Rasp vs sfas

Rangers versus Green Beret's | With Vincent "Rocco" Vargas and Sean "Buck" Rogers

Rangers versus Green Beret's | With Vincent "Rocco" Vargas and Sean "Buck" Rogers13 Nov. 2020
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Rangers versus Green

Rangers versus Green Beret's | With Vincent "Rocco" Vargas

In this video Rocco and I discuss the differences in mission sets between Ranger Regiment and Green Beret's.

Our goal is to help you guys decide what route better suits you based on the types of missions conducted!

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Comments (100)
John Fairchild

Come on get real. No. Pussys. Allowed. Bayouboy. I aint scared. Where you been

Keith C Finnie

What about DELTA

Dził Ba Hadadolgháásh

Special Forces = playing with Barbie and Ken dolls as a kid. Rangers = playing with fire and shooting each other with BB guns as a kid.

Adam Huckfeldt

I work in an ICU at my local VA. I want to thank both of these hosts, and all who wore the uniform, for what you did and sacrificed. Personally I went through the enlistment process but never made it to boot so I never got the chance, so I consider it my honor to take care of you all at the VA. The VA is here for ALL vets so spread the word and let's get all vets the healthcare they deserve. We even send teams out to disaster zones to care for our vets. I've deployed many times to areas in chaos and I'm always trying to get more vets into the system. Thank you for your service, for these videos, and thank you to anyone who is thinking of wearing the uniform. This is a great nation and the home of the free because of the brave. God Bless

Rodger Rabbit

lol objective, let me learn how how you get your Objective

Al-Azim Ahmed

My corporal told me this in training
"it doesn't matter what colour your beret, or what daggers, wings and badges you have on your uniform all that matters is how you perform on that two way range"

All front line forces has there specific duties and mission as specified in the video.

There is a difference between line units, elite forces and Special forces.

God bless all our service personnel.

Telly Jonas

With nothing but respect for the Ranger Reg., and thanks for making distinction between Ranger Tab and Ranger Scroll, de oppresso liber! First in the Pacific! HooAH!

Bogy 1 Kinoby

You can tell this ranger is full of himself. The real professional here doesn’t need to act it as he knows he’s good.

Lock Bresnar

Sorry, but I have to ask "that question."

How often did you feel paranoid thinking about being outnumbered 10+ to 1, knowing these guys could turn on you?

Cat Southard

My father is a Vietnam veteran and was in the 5th special forces and was also in the 75th ranger regiment.

Rick Elia

All SF are awesome warriors?
Our Dutch SF are small but way better as we Dutch realize?

shall shall

You are the protection for us Americans to be free and protecting our republic thank you from all my heart god bless you again


I would go Ranger Batt for sure

Salvador Montano

2nd ranger BN all the way

Randall Franklin

Much respect to both, Rangers and Green Berets!

Jeff Robertson

Former Dustoff paramedic, loved working with the guys from 10th SFG @ Carson. Best group of dudes I’ve ever met.

Antonio Teran

Read don't want to shine by Antonio cancino teran

John Doe

If you wanna go thru the baptism of fire become a ranger if you wanna teach and train join green berets


SF sounds cooler and have more notoriety. But I personally have trust issues, I’d barely trust my own unit, let alone an entirely foreign nation with a completely different culture.


I will say this I new what they did and I've always wondered how in a gorilla warfare environment how the fuck do you operate..he touched on it for second....
U have be able trust men left and right no they will die for u and u for them bond that can never be broken..how do you have that when u don't know if man to your left is waiting for u look right merk your ass
Having no real backup....theses dude have monster balls more so then any other sf in my opinion
Every member of delta, devgru knows man behind in the stack won't kill them they can count on them do thier job and unwavering loyalty ..,
Grean beans don't have that shit tier1 op has a much safer trusted environment
The mind fuck the beret go through is enough make u question your own sanity

Corey Anderson

I bet SOF look at regular infantry and think we are jokes

shall shall

God bless all of you

Steve O

Hey dick, didnt you spend most your time on a b team and couldnt wait to get out of SF?

