, resistance bands and max intensity.


Is there a way of balancing electrolytes while on cycle to prevent heart rhythm abnormalities? I’m not talking crazy high doses. Let's say someone is using a stack, up to 500mg a week total of either test+anavar, test+tren or test+nandrolone. I selected those because: a) those are popular stacks b) I am considering using one of these stacks c) all 3 compounds are potentially arrhythmogenic due to high level of anabolism and calcium retention. I experienced some arrhythmia some time into my 500mg a week test cycle, while I was laying in bed my heart would slow down and beat 2-3 times very slowly and then it would be back to normal. I have to say that I have been checked by a cardiologist and I have no pre-existing heart conditions, so these arrhythmias had to be induced by high dose of testosterone. From what I am reading, arrhythmia is common on cycle due to imbalance in electrolytes caused by anabolics. If you have any suggestions on how to prevent that from happening or minimize it, it would be greatly appreciated.


We know that steroid users usually present Erythrocytosis. Except for therapeutic phlebotomy, is there any other way to treat it? 2 drugs which are used commonly to treat hypertension (enalapril and losartan) show remarkable results in patients with post kidney transplant erythrocytosis. Do you think they could be beneficial also for steroid users?


Can I use natural progesterone cream with TRT? I read that it lowers estrogen and DHT. It can help with my hair loss. But I also read it causes blood clotting. Your opinion please?

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Armand Carstens

Hi Doc. I watch every week and I love the series keep it up. However my grandfather is 86 tomorrow and I have been thinking of injecting him in with Deca Durabolin for his arthitis problems. He has had this auto immune disease for about 20 years and its sad to see him going from cycling the Cape Argus to struggling to walk to make coffee in the morning. He was the one that got me into fitness and I feel obliged to help me. (He is doing all his exercises and I throw in a bit of progressive overload as well. Seemingly the BioKinetist doesnt focus on that.) Deca Durabolin is famous for Left Ventricle Hypertrophy. I was wondering whether it would be stupid to inject him with Deca. I know its one huge stretch but seemingly it used to be available for human consumption I thought it could be less dangerous if he receives small dosages. Keep up the great work THANKS !

Frank R

Hi guys. If i was to take 2ius of HGH post workout (not taking any insulin), when could I take my post workout shake? Is adding Karbolyn ok with this?

Dave G

Great video guys.... I was going through the previous videos in the play list of MD an theres quite few missing in the numbers are they in another location?

Carlos Criner

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I had to go off trt too, doctor. My doc let me go cold turkey! Yikes. 3 months coming back to low. Difficult, going on CPAP soon.

Clark Cioccolatino

Great content! Question for Dr. T: your opinion on short cycles with high dosage, for example 20 days sustanon 500mg ed and after 20 days deca 400mg ed - Author L.Rea and Paul Borresen proposed these type of cycles. Regards from Italy!

Harms Fields

Guys. last longer in bed does not need to be hard (I used to think it did). I'm going to give you some advice right now. Get a popular erectile dysfunction treatment called Erectodom Secrets (just google it). Thanks to it I've last longer in bed. I probably should not even be speaking about it cause I don't really want lots of other guys out there running exactly the same game but whatever. I'm just simply in a excellent mood right now so I will share the wealth lol.

Patrick Cook

Ron here in Md we have laid off Dr's and nurses. John Hopkins Hospital has laid off staff. No sign of a pandemic here, you need to get your facts straight. It is bad enough listening to the idiots on msm, you need to stick to your known subject.

Dave G

whats your thoughts on injetable vitamins like b12, glutamine, arginine and carnitine do they have a place or only useful if you have deficiency? can too much of these be an issue.

Will using growth hormone 3iu in morning fasted prevent my night time pulse of natural gh due to elevated igf1


First thanks you so much Ron and Georges.... please,IS there a Real interest to put dhea and pregnolone on a trt (only 50 mg /5 days) to avoid taking hcg ?..

Could you speak about lowering cortisol on morning?any realtionship with insulin?

Thanks take care

Warren Bowles

Great video as always. Thanks to both of you!

Chris Dee

hm that makes no sense, caloric deficit and reducing insulin to boost hgh to burn fat to get rid of the gut is the way to go, yes! but smaller meals every two hours to boost metabolism (which is an old myth and debunked many times) will further spike insulin and not lowering it. the best way to lower insulin is to go on a ketogenic diet combined with intermittent fasting so 16/8 with 2 meals a day high potein moderate fat low carb will burn bodyfat much quicker by lowering insulin and use ketones as a fuelsource instead of glucose. i lost 40 pounds without lowering my calories within 12 months by just doing this and i was not overweight to begin with.

