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Mother's Day - Planet Fitness Member Story

Mother's Day - Planet Fitness Member Story12 May. 2019
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They’re our first heroes

They’re our first heroes and #1 cheerleaders. We’re celebrating moms of all kinds who do it all and still make time to care for themselves. Check out Jolene’s story and then show some love to the super moms in your life!

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Planet Fitness Stories - Jake

Planet Fitness Stories - Jake23 May. 2019

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Planet Fitness Transgender Story - Penis in the Female Locker Rooms?

Planet Fitness Transgender Story - Penis in the Female Locker Rooms?9 Mar. 2015
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hmm mby I should  turn myself into a transgender... and swing my pee pee infront off the ladies... good idea!


There's no such thing as a transgender woman - it's a boy in girl clothes, and wearing girl clothes doesn't make you a girl.


Transgen privileges. It's a man's world. Let them tread all over women's spaces, like patriarchal religion does. Transgens aren't feminists or women's rights activists I would associate with if this is their agenda. This is wrong, plain and simple. If you have a dick, use the men's locker room. If you're not comfortable doing so, than stay home.

Ryan N

I don't really like them ding-dangling along in the men's locker room either, but that's life.


We can all agree here that the real issue is that planet fitness is some bullshit and need to allow barbells and actual effort involving calorie burning movements like squats and deadlifts

Christopher Jarrett

When I use the gym's bathroom facilities I have never had the inclination to prance about the change room with my wedding tackle swinging footloose and fancy free, gleefully menacing fellow change room inhabitants in the process.  I think with a little modesty, common sense and an ability to "hide the candy" the transgender woman in question and her prudish onlooker could have simultaneously used the facilities without encroaching on each other's inflated senses of entitlement without needing to run to centre management and have them adjudicate.  For fuck's sake!

Roy Bread

Remove the male and female signs on the locker room doors. Problem solved.
Guess that's not a realistic solution though, as it'd likely hurt business due to people being overly self conscious.


I find it funny that pc has progressed so far that a company can use the slogan "judgement free zone" without irony.


haha, welcome to the judgement free zone, it's golden

Francesco Salvati

"If you don't know what a penis is google it" Lol


first in this video. fate?

Skyler Donlon

okay so that girl felt uncomfortable in the female locker room, well thats the same for the trans girl, she feels uncomfortable in a male changing room because its not where she belongs. period.

Ovidiu Kilingher

Clitoris it is a 'undeveloped small' penis, if we start to talk about this topic. The gender in this case it is very complicated to be discourse on fitness channel. It involve genetics, psychology, if that person consider himself a woman or a men.


As a man I could care less what a transgendered person decided to do, but I can see why a female seeing a penis in the ladies room would at the very least be a little startled.

Jim Giant

Unless the person complaining got abusive about it I don't think they should have been banned but I personally don't give a shit who is in the changing room with me. I'm not there to look at or be offended by other people's genitals, I'm there to change and shower. 

The feelings and arguments of both parties should be taken in to account but I'd side with the transperson. The only argument the biological woman had was they feel unsafe, well if anything the transperson is more likely to be sexually abused than the other way around. Should gays and lesbians be forced to change somewhere else to make people feel safe too? 

Glam Af

Planet Fitness' motto is "No Judgement." If they feel uncomfortable with what Planet Fitness' stands for maybe they should reevaluate who they're giving their memebership money too. And yes lol, I do work out at planet fitness lol.

TryingTo Correct

If I think I am a dog, my thinking does not make me dog. What we think does not change the biological facts. Trans should use their biological rooms or trans rooms.

Kelley M

Change the washrooms from Men's and Women's to Disk's and Pussies.

Lori Love

But being a guy would you mind a man with a penis walking around the male locker room with a penis with boobs?, now for men this might not be uncomfortable, but would it make the transgender feel uncomfortable because men might be more aggressive towards a gay guy being in their dressing room, maybe they may feel like this transgender is a pervert or having sexual feelings in their and it may make some men feel uncomfortable, for me it makes more sense that a transgender would feel more comfortable in the woman's locker room, but out of respect I think in taking off his pants it would be better for him to go behind closed doors like toilet area or shower, some may even have changing rooms and I think that would be best to install in a woman's locker room for that specific reason, it is not easy for transgenders because of this issue of using bathrooms and such, but I think the women have the capability to be more forgiving in this area and should be, so they have somewhere to go where they can be accepted.

