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Diets to Improve Type 2 Diabetes | The Food Hospital | Tonic

Diets to Improve Type 2 Diabetes | The Food Hospital | Tonic11 Sep. 2020
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Under the care of The Food

Under the care of The Food Hospital team, six obese women with type 2 diabetes are monitored 24 hours a day as they live in the same house, battling hunger and emotions. They are put on extreme but potentially life-saving diets for eight weeks to try to put their illness into remission, with three of them on low-calorie meals and the others on just milkshakes.

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Comments (9)

This all scares me sooo much

levi oudt

What is the. Name condition?
What is recommended?
Does it work?

Sandra C

It’s seems unnecessarily cruel to make the liquid dieters sit and watch the others eat food

Hidden Book House

آج تک کوئی فیصلہ نہیں کرسکا کہ یہ سبزی ہے یا پھل Glossary terms

Dina Simoné

Swimming is such a good activity for the body

Tracy Reynolds

An 800 calorie diet will mess up your metabolism for a long time. That's not healthy. As soon as they are off it they will gain more weight then they already have????!!!?

iloveyou 3000

I am so happy for all of them but especially for Abby. She struggled with her diabetes type 2 diagnose and she is so young. I sucks to need medication when you are young.

Gracie Puff

Cathy is already grinding my gears ://

Claudia Marie Bermudez

milkshake hell

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EXTREME Weight Loss Tips4 Jan. 2020
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Comments (100)

OMG I just subscribed to your channel because this is exactly what I need to achieve my loosing weight goal. I just opened my YouTube channel and is about loosing my weight may God help everyone out there who will like to loose weight in 2020 let's do this!!!!!!

Donna Dreher

Keto diet & Intermitting fasting is doing it for me??

Alessandra Soares

I started my journey wanting to lose 40 pounds, I’ve now lost 10 and I will lose the other 30 before summer!

Amna Rauf

Iam starting this tomoroow its night rn i am 60 kg rn

Anonymous User17

Before summer in India...I'll tone myself up


Wow ok I'm gonna start today...will be back in a month to update...I'm 163 but want to go to 120 eventually

Hope Wiley

Your body is so perfect omg.

Maurizio Amoruso

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Nicole Meier

Does anybody know if the transformation video with pics is up

O Love

Do you do HIIT and weight lifting in the same day?

O Love


PrettySolid Queen


My dog is named Cookie

Tryna lose 60 pounds before August so I can feel better about my self for high school

Tacham Salena

Swhrt u just boost my moral am on my way to the gym u got ur big kiss?


What if you are only a lil bloated and u jus wanna flat stomach but u still wanna keep your thighs and booty

Karthikai Selvan

You don't want to lose weight, you want to lose fat. By following stupid diet plans, I was primarily losing muscle mass. Oh god, how dumb I was? You only need correct diet and some kind of training, and the best thing is that you can find both (and much more) on website called NextLevelDiet.

zouzou zouzou

Plz give me the link of your abs workout

Akira Villarreal

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Ashley liberte

What is hit ?

Sagal duraan

this will help me i feel it

Chikodi Amachi

i already eat one meal a day lol, but i have to try working out after eating

Chrissy Renaye

I will have my fantasy body by the summer. I really appreciate this video. Thanks for giving me the kick in the behind!!!!

conrrado doente

I notice many people keep on speaking about Custokebon Secrets (look on google search engine). But Im not sure if it is good. Have you ever tried this popular weight loss secrets?


i will lose 37 lbs before summer ??

Kay Tee

I will be at 160lb by July 4th

julloa 562

I'ma try to lose 50 pounds by August

Ms.Prosperity Magnet

This legit sounds doable
Thank you!!

Tasheena Smith

Myfitnesspal app is good for counting cals

B& S

Ur so cute !!

Andrea DL

I’m 5,6 , 160 lbs, and my body type is mesomorphe and I really wanna go down to 140lbs to may ?

