How to improve running stamina in 2 weeks

how to increase stamina in a week || 12 minutes workout || 100% Result in a week ||

how to increase stamina in a week || 12 minutes workout || 100% Result in a week ||10 Mar. 2017
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This channel features the health tips and exercises for the proper improvement of health.

This channel has no intension to harm any subject.

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SBTC Mina Young

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Aditya Nikhade


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Lyng Ivory

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Not bad. You should put it into a table format, showing the break down, the rest between exercises and the rounds. That will make even beginners have ZERO PROBLEMS in following it.

Zen Reden

Nice vid

Amyy 14

Very nice

MONICA priyadarshni


Amyy 14

Wow great video

Nishhaa Poohh

Will this help me from getting tired so fast when I dance??

MONICA priyadarshni


Military Fitness Test | Decrease Your Run Time

Military Fitness Test | Decrease Your Run Time13 Oct. 2018
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Austen Alexander is an Active Duty Sailor, who posts weekly to YouTube. He is most popular for his challenge videos including Ms. Bikini Olympia and challenging U.S Marines to obstacle courses and races. Austen is the host of the Hot Mic Show with Austen Alexander podcast and continues to post fitness and lifestyle-related content to Instagram as well.

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bobby oakland

Would you suggest this still for someone who wasn't given a lot of prep time before they leave? Lieave in 13 days!

Marc XL

Will it be just as effective if I run on a treadmill ?

jeremy lin

Hey, so you literally just run 1 quarter mile each day? Not like 4-5 with optimal time of resting?


I'm extremely weak as hell and currently doing 30 push ups a day and 60 basic dumbbell...lifts? (I don't what it's called lmao) I've noticed my biceps grow, not a lot but I noticed the difference. Now I need to improve my crappy endurance. I got a long road ahead before joining the military.


Were you still doing strength training along with the 1/4 mile increments? And if yes, did it help improve your time?

Josh Wolfbane

How to get a good big tent


I don’t want to be in the military, I just want to have the fitness of someone who is

Ix im Malice xl

Best video yet about the 2 mile

ImIva Xo

He says ten like tin hehehe fun! Love it!

Antoine B

This is spot on! What I did was the same thing. I would run a quarter mile the first week every day with 25 push-ups each day. Then the next week I would run a half a mile each day with 50 pushups each day. I did this until I reached 3 miles everyday with 300 pushups everyday, but it all started with the quarter and 25 pushups

Burning Hammer Studios

wow 4th

K Marley

What is your shoulder tattoo of Austen??? Looks like you’ve got some New Zealand influence in there? ❤️❤️❤️

jayshree Das

Hi! AUSTEN ???

toy oncatnip

is only quarter mile a day 7 day/week?? or can i do quarter mile in 3 set?

Andrew Cube

Austen, is it true that you actually liked my first post on Instagram!?!?! Because on my first post, it says, "Liked by Austen_Alex" and you're my hero!!!


Just trying to find about more info about the SeaBee community and the Seabee lifestyle in the Navy. Thanks!!

Hanks Lures

I love your vids man your great keep up everything you do and have fun brother God bless. Thanks for this video I’m not a very good runner I think this will help a lot.???

Pamela Thomas

You have beautiful legs!! ?

James Parr

One of the most helpful videos - thank you :0)

Ivanka Sonal

I only have one month. What do I do?

Jonas Baclig

I tried 2 mile run to our streets near at home earlier in the morning but i failed i just took 12 minutes ? but I'm gonna do it again.

Miguel Catala

thanks for the tips, what is better track or treadmill?

Duke Nukem

I’m getting my mile down but this will def help. Thanks.

Damien Ramirez

Great video man was practicing running 2miles daily this makes way more sense.

Truly _Legit1995

I have a week left for BOOTCAMP. I suck at running. But I can run mile and a half on treadmill. Can you give me advice ?

Mother Luna

“Trying to get a tan on my white boy body” ?????

