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11 Glute Loop Exercises

11 Glute Loop Exercises27 Jul. 2019

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Glute Loop Workout

Glute Loop Workout11 Mar. 2020
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I have been posting the

I have been posting the last 4 weeks on must-have exercises in a glute program. I recognize that everyone may not have access to a fully equipped gym or maybe no weights at all.

So, I decided to post a way to progress a Hip thrust and challenge your glutes without any equipment but a #gluteloop.

I promise you that even my advanced clients get a glute burn from these movements.

Hip thrust

Feet elevated Hip thrust

SL Hip thrust

Feet elevated SL Hip thrust

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Glute Loop 14 Minutes

Glute Loop 14 Minutes4 May. 2020
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Props: NADA

Breakdown: Glute Circuit

3 Rounds all on same leg,

30 seconds on (2mins total, for one round)

30 seconds rest between full round circuit.

1. Donkey Kick

2. Donkey Kick Pulse

3. Heel Drive to Warrior III

4. Squat Jump

Repeat 3 times on same leg, then repeat all 3 rounds on other side.


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