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5 Butt-Toning Exercises | Tracy Anderson | Health

5 Butt-Toning Exercises | Tracy Anderson | Health10 May. 2016
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When you work out, don’t

When you work out, don’t forget about your backside! In this video, Tracy Anderson shows you how to tone that tush with five moves, so grab a mat and ankle weights, and get started.

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Ziva Mamo

Amazihg exercises

Hánn Quesada Rodriguez

Si voy hacer esos ejercicios, y voy a quedar plana como ella... Nada que ver... Me gusta aumentar mi glúteo, no que me eliminen mi glúteo ???

Ayesha Khan

She is the best

Sandy vdh

She is the best if you d like a hip injury !

Booty Workout to Grow Your Glutes at Home

Booty Workout to Grow Your Glutes at Home3 Aug. 2020

In these video we will

In these video we will show you how you can workout at home with only few equipments and Grow your booty.

These muscles have a huge impact on your overall body strength; they help strengthen your core, and help to support a range of compound movements and exercises. Strong glute muscles also help prevent and avoid muscle imbalances that can lead to mobility issues.

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Strong core muscles are also important for athletes, such as runners, as weak core muscles can lead to more fatigue, less endurance and injuries. Weak core muscles can also leave you susceptible to poor posture, lower back pain and muscle injuries. Strengthening core muscles may also help improve back pain. this lowers body workout will help you to Increases bone strength.

Improves balance.

Boosts stamina.

Increases confidence.

Slows physical weakness.

Reduces risk of falling.

Decreases knee injuries.

Lowers pain levels.


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Three Reasons Your Glutes Won't Grow

Three Reasons Your Glutes Won't Grow9 Jan. 2018
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Three reasons your glutes

Three reasons your glutes won't grow. In San Diego with Bret Contreras discussing the most popular mistakes when it comes to training glutes.

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Fabulous video, thank you I love Bret Contreras and his videos also.


Haha I love Bret's "no ass" stories! Mine would have to be when I over heard two of my friend's guy friends talking about me. "She has no ass, but she's still a smoking hot chick" ?? I was soooo ashamed! Well, I'm about 90 days into my fitness journey, and the other day a coworker actually asked me where my booty came from! ??? Just call me, Ms. New Booty! ???? Gonna try his 30 day challenge next!!

Meeli Morenoo

Awesome video, thanks, but can you do a video on advices for overcoming a glute plateu?! Thanks ?

Anastasia McWilliams

Very informative! Thank you. I understand the three types of exercises for glutes now.


Just finished "Strong Curves" today. Love both of you guys. Thanks for all of the informative content.

Beth Schwartz

So helpful and insightful from a client and coach perspective!!!

Troy Klk

LOVED this video. Thank you

Rhonda Silver

Dr. Butt!!

Barbara D

Great content!

Alba Moore

Fanfuckingtastic video Paul ?????

Anu Prasad

On the topic of butts, couldn't help but chuckle after you said "before we get too deep into that."

Raven Braye

Such a good video, thank you Bret and Paul ???

BreeZ Fit

Awesome video!!


Amazing video!!! Can't imagine anyone not listening to Bret for glutes! Amazes me how humble he is! Love both of u guys

Tania Kowalski

So much great information and I was nodding in agreement to finding the sweet spot for training volume and finding the right load and movements that engage your glutes the most.  Awesome interview guys!

Krysten Janzen

Awesome awesome ?? video

Sam Banfield

Damn. Well done.

Madison Smith

This is totally top 5 best fitness YT videos I've EVER SEEN!!!!! Loved this content and in depth knowledge and experience from you two!

Alicia Searvogel


patricia kenny

Can you do a video of elaborating more of what bret was speaking on. Vertical,lateral etc

Margie L

I live in Hinsdale, Illinois, do you guys know any great trainer like yourself near Chicago?

T.D. Newsh

This guys workout does work well just in case anyone is wondering...try it.

Jessica Michels

My 2 favorites!
I have learned so much from you both!

Beth Laliberte

Love love love this!!! Thanks for sharing!

Kitty C

Before we get too deep into butts lol


Very helpful, thank you for this.

Tracy G

Love this!

Michele Padovano

We all love butts! lol


I want him to create my training menu....


I am mid-way through the Strong Curves program, starting weeks 9-12 next week. I love Bret's work! I really appreciate this discussion too, lots of very good info and advice. Also Bret is so adorable. :)

Penelope Robertson

How many days a week should you train glutes guys! Please and thank you ??


Excellent video ! I could have listened to you both chatting for hours !!

Jules McGill

Hi Paul, really informative .... Question, I am almost 53 and have been working out in the gym for many years and have a very defined upper body, never achieved any on my lower. I train glutes twice a week . I also use all three positioning. My nutrition is also spot on ( I am a personal trainer) I do struggle in the horizontal . as I am blessed with arthritis in my spine and I have mild scoliosis. Meaning lunges and one leg dead lift is all I can achieve without my lower back screaming, even with low weight. How can I lift lower saggy butt, without more horizontal?

Lorraine Hernandez

Bret is a genius.

Colin DeWaay

This man loves glutes!

Mad Lib

4:15 Haha soo accurate. My boyfriend has been lifting daily for 10 years but when I recently asked him about how to start working out for my glutes, I think he said squats and some other basic response Haha.

Kitty C

Thank you for this very informative video !

Roseanna Leigh

Where can I get online training from one of you two to help me train my glutes?

Shannon Hornemann

Most informative butt video out there! ? Thank you!

Megan Snyder

Fantastic information, thanks for shooting this and sharing!

Jackie Burns

I just want to help my knee issues. Stronger glutes help with knee problems.


Marry me Bret ?❤️?

Niki Woods Personal Fitness Facilitated

Superb video thanks guys


Very Informative, I loved this interview with Bret! I am learning so much.

Charlie Brisbourne

Really enjoyed this Paul. Some glute gold dust here! ?


Love Bret!

Cwsing 7

I got the clue in this video I was looking for for weeks. Thank you so much. (Pancake girl)?