Knee wrap for weight lifting

Lifter Gets Caught Wearing Wraps Under Knee Sleeves

Lifter Gets Caught Wearing Wraps Under Knee Sleeves19 Dec. 2020
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Jesus Christ is coming soon he loves you all please repent and accept him and be careful with that vaccine pray on that please

Maz Terbate

I had know idea this was a thing...


Not even a super impressive squat weight to be cheating at.


I don’t know metric so I’m just going to assume they can put cars on their shoulders.

Adrian Golding

I bet the judge knew he had wraps on as he walked out to the platform looking like he had splints on! Just let him take the lift for a laugh


If you've ever wore wraps, you know wraps make a hell of a difference, easy.

Steven Criscione

He was better off pulling down his shorts while he was at it

Scionic J

what does wraps do? educate me pls
doesn't it work like to support the knee?

Bryan Obee


Snoop Dogg

Way to take over half the video with bullshit

Christian, Pre-PA

They weren’t wraps... they were Rock Lee weights


Is that Tavi’s tattoo I see on his forearm ?


Such cheaters should get a lifetime ban for every raw division. No honor.

Swiss Choco

i dont get it!! cant they use wraps? like sleeves? isnt it the same?

Yes Sir

There is no way this lid is 194 pounds or lifting 375. ???

Drey Galon

Why would you cheat your OWN lift?

Yousef Odeh

Holy shit 4 plates at 12? Kid will grow up and to be a monster if he keeps at it.


How is that cheating? I’m only asking cuz I don’t know powerlifting rules. ?

Fritz Nanno

For 485? I mean.... If you're gonna cheat, might as well be a number you can brag about


The head judge.???

John Lee

Good on them for having a judge who knows the sport. He saw through that bullshit in 0 seconds flat.


thank god for subtitles

Cellar Door

i remember brandon lilly wearing a bench shirt under his t shirt at a meet in supertraining a few years ago but nobody "caught" him,even though it was super obvious


This is why hafthor has not beaten Eddie hall at deadlift.
Who knows what trick he pulled off

Real Natural

Wait the kid is almost 200lbs?! That isn’t a child, that’s a grown adult.


i thought that wrap or sleeve thing is normal never knew there are certain rules on that competition.


He should have sowed them together

Chan C

Type of guy to do steroids and leave the needle in his ass

Woohaaawoo Nigggsssjunior

Lmao one question why is the guy at the end a pencil and his body weight is 200 lbs

James Jameson

The rules are stupid. Knee wraps used to be allowed in raw. They only took them out recently for presumably stupid reasons.

Justin Needham

That’s why you make it look hard

Adrian Q SOTX Grappler

Sleeves shouldn't be allowed either along w those stupid onsie suites and belts. Be a man

Mugshot Marley

A Russian cheating at sports.....I never would have guessed!!!


A 200lb 12 year old wtffff

Will G

Sleeves protect your knees right? That’s why I use them but Ik wraps can damage your knees over time was wondering if sleeves would do the same

Go big or go home Productions

Couldn’t imagine the embarrassment.....

david Barnes

Who gives a shit

Blake bennett

Ban for life, take any past records

Don DP

How does the wrap help?


true that wraps gives more, but under the IPF sleeves are raw lifting. Ive seen people having to use plastic bag to slip on those SBD sleeves on, ohh yeah and I have done this myself. size M sleeves at 105- kg, its really help alot, and shouldnt be allowed in raw meets


Wtf is a sleeve

Paddy Mcdoogle

Hi cares? Gay sport.

Bee Walk34


Big PP Energy

Mans really tried the Boruto cheat codes. ?


Reminds me when peers got caught cheating on an exam in class! ??

Drey Galon


Dylan Fowler

He just created a new lifting division right there.


What does it do to the lifter again?


halfway into video video
"BEfore we gEt iNtO tHE videO"

steevan wong

What's wraps ?

Woohaaawoo Nigggsssjunior

Lmao one question why is the guy at the end a pencil and his body weight is 200 lbs

Going AWOL

how is that Fin kid 88kg - either he is 6"5 or that is not right considering he looks lean

Barry Badgernath

Looks like sleeves under sleeves

Mason Young

that kid does not look 88kg... Please tell me this was a typo

Thomas Chaplin

Good luck Fin, do a good job at your competition. You're looking strong ?

James Jameson

220kg is nothing compared to all the youtube lifters I watch!1!1111111


That boy ain't no 194 pounds i was a running back running people over at 190 pounds. He must have 90 pounds of skull


I started watching the video in the preview and the auto close caption says "rep" when he says "wrap" lmao


Gymcels are aware of this already.

Dylan M

WTF?? a 12 year old pulling almost 4 plates??

Jason Booth

In conclusion don't use either


At leas the guy didn’t throw a fit for cheating or try to pull away when being inspected. But yeah cheater

Kevz Revz

88kg at 12 yo? shits fucked


“I forgot that i had the wraps on since last night silly me”

Mixed MediaXX

Walked away like a feather after he was caught ?