Joe Tree


Robert Thompson

Respect to all love. Phx usa

Caleb King

Thanks bro. I didnt really understand the difference before i watched this. But now i know i wanna be in the Rangers

Matthew Livelsberger

Cool but can you fuckin not? Doesn’t need to be on YouTube.

Rodger Rabbit

Jesus loves you

Daren Kroon

Sean, hey brother I just want to thank you. My son Gary Kroon reached out to you awhile back.
You have helped him keep his attitude in the right place and to stay focused. By the way I am also former SF. I spent the 90's in 3rd Battalion 5th group, ODA 573. I have no doubt that baring injury or other circumstances that are out of his control, he will make it into the brotherhood. Thanks to you and all the rest of my brothers who have supported him. He said he had offered to take you bear hunting here in Idaho. He will be gone for the next couple years. If you or anyone else from the brotherhood want to go on a hunt, hit me up. Idaho is a very veteran friendly hunting location.

One small bit of pride for me is that the current acting Secretary of Defense, Chris Miller was one of my team leaders. I have to say he was the best officer I ever worked with. I can say the Secretary of Defense mowed my lawn for me (my wife) while I was away at SOTIC, Sniper school.

Samuel René Lemor Galloway

Love the Video-clip Bro.
… best explanation I have ever heard … I was born in the U.S.ARMY in the 70s ….
Great Video ! …. Brother from another mother .
greetings from GERMANY


20 years isn't forever, I guess. Training really takes a lot of time ;)

Neal Lance

Ranger don't need no bridge. Ranger Dealers in Death

B.P.s Timemachines

Why retire you are still young and fit for duty, it is pure curiosity and none of my business. I am just curious if the service just rotates you on out or are you hurt? God bless and thank you for your service

Chuck Cheng

AFGAN is not afgans war. its americans


Thanks for watching guys please don't forget to subscribe for future content!


Just realized- dude looks like “Buck” from Rainbow 6 Siege. ??

F. De. Vos.

Funny to see that after 9/11 all you guys have grown beards Osama would be proud off.


Greeny was in his back days after 911 train locals

Adam TheKid

I’m a 20 year Vet and subscribed the second I read “FNG ACADEMY”! That’s awesome!!

Sean Q

From my experience dealing with both...GB seem to be more versatile. They are the ones that typically do well in civilian or military undercover roles. Able to interact with non-friendly and non-military and adapt easily. Rangers are single-minded focus, GB are “outside the box” thinkers for situations that are more ...let’s say...”delicate”.

David Muenchow

I was in the boy scouts.

Deez Nutz

Ranger Vs SF.... hmmm...
either one you’re obviously gonna be constantly cold, wet, sore and miserable in the all the crappiest weather conditions Mother Nature can throw at you. And you put up with all that just so you can run NVD and go pew pew at some bad guys at night.

David Lee

Rangers are bad ass war fighters that are absolute hell in a fire fight. Green Berets can be dropped into a country and completely destabilize the entire network and install a new government.
Edit: kill them all and let god short them out

Cody Leventhal

Looking to pursue SF myself.

Looked a lot into all the different communities and definitely different reasons can pull different ways.
Personally yea for missionset/job I like rangers, probably most, especially how much they're utilized. But overall from what I've found such as lifestyle, community among others feel SF more in line for me.
Would loved seeing the video any future ones expand onto the whole picture brothaman. Community, lifestyle, opportunities, single specialties vs multiple specialties, main job, tier 1 opportunities, etc.

Brian Wilson

I wanna know why vargas abuses his kids ? Why he acts like an advocate for veteran suicide but has antagonized his suicidal ex wife ? Whats up with all of that ?

Belinda Burke

The old fir subcellularly present because bugle inspiringly match above a even excellent excited velvet. hesitant, torpid pike

Philip Ford

Actually you support Delta. You do the grunt work so operators can snatch and grab.

