Hybrid exercises

18 Hybrid Upper Body Exercises

18 Hybrid Upper Body Exercises10 Feb. 2018
26 051

1. Row Push Up

1. Row Push Up (0:37)

2. Climber Push Up (0:49)

3. Half Burpee (1:04)

4. Push Side Plank Star (1:17)

5. Push to Side Raise (1:36)

6. Push Up To Dip (1:49)

7. Side Step Push Up Row (2:09)

8. Row to Fly (2:31)

9. Row to Kickback (2:45)

10. Reverse Lunge and Curl to Balance Press (3:02)

11. Hinge Rows (3:17)

12. Glute Bridge Skull Crushers (3:34)

13. Pull Over Ab Pulse (3:50)

14. Chest Press to Fly Abs (4:06)

15.Side Plank Row (4:33)

16. Pull Over to Skull Crusher (4:49)

17. Single Leg Bridge to SA Press (5:09)

18. Unilateral Chest Shoulders Tri’s Series (5:23)

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Comments (33)

? Getting better and better with the vids girl ?

Surya Varshan

Did you married? ?????


Love these adaptions and variations.


Great routine, very top!


Omg, loving these! Gonna do them in the morning.


The best thing about this video is that it can be done at home and even a beginner can do these exercises. Thank you so much for this video ☺?

arnab ganguly

Have you been to Tiger Muay Thai at any point of time? That shirt looks like Tiger Muay Thai merchandise. Great workout by the way!

Cassandra_from _11226

Congrats ??? on reaching 100,000 subscribers

Ewa Siwoń

Hi Cori, your exercises are great, I already introduced some into my training, but I have a specific question about back strengthening and training exercises for fastpacking. In 2 months I'm gonna go for a fastpacking trip (running and hiking with a 6 kg backpack for 5 days in a row) in mountainous area in Norway. What exercises (which film of yours) would you recommend for preparing my back for this effort. I already do a lot of stairs, lunges, core stability, running, etc. but I think I need more for the upper body to make my back prepared for this. So, a routine for advanced hikers/fastpackers pleaaaase :) Thanks!

La Jumpeuse

Inspiration... always. Thank you so much ??

Blessed Writer

So does this mean I have to give my clients a treat after they finish this routine?!?


thank you, I love your channel ?

The rock

Thanks ❤


The dogie’s gorgesss.

Training XL

J'adore tes exercices hybrides et comme d'habitude j'adore ce que tu faits. Bonjour de la France ou nous sommes beaucoup à te suivre et t'apprécier!

Thejawini MC

Awesome ..great..superb, innovative...one of a kind..thumbs up and hats off

Vincent Robert

Always a good job.
Push up to dips? Great idea!

Trainer Hutch

Awesome! Def going in my hybrid library! I love how you slightly turned your hands in during the kickback row. I started doing that too recently, felt it hits the long a bit more.


Thank you! You are so creative!


You always have the best form when doing these videos! ?? As always .. love your furry friend making an appearance too .. ?

Bernadine Royal

Wow, they look awesome. I hope you don’t mind if I use a few of the exercises in my class. I teach woman’s only fitness classes and weight / strength training is one of them. I can modify where I have to for some woman. Your workouts can get a Real good sweat going. ????‍♀️??. Keep them coming....

Liz Fong

So many great ideas! Ty!

Advancing Fitness

Another great set of exercises. What I especially love is that you don't rabbit on for ages first. Just a few quick, explanatory words and then get on with demonstrating! Brilliant!


Awesome, gonna do them all 15 reps each x 2 rounds , that’s total of 36 sets.

Tea Markota


Erin Lingle

Amazing video as always. And where did you get that tank?

zeyver wolken

Beautiful woman ¡

Berg Steirer

Nice shirt

Melissa M. Ortega

Nice tiger muay thai tank top....sporting it well.?

Stefano Andolfi

Lovely tiger Gym t shirt❤

ths tai

Nice tiger tank top and matching shoe laces. Some designer should have you wearing a different top for each exercise.
Puppy has been learning tricks too. Those, I certainly can do.

Naushaba Saleem

Great exercises. I am very happy that I found you. Because I have always been looking for different types of exercises which are done in a different way.


Would the pushup to dips work between two chairs? I'm a long way from being strong or graceful enough to do it quite that close to the ground.

Hybrid Power Workout / Metabolic Conditioning / HIIT Circuit (4K)

Hybrid Power Workout / Metabolic Conditioning / HIIT Circuit (4K)7 Nov. 2016
17 446
Funk RobertsSubscribe 438 721

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This hybrid power workout is a great way to work more muscle, burn more fat and get you out of the gym fast. The hybrid power workout uses compound exercises that work muscle groups at once with a combination of two exercises in one hybrid move.

