Nike hyper elite shoes

Nike Zoom Hyperquickness Performance Review

Nike Zoom Hyperquickness Performance Review13 Dec. 2013
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Detailed performance

Detailed performance review on the Nike Zoom Hyperquickness.

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Comments (50)
sajjad alkazzaz

Hey I'm a middle school dribbler that wears size 10 are these shoes good for me will they last if I play outside only.

John Bangal

Is that Jordan 22?

Ruff Knight

Do the lunar hyperquickness now

Melo Drama

Change the music track back to mickle ore


kickgenius say the shoes are very bad

helicopter fungus

I have these and they work fine for me


Do they look okay with regular clothing such as pants???????

Dylan Felker

Where does he live anyone know?


Hi man! I have a doubt. Which would you choose? The Nike Hyper Quickness or the Nike Zoom Born Ready? I'm a small forward!
Thank you man, any help is appreciated!

Chris Choi

Kobe 8's plzzzzz

Zach Kjeldsen


Martin Gomez

Not bad.... but there are better than the lebron soldier 7, just because there are lighter


How tall are you?


Hyper Zoom quickness or Hyperfuse 2013?

Noah Sandler

I am a shooting guard for my team and I would like a nice high top shoe. My budget is $150 do you have any ideas

Aaron Cedric Del Rosario

What is better hyperquickness or hyperfuse 2013???


These are the lightest shoes ever! Would definitely buy

Hakeem Sd70M

Mad comfy shoe, I got my Zoom HQ 2013 in white /black, call them Oreos. I have flat feet and the Zoom cushioning perfectly conforms to my foot on the court or off. One of Nike's cleanest products so far! No complaints! Thanks for the review homes.

Raymond's Pets

I love the new intro!!! :)

Sukhwinder Brar

thx u help alott

Sukhwinder Brar

ur very helpful

Carl Dela Cruz

Man oh man I love your contents!!!!!

Au Jun

I still using it till now and just worn out a little bit. This shoes is tough cuz I playing mostly an outdoors court.


Nw or anyone that can help, where can i find old shoes like the wade 3 converse and not fake ??there not on ebay

shane berkness

looks good for the price

James Rockis

I have these copped for 40 way worth the price. It's so light I feel crazy fast and and it has good lock down and I play outdoor and grip will Last!!!! Cushioning is ok not the best but for about 70 this is worth it. Great outdoor shoe ok indoors


I got a question and it's not meant to be offensive or anything. I'm just wondering if you personally feel like you have adequate time to test and judge a shoe. Like do you still have enough time to build (or not build) a bond with a particular shoe before you can pass your judgment on?


Review the new Melos

Noah Sandler

Hey man all your vids are soo helpful

Joltin Joe

I like the new intro song

steve bob

I dunno. But every time I watch your videos it's like your tired or no have energy. Be hyped man! You should be proud of yourself :)

PedalNation PH

@Nightwing2303 can you make a performance review of Nike Zoom Fire XDR? :)

Jay Tom Heldman

is there something you can add to "nothing in the heel?" talking about a lockdown wing but you show us sinking baskets.

Sam D

They had this at Ross for about 40 bucks, which I thought was AWESOME! Uuup until I tried it on, then I threw that shyt right back on the shelf. That cushion was made of stone.

I wouldn't wish this shoe on my worse enemy. This shoe is an injury waiting to happen.

Dimitri Lawson

Got these at the Nike outlet for $32

Chris Blandford

They arent bad just wouldn't recommend them for street ball at all. The bottom ripped on me in like 3 months, I was playing almost every day for a good 2 hours though.


plans on getting the kobe venomenom 4? 


Converse walmart


when I tried them in store right away I was just like "I can play basketball in these", I can just imagine all the hard landings lol. I ended up getting them anyway because they were on sale and they make pretty decent work-out shoes


i have a sneaker chanel and it would be greatly apriciated

Kevin Villaruel

nice review once again nightwing. that jumpshot is killer


these shoes are fine imo. cushioning could be better but if you're just a casual baller, like me, theyre good for the price (theyre going for cheap rn)


Definitely seems to have a bit of durability to it.Great live chat with Asian Joe by the way.You made it just in time with that 30 second time out haha

Nicholas Ochieng Okoth

Hi. Do you have a review of the hyperquickness 2015?