Latoya Cherrie

Off to a great start, my goal is too lose 100lbs

Riya Uzumaki

My aim is to lose 20 kgs (44 lbs) in 3 months!!! LETS GOOO!!!

Kimmy Grant

“Doctor Sam Pak introduced me to a certain amount of amazing research established on ancient eastern traditions which have made the Asian world one among the healthiest and longest lived regions of the entire world,” Get more info here https://tinyurl.com/ya6wzm4v

marie Brad

I want to lose 100 pounds by November

Ryan Thomas

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Ilovesesshomaru sama

I need to lose 35 pounds before summer. I already lost ten pounds in about a month. I was doing really good until I got sick with the flu. Haven’t had energy since

DS music

Such a happy vibe....

Anu Agboola

So if you eat once a day then you only exercise once a day?


does anyone want to make a insta gc where we can talk about our progress and help motivate eachother


I wanna lose 40lbs before my birthday in two months

Selena Ronquillo

Im 20 years old 5’4 248 lbs. I work in an office 8-5pm mon-fri and sit majority of my work day, besides the short trips I make to the copy machine. Im also a single mom. How can I fit exercising into my schedule? What helps you stay motivated, disciplined, and consistent? Whenever I attempt weight loss I’ll lose a good 15 lbs then gain it all back. I want to drastically loose a least 70lbs I just have no idea where to start when everyone around me is obese as well?

Easy 5 Second Weight Loss



I can't wait !!!!!!!??

moo Q

I've a very crazy motivational trick. Which I've been doing for years and lost huge amount of weight. So whenever I crave food even when I've eaten my healthy ass meal and wanting some junky snake or sometimes when I feel like I need a big Mac for a meal. On the same moment I get down and start planking or start joging and make my fucking brain realise that this is what you deserve. I'm sorry it's quite rude for you to do to yourself but after all those hard ass hourssss of gym and healthy shit diet you did in past to get in shape. You Don't want to repeat it all over again because if you cheat once your brain won't stop it there. On the very next day you want to cheat again n again. I'm on healthy diet for 6 days a week and on Sundays I eat my fav food but in normal quantity because over eating on cheat days aren't gonna help you loss or maintain weight. So eat like a human not like an animal. Tell your body what to do, don't fall for it's unnecessary cravings. YOU ARE THE MASTER OF YOUR BODY. Don't let your stupid brain takeover you. Haha thanks for reading this far. Okay bye

Diane Prince

Calorie counting will not happen with me lol. I just can't see myself doing it. I just eat healthy, drink water and of course intermittent fasting. I need to get more sleep though. Once I start exercising that will take me the rest of the way.

Julia Vaoita Maeva Mareko

Thank you ? for the quality tips!

Kimora C.

So I have a question. Let’s say I workout 6 days a week and do HIIT 3 days a week. How often do I change the HIIT exercise? Every week or so or change it everyday I do one?


Great tips

Carla Owens


shawol friend

I'm getting a little emotional because I have all the motivation in the world but I'm far too weak to work out and I don't have the tolerance to get through my workouts.. are there any tips to help a girl get stronger and more committed? ?

positive vibes

I will attain my ideal weight b4 may 2020


When she said up-chuck I was like girl you from my neighborhood


I don’t need to lose weight but I do need to get motivated to work out regularly again. Thanks for the tips!


I don't want to lose weight (I'm 60kgs) but I look less but my biggest worry is, how do I get my tummy lightened?

María P. Castañeda

Please, stop counting calories. Just measure your protein, fat & carb portions depending on what your body needs

Lauren Anderson

I’ve lost 17lbs since 12/10. But I know I would see better & faster results if I push a little harder. I need to workout more &be more strict with my eating!! tryna be a healthier ME


0:37 She running like a sim that just earned level 1 in the fitness skill

somi ss

i will be down 30 lbs by the end of the july.