Boby Yeah

So you have to things a combat zone and a non combat zone

Daniel Bray

Chuck Norris was a Ranger....end of argument

T u r o k OFP

Why is there an apostrophe in Green Beret’s?

Rodger Rabbit

The f$ck you know

Ron Cassudy

Worked a security gig in Long Beach with a 75th stud black guy named Echols was at Somalia on that terrible tragedy.This dude was like 5'9" 180ish he put this gangbanger down with this move that was just sick!!It happened so fast nobody really saw it!!!Worked for the Railroad Police.Cocky dude but a good guy...

B.P.s Timemachines

Closer to Rogers rangers original mission was

Bedri Simsek

Ich habe Mal eine Frage bitte welche Elite Einheit von den Amerikanern ist die stärkste

md t

I have a qs, say u go in with the contract 4 OSUT,Airborne, Ranger school, then you go threw RASP, 2 get ur scroll, and get into a Ranger reg, is there a Airborne tab that goes under the scroll, like a SF and Delta patch? And say u go to Delta selection from a Ranger Reg, and say they pass, and make it threw Delta, do they get a SF tab, cuz Delta is under 1 special forces group just an attachment D. Or when there in there class As, do they just have a Ranger tab,and Airborne tab, over the Delta patch with the sword in the middle, thats blk/red. And what Betet do they wear, the beige one. But when I was at Ft Benning, I saw afew Delta soldiers, and I would of never even new they wete in the military, few had lomg hair, facial hair, tattoos on both forarms, dressed in like tee shirts, and cargo shorts n pants, but they had some nice ass weapons, silencers on there guns, baseball style hats. I would of loved that job, but like I wrote b4,I didn't go 2 SF selection cuz I was worried about the land nav course, in Ranger school, u don't have 2 do that by urself .

OsaVida Films



Green Beret's vs Raiders. How do they compare?


Indig is a tuff mission, I was regular infantry I don’t know if would have the patience. I got respect for ARMY Green Berets they got a tuff objective dealing with having to build a freakin effective fighting element. I know we would go on some pretty long patrols depending on if shits coming up.


And how is the SF (green barret) different of like SOCOM/Delta Force?

Novv St. Rivver

Come on man I can’t find that song at the end no where

Tricky Dicky Ball

Do both.

Abraham Soto

It's easy, Ranger < Green Beret < Delta... Training will be harder in that order. Rambo is the most famous Green Beret and Chuck is a famous Delta.. Green Berets also are know for taking on the PREDATOR... Deltas Black missions are so secret that nobody know wtf they are doing.


Rocco is the man

Jeremiah Smith

I wanna know can you be a green beret and not know how to swim ?

Jeff McLeroy

Two different jobs, But Green Berets


I thought they were the same thing. I mean I'm still learning about the different MOSs before I join the Army. This was very informative, thanks for that. That being said, I think I'm more in-line with the 75th Ranger Regiment, there's nothing I want more than to take the FIGHT AND KILL THE FUCKING TERRORISTS. I don't know about Green Beret, it just feels like a problem if you teach foreign special forces how to fight only for them to become the next terrorist or dictator, then you have to be the one to take them out later on. I've always always always wanted to hold a SCAR-H though, that shit is metal, so I'll definitely shoot for the Ranger Regiments no doubt!

Endless Waltz

Very very needed...well put! thanks guys!!??

chris abella

I was waiting for Rocco to say, BITCH I OPERATE.

k Whitney

Rocco!!! Where you been sir?

Vieux Acadian

Keep the good videos coming . Met some great 101 SF/ABN guys while on TDY in '88 ( JTFB /CA ) .


I like how everyone just ignore delta..
Act like green beans are end all be all in army sf

Jason Lathey

Rangers= Infantry, Key task: 1) raids 2) Joint Forcable entry ie air field siezure 3) recon... Specialized infantry force primarily made up of young infantrymen, extrememly regimented Airborne force.

mathew maglasang

It’s scary not knowing if the guys you’re training are actually cells that are working for the other side.. always having to watch your back & train these guys to the best of your ability..

