Jean claude van damme ass

Jean-Claude Van damme Kicking ass in Universal Soldier

Jean-Claude Van damme Kicking ass in Universal Soldier10 Aug. 2007
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best scene in the whole movie :D I laughed so much :D too funny

Jean-Claude Van Damme Thinks Conan Has A Nice Butt

Jean-Claude Van Damme Thinks Conan Has A Nice Butt6 Feb. 2019
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CONAN Highlight: The

CONAN Highlight: The Muscles From Brussels shows Conan how to build up his buttocks.

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Flat Top

I like Conan’s awkwardness

Alexander Krüger

Wtf ? ??


JCVD seems like such a humble dude


Andy's priceless. ???

Chad Evans

jcvd rules

Thomas Mills

Hes right about that exercise.

Paul Bee

Can't wait to walk in Starbucks and see people on the floor doing this.


JCVD is a legend. Long live Jean Claude. Always so positive

Chloe Rayel

This video is killing me! please make it stop ? :(

mahesh anand

Is van damme drunk??


Only Goldblum gets to fondle Conan, Jean-Claude! Get that through your head!


I was about 7 when I saw Double Impact, it was amazing.

Daniel Quinn

Sounds like Van Damme helped Conan with an issue he's been struggling with for a long time. Check out my thumbnail.


“You turn your butt in my face”

Maxine 27

? Conan's butt!

Gaspar Josue

He is best man in the world I don't care how old is him I just love43v3r


In certain Belgium news articles they made it sound like Jean-Claude Van Damme was groping Conan.


Christ! Those extra small clothes make Conan’s head look a hell of a lot bigger than it already is!!


Chris D'Elia needs to do a parody of this with Bryan Callen.

Bruno Ferreira

JCVD is a legend

James Fanon

The way JCVD laughs at 1:20 and pull Conan’s head towards his is so sweet and funny. These two know eachother almost for thirty years now can u believe that? Great comradeship. JCVD has always been very sweet and such a cool guy in these interviews. Always up for sillyness

Dear Sal

I love how smooth Conan is. He instant went on the floor without asking why



Ben rhouma Kouloud

Hhhhhh Conan wants his leg to bé touched hhhhhhh so funny


I love Conan. But, he is lacking in the butt area. I would happily give him a portion of my hippo butt. Call me ?


Jean-Claude, is my butt OK?


You don’t have it anymore JCVD!!!!!


let him talk! how long how many times a day!

Sakata Samig

dat ass tho

Latin Coffee

Conan has no ass LOL!


commenters currently doing butt crunches...

lolitta purple

2:20 omg he was like a fish getting out of water ?????

James Johnson

Can't wait for the Jean-Claude Van Damme butt-training video on VHS.

Clark Kent

The gayest moment of my life

Yavuz Yavuz

Jcvd always trying to teach. Love that

Charlie Ingham

This video is precious to me


i love how conan has no shame

Robert Feight

I have the same toosh issue. Will give this a shot. Thanks, Van Damme....and Conan for having no butt.

Malachi Murphy

Imagine getting groped by a guy that can whoop your ass.


Well, that went weird fast.

Anthony Floyd

I am crying lol


Conan take JCVD to BRUSSELS and make a show there ! You'll have some nice waffels, fries, and beers...

André Luiz da Silva

Van Damme, is the master of comedy

mario poseidon

Good workout I can do it in my bed

Michelle Lemmons

Lose the tie clip. It's weird.
Thank you.
The Whole World

Martin Ezequiel

I’m actually trying to get rid of my ass, any tips JCVD? ?

Jared Mehrlich

I love Andy's advanced party etiquette... He knows when two dudes start horseplay, to move the coffee table! He moved it like 12' feet!

HD hd



awwww i love this xD

bass wind


Luvkid Nash

Who else contracted their butt for 3 seconds. ?‍♀️✋✋✋

J Zip

Butt... Ahh nevermind.

Darrion Kemp

van dam the man the myth!

Pulchra Tribe

connan kills me!! lmaoooooo

Darin Wells

Is there anything more funny than Conan acting surprised that his butt is the topic. As if he has never mentioned it in the past.. 2 weeks..


He's like a nice fitness instructor who encourages you about your body. "You can do it ..."

Daniel B

Why is this segment? ?

s rico

Vandamme is like a bad dog off his leash !!!

Michelle Lemmons

You are so relaxed now, yet uptight enough to clip your tie to your shirt. What is that? Go all the way and be loose and comfortable or don't. Pick a side. Larry David agrees.

Michael Alegria

3 ammigos part 2 please

Danijela Sakotic

OMG, his voice.. OMG, his everything. He has been my crush since childhood. <3 Love ya JCVD

René Jiménez

thanks JCVD! my journey to have a butt starts today

Matty Mobbs

Love van damme

Наиль Умаров

When a straight man touches another man's butt and still looks 100% straight. ? Vann Damme living legend

Nikolaj NB

1:00 Acting cant save you from going more red than a stop signal

Joe Mullari

Andy is cute.

Coming from a straight guy



JCVD is Top 3 action movie stars of all time!


Creepy frog?


Wow, I don't believe in it 1:16

Yurchik Belov

Thumbs up if you were contracting your butt while watching this video ?

mike zhao

You want some cookies, I said yes.