LMP Studios

Hello, I wanted to share my story because it needs to be heard people think. After all, you lose weight that will make you happy but what they don't tell you when you lose massive amounts of weight you have lots of loose skin. It's nice to like a healthy lifestyle motivating and helping others but it's not nice to work so hard and get people to there goals and can't even take off my shirt or feel comfortable in my body .it is so many people that have reached their weight loss goal and still not happy because of loose skin and its nothing you can do with it either deal with it or get it surgically removed. I don't like to ask for help but due to everything going on I can't afford it this epidemic killed my field of massage therapy and a lot of us are suffering I bet you are also. I'm asking to have the kindness of your heart to help me in paying for surgery building my confidence I like I build others anything will help.I'm truly grateful for any donation thank you. You are amazing

S Love

I’ve been doing intermittent fasting Monday through Thursday and OMAD on Friday. The weekend is a lil loosey goosey lol. Saw these methods 1st on your channel and have finally been doing what I needs to do!

my name means miracle

I’m just starting my weight loss/fitness journey to go back to what I was before college (my profile pic).


Safa Khawar

OMG, thank you so much for this video. This is the best advice I’ve found everywhere. You’ve just got a new subscriber!! ?

Salima Koroma

I will be down 25 pounds by March !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ryan Thomas

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Richard Davis

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Riley Harris

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Natural Beauty

I just subscribed ??

Lovelys Journey

U look amazing girl

Tamara McRae

You have a wonder spirit to you.
I do know when I have to lose weight, I have to be extreme about it but I’ve been lazy about it because the extreme about it. Definitely will follow your tips, thank you!

Selena Abney

I plan on being down 77 pounds by the end of the summer

Laura Beldin

Started at 262 now at 223 !! In three months on keto and a little walking now iv joined the gym and I'm aiming for 199lbs by April 1st ? God bless and great job girl ?


Why I'm watching this if I just want to lose 5kg ?

In Her Zone...Uncensored

She lost me at 30 days ?

Pretty Healthy

Detoxing help for sure. I lost 40 pounds in 4 months by detoxing once a month, making healthier choices, and exercising 3xs a week. Y'all can follow my progress on Instagram @prettyhealthy504


What are your thoughts on cheat days? I've heard mixed opinions about them and don't really have an opinion ?

Boi -

She thicker than a bowl of oatmeal

Anna ._.

I really need to lose 100 lbs, hopefully it'll work ?

Nicole Love

Good video very informative

Mrs Yankey

Thanks for your video. So informative.
What are examples for quality calories please? ?

Hannatu Paul

Is this photo of before and after real? Because I am like the before and want to be like the after. Do you think this can be possible? I am just like I wanna lose weight today and give up tomorrow

Zanil Capri

I loved your energy!

Frog Dad

ugh I cant do most of these because of the rules my nutritionist set in place. besides, im going in for inpatient ed treatment soon, so I guess losing weight isn't gonna be easy for me


I signed up a while ago, have I missed it ?

Titilola Ibrahim-Igbo

I love how you answer every comment❤️


i will lose 15 pounds


I've always been fix but thyroid issues and lack of exercise is tipping the scale. I'm going to incorporate your tips. Thanks for sharing.

Leslie Cantrell

What is Custokebon Secrets and how does it work? I hear lots of people burn their fat with this popular lose weight methods.


My birthday is jan 23 I hope to lose 20+pounds

Amanda Sheppard

I dont have weights, but just googled the weight of a gallon of water...8.34lbs. With the stay at home orders, I guess Ill be lifting Aquafina this Spring lol Great motivating video

Wendy Heldt

Love your energy and advice :)
How did you settle into OMAD? Did you ever feel hungry later in the day or dizzy or any symptoms like that? x

Kennedi Elise

Finally someone that gets love handles like me! That’s the most complicated spot to get fat

thicctaesbootyhoe _

I’m was 119 with a height of 4’8 and a half. I’m 116 right now so 8 more pound to get through!!