Noah Burcham

Hey bud, I have to lose 102 lbs before I am at the standards to join. Currently I'm 6'2 and 313. I'm at 40 pushups for the 2 min max and 50 situps but I need to focus on my mile time. It's the most important thing right now and this really helped a lot. I've already lost 50 some pounds since October and just recently started running to get in shape for the PRT and I'm struggling a bit right now. I want to be a sailor more than anything in my life. It's my dream to serve this country man I want this more than anything..is there any special advice you could give me to better help me lose it quicker? I'm already dieting like crazy lol

Eito Naraoka

As a crosscountry runner solid advice but I would also do a long run once a week(usually Saturday) so if your traning for 1.5 to two miles just jog three or four miles and two miles should seem easy fartlicks are always good too

kishred bird

Other people asked but I never found an answer, do you just run the .25 once and youre done? Or do you rest like 2 minutes and run it again a few times

Hassan Khan

Thanks for this I definitely need as much help as I can get with my run time

Vincent B

What about breaks

Alana Jackson

What camera do you use? Anybody know the full name of the camera ??

Thais Rezio

Great video!!! Navy Nurse here from CA... I enjoy your videos a lot, more then that I learn a lot with then! I appreciate you sharing knowledge! Well done sailor!!

H. E. Davis

Hey dude! Love the video, quality is amazing! I'm 13 and I'm going to join the US army after high school. I want to be fit enough and build up over the years. I need some advice though. My family has a history of knee issues (not that bad, just a bit of pain and some joint dislocation). I find when I run my left knee slows me down a lot. I don't want this to stop me and I'm going to join the military no matter what. What should I do to ease the pain?


Hey Austen, if you plan on doing a workout video soon can you please post a little bit on running posture/form. I can run but, it's not the right way and it always hurt my joints in the long run. ? no pun intended.

Tashana Smith vlogs

I did a PT the other day and failed miserably because I couldn’t keep up... my feet got super weak and heart started to beat really fast.

Won Hung low

Im a fatso lol 6'2 230 pounds and I can do 32 pushups in a row and I can run 1 mile in 8:30 but im winded

Rukaya Unique

thank you soo much for making this video, i failed my PRT and i needed help on how to shed time off my Run. I will definitely try this workout

Jack Ahn

Hello sir, I’ve been watching your YouTube channel and subscribed as well. I think that you have amazing contents and more reality into it.
So I was just wondering about the tip you gave to decrease running time or to run faster for the Navy PFT/PST.
Is there a set of running training? Like 3 sets of quarter mile sprint with 1 minute rest between sets or something?
I am enlisted in the DEP for the NAVY right now and open to different trainings to maximize my fitness.
Thank you very much and I appreciate your hard work into each videos.
Have a nice day sir.


okay for one, hot damm thats a nice drone shot, whats playing during the drone shot? Damm nice 3k you deserve it ! you should totally do some livestreams

Jimi Perez

No. Don't start off with sprinting short distance like that. You're gonna want to start running a comfortable speed for a decent distance. Increase distance till you make that 1.5 miles. First work on form. Then distance. Then finally speed. Don't work on speed before anything else because you will hurt yourself.


Thanks a lot for writing back man!! I appreciate you trying to find a SeaBee to talk to. If you cant no worries at all. It would be awesome just to listen to your input and info about the SeaBee community and the rates. Keep the positive motivation and good vibes going man!!

Veronica S

When he gets his drone back, he looks like an excited little kid ?

Ooga Booba

Thank you so much man, I've been runnin 2 miles daily just trying to increase my pace but it hasn't worked much. I didn't think about just pushing myself in smaller increments

Landon Poole

Should I only do one quarter mile? Or should I do more in one workout?

Thomas Hates Idiots

Great videos man??

David David

always great help leaving for bootcamp soon ?

Ben R.

This is called “greasing the groove”

Toya G

Looks like Gold’s Gym, I go there sometimes. ??


Damn you look like Captain America!