World’s Okayest Marine Grunt

Ranger sounds more fun....too bad I’m too old now.


I wonder if he got to pick his characters name in Mayans which is Ghillie.

Mr. Skeptical

I would not care about training another country's military. I would rather fight them! Rangers for me

Thorfin Thorfin

A real danger for the Green Berets is a Blue on Green scenario. The GBs lost more men to trainees going Rouge. IE Iraqi Police. They lost more this way than Rangers lost in combat. Something to think about

Aaron Rott

Buck, could you make a video on the foreign language requirement for SF?

Jack Comeaux

Silver spoons up on They're chest
Makes them one of the mess hall's best
100 pots they scrub today,
They scrub em with that green beret.

Beverly Winfield

Thank you BadAssery at its finest my Brother was a Ranger and my good friend Kenny Gossum Ranger Green Beret AKA Hoot Black Hawke down God Bless you guys are Awesome much Respect

Bob Imboden

My son is an army ranger he said the training was grueling he finished top 5 in his class has been in Afghanistan for 12 tours 3 and 6 months at a time he loved it he still in the army he has been in for 16 yrs he did a lot of servailance and seen a lot of crazy shit my other son couldn't take it mentally

Bedri Simsek

Rengers green berets ach Amerikanische Streitkräfte sind alle absolute Spitzen klasse ich bin kurde ich liebe Amerika


To me ranger is the infantry standard. Ranger creed is one of the best creeds I’ve ever read.


Lol Rocco idk if that’s a great explanation but it works . Atleast add we get the job done with extreme violence ???. Green Berets will not see nearly as much combat as a Ranger , probably no one in the whole military will . So if you want to dole out some extreme violence and see combat go Rangers

Dick Woffles

Rocco was on fuckin Mayans!!!???? I gotta watch that shit now.....


Listening ? & Watching ?
From a dairy farm ? ? in Central Valley California- new subscriber here. Love listening to this stuff.


Just don't be a sniper for the green or brown.... be sniper for the ARNG they beat y'all every year.... well... that is if you want to know how to shoot

William Johnson

If I wanted to buy a rifle to practice my marksmanship to succeed in ranger marksmanship training what gun do you recommend I buy?

Garrison Jones

Dude! US Army dudes are all brothers, Rangers and Green Beret's have different jobs and completely support each other! Go Army!

Joe Hull

Just saw this awesome video Buck. Currently enlisted in NG, in ROTC at University of Arkansas and thinking about going active duty to pursue a career as an officer in either Rangers or SF. Seriously loving all of your content. Keep it up brother



Ass Eating Goblin

Just found your channel today and been a binge so far

Bronson Paetsch

I thought rangers were SF


overrated pussies.....

Zuri Mapp

Thanx for being specific in your vids, these r being saved & is going to help my son soon. Ur awesome!

Whitecloud Dakota

We lived with you guys in Afghan land, Always loved being with you guys but it was hard to see you guys loose so many. You guys always came in so wiped out and broken. The worst part was the damm higher ups giving you guys hell and they never left the darn base.

Your Majesty

Very detailed breakdowns of both components, I like your channel very much! Hope my security clearance comes back ASAP so I can go to RIP (I know it’s RASP but it sounds lame.) and try out for the regiment. Btw, what’s the name of the background music in the end?

Boby Yeah

Bc I know I see other sf guy who aha they been to 8 countries and I’m like how

Tricky Dicky Ball

Fucking New Guy!

David Erickson

Under the new administration these teams will mostly likely suffer funding losses

SFAS Navigation Course

SFAS Navigation Course8 Feb. 2017
32 345

Comments (14)

So wait, no nods??? Wtf...

Jonathan Flores

So how the hell do they do that without the light on?