Just visit website NextLevelDiet and get personalized Diet and Training plan with amazing tips. I lost 15kg in two months. Finally, I have a six pack.

Eliza Hansen

Guys, losing weight doesn't have to be hard (I used to feel it did). I'll give you some advice right now. Search a diet plan known as Custokebon Secrets. Seriously, that program has transformed my life. I probably should not even be talking about it cause I don't want a bunch of other folks out there running the same "game" but whatever, I am in a great mood today so I'll share the wealth haha.

Brittany Blake

Do you have to do all of these to see results

Rabia Javed

Can you eloborate meaning of HIT....I MEAN WHATS THIS.you were saying that 3 times a day i couldnt understand it properly??

Nicole Love

If that’s a real candle watch out !!

Brazil Duke Fant

I love when people make short videos ?!

Wendell Williams

Damn!!!! You are beautiful. Great presentation and personality. You sound like Nia Long and that's beautiful too. Lol Keep pushing. Thank you.

Glinda Reynolds

Hello there! Thank you for this useful video. By the way, I notice lots of people keep on talking about Custokebon Secrets (just google search it), but I'm not sure if it's good. Have you thought about Custokebon Secrets? I have heard several amazing things about it and my friend lost a ton of weight with it, but she refuses to tell me :(

These Actors Went On Extreme Diets For Movie Roles

These Actors Went On Extreme Diets For Movie Roles29 Sep. 2018
674 305
TheTalkoSubscribe 438 721

Celebrities who went to

Celebrities who went to extreme lengths for a role.

Subscribe: https://goo.gl/Hnoaw3


Being a famous Hollywood actor might seem glamorous, but it isn’t always easy. Some roles require actors to undergo extreme weight loss. Although Jake Gyllenhaal struggled physically as a result of his diet for the movie Nightcrawler, he admits the mental effects were the most difficult to deal with. You’re used to seeing Tom Holland and Chris Hemsworth bulked up, but they both had to slim down in order to portray people lost at sea. Mila Kunis and Natalie Portman earned critical acclaim for the movie Black Swan, but one of them claims she’s been forever changed by the experience. Sam Claflin and Shailene Woodley worked together on the movie Adrift, and were both forced to undergo a serious amount of weight loss. Is Hollywood asking for too much from its stars, or does this just come with the territory? Tell us what you think in the comment section and then click subscribe for more videos from TheTalko.

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Instagram: https://instagram.com/the_talko


For more videos and articles visit:


Comments (100)

Um you completely forgot Matthew McConnegnhey in Dallas Buyers Club and Christian Bale in the Machinist!

Yoko Nono

Who else is watching this for ideas ?? ??

extra avocado

Crazy I only eat 100 or less calories a day?

Sarah B

Honestly Hollywood is disgusting for making people destroy their health by starving themselves


Christian bale


On the one where Mila was there it showed innana

Nuri Kou

gum is a lifesaver when you're trying to curb hunger. lol

Jennifer Lopez

I couldn't do that. I have been on the Keto lifestyle and it's been a struggle for me.

Talmage Walters

You forgot about Rebel Wilson in the heist

Sofia Stukalsky

7:24 that is not Mila lol


Christian Bale, Tom Hanks

CoCo Yasui

why do they make it such a big deal to be healthy ???

Elisavet Sakellaropoulou

70% comments:
-Mila's resemblance to Innana Sakris

20% comments:
-Lily Collins not being included

10% comments:
-personal opinions bout weight loss difficulty.

Man,what a variety of topics...


Miserab is most definitely not how u pronounce miserables but ok

Ano Nymous

kpop stars are literally laughing i mean Seulgi from red velvet diets by drinking only 3 cups of soy milk and thats that and she also exercised and also had to do her dance practices

Cristina Rivas

Christian bale?

Maria Kirwan

9:46 "kee no wa". whaaa?? it's KEEN WA

Laura Thea Esmerada

I also only eat 350 kcal a day and I burned 1505 kcal



Carmen hurst

What about Tom Hiddleston he lost a 40 lbs for I Saw the Light.

