How To Do A Hip Hinge w/ A Dowel - Kinetic Sports Rehab

How To Do A Hip Hinge w/ A Dowel - Kinetic Sports Rehab25 Jul. 2017
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Dowel Hip Hinge - Kinetic

Dowel Hip Hinge - Kinetic Sports Rehab

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This video is intended as a tool for existing clients who have had their first and second visits with Kinetic, or as a reference for those interested in the movements portrayed. Kinetic Sports Rehab is not responsible for any harm or misadventure caused by the use of this video. If you are ever in doubt or are experiencing pain, stop immediately and seek advice from your doctor. Or, if it is an emergency, seek emergency medical attention.

Have fun and #bekinetic!

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Andrea Herrera

WHen I do this with the stick, I feel the next day like my arm is sore/stretched out/not happy from the front by my pec muscle/shoulder and goes over the shoulder and around the shoulder blade. I know it's from grabbing the stick, as I work on my hinge and squat. Any tips on how to avoid that?? I feel like it's stretching my joint capsule?? Maybe? Dont' know, but any tips appreciated!

Kelly's Weekly Coach's Lab – Improving Hip Hinge Function

Kelly's Weekly Coach's Lab – Improving Hip Hinge Function30 Nov. 2018
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Welcome to the Weekly

Welcome to the Weekly Coach's Lab. Grab a bar, set your feet.

This week we looked at improving hip hinge function for multi-rep movements. A few good ideas to keep in mind when you're staring down the barrel of some deadlifts. Try these out with your athletes and report back.

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Guru time. These xfit people are all walking bags of injuries, doing “heroic” feats. There’s no law that says you have to deadlift. Look how kelly walks around arches back and super stiff looking upper body.

Lane Orr

Thank you

Big Savage

Awesome videos! I'm learning a lot.

Holly S DuVall BeachBeauty

Good Stuff!


Jeez Kelly is looking a bit skinny these days?

Travis Haley

I'm SO grateful for these gems from The Lab. Nothing can replace being there in person, but next best thing for sure. Thanks, K-Star!

Amos J

Laughed when u said "xiphoid process". Like, bruh, just say sternum. Not many people what a xiphoid process is

Super informative video regardless

Yasmen Mehta

Great stuff. As coaches we are always warned about flexion in the DL. BUT mostly what I see is extension issues. This extends to the catch in the clean and snatch as well. Now you've added speed/explosion to that and lumbar goes to hell in a hand basket.

Mark Arnoldi

Okay, now do a video for dummies so I can follow along... Do you think the band exercise is beneficial for someone who resets after every rep, or is it geared more for someone who maintains contact with the bar throughout?

Kushagra Jain

Hi Kelly, I have stiffness in my entire spine and pelvic area and thighs as well. when i stand off the chair i walk like a robot with straight legs moving outwards. What should i do?? .. also i am able to join my legs together only when i am bend forward at hips and as i start getting straight up my pelvis starts pushing outward and i cant join my legs anymore

Connor Victory

Love you Kelly! Keep pumping out free content for us cheap mofos, such great insight.



H Xen

Good info but the 70's style porn music annoyingly playing in the background was distracting.

Matt Talsma

Love all of kellys work

Eileen Leblanc

Thank you thank you ...just the person I was looking for...awesome stuff!!

johny bravo

I would actually love it if he could make these videos longer and focus on the explanations a bit more. I only got what the problem looked like in the last 30 sec of the video...

Slow moving life

I smell edited bullshit .
Remember juicy poliquin ‘guru’ ...same whiff is in the air .
Nobody says that charlatans have no knowledge ?


This is sweet! A weekly 5+ minute video of Kelly coaching a class would be too good!

Luke Jones

Great stuff man! Some super useful things to have a play around with in today's session. Looking forward to seeing more of these! ??

Emad Darawsheh

Kelly the man..... Can you post somthing about back pain while deep squating?

Menacing misconceptions regarding the hip hinge, and how to do it properly

Menacing misconceptions regarding the hip hinge, and how to do it properly21 Nov. 2017
2 547
MSK NeurologySubscribe 438 721

Learning the hip hinge is

Learning the hip hinge is perhaps one of the most important and beneficial things you can do for your spinal health. However, many dogmatic teachings are causing this great movement corrective to become much less effective.

The whole point of the hip hinge is to maintain proper lumbosacral alignment throughout the motion. This will engage the spinal erectors and QLs properly, and circumferentially load the disc, all of which promote healthy and pain free lifting and movement.

Many claim that it doesn't matter how we lift or move, because the spine is designed for all movements. And while the latter is true, there's a huge difference between coming in and out of flexion during smaller tasks, and LIVING IN FLEXION.

Check out the video to learn proper and improper mechanics.

Comments (9)

When Squatting I hip hinge when going down, I believe I correctly Arch and Perform the hip hinge. When i come out of the squat i have been taught to squeeze and engage my glutes, This forces my Butt into a slight tuck. Is this incorrect then? Should I not be engaging my glutes on the concentric portion of the squat?

Brian O Reilly

How about for some with hyperlordosis

john smith

2:35 - Do you have the video like mentioned yet? Thanks

Patrick Toth-Meyers

Hi Kjetil, from reading your articles I know you're generally not a big fan of deliberately stretching; is it ok if this provides a hamstring stretch, as long as it feels nice and isn't the 'purpose' of the movement ie I'm deliberately arching the back and trying to bend only at the hips, but a side effect of that is that my hamstrings feel like they're getting a stretch on the way down?


Do you know how I can assess on myself whether ASIS and pubis are vertically aligned, when doing butt up?

David F

So my understanding is that the lower back should NOT be completely flat but would you agree that many people (if not most) are over-arching the lower back ? One of the popular methods is to maintain 3 points of contact with a stick : back of the head / upper back / and "SI joint" area, with 1-2 inches lumbar arch from the stick, and 2-3 inches cervical arch from the stick. Is this a good technique in your opinion ? Thanks in advance !

Jerry Segal

brilliant info, as always. i have subscribed and watched almost all your videos. my only complaint is the first 14 seconds of "music" for which i must shut off my audio.


what about peoples with low-medium structural kyphosis? should i hip hinge at all?

Andrea Herrera

Love this. Good stuff!