Aerbrushit Custom paint

one dislike, probably from roster 157

Jake Hunter

Non-perishable skills


The star course isn't 50 miles it's 50K.....get it right Hollywood...

Logan Rafayet

why do you even volunteer if you are gonna cheat the right to call yourself elite and fall asleep under a tree !?

Colin G

What happens to roadkills? Are they dropped from the course, or do they just lose "points"?


Damn, not being able to sleep would make it tough, why not jog to your destination to keep the blood flowing so you won't fall asleep? Since this seems like a simulation behind enemy lines, are you supposed to move slowly to avoid attracting attention?

Daniel Ben Gavriel


Cesar Bolet

157 is a fuck-up.....just quit right there. because you will never be a green beret.

El Mayimbe

So how are u supposed to navigate like is their a way because u cant use the light or like are they taught a way? Just curious.

Shaun Bradley

Not that bad. Passed it twice. Star Course just get 4 points.


It's 27 degrees, and you're walking through fucking swamp with a ruck on, in the complete pitch black, for TEN HOURS. What. The. Fuck.


I'm considering trying to get the 18X contract to get into Army Special Forces. I am 16 and haven't talked to a recruiter yet and am planning to start training for basic and SFQC/SFAS after high school. Aside from not quitting and "80% of SF training is mental strength" what could I do that would make it easier for me to get to my goal of a Green Beret.

How I failed SFAS

How I failed SFAS15 Jun. 2019
45 933
Jonathan SheltonSubscribe 438 721

This is the glorious story

This is the glorious story of how I failed SFAS. #SFAS#failedSFAS#18x

Comments (96)

I’m so fascinated about SF. Out of all the SOF elements if I had the dedication that is where I would go. All the SF guys ive bumped into is so freakin cool. Quiet not this brash fucking SEAL you would meet. They don’t mind teaching you when you ask them a question and they break it down Barney style. I look up to these guys, their knowledge and humility is unparalleled.

Doc Cholo

A few fellow E4s in my platoon went to SFAS. They got sent home the first day, apparently cadre said they weren't good enough and just sent them home lol

Tony Smith

Are you in Ranger Regiment now? Is that what you are saying?


Bro he quit.

FrostBite Pokin

I think it’s good you got to experience SFAS, good learning point in your life. You considering on trying out again?


How long after getting dropped from SFAS did you attend RASP?

Jose Mendez

Hang in there brother. I was not mean to be this time. RLTW.


You Freaking Dummie!.
"You forgot You're Weapon Really, your Freaking Life Line"!
What were you going to do to the Enemy?!,
Spit at them or talk really nice to them?.

Samuel Jackson

Oh man that's rough. That is such an annoying reason to get dropped.

husky aonecee

Seems like it's been one failure after another, huh?

Eugene Krabs

thanks for sharing, sorry to hear..

Alonso 19

Dude, what a fucking shame. Tiny mistake

Nigel Eharis

Dang bro

Dead Zeppelin

So in your other video comparing SFAS to RASP you're just talking out of your ass, because you never even made it to the hard parts of SFAS.

Matt Hollen

Since you didn’t quit, are you allowed to attend SFAS again?

Vinny’s M4

What class were you in bro?


Hey, Jonathan, did you get to go to RASP after you were dropped from SFAS?


did follow the orange cones a second time?

Great Awakening

Cool story. I'm glad to hear a little bit of insight into the selection process. God bless you, soldier.

Michael Neher

Hey Jonathan, did you choose to become a 91b over infantry? Or did they just reclass you to that for needs of the army?

Joseph Carnevali

Best of luck to you in your Army career ! And thanks for serving.


Any tips are insight on the 5 mile run


Your attitude is shit.

Max Gould

Hey man you learned from your mistakes, go for it again and Im sure you will make it.


Atleast they still got regiment. Usually the military likes to waste solid assets when they wash out of a selection.

James Southey

Make a mistake, own the mistake, drive on. Thanks for your honesty and integrity. It's a good story.