No Name

You forgot Hue Jackman's water diet for Les Miserables


Weird that they have a shot that's NOT Mila Kunis at 7:24

Gabriella Antonia

some KEY-NO-AH?
Ok am I the only one who heard that and was like keen-waa?

Emma Weaver

She said papillon wrong

Leslie Corral


Zeena Alibrahim

7:24 is not Mila kunis??

Sparrow Wilson

Um... the girl at 07:23 is not Mila Kunis. Just FYI. Don't know who that chick is but it's 100% not MK.

Cate Freeborn

350 calories a day is literally a starvation diet... some people with eating disorders will eat more than that in a day. it’s insane the directors thought that kind of restriction was in any way okay.


Forgot about Tom Hanks in Castaway!

julia h

Haley lu richerdson and Cole spouse had to too for five feet apart

Becca K

Wtf why ew

Medina С

When you gain 20 pounds for the role, but then remember that you are not an actor

Serena Loyden

Christian bale needs to be in this. Massive muscle gain for ‘Batman’, massive weight loss for ‘the machinist’ and then weight gain again for ‘American hustle’. Never seen someone change their bodies so much for movies.

Kayla Scott

So... what about Lilly Collins?

Amanda Nantucket

I guess we just won’t talk about Christian Bale, the KING of weight losses and gains for roles. Disappointed you didn’t mention him.


It's a shame that they let actors go through these strict diets and in the end people see the movies and feel like they look bad themselves

Sara Hewson

Is it weird that I feel validated for being overwhelmed at the fact that I have to lose 100 pounds to be normal, and all these celebs feel mentally unstable after losing 30? I feel human again.

Basil In the Forest

I always thought that Charlie and Heath Ledger would have made good brothers in a film. :/

Juicy Lucy

And two egg yolks ?!
Hmmm never heard of that on a diet, don’t most people have the whites ? Was this a mistake or do people on diets eat egg yolks in a diet ?

Johne Mendez

They aren’t forced to lose weight plus they get paid a ton to do it so I don’t feel sorry for them even though I bet it was hard


Did you call James Bond "Daniel Creg"? ?


If I was getting paid millions of dollars then I would diet extreme for a role

Elizabeth Durban

Hathaway didn’t HAVE to lose her long hair, she was given the option of a wig and she refused and said she wanted it be believable. the directors and fellow actors tried to convince her otherwise, but they filmed that scene in one cut. completely by choice.

Hope Orubele

The weight loss things is what kpop stars go through every day it's not healthy but there's so much pressure

Binah Fae

Wow, coments deleted



Mira-Luna Andresen

Most of these diets is very eating disorder looking. The extreme low caloric intake, the high amount of exercise, and the emotional unstableness is all very similar to fx. Anorexia.

Tierney Adair

Jack O’ Connell - Unbroken... He lost soo much weight :(

Hannah Jewell

Ki no wa

chech g



Somehow their cries of how it messed them up emotionally don't register with me. Your choice spoiled Hollywood brat, hire a therapist with all the $$ you made if you need to. Try living paycheck to paycheck like a lot of people if you want a reality check on real mental stress.

Once Upon A Blink

You mispronounced Fantine it has a long a that almost sounds like an o I always miss pronounce French names on here

Zoe Bowdery

l think its disgusting disgusting that hollywood makes peopke liose weight us birderkine anerexic and yn ealty body imae

Lynne Smith

I think it's crazy all the way to the bank

Francesca Woods

Pretty sure Tom Holland also had to pack on weight at the start of filming, as because of his age at the time he wasnt allowed to lose more weight than when he started filming


At 7:23 that’s not mila kunis

Mich Mu


Phoebe Tonkin

And there was me thinking Christian Bale in the machinist would be on this list

kaye lolo


Milena Pantic

You forgot about Christian Bale in The Machinist.

