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MY TATTOO JOURNEY *realism sleeve*

MY TATTOO JOURNEY *realism sleeve*21 Feb. 2019
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Had a ton of fun talking

Had a ton of fun talking about my tattoo journey/tour. Gave tips and prices on most of my pieces, and I've only just begun! If you have any questions or random shit you'd like to mention feel free to leave a comment I love replying to them!

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Josh Graham

Love hearing your positive outlook on tattoos - your intro was really great too. Solid vid my guy


I wanna get tats on my arm but they are kinda hairy. Just wondered if you shaved them cause i noticed your other arm has about as much hair as mine but the tatted one doesn't. Do you shave it or do the tats just stand out anyways?

Parliment Jenkins


Xo Blaytn

ouu clean asf bro, im half way done w my sleeve and already want everything else tatted haha


"from now on I really want unique, original designs..." Continues to get a rose, skull, hourglass and Poseidon hahahah

nick der

How much does the whole.sleeve cost?

Matthew Owen

love the 4:56 "fucc no baby"


I’m freaking out right now. Prior to watching this video I’ve been really wanting to get a realism rose and Zeus piece on my arm. Then I found this video. The YouTube Gods are watching...

Joe Peters

I’m two sessions in my black n grey realism sleeve n in. Two sessions I got two portraits in and a card section...3 sessions on one skull unless they were like 2-3 hr sessions


So fire dawg

Corey Young

man was planning on gettting tats in dallas. but then corona screwed that up

Drew Coggins

I got a cross last week, getting a flag and roses too hopefully will make a full half sleeve. Then gotta come up w more ideas but I’m addicted haha

Hamzah al-mahdy

Super dope but 25 hours for the posiden is waaaaaaayyyyy to long for something like that damn . I have tattoos that detailed and size that took 8 or 9 hours


You missed the prices for some tattoos


I like how you call it a tattoo collection

mason gomes

The sleeve is really nice and that Poseidon piece is so nice


Did anyone get to total? I clocked like 6k.

A Boarx

Care to share why you needed brain surgery? I have a rare brain tumor and may need surgery one day.

Ruby Patino

I’m turning 18 in 3 weeks aka 3 weeks until I get my first tattoo and I’ve just been watching hella tattoo videos recently lol probably to calm the nerves ??

James Klein

How that rose take 12 hours which is crazy n it only cost 600 (50 an hr)


Bro I want to know if every one of those tats mean something to you. If you can honestly say yes. You are one of my ppl

Anthony Psilocybin

tattoo looks nicely done but it just dont suit you, doesnt suit your face and your personality.

Bleiveie singing

beautiful character


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0XhPk-_yK3c what do you think about mine?

Anthony Steed

I've been planning my abstract tattoo sleeves for almost 4 years. Mostly around the ideal of justice/a eye for a eye and mercy but what I want to know is should you have multiple artist work on a sleeve or a single artist?

Christian Jones

dude be realistic
it's a small needle going in and out your body at a fast paste with blood rushing and then your body breaks it down so the ink can go in

it hurts .

I am covered in tattoos
this guy I feel like is just being a hard ass and a show off how he tries to be funny to distract you from the simple point that he's just being a douche

chelsea goralewicz

wondering whos the artist that did your posiden peice

Namjong digru

Pale skin Asian guys, probably best canvas to get tattoos. No body hair and nice skin...


Do you think you do or ever will regret your tattoos?

holden killa

So where from TX are you?


This dude reminds me of TJ Dillashaw an his tattoos

Alejandra Lastra

dude what??? i’m also getting my first tattoo at my 18th birthday and it is also on january 30th this year

Jay Ali


allen jan

nice tats


Check out Bob Lewis, he does AMAZING WORK


First and foremost ...congrats for make it through ...secondly ...thanks for the input ...and nice tattoos !


I feel like tattoos in America take double the time to do and also double the price or more compared to Europe

Jake George

Good tats man. I really like the redwood

Bryan Meyer

Get your whole chest done lol it’s quite the experience

Mr. Lightskin

My dude you got ripped off with the rose, i got the exact same one for 250$


Hi bro, nice video, i have a question, how did you connect all ur tattoos? I mean, when u get the background?

Alejandro caballero

I'm from dallas , and I'm currently looking for an artist to do my next tattoo. Is there anyone in dallas you'd recommend?

Toya Cerice

Probably the dopest sleeve I’ve ever seen

Jimiah Walker

Every white kid with a sleeve is an expert? still gotta lot of bare skin bub

George Cooper

Saw the vape juice in the background boy

Nathan Goldman

Do u regret any tattoos

Pool Guy

I swear the Poseidon, Zeus etc pieces look so damn good and I would get them if I didn't see every other guy with the exact same sleeves all the time.

Bhaskar Bisht

If you really want hyper realistic tattoos check out "Alien Tattoos"
Checkout some of their work.??