Did that woman who passed SFAS in 2018 pass the Q course? Im guessing no.

greengod636 RR

Don't worry I fail my Marine recon.


Respect to you bro for even attempting it. Takes balls to even try for selection


you should go back

Luke Veigel

After you were dropped from SFAS, you were allowed to join the 75th? Is that common? Also, if you were to join 75th Ranger Regiment after failing SFAS, would you have to complete a 4 year contract with 75th ranger regiment before trying for SFAS again?

Mr. House

Do you think that if you kept track of your weapon and were more conscious about things that you would have had a chance to get through the course?

Shane Howard

Dude go back, I got dropped my first iteration. Now hanging with 555. good luck.

Sir Rexington

Could you have not retired selection or did you just move on?

Also I'm in the process of enlisting and I just need/want to raise my asvab scores.

My GT is a 77
CO was a 76
AFQT was a 11

Not good scores I know, do you have any tips on study wise? Like what segment should I focus on to enlist as 18X?

I'm also taking a practice ASVAB September 30th to see where I'm at.

my name is eric

This is a very sad story

Lense LifeVlog

Awesome story ?

Hunter Alan

how old are you bro, just wondering if im too old for batt, currently 23 year old e-4

Jonathan Herbert

That’s a man right there... takes full responsibility and confesses with humility why he was dropped. Mad respect to him.

IEEE1394 Gaming

This is what happened to Zack Hughes, the YouTuber who was a green beret. He was 3 hours into land nav, when he realizes he didn’t have his rifle. He left it at a tree and had to hike all the way back, but he was fortunate enough to find where he left it and NO ONE picked it up

Will D

never give up do it if you want it


What about the obstacle course? What if some parts you can’t do? You get dropped right?

Wyatt Plewak

Cadre fucked me dude

Paul Machicao

Wait.... they allow you to use GPS at SFAS?

Pugile MoltoBene

Yeah the STAR course can be a bitch. You learned a lesson. I hope you’re not at regiment but in a battalion, LOL...too much brass... go again. You can come back. Clip that duck to your chest dude. Use it as support for team week exercises, lol. Always admit to what you did regardless of embarrassment. Just go back and repeat - Q awaits you.

African god



You have a fucking beautiful mindset man

Phillip Lovin

I live in the area of Pineland and I have found several dropped journals with address's coordinates instructors rank and name phone numbers. I usually find them when a class is currently going through the process. Your not the only one to mess up bud don't feel bad some dudes would've gotten the whole company killed if I was op for. Funny story I found dudes journal in a plastic bag on the bank of the swamp that was an old rifle range. So I went riding around lookin for the cadre. I found them and they where pissed that I would just walk up and interfere with selection. Then I handed them the journal and I got a front row seat to see the man that owned it get absolutely DESTROYED they told me to tell "YOU LET ME KILL YOUR WHOLE FAMILY!" at him. They smoked that man for 3 hours I found out later he got dropped for it. Long story short atleast you didn't let someone kill your whole family

Sam Sam

I'm watching this wondering wtf I subscribed lol


Sucks though at least you tried many people dream about it but never try


All that to get dropped for that.. yikes


Thanks for your honesty. I couldn't do SF, it would be the language training that would get me. Language training isn't the same as doing math homework.

Justin Chang

hey quick question: if you lose your weapon that's an automatic drop?


You’re such a cocky little prick. Enjoy the needs of the army.

Captain KapAlot

Lol meanwhile I can’t even get a 110 GT score


Bro why didn't you just finish the course and then go get smoked at least they would not have failed you

Penguins Are my favorite dinosaur

hey i might need waivers and im 31. what are my chances of getting into 18x? how do i improve my chances?

Jonathan DeLeon

Wait so since you got dropped from Special Forces you became a Army Ranger?? Holy fuck man you’re like the ultimate bad ass!!!!


Been there bro... Actually I quited the first time I went for selection... I still can not sleep thinking about it. 5 years later thought went back in and passed that stupid thing.

