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Kickboarding for Core Strength

Kickboarding for Core Strength14 Jun. 2013
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Jackie Lebeau teaches an

Jackie Lebeau teaches an introduction to strengthening exercises using a standard kickboard,

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Evghenia Gehringer


Evghenia Gehringer


Aqua Kickboarding Circuit

Aqua Kickboarding Circuit14 Feb. 2016
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Long associated with

Long associated with swimming, kickboards have been largely ignored in aquatic fitness classes – until now. Check out Kickboard Circuit with Jackie Lebeau. This workout features 20 kickboard exercises taught in a high intensity circuit, combined with dynamic flexibility sequences. The kickboard exercises can also be used for aqua choreography and more. The full video is streaming on the Fitmotivation website. Read the featured blog for Kickboard Circuit teaching tips, advice and more. https://www.fitmotivation.com/blog/kickboards-aquatic-fitness-drills-circuits-choreography

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Kristine Sanchez

wow...I am going to try this...thanks


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My body became beautiful with Aqua exercises, thanks

Fitness Anytime and Anywhere by Marzena

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How to use swim Kick Boards?

How to use swim Kick Boards?8 May. 2019
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In this video I will share with you everything you need to know about swimming with a kick boards! Whether you are wanting to learn how to swim or teach others, this video is perfect for you.

The kick boards are a great teaching aid for children and adults that are learning to swim or developing their leg actions. In particular the flutter kick.

I will discuss why the kick boards are useful along with the advantages and disadvantages!

1) Chin on float (02:43)

2) Introduction to a flutter kick (03:05)

3) Develop the flutter kick (03:40)

4) Stretching (03:59)

5) Streamlining (04:29)

6) Flat body position (04:49)

7) Maintaining a flat body position (5:20)

8) Long legs (5:47)

9) Kick slow (6:18)

10) Kick fast (6:37)

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Rakesh Kumar pal

My best swimming trainer

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