Derek Hallman

Love your videos, keep them coming.

я тим

Quick question so I'm very out of shape I got a 10 min half mile first day then 9:15 the second day I just wanna know if it's an ok time haven't ran in 2 years and am very out of shape by good time I mean the decrease started at half mile not the .25 mile

Jackson Bybee

I've started with a 1/2 mile, then 3/4, then mile, then mile, then 1-1/4 mile, then 1-1/4 mile, then 1-1/2 mile, then 1-1/2 mile, then 1-3/4 mile, then 1-3/4 mile, then 2 miles, then 2 miles. I'm also not sprinting the whole way as I do a lot better when running if I'm not sprinting for longer distances.

Matt Wong

I'm not in the military, but something else that will help is running up hills

Dalton Parnell

Can you do a video on how to improve your pullups

Alex Almendarez

So are you supposed to full speed sprint 3/4 of a mile and so on?


Hey man your videos are awesome!! They are full of great information!! Really enjoy the way you put them together with the music cut scenes throughout the videos and the scenery shots and your intro and outros. Entertaining from start to finish. I just joined the Navy and I swore in a month ago. Picked a SeaBee rate of CE. The interview video with your MA buddy was great. Know any SeaBees you could get one with haha?? Keep up all the hard work making and editing videos!!


Hey man great video. So I just recently started running and have been getting really bad shin splints, do I ignore it and keep running or is there something I can do to reduce the pain?

confused sandwich

5:19 "I keep these deadlifts light" proceeds to deadlift 2 plates

Justin YOINK

I leave for bootcamp in less than a month and I have my 1.5 mile down to 18 mins but that's still not good enough but every time I try to get faster my body doesnt like it... any tips??

Frankie Hogan-Stagnitto

I’m starting to really like this channel bro, keep it up

Zane Frey

That's in Long Beach! I'm homegrown LBC boy. Sweet video

Thomas Franklin

I do this with beers. Start off with 6 one week and do 8 the next week. Slowly moving up!

Alejandra Restrepo

Youre incredible

Jonathan Anderson

Marines its 3 miles.

Crismari Diaz


לי היימליך

wow, that's a great video!

TheMan OfSteel

Can I do multiple qtr miles in 1 day for ex. in the mornings and later at night as long as I have the motivation/determination to do so? Will that help?

Mr. The octopus

great vid man, but what about warmup?

Hanks Lures

First like, view and comment


Oh buff ass boi

Improve your Running stamina in 3 Weeks (Tamil) | #Run Faster in 21 days

Improve your Running stamina in 3 Weeks (Tamil) | #Run Faster in 21 days5 Jul. 2018
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This Video describes about

This Video describes about 1 Exercise named Burpees which is useful for Increasing Speed,stamina,anaerobic endurance,strength,cardio.Perform Burpees 3 times a week for 3 weeks to improve your Running stamina in 3 weeks.

Improve your Running stamina in 3 weeks

Improve your Running stamina in 3 weeks

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Comments (15)
Sai kumar

How to ex size one by one video


demo video upload pannunga bro

Mohamed Mohudoom

800 metres oda nalla exercise sollunga bro


Image potta mattum pothum maa intha exercise ipadi pannanum nu sollunga video podunga

rangeelan r

Semma bro

Tamil remax

Sir 800meter ra 2.20min la mudekka endha maatere weekly training edukkanum sir........

Plz sollunga

muthu ganesh

nice bro

Ajay Ajay

Bro atha neega oru video eduthu podalam illa

jilla ajith


subash ukd king

Sir 10 days kulla prepare pantrathu eppadi 1600 meter 5.45 minutes.

PJ Ramesh I love india


phoenix DSP

Run 5 km in 24 mins tipd kudunga bro

Jayam vegetables

sir pls give me the mobile number sir pls

Dheenadhayalan R

Sir please
Sent your contact number

Issac Samuel

Sir,nan unga 100m running dhan follow panren sir.ok va