Reina Violet

Where is Christian bale ????

Masha Whitecat

I don’t get it, if you want an extremely skinny character why don’y you just cast an actor or actress who already has the physique and is healthy and happy??


It's sad when these actors do these body transformations and even place their bodies and health in harm's way do these movies that no. one. sees. or even hears of. Ugh. So sad.

Iris Snel

Where’s tom hanks for cast away?..

Aisha Khadjah Layla Ling

and what about christian bale the movie he played in the machinist. He lost so much weight for that movie. i hardly recognised him on that movie it was sad to see

Stuart Loria

Need to learn something from these people

Emma Weaver

Inanna and Mila Kunis look like twins


9:48 i-wha- keenohah?

Once Upon A Blink

Natalie Portman didn’t need to go on that intense of a diet if she’s doing eight hours a day of ballet training she would’ve dropped away anyways was eating healthy foods

Kacindra Davis

Why why why ????!!!!.... Do they do this to actors and actresses some of them are already to skinny

Andrea lee

Jake Gyllenhaal's always grouchy I know someone that works security for him


quinoa isn't even spelt the way she pronounced it...

Alli As Always

This is all so messed up

Matilda Ontrop

lmao they showed a video of inanna instead of mila kunis


That girl who shows up at 7:24 is Inanna Sarkis not Mila Kunis

Sarah Jane

Quinoa? For fuck's sake, it's pronounced keen-wa.

Esa Joy Parker

Christian Bale for Machinist, Matthew M for Dallas Buyers Club, and Bradley Cooper for Sniper.


Quinoa lol

Kelli V

I don’t like the way the narrator over pronounces ‘certain.’ It’s making my eye twitch.

Punk Soup





lemme get this straight... you tried really hard to pronounce papillon and les miserables as accurately as you could but didn't try at all with quinoa?

shalini gurupadu

Alright Alright Alright.. Mathew Mcconaughey !!


The text box across the bottom of the screen is very annoying. It would be better if you just let the people turn on cc if they want the text. Otherwise, those who dislike it have it blaring like neon lights at the bottom of the screen. I can't watch your videos because of that. It's just too distracting.

Dafina Lyngdoh

That's not Mila Kunis at 7.22 haha!

Sasha Zizi

Is it me or did I see Innna Sarkis???

Kris Mack

What about Jack O'Connell in Unbroken. He got down to bones for that movie.

Monique Ranger

it seems unnecessary with what they can do with CGI these days.

maria p

At least they get million of dollars for it. They shouldve just eat moderately and do a lot of cardio instead

Patsy Cervantes

Its disgusting that they have to do this

Miss Moxie

So what about Jeremy Davies in Rescue Dawn?

Lisa Šarić

Thats not mila kunis on the carpet its innana


why wasnt christian bale or lily collins mentioned???


Cerrrrrtan. Awkward pronunciation so much so that I quit watching this video. Just say sirtan.

Charmaine lee


Arnulfo Cantarero

Part of the job

missjilianne Young


Lindus A.

So the thumbnail has Mila Kunis looking very skinny, losing 40 lbs for a movie role many years ago. I looked her up and found out she had then a BMI of around 18,4. Not sure why it is recommended to me as an extreme diet/weight loss, when I dropped to a BMI of around 16 a few years ago. ?? And have been at around 17-19 for the most part the last decade. And now I have gained some back after the doctor told me to gain weight simply by looking at me with clothes. So why this? EDIT: I had to look her up when she was this skinny and she looks like a skinny 7 year old. She does not even look like a young anorexic teen, but an anorexic child. Mila Kunis really need to have a higher end normal weight to even look like an adult or teen. No wonder she felt like gaining weight instantly after that role, it clearly looks awful on her body type.

Jaymee 628

Quinoa is 'keen-wah' lol. Not 'kwi-no-ah'

Nomin Tuya

Inanna??? ??? shes not mila