Gentleman Co

very nice but i don't like the color



Chase Hofmeister

i got blue and white ones

Carl Dela Cruz

Are you half or part Filipino?

Sukhwinder Brar

nice intro


I have flat feet, and buying on a budget. Not too mention I don't play bball that often. Would these be ideal?

the Wilson Evolution vs. the Nike Hyper Elite Basketball Head to Head Review

the Wilson Evolution vs. the Nike Hyper Elite Basketball Head to Head Review28 May. 2019
4 473

The most hype basketball

The most hype basketball the Wilson Evolution vs. the Nike Hyper Elite Basketball, indoor basketball.

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Comments (4)

Everything considered I'm so sorry, but I forgot to ask you the key... If you use Wilson Evolution balls for a long time, does the air drain quickly?

Adrian T.

What ball do you recommend for outdoors? Thanks!

John Gisbourne

Thx man, keep it up


Hi ! How does Nike Hyper Grip compare to them ? And,do you recommend any Spalding in the same price range ? Thanks in advance !

Running in Nike VaporFly Next%

Running in Nike VaporFly Next%18 Sep. 2020
146 992

The boys crank out a solid

The boys crank out a solid effort progression run in the Nike Vaporfly Next%. Make sure to follow myself and the boys on IG to stay updated. Also dropped a playlist, so I'll drop the link for that below as well.




Ben Crawford: https://www.instagram.com/bencrawford...

Cooper Teare: https://www.instagram.com/cooperteare/

Reed Brown: https://www.instagram.com/reed_brown03/

Carter Christman: https://www.instagram.com/carter_chri...

Cole Hocker: https://www.instagram.com/colehocker/

Elliott Cook: https://www.instagram.com/ecook226/

Matt Wisner: https://www.instagram.com/mattwisner/?hl=en

Charlie Hunter: https://www.instagram.com/charliehunt...

Comments (100)
anthony peters

So much ego in a video

Vin Jun

Nice vid as always. What garmin watch can you recommend? I'm planning to buy. Any tips?

Joseph Skoog

Bet it’ll be 4:53 last mile

Liam Donohoe


Ivan Marquez


Michael w

are they not allowed to workout at all? they look 15 years old lol but impressive running to say the least

Francisco Leon

The right shirtless guy on minute 5:26 lands on his heel, he'll have back and knee problems in the future

Michael Taphouse

Niiice. Great video

Truman Davis

5:54 mile


Anyone know what shorts Cole is wearing?

Bobby Biskins

I get the strong vibe these dudes never get laid

Mac West26

4:56 last mile is my guess


cool videos !

natalie dill

when 5:40 is my mile and that's their fist mile of 6...

Derek Rubis

Loving Matt Wisner’s Man Braids

kevin buscay

4:50 last mile. Ex University of Nevada, Reno runner here. I loved competing with your team. Good video. I miss being part of a college team. Enjoy it and run fast!

Steve Ruppel

Love seeing these training videos! Keep up the good work

The Legends 2

i’m looking for singlets to run in that aren’t 100 dollar kipchoge ones any suggestions??? ?

Carlos Blank

Everyone in this video has the same personality and voice...

Chris Grant

Travis Scott burger review ??

Andrick Dianas

Cooper holds all the videos no ???!!!!!


what's the name of the song pls!!

edwin pepito

What time did you run in this?


I asked a while ago what these were....finally got an answer ig

Mitchell Jacob

Cole looks like he's gotten a little sun.

Grayson Gonski

Took a poop right after this vid, Reed Manifested my no wiper, its gonna be a great day

Ben Bayless

take the political lib off

Alexander Gaynutdinov

My guess for the last mile is 4:55

tilak datta


ethan nyathi

7:59 the boys be looking ?

Molly Owen

Actually not 4:52

Dimitri DesJardins

for the algorithm???

Adrian Aguilar


Chris Dryden

Hook me up with a pair

Jack Forer


Jacob Rhodes

Reagan was the best president the US ever had.