First name Last name

All he had to do was yell "light weight baby." Then he could have squatted 250kg with no wraps OR sleeves.

imeldo marcos

I didn't know this rule to be honest.


Someone explain to me how’s it cheating I don’t lift and don’t wanna google

retaw02h momo

Nah this reminds me of when the ref pulled down my shinpad sleeve and instead of a shin pad it was cardboard and i got a red card

kunal khatri

I wonder how helpful are sleeves ? I use them and I squatted 225 for 10 yesterday, (could have done more but its hard lol)
How much should I be able to squat without sleeves I wonder (I weigh 155 lbs btw)


Shouldn’t cheat


I'm lost

Hollow Brook

12 years old??!???!? I couldn't even pull a damn paperweight at 12

Jonathan Langford

If you’re not cheating, are you even trying to win?

Tommy Abrahamsson

Way to go judge!


I have never used knee wraps up until my neighbor told me to try it. I weigh 150lbs I can squat up to 275lbs without knee wraps and with knee wraps, I squat 325lbs. That's my last PR of November of 2020.

Jes Mondo

Ref: One Swedish made penis enlarger pump,

Denis: Wait a minute that's not mine!

Ref: One receipt for Swedish made Penis Enlarger pump signed by Denis.

Denis: Honestly baby it's not mine!!

Tharun Bala

I have no idea what this is, care to explain anyone?


Ridiculous ppl.

Autism Andy

12 yo kid is going to lose a good 3" in height rip


Not good for a youngin to lift heavy while his body growing

Adam Westberg

I love how he says ”we are nearly dirty dhousand subscribers”??

Rock Fossil

I hate cheaters ..

Harry Gooch

What happened to the cheat afterwards, disqualification/ban wise ?

Jason Booth

This dude needs to squat with Catfish Cooley. Catfish squatted 675 without any sleeves or wraps and no belt

O Flex

his heart must of dropped to his sleeves when the Judge went for his knees.


12 years old 88kg bw? Um, WOT.

Bigez 40

This guy kinda sounds like Dr.Barber


Congratulations, you played yourself.

Loot Crater

lol why didn't he just up his dosage? Less likely to get caught.

Ben H

I used to be a lifter like you, till I took a wrap to the knee


Holy crap that kid in the end made me realize I need to start working out again

Jeremiah Long

What’s this song in the background??!

Code Me

There is no way in hell that kid at 12 is lifting 170kg unassisted and is 88kg ? where is the fat and muscle?

גבריאל פרקר

This same man wore sleeves under his wraps at a meet just 2 days later

Ben Eachus

What a loser??

Kelvin Nguyen

Heard murmuration I sub

Anna Miller

But he’s still lifting the weight... Lmao

Joshua Poulin


Get 2 DaMoney

lol all that for 485lbs ?

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Comments (8)
A. Chun

Good stuff man!

Road to more Training archive

New to the channel and have been watching a ton of your videos , two quick questions , how tall are you and do you expect 81 class to be permanent or will you likely go up to 89 or 96 with time ? Keep up the vids and keep grinding !


Great video — thanks


y'oure super handsome thanks for the vid

Lifting IQ

1. I've got the Adipowers! Had them for 6 years and they are still going strong!

2. Wash your dang knee sleeves man!

3. I have similar wrist wraps, not the hookgrip brand but they look exactly the same-- I actually started doing some calisthenics and they have you spend like 15-20 minutes stretching your wrists before and after, then I went to snatch and realized I forgot to put the wrist wrap on because I didn't have any pain-- if you want I can send the stretches to you-- game changers.

4. I'll have to look into the climbing straps to make my own straps! Mine are falling apart and just don't feel like buying more-- they're too expensive for what they are

5. Agreed on the tape-- I just get cheap tape-- I've found if I overdo it on the tape (i.e. put it on too thick, etc. it will fall off). It seems counterintuitive, but if I just put a thin layer on it seems to stay on better.

6. I have the exact same belt! They don't make it anymore? I didn't realize that. Mine has a cool red kool-aid stain on it though. I was at an AO series a few years back and my kool-aid leaked all over everything in my bag like 30 minutes before my session. Singlet was wet when I was warming up, which was fun, but now all I have to remember that meet is my red stained Eleiko belt!


Cant believe i didnt see the notification for this! Just wanna say great video once again, keep up the good work!

Rich Timm

Arrowhead athletics lg200 tape. Best tape you've never heard of and cheaper. Send them an email asking for a sample and they'll send you a roll or 2 to try. I buy a case of 24 for $50. The new eleiko belt works fine. Inside leather is real leather but The outer layer of leather is foe, its really durable and feels kind of smooth not like real raw hide leather(eleiko says its all real leather but i don't think thats true).I picked mine up on Black Friday for like $30, so I'm not going to complain.

Absolutely Unreal

You should have at least 10k subs, quality vids every time ??

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