Christopher Sakos

What’s the best angle to pin and inject steroids like 90 degrees?? Should it be administered quickly or slow ? How can someone prevent the development of scar tissue ??is aspirating essential ? And should someone massage the area after the injection ? Thank you for answering my question


Hey DR T. Whats your thoughts on doing an anavar alone cycle for cutting, im thinking about taking 20 mg / day for 4 weeks. Do i need pct after this? This would be my first cycle. Greetings from finland

matte hansen

first Q 5:10

Robert Frank

I am 51 years old. I am on Trt 185mg a week testcyp. I am thinking about taking HGH. What is a good dosage and can you take it all year long?

Christopher Sakos

Can I use tren E and Test E in the same syringe or is it better to inject them seperetely ?? Is 250 of Test e enough for 200mg of Tren e or should I up the testosterone ?? Any good supplements about kidney protection from the Tren ?? And supplements for heart protection

Christopher Sakos

I’m thinking about starting a beginner cycle with only deca and stack the 3 other drugs that you had recommended on a previous video, proviron ,dhea and the third one that I can’t seem to remember its name. The reason I avoid the use of test is because i want to minimise the shutdown after the cycle I am too young to start a trt treatment and I do not want to experience a long time of low test would rather to add a small amount of deca and these 3 to experience minimal flactuations (ups and downs) on my test levels because I’m 21 . Is this a solid option for a cycle and what doses would you recommend is I prefer not using test. I know that test is almost always a must but I don’t want to replace my natural production


enough testosterone thats why guts soming out

carsten nielsen


m maxal

Thank you so much Dr. T and ron, for answering my pregnancy question. ❤ i will try keto diet and see how much i can get it down with this. Im currently taking testosteron already, so these two together should work very well. Thank you! ??

Land Shark

Thanks for the answer on Frag guys.

Marquis Harmon

As specialist, I believe Erectodom Secrets can be great way to achieve total control over your erectile dysfunction. Why not give it a shot? maybe it will work for you too.

Buddy Wu

I live in the United States. Here we can “donate” plasma twice a week for about $70. Being a college student this sum on money helps. What are the affects of frequent plasma donation on muscle growth and the cardiovascular system?

Leo and Longevity

Great video Ron, loved it.

Paul Harvey

Can you ask doc what normal days stress does to body .why feel drained ?

William Brewster

Covid is a bull shit lie.


1000mg of Bayer Rimobolan will change your life

Using Supplements with Common Sense Part 3 - Postworkout

Using Supplements with Common Sense Part 3 - Postworkout8 Oct. 2018
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Post workout nutrition is

Post workout nutrition is an important part of one’s fitness program. As one gets older, you don’t want to waste time using supplements that don’t work or not know how to use supplements wisely. In this third and final part I cover specifically what makes sense when using a post workout shake.

Part One of this series:


Part Two of this series:


Email: [email protected]

How to estimate protein yield:



Protein taken after exercise:



Taking protein with carbohydrates:



Creatine Article:


Mike Matthew’s website:







Protein Spiking Article:


Caffeine effect on Creatine:




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Daniel Krichavets

What is your opinion on the amino acid profile of Veg-Pro by Steel supplements?




Hey, was waiting for the video for a long time, very informative. At minute 9:58 of the video you say you take your creatine and your protein shake separately. Is it ok to just mix your creatine in your protein shake with your fruits and vegetables? Thanks

Ralphy Perdomo

wow i’m glad i found this informative video ??

Daniel Fuerst

Great video!

Justin Zachary

Do you cycle on/off creatine?

Tyler Wentworth

Does cardio have an effect on building muscle? In my research I've found sites that state it has no effect and others that state in hinders building muscle.

The Big Dorf

Is the water retention something to worry about with creatine monohydrate? Should I consider HCL instead?

Sandeep Gahar

Are there any negative side effects (baldness) of creatine?

Gabe Fernandez

you’ve done it again!!! great info

Robert Dickerson

What are the best supplements for male sexual enhancement?

"Superstruction" DCUO HERO

Which post workout do you use?

Nicholas Mathison

Have been searching for a vegan powder with the amino acid profile and thanks to you I have found it! Thank you for the great information.

Andrew Malenda

Are you using the unflavored protein powder?