Dayota4 10 Brany Benny Brenda Mage

Dear Drew, I really love your dove tattoo on your arm. ??❤? #NoSanaNoLife #NoTWICENoLife


realism tattoos look sick but when getting a full sleeve i personally feel that it looks clausterphobia-inducing.

matthew fraser

"Piece"...nails on a chalkboard

Nathan Goldman

Do u plan on getting anything else

vitgor gorbach

haha you just know this guy gets puss


Bro get your neck tatted up don't just have your sippy cup one sleeve lol I wouldn't call that a journey that's more of a little trip

Cory Armel

How did it take 7-8’hours for one session for the skull... and 25 Horus for the Poseidon I have a full sleeve practically besides my inner bicep and it only took about 15 hours total

Phillip Shepperd

Just found this channel, but you’re very well elucidated and I love the overall energy. Music and effects editing in the background make for an awesome watch. I know that takes time, and I respect it. Subbed ✊?

Dylan Dyer

wait how much was the Poseidon piece?

xBriarWolfx !

This is what you came for XD
Good stuff tho.


I think all of these tattoos are great. I've got someone who would do tattoos at a very great price of $600, up to 30k designs to pick from. Its amazing

Kaylie Joye

i turn 18 soon and i really want a realistic bird on my ankle. Although i really want it im worried about regret later and i just don’t know what to do

Crip Cuz

Got my first tattoo when I was 17 and the tattoo man made me pay $70 I was shocked but it ended up coming out great ?


12 hours for 600 dollars on the rose? i am confusion

Bala Bhai songs

Can you send me your tattoo photo full hand plz dude I want to put same tattoos in my hand and my Facebook ID name Ramesh tamang bala bhai you can send me photo there OK plz bro

Zachy Bitch

you’re beautiful


My son turned his body into a comic book. Just a bunch of ugly shit that looks like ugly shit.

Antonio Rodriguez

Damn dude, nice ass sleeve my guy!!! I’m just finishing up my whole sleeve talk about almost 6000$ ?

Erica Rosa

Although I'll probably never get one myself , I love watching tattoo videos for some reason! You've got such an impressive sleeve ngl!? The only think I dislike is how the color wont stay as strong and the small details aren't as sharp anymore in tattoos generally.. ?

IndoHati Carol

Wow!Really awesome and beautiful work you got there?✍?????Love them.You are brave for sitting so long,lol?I can't sit no longer than maybe 2 hrs.My sleeves took forever to do "6 months for each" because of that ,but I never regretted it.Good luck with your future tattoos.


This is so close to what I had in mind not even kidding. I have time on my mind all the time I wanted a clock. I wanted to do something Greek also. Only tattoo style I like is realistic, and I also wanted some color to it that makes it pop like the red or blue lightning eyes. Love ur sleeve bro

Vidy D’Vici

A little late but mass respect for the sleeve and artwork!! Im a little late to start mine being in my 30s haha but i do want a sleeve , i think its more of the “yapping” of the folks over the family gathering that made me procastinate. Great vid stay humble cheers!!

Guilland Anthony

Cute guy!

Prename Lastname


the feeling of "why didnt i have that idea???" when seeing another persons tattoo

Kayden Lugo

I really like the advice you give, it's real advice! I also like someone's authentic creativity in tattoo form and you putting in the effort to get these wonderful well done tattoos!

Bailey H

starting my sleeve in 10 days sitting for 6 hours starting with shoulder its my first tat I'm shitting it

Word Man

I don't like tattoos, but I do like you. You're a very handsome, articulate guy.


How do you cope with the pain during a long tattoo?

Natalie. N

Sick sleeve, cool personality, cute guy...I likey ?


Shout out to you my man, i have the same PS4 COD WW2 Edition.

Isaiah S.

How much was your Poseidon tattoo done by Clay?

Megan Koen

LOVE your hourglass tattoo I'm getting mine tomorrow, sooooo excited !!!!!!!

Jermaine Jennings

Nice! I’m staring on my leg sleeve myself.

Tyler Seelbinder

I see your a vaper

James Klein

Great work bud but ur artist r killing u it shouldn’t take 3 sessions 2 do that skull...look up Oliver Ayre on utube look at the skull he did few days ago in 4 hrs or do no it was much bigger then urs...he does real time tats on utube...that skull shouldn’t take that long ppl get sleeves n half sleeve in 20 hrs n u got a skull n a rose....ur artist is ripping u off...my artist charges 8 hrs is a 1000 bucks n he’s on a pro team

Maria Giselle

I went on here for the tattoos but the stories are where it’s at?

Petar Vidović

Finnaly some good tattoo video! Thank you

Collin Kasten

That lil chest tatt lmao get the whole thing sprayed and say that ?

Ruby Patino

How ironic lol I’m getting a Medusa tattoo for my first tattoo

Nigel Koger

Please do a update on your tattoos


coolest sleeve i ever seen. dope!

David Mejia

Sub n turn on bell ?

Drew Coggins


voodoo kid

$400 for that hourglass... You overpaid man

david gara

I got a nice smile


My first tat was also a walk-in ? and it was my birthday in Roman numerals on my forearm ?

Alicia J. Ajen

The fact that different tattoos and different artists contributed to this awesome sleeve just blew my mind.

Caleb Rodgers

Im actually from right outside of texarkana. Its where i get my tattoos! And quin is insane!

ayo hanna

So dope?


Does this generation ever mention working or just tattoos and travel? LOL

Jacob Clark

600 buck for a rose ? man

Bradly Lowrey

The leg tat is sick asf

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