Video shot at http://sst.training/oakville/

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Perform each exercise for 60 seconds of work followed by 15 seconds rest one after the other. After you complete all 5 exercises, rest for 2 minutes and repeat for 3-5 rounds.

Exercise List

Deadlift to Bent Over Row

Incline Single to Regular Dumbbell Chest Press

Dumbbell Squat to Jump Squat

Parallel Dips to Abs Knee Raises

Power DB Hammer Curls


Audio file(s) provided by - http://www.audiomicro.com


Comments (22)
Avinash Prasad

How frequently I can do this

Alexander Graf

It killied me softly and brought me new inspirations. Tried this as alternative excercise: DB Renegade Row with explosive DB Push Up. And if you wanna be a hero, the ulitmate killing workout: 100 Overhead Squats, 200 Push Ups, 300 Jumping Jaxs


Always kickass workouts!! thanks Funk!!

Avinash Prasad

This is really a blaster....
I'll definitely try this out..


Salut Funk. Great workout again. Did this workout as a finisher after a 20 min jump rope/ KB EMOM. I don't have a barbell at home so for the first three rounds i supplemented the BB deadlift with a KB deadlift - to - alt single arm row. For the last two rounds i used a DB for the dead lift/ row exercise. I also supplemented the parallel dips with ring dips as i don't have parallel bars. I have to say going from the DB squat/ jump squats to the dips/ knee raise really taxed me i found i couldn't recover between the 15 sec rest and had to do single reps for the dips. Although i did recover enough to go HAM on the power DB hammer curls and by the end i was redlining!

Big fan from New Zealand, keep it up Funk been following, i think, before my oldest boy was born he's now four. I hope your all recovered from your injuries etc etc. Be blessed.


great workout bro, u always bring good stuff!

Nicholas O'Brien

Is there a hybrid body weight?

New Persona Fitness


Sniper Nigel.

Yeeeeessssss! Funk....yet again I was about to go for my run..... and you upload a banging working out that I can do post run......much respect from UK

Byanca Freeman

you're going to be a legacy Funk.

Fabrice Mercier

Thanks champion, you're workout is great.

Funk Roberts

Make sure you watch this in 4K and let me know what you think? Thanks for all your support and more goodness to come to end off 2016 - Get It Done! - Funk

Yasmin Masalimova

How can I replace the exercise for triceps and abs?

Douglas Junior 8114

Very good , I will invest in my training !!!thanks !!!!another like for video!!!!!


best workout routines in youtube :).

Emad Darawsheh

Again get funky with Funk Roberts ......bro thanks for sharing...your workout breaks our workouts routines .....thanks again


One of my favorite workouts!

Kim Taylor-Papp

Great hybrid exercises!

Derek Tv

thanks bro! I appreciate you!!!!!

Olivia Szeplaki

very good workout, thank you very much. i love all of your videos, keep them posting!

Paul Hurst

Awesome brother!! Keep these workouts coming????

Donovan Williams

Another banger Funk! I use your workouts as part of my.B-ball conditioning. All the best from DC!!

19 Hybrid Bodyweight Core Exercises

19 Hybrid Bodyweight Core Exercises22 Nov. 2019
56 943

19 Hybrid Bodyweight Core

19 Hybrid Bodyweight Core Exercises

Take the 30 day killer core challenge: http://bit.ly/2D8VzNj

1. Burpee Plank Sit Thrus (0:19)

2. Single Leg Deadlift to Rotational Knee (0:39)

3. Warrior III Abs (0:53)

4. Inchworm Mountain Climbers (1:05)

5. Side Plank Rolls (1:28)

6. Scorpion Climbers (1:47)

7. Side Plank Adductor Lift (2:07)

8. Jack In and Out Abs (2:21)

9. Downward Dog Abs (2:35)

10. Side Plank Hip Dip Leg Raise (2:49)

11. Double Knee Tap Planks (3:06)

12. Side Plank Bicycles (3:27)

13. Step Knee Drive Hop (3:46)

14. Side Balance Oblique Knee Tuck (4:08)

15. Side Balance Oblique Twist (4:24)

16. Glute Bridge to Sit Up (4:42)

17. Roll to V-Up (5:00)

18. Oblique V Up Rolls (5:20)

19. Single Single Double Toe Touch (5:34)

Comments (49)
manik das

Thank u so much this is amazing workout which u gave us ...Thank u

Dave Riley

Some very interesting variations. Have you ever or would you consider doing any sports specific routines on here? i.e. boxing. mma. football. basketball etc?

jazmin suazo

me encanta tus videos...gracias??