Paul Wilkerson

You failed selection because of the massive gap between your teeth.

The Homie Handler

Bro, I did this exact same thing during EIB... Only difference is it was not Rubber by any means. ? I'ma tell you man, you lose your rifle once, you'll never do it again.


Did you do a swim assessment?

the Most MLG Jellybean

Congrats on 1k *definitely wasn’t me

Ricky Covvarri

Respect brother ??

Matt Clawson

I failed selection in 89. Failed the night land nav. I couldn't find all the points in time. Killed my dream of becoming an 18 Delta. So I finished my enlistment as a 91 Bravo (combat medic back then) and got out. Got my civilian paramedic certification and worked as a paramedic until 2015.


Lucky you went regiment and not reclassed to 92/95 series or some shit

Patrick K

Hi, thanks for the videos. Curious, after you didn’t make it thru selection, how soon were you able to go to RASP. Is it fairly easy to get to RASP or not as an 18X. Thanks


Dummy Cord your rifle to you. Not only does it protect you from forgetting to pick your weapon up, but also protects you if you ever fall down a ravine at night and lose the weapon.


Right on man shit happens. Left my sidearm in a porta potty on a contract job. Had a bad case of the foreign stomach bugs. Got chewed out big-time felt stupid. But good group of guys. Improve. Own it. Carry on

Gabe Gutz

Was it a lot of running / swimming involved? If so do you mind sharing what had to be done?

Sammy Zonna

I passed land nav for eib and Ranger school. Failed it at Q course. Was over confident and it bit me. Went back to 82nd

Christian Dinero

Is it true if you fail you are needs of the army or do you get 11B?

Jermey Combs

Bunch of Assholes, They screwed you on that

William Ryan

Star Course ... Land Nav gets a lot of people.


That dude who took your shit is a real asshole lol...


You have integrity

Richard mercado

Is it like a one shot type of situation or do you get to try more times

I_Hate_soy_boys 420

Go back


You didn't snap?! And go ballistic? Possibly if you told them you weren't quiting and fought to get ahold of your rifle they might have changed their mind, or maybe subliminally you purposely lost it, but probs not...

Carter Johnson

Props to you sharing this. Most guys I know would’ve rewired the story so they seemed better.


The training sopc gives you is outstanding. "The four things you need to succeed. Be at the right place, right time, right uniform, and right haircut."

"Strong like ox smart like tractor."

After getting selected you realize and going through the pipeline, how much regular sucks. Especially the none deployed a-$holes at the WTB when you're getting out at Ft. Bragg.


Go back! Follow your dreams never give up

Fitness Enthusiast

That's day one shit, dude.

L Clarke

As my father-in-law, a retired U.S. Army colonel would say, "Put it behind you and press on." Respect.

Michael Holmes

Huge respect for being honest. It takes a big man to own up to a failure.

Johnny Boone

It took balls to share this. Young Soldiers: always dummy cord your weapon to you. When you are tired or just in the heat of the moment, you can easily lose it in the bush.

Joel Whitus

Sounds like you took a nap. Cadre stole your weapon and then watched you through FLIR wander around the woods looking for it

John Doe

I was wondering if Mean Santa and Rambo was still at McKall


So where are you at now? Ranger regiment?

Cbskwkdnsl Whanznamdm

One mistake was all it took? God damn.

David Smith

I always respect people who own their mistakes. You’ll do fine. Big penalties usually promote big growth.


A lot of guys fail the first time, but go back and pass the second

Mort Solomon


Norcotic xfire

A person who is successful is the person who failed many times and learned to understand the course.

Wyatt P

I appreciate this video cause you dont try to make any excuses or make yourself look better. It all amounted to "I made a really dumb mistake" and that shows some character. Hope you make it all the way

Abraham Froman

You failed because you suck at life ...

Bearded Mainer

Holy crap.. That is a shitty way for an 18x to go down. Are you going to try again?