Push up clap behind back

How To Clap Behind Your Back Push-Ups

How To Clap Behind Your Back Push-Ups6 Nov. 2014
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Hope this short tutorial

Hope this short tutorial works out for you guys.!

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Bon Ary

How many of those can you do?

Cambo 100

Keep up the motivation bro

Timothy Hubener

I would start with doing wall back clap push-ups first & work my way down to the floor,personally.

Kevin Smiley

This is a knock off video of another video


awesome video bro!

starla douglas

This Nate "king_nate600" Well done bro

Timothy Law

This man think he strong

Brianna Itson

thta is awesome

rafael leon

Hey brayan??

Lourdes Torrey

Braaayaaan, ohhh meehhh goshh! You made a good video!

Braedan border

You suck

paulina pena

It was a very helpful video for beginners and all around awesome lol

Jose Vazquez

Keep it up bruh ??

Jose Franco

Keep it up Brodie

Jose Franco

Great tutorial

Tjdabl3ssed G0d

That's fye

Bald Gold

hey man, what did you do or what exercises did you do to achieve that straight form when doing back clap push ups? what did you do to master the explosive push ups?
at first, did you pop your hips so high then when you got used to it, your hips was getting straighter?

Bald Gold

hey can someone pls answer? how can he do the back clap push up without even bringing his hips up? I mean his hips are perfectly straight and not arched. HOW????

How To: Kuki Pushup Tutorial | Progressions - Back Clap Pushup

How To: Kuki Pushup Tutorial | Progressions - Back Clap Pushup13 Sep. 2018
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Boss Guy

The cookie push up

Home of Everything Calistutotials

Bro You are very talented and everything is great but the thing is camera angles ? ✋


Austin, your journey in making your channel and brand is inspiring. Watching your videos I have learned so much and transformed my body and functional strength. But please, stop putting so much useless commentary about what you are going to do in your video. I skip through it everytime, I already clicked on the video because of the title, I want to see you actually talk about what you are doing. Just go right into it; pros, cons, progressions leading up, cool montages with interesting angles, some common mistakes and what injuries you can develop if your body compensates. I like your stuff Austin, just way to much talking about stuff that no one cares about. If you want to look at a reference point to what I am talking about, look at how Casey Neistat structures his vlogs. The structure he uses works because every bit is something interesting visually, all the while giving pertinent information that you want to here about. No one wants to hear and watch you give an intro and abstract before the body of work. It does mean shorter videos, but trimming the excess dialogue means better quality of your videos.

Mohammad AL-Khatib

FYI you were in Palestine the other day, not Israel ? ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

David Briggs

Thank You for tha help I figured out how to do the kuki push

s e a n. m

Kuki, do you love me?
Are you clapping?
Say you’ll never ever leave from the back clap
Coz I want to
Learn how to do it
And I’m Down for the tutorial. Sorry


i had music and the sayed we would show song and tehn i show pullup or shutup thx for your awsome song but it was hard to get information about you

407 Dream Chaser

Imagine yo first time doin this??

Harish hari


The Mike Penguin Podcast

Getting a major thenx vibe from this video ?


His body just perfect!!!


Yo what's yo haircut called?

Big Panda

Shit you have got even biger wow!!!!

Cris Romero

This move looks hard but I'll try it thanks Austin ??


Thanks for sharing your info your the reason I started calisthenics

Nosakhare Iyamu


Vdj smile

Songs ?


#austindunham you are trying boss, I finally got the move.. I will be Happy if can also help me on my channel..


Great video


You FORGOT the most important progression exercise MAN!! You need to eat cookies

Deez ```

Lol, The "Kuki" is in Hungarian means dick.. :P


Awesome tutorial??

Indrek Guitor

Why does bending the knees help? Compared to super man push-up, where legs are straight.

Johnson Kapofi

think u now information is here great video???


Gotta work on my clapping pushups then ??
Keep the videos coming

Thando Khumalo

Yo Austin.. Please make a video on how to combine Calisthenics with weight training bro ??‍♂️

adam fox

Any updates on the double dip bars ? Also will the mega bar ship at the same time?!

Nijat Salamov

Qaqa, yeri yoxdu yetim.

Jesus Christ



William Santiago

Austin, you gotta do a beard tutorial my man.


Elexcitie.wordpress.com love your vids

Raoul Moreira

Hmm? Cookie push up?

Stephen Kane

I can hear the ambulance coming for me already

Nicholas Saputra

Great video austin! I have a question, do you cool down after your workout? If yes what are you doing? Could you make a video of that?

mahmoud yaseen

Handstand clap tutorial please ?

How Depressing

Those shoulders tho ?


Looks like you losing some muscle mass Austin what’s up with that you slacking?


Helpful ??


You forgot the most important cue: hip flexion; without it your lower body will not lift!


Appreciate it on the tutorial Austin been watching you ever since I was 16 and gave me great advice ever since then!

Brian Pratt


Compa Ghost

Can't wait to see the beard transformation video

James Guy

Hi Austin! Do you do coaching?