Jonathan Jaimangal

Don't google penis kids!

Ryan Rodal

I think it depends on the type of situation. If it was someone born transgender I think using the bathroom is less of an issue compared to if it was a man who blatantly had a sex change to a woman or is in the process of having one.

The Burning Sensation

Did she hit the Junk Alarm?

Jeroen Nouwens

People are so uptight. I wouldn't mind mixed rooms; and you know what, I bet that in the future this will be commonly accepted in many places. Not too many decades ago, in my country (Dutchland), most or all swimming pools indoors and outdoors were having separate areas where either women and kids were allowed to swim and then there was a male area, with fences in between. Sort of like Auschwitz. They probably had watchtowers too. Of course, I get it, people would stare, or at least some and most would take a look. If that makes you uncomfortable, okay, understandable and you got a right to privacy. So here's an idea: to have private businesses offer all kinds of specific services to the market, meaning separate rooms or mixed rooms or whatever (some) people prefer. This should be stated up front, so no one gets into a nasty surprise. There are mixed saunas or at least there are many of those in my country, but there are also says for just women or religious minorities or saunas dedicated to men (make that gay men) :) Planet Fitness, a shitty place, but that's my opinion, should be more open about this policy. I've heard of their lunk alarm and no judgement zone and I know their target audience is not geared toward hardcore lifters who want results, so that's all fine, but I didn't know anyone could change rooms at a whim basically. Oh, today I feel my estrogen rising, let's go to the ladies' room. Are there even members going to the kids' rooms, because they idenfify with being a child? That is creepy.

Looking does not equate to rape, IMO, but staring at someone who clearly does not appreciate it is not very civil. Any actual groping and you know should be met with punitive measures that are effective, like bans from visiting certain places and hefty fines and so on.

If we all strive to be more understanding and not freak out about anything, this planet would be more pleasant to live on.


I think the one thing we can learn from this is Planet Fitness sucks.


Its as simple as this. Catering to one persons needs should noy make several people feel uncomfortable. There are possibly KIDS as young as 13 in there. So it's ok to have your cock out? No it's not a fucking nudist colony.


And even if he gets his penis removed, he cannot change DNA or bone structure - so he will be a male without a penis.


Toilets are divided by sex, not gender. Period . I'm finding this PC world very fucking annoying these days

Alex Fry

I've got a friend from high school who is now transitioning to female so this kind of strikes a chord with me. I see what you're saying, about somebody one day deciding that they feel female and just deciding to wander into the women's room swinging their dong all about, but I think its more complicated than that. My friend takes hormones, has breasts and if you see her with her clothes on, you see a girl. But she still has a dick. I think that if you are going through that, and living your everyday life as a woman, then yes you go to the women's room. The only stipulation I want to include here is that you should clear it with club management so that they know and can deal with freaked out customers appropriately.


I personally wouldn't give a shit, so my answer would be: sure, whatever come on in. I am a man, so in my situation I'd see a man with a vagina or something walking along naked? Obviously I'd be surprised, maybe even taken aback by that odd sight. However, my immediate reaction would be to not bitch about it and just go along with whatever the fuck I was gonna do. And I believe everyone should do this, because respecting the plight of certain people has more value than avoiding seeing a random dingdong or vagoo. I guess that annoyance should just be accepted. 




1st, I've never been in a planet fitness, but I've walked by a gym or two.
2nd, If my daughter told me a person with a penis was in the girls locker room, somebody gonna getta hurt real bad.


It's all about respect. I mean how would she know that the other young lady had one? I mean be you but have a little descretion. Problem solved? We all work out in gyms with gay/homosexual members and I assume they shower and user the locker rooms and saunas etc. I've never had a problem or issue it should be the same with transgendered members.

Taekwondo Master

My God people are so petty. This is ridiculous.