Ca Thee

Testimony Tuesday ??????
I'm finally able to do side plank bicycles at least 10 times each side without dipping or loosing balance. In early February, I'd lose balance and fall on the mat. I chose to regress to progress.
Home workouts are the best thing that happened to me, just me and motivation
Thanks RS ??????Cori you are the best ?????

Jesica Coto

Gracias! Saludos desde????

Christina McCarthy

Love the workout and the pup is just so cute!!!!

Parth Modi

Wow Cory, wonderful moves. Thanks a lot.

chiara dotti

As your t-shirt says...Train Smarter ??? thank you Cori!!!!

Kashif Benshamim

She’s a badass love your videos

Obaid Farghani


Idoumou Amarbaga

I just was searching old videos about bodyweight core workout then I found out this new one!! thank God for this graet coach .You are the best ?


Cory, I am indebted to you.You have given me so much.#Salute.


Cori ?

Emoretta Robinson

These are all great exercises! Again, I'm loving the variety that you show. My own workouts have benefited so much from this channel

Ana Maria

Me: I love the fact that Cory makes them look easy.

Me: hate that I can't do 1 rep???
But I'll keep practicing, practice, practice, practice.


Wonderful workout. I love it so much.

TL gaming

i have proper six abs but incant do it with propper form.

Russ Hunt

Nice twist on some older moves! Not sure how long to do each one though for or if you are meant to just create your own workout with them.

Kristen Orsini

My friend and I have stayed in shape during the pandemic by doing the Redefining Strength workouts 3 mornings a week via zoom. Thanks! You are amazing, Cory!

Dagné06 Cárdenas

Thumb up again, all good stuff ??

Cha Cha

New subbie & this is just what I was looking for. Thank you & you are awesome & cute furbaby

Julieta Monzon

Increible.!!!!! ❤

lisa mereu

Ciao, tantissime grazie per i tuoi video. Sono di grande ispirazione ed efficacissimi. Portiamo sempre in palestra i tuoi workouts?Tanta stima per te, per la tua grinta e professionalità da due tue fans☺️

Nadia Zielona

My favorite!! You're the best!!!!

Paul Bignell

Always a fabulous workout from you Cori ??

Training XL

Tu as une imagination débordante en termes d'exercices hybrides, merci de nous les faire partager. Personnellement j'adore et tu m'inspires beaucoup. Toutes mes amitiés de France

Constant Elev8tion

So how would you do a full routine? Time and sets? Exactly like the video?

Aneta Sienkiewicz

Please add some hybrids on thights and glutes?

Kim Lee

Thank you! I love Bodyweight exercises!! I appreciate you putting this together and making it available!!

C Lombard

Lots of variations so I never get bored. You are a genius! Of course.... Kiwi's cameo at the end always help me with all the workouts :)

John Gardner

This video demonstrates some of the most fun, creative and complete dynamic planking I've ever seen. And it's consistent with what I've seen recommended by Physical Therapists.

Puneet Verma

I'm a big fan of you ma'am.
You're my coach. ???
Namastey From India ??????


Wow! What a wonderful mix of rather easy moves and (at least for me) some pretty frickin' difficult ones. They're all fun to do although some are quite challenging! Guess I'll be busy practicing this whole weekend. Thank you and a good weekend to you too, Coach! ?

Amber L

This is great, thanks! How many reps would you suggest for each move?

victoria aponte

Always innovative i love it

lucia reisner

Ik don't have stability to do some of these workouts.

Gee Row R.

Lower back pain kicked in this week. Going back over what I did to exacerbate it and how I can not do that again. Missed gym 2 days. Got up this morning and did some exercises to alleviate the pain. I think it was my glute medius (sp) Anyway, I feel better and am looking forward to the gym tomorrow. Thanks for the upload‼️?

Mariela Escobar


Renu Sapra

Wow. Great work out. Gonna try this today. Thanks a lot


Great ideas!


I love it. Thanks ? omg cute dog ?

Gregory UK

I must say I like the track 2.30mins in.

Manuel Alejandro Velasco Rojas

Excellent!! ??

Maitre Aziz

Bravo Cory you are an inspiration to me

Amber Huselton

I know this is not meant to be done all at once, but I'm going to challenge myself to do all these movements throughout the week. So what I mean by that is do all 19 movements spread out over 7 days. I'm training for a half-marathon and I'm struggling with sticking to a cross training routine. These movements look great and functional Plus I like silly challenges. I'll be back in a month!

Khadija Rouki



I love these hybrid exercise type
Moving around is so much fun


Love your choice of music on your videos. I am getting ready for a workout in about 30 minutes. My gym is doing workouts on Zoom.

Traci Newnham

Nice shirt!