Chrisgeo Fitness

Glad you told us to first try it on a field. Grass doesn't taste that bad tbh


Nicely explained ??

Geetika OP

Kuki, do you love me?

Teddi Freestone

Hero ??

Raffaele Manfredi

austin can you do a tutorial for “freestyle push-ups ” video?

Hamza Khizer

The start had that Chris heria vibe


gains this weekend?

Fork Draws

Ayyy Austin the quality is awesome! And you been lookin swole as fuuu! I wanna by the SauceStraps

Meek Rodriguez


Brendan Meyers

Finally, I get to eat kukies while doing push ups.

Matthew Hileman

Such an inspiration man. I love all the progress you've been through and inspired me everyday to push harder in my workouts.

High FOurce



Nice ???


Ive been looking for it and found it


Damn dude your physique tough

ATL Baby

Russell Wilson??????

Joshua Bush


Eat clen, tren hard and TEST the limits!


Thanks for sharing your info your the reason I started calisthenics


Thanks man, very useful info and clear instruction. I can do Superman altho not 100% perfect straight (yet), but will be working on the Kuki progression at the same time. Feels great to do the explosives, its like releasing all your stress and emotions.

Ádi Kovács

Kuki az máshol van

Mongo longo

You should do a collab with atleanx he likes bodyweight too

Kyrian Yao

Austin Dunham back again with a new video... and a BEARD!! ???

Asem Magdy

Why do you sound like Chris Heria??????

Jason DX2

Is it possible to do a behind the back clapping planche push up?

Sarah Wang

I wanna get your program but im too broke


Man is the best channel up here. Bodyweight exercises are best.

Joshua Jackson

You was at my school


Could you try n make a video on how to become more Vascular?

Mxrcuuss -

What age did you start working out?


calisthenics battle?


Thank u these r gonna help me so much. Keep up the great work

Hamza Joka

Thank's Bro

bidu campos

i fucked up my foot toe trying to do.this push up without bending the knee, i didnt knew that i had to tuck them, now im afraid of doing it again


austin i know this is off topic but can u tell me what kinda sneakers ur putting on in this video?or at least tell me the brand thanks in advance... and also if u get to pick one color white or black for your training/casual sneakers, which color would u choose?


You look like Khalid

Bilal Khokhar

i can do back clap pushups

Emmanuel Drummer

Dude i have been following u since 3 and half good years... How did u grow a beard so sudden and fast. Like next video u had a scruff/ three day beard. Reveal that pls when uve got half a mil suscribers

Ruxtiztzi Yxoxyxoyx

His delts are the size of my pecs


Good job bro.. Cool channel, people like you and Chris Heria are a great motivation and example for me and many people and the main reason why I'm starting to approach calisthenics and care more about my body!...
Anyways I saw in some old videos that you have a few ..I don't know how theyre called.. Stretch marks? I have that problem too under my shoulders and I noticed that they got more evident when I started to train again... I was wondering if you know something about that and if you had any tips or things to say about that, maybe if u want to talk about that in a video it'd be nice if u didnt already. Sorry for my english

Michael Batrakov

YOur body looks like an oval; what happpened?

Kylar Stern

my god, your calf i this video is look so thin, by the way, nice movie

Kyall Baartman

Great thanks ???

Ath Siv

Austin you're huge and all but can you start putting shirts on in your videos because I have 5 roommates in my apartment now and I don't want the getting the wrong ideas about me

Makai Smith

I can do back clap push ups no problem but, I’m about to try hip tap push-ups. I think I can do those as well! Those sauce wraps are hard, think I’m going to get those and double dip bars!

Surjeet Suman Acharya

Best tutorial... Shout out to Austin. He is the best.. Respect from India ??????❤️❤️❤️❤️


Do another back pull up bar workout routine please

Filmy Kida

If I do daily hard exercise
So can that work effect my hight . I mean if I do daily hard exercise my hight isn't increase is that true please reply me???

Ydiop Bdap

Very inspiring! Check out my latest push up video, thanks!

Alpha Strength

Very efective tutorial, I do lot of tutorials on my YouTube channel too,

Nayan Yadav

Brother i love you

Jaden van Rijswijk

I’ve been training for a month now and my abs are kinda starting to see ??

Le_Tiebreaker __

People wants a daaamn hair routine !!!!
Nice tuto by the way...

Matthew Simmons

your striations in your shoulders are ridiculou you are a genetic freak

Sean Francis Waters Lancaster

This video was so good I saved it in my playlist

- xNostalgia -

Here before this video blows up! Love your vids bro❤?

Back Clap Push Up Tutorial (SECRET TRICK) ?

Back Clap Push Up Tutorial (SECRET TRICK) ?24 Jan. 2021
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The back clap push-ups

The back clap push-ups are an advanced push-up variation that a lot of calisthenics athletes want to unlock. In this back clap push up tutorial I break down the progressions and one trick that will make the whole process x10 times easier. If this video helps you make sure to leave a like :)

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Lad Saw

Why am I the first to comment this guy deserves more