JCVD just seems so humble and overall nice guy to hang out with and learn so much from!


Conan becoming more gayer wtf dude

Dutch Miller

Jean claude is hammered lol

Melonknee S

Any sense8 fans?


So funny ??

Mike Folgers

Spiraling the drain... Society is spiraling the drain.


It was nice to see Jean Claude looking towards and talking to Andy a decent amount of time. Most guest don't even address him sometimes.

Iron Fan

LMAO... JCVD just starts off with Conan's butt self esteem issues.
S A V A G E . (Hilarious too).

Rocky Barrs

Not cool


"Grippy Bottom" strikes again

Gaspar Josue

For me it doesn't matter or I mean i don't care how crazy people think about this video. But jcvd just try to explain or show very good on his own way to understand better .But people just have natty things on their heads , like the old man conan doesn't have respect for jcvd


2:30 Glitch 2Xspeed >>fast frwrd

Ian Segobio

With all due respect, it looks like JCVD had a stroke. Playing the video on 150% speed gets better though...



suzanne schulz

For 70 Claude looks Great

Bruce Wayne

Haha conan for president

HBR Karki

Jcvd comes to Conan show to check Conan butt.

קיריל סגדין

JCVD is cute...?

Alan Diaz

Why is Conan treating JCVD like he's not american?

Brandon Schneider

Jean-Claude Can Damme should have played Gambit from the X-Men. Lord we need time machines in our lives!!! Sitting behind a desk to do an interview is dated AF imo. This new format works for me :)


No playing games with Jean Claude, "let me feel it", that's the European way

Lil Cartelito b

YouTube is messing with conans subscribers I been watching carefully for years and they never go up but the jimmys and the Britt guys are exploding with views and subs almost triple what conan gets

Andrew Castro

I hate the new 30min format. Wish I would go back to an hour

Lizbeth Cruz

My mom is still a huge fan of his & still wishes he were her bf lol

Clark Kent

Dammer I would let van Damme touch my but no homo

f73ddy80 G

Thanx for da tip van damme.?

Landa 713

This was gold


believes his butt is CoNcAVE

Shichibi no Raijuu

I love how Conan is like a schoolgirl after her first kiss questioning her life choices at 1:18

Van Damme - Final fight in Knock Off

Van Damme - Final fight in Knock Off2 Dec. 2008
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Jean Claude Van Damme

Jean Claude Van Damme kicking ass in Knock Off.

Comments (22)
dubbelo adios

jews Israelites satellites


Underrated Flick.

hoang thanh

Remember time


nice movie


This russian future lung cancer ward patient has the most ridiculous scream ever.

Carolina Chavarria lopez


Rob S.

wannabe of Double Team and Double Impact

Irfan Yousaf

van damme great elbows and kicks 3.05 to 3.09

Deez Nutz

Oh.shit another spining back kick impressive repitoir


van damme shoulda got an academy award for this movie. ACTING!!! tdid you see the way he looked at the nerd before he got his head chopped off? lmao! ACTING!

Wouter van der Giessen

JCVD is doubled in like 80% of all the action shots. LOL. How sad.

Raziel Angel

The slipping scenes are perfect hahaha!


In my opinion this is one of the worst Van Damme's movies!I know that many people say,ok fuck the plot and let's see the fighting only,but i don't wan't only good action scenes.I believe that a good plot makes the movie better.

dubbelo adios

nice time boys and girls 70 80 90

Т-800 Карл

Почему Гордон Фримен встал на сторону зла и где его фомка?))


Van Damme movies are so bad. But I just watched Expendables 2 and my nostalgia kicked in...I need to watch all his films again lol.


LOL do you know the dude's name?

Ayhan Yoeruek



0:54 Gordon Freeman means business.

Oliver Lannister

this is funny scene i enjoid it to see

Vidal Singh

What happened to the baddie at 2:30?

Stephane Gregory Dan

I actually do not agree with most people saying this movie is bad. I think this is one of Van Dammes best movies. This movie is called Knock Off. A Knock Off is a counterfit product. And the director himself was so fed up with american execs telling him how to make movies instead of giving him creative freedom, so he created a whole Knock Off as a movie. The plan behind it is actually genius if you think about it. The acting is a knock off, the screenplay itself was meant as a knock off. Everything in this movie actually wears the name proudly. Plus the director used this movie as an excuse to experiment for his next movie. So basicallly this was his playground to see how it would work out. And his next movie was a masterpiece. The problem you have like many others is not that you didn't like the movie due to its dumbness but because you cannot even appreciate creativity when it's written all over it. The shots are visually stunning. What he does with the camera. The fight in the fruit market was excellent. The rickshaw race. Just take a look at all the work they put in to craft those silly sequences. Yes! Your heard me. SILLY SEQUENCES: The whole movie is SILLY. The Life of Brian is exactly the same thing. And everybody loves it. But no, take Van Damme make an action movie and when it's made silly, most of us hate it. Curious huh? And that's the point of it. This movie is great and you all wanted a typical hollywood flick. The movie doesn't even take itself seriously. None of you did get the criticism behind it, well guess what: It's a Knock Off.