Half bicep curl

English Coach - BIcep Curl Half Reps Full Reps

English Coach - BIcep Curl Half Reps Full Reps27 Apr. 2018
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Half Bicep Curls: Dumbbells: Video 01

Half Bicep Curls: Dumbbells: Video 013 Feb. 2014
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IMPORTANT: KEEP YOUR BACK STRAIGHT. If you feel the need to bend backwards, get smaller weights.

Curl Dumbbells halfway up from fully extended position. Pause, then slowly lower back to start position.

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Biceps Curl | Contraction and Extension

Biceps Curl | Contraction and Extension18 Sep. 2019
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The Bicep Curl is a

The Bicep Curl is a staple movement in the gym that targets the elbow flexors. These are:


2️⃣Biceps brachii



1️⃣Brachialis - is the deepest of the elbow flexors and will be activated regardless of wrist/forearm position (i.e. supinated, pronated, neutral) and regardless of whether or not the movement is resisted.

2️⃣Biceps brachii - has origins on the scapula, which means it plays a small role in shoulder flexion. It inserts at the radial tuberosity but also creates a tendon-like sheath called the bicipital aponeurosis that covers the wrist flexors. This is important because when the forearm is supinated it creates an advantageous position for the biceps to flex. When the forearm is pronated, it puts the biceps in a disadvantaged lever arm.

3️⃣Brachioradialis - is a forearm supinator and pronator and aids in elbow flexion. Many ppl think that it is only activate in neutral and pronated flexion, however, it is more active in supinated flexion, but has an increasing contribution to elbow flexion in the pronated position because the biceps are disadvantaged in pronation.

A flexion angle of 55 degrees in the semi-prone position seems to be the most optimal position to activate both the biceps and brachioradialis!

This means if you want to get a strong bicep curl - use the EZ bar!!

Listen to our podcast for more info: https://podcasts.apple.com/au/podcast/dr-matt-and-dr-mikes-medical-podcast/id1270681468

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Ben Creech

really helpful and interesting

Jillian Schafer

Thank you this actually helps me understand better!

Avenue Music Group

Amazing breakdown!


Very weak biceps
Will try these 3 exercises
Thank you for the clear understanding

Patrick Nguyener

this was super helpful! thanks!


I just did some biceps curls in the gym ??

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Nice man ❤️❤️❤️

Scott C

This is awesome! I love learning the science side of working out. When are we going to get the other muscle groups like pecs, lats, traps, abs, etc?


Extension is more dependent on the extensor muscles, not flexors.

Neeraj Kumar

Awesome ????