Men wearing flip flops

How to wear flip-flops

How to wear flip-flops27 May. 2020
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7 ITEMS GIRLS HATE ON GUYS | Men's Fashion Mistakes | Alex Costa

7 ITEMS GIRLS HATE ON GUYS | Men's Fashion Mistakes | Alex Costa28 Oct. 2018
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Topic