8:00 some overpronation going on there

Zachary Fry


Oscar Mckean


TOP Brand

How mutch km. Did you run. And how much time. Greet job

Sam Husted


Phil Ortman

Waffle is the move.


He said police shorts lol


Leo ♌️ Gang my guy Cooper...we gotta represent?


Air quality is poor ?! Go to Delhi India LOL

Holden Hillis

I bet these guys have never even heard of letsrun.com

Alejandro Torres

In guessing a 4:53 last mile

Chase Brown


Edit: I called it before the run started

Ethan Curnow



Carter has some mad shoelace tying skills!

Liam Dennehy

Backyard so tuff

Maia Johnsson

hahahahhahahha "these scallywags"


I should be a college athlete.....

Рафаель Сакаев

Very-very good Video


Keep up the vids! Dope content

kevin buscay

It was a bummer when Nevada Reno dropped the men's team my junior year. ?

Robert Jahn

No blond guy from Duke should wear cornrows.

owen nelson

Really disrespecting Ronald Reagan like that smh

Josiah Anderson

Hey Ben, thank you so much for the content man! I really enjoy it and it is neat to see a Christian producing good track and field content! I am a little concerned about the music choices though. How can we say we are Christians and yet use music that degrades people ( use of the n word, etc.)? What are your thoughts? Thanks!

Devante Gonsalves

Wtf. Brockton represent????

nobigdyl12 Coco

wtf regan was not the worst president ever.

Topgen 1

Y’all got good vibes

Joey sheiner

You know it's gonna be a good run when backyard starts playing :)

Thomas C Nufer

4:42 last mile

9Lives Matter

Moira and the RS senior transfer are cute together methinks.

Julie Tonon


Full Send Filosophy

Regan the worst president in the United states....

Lyndon b Johnson and Nixon AM I A JOKE TO YOU!

Schae Terkay

Wow as a sprinter your guys long distance credentials are insane coming from someone who used to run sub 50 400ms. Keep grinding!

Mariano Tevalan



Is Cooper Sicilian?

Bangaly Kaba

4:55 for last one

Edoardo Villanueva

being an Oregon athlete must be the most lit shit ever


Reagan was one of the best presidents the U.S. has ever had. That kid just shows his ignorance and is probably indoctrinated by leftist professors so he doesn’t know any better. “If you’re not a liberal in your 20s then you have no heart, and if you’re not a conservative in your 30s then you have no brain:”. He’ll find this to be true down the road. MAGA 2020


What song was playing when they were doing the progression run?

Burnt Chicken


Mason Moon

5:24 last mi

Cory Center

Good video but Reagan was one of the best presidents no doubt.

Bryan Ryder

Any word on competition this fall? I know the PAC-12 has officially canceled all fall sports but any chance the BIG-10 coming back changes anything??

Matthew Erickson

3:42 last mile?

Juju Loaf

Isn’t that NN running singlet like $300?


Big boy nap....... there isn’t a big boy in this group ???

jade wilkinson

Cole hocker!!!!

Albin Carlerud

4:53 last mile

Jumble Blue

I'm trying to decide which looks I find more ridiculous the mustache or the pink shoes. It's a very hard call, but I go for the shoes. They look really stupid to me.

Jared Weiss

Just like a donkey... in the mornin’... I’m making waffles ?

Nick Edwards

instantly clicked on this once i saw cole

Dennis Ragolia

How did you guys get the next % vaporfly

N. Fox

This is motivational ?

Woody Andy

I WAS SO HAPPY TO SEE REED BROWN !!! His footlocker always inspires me

Robbie Spain


Molly Owen

Last mile 4:42

Bob Bob

Mm America have had a lot of worst presidents

Mr Rob

Are guys on college xc/track teams sponsored by Nike getting Next% free?

Juliet Corsinita

2:07 ?? Cali girl

Molly Owen

Or 4:48

Luis Del Pozo


Luke Jones

Drink everytime they say ‘air quality’

George Nelson

how are u going to gas reagan like that? disrespectful


55 second to last lap to not get lapped by Ingebrigtsen ??

Oscar Jewers

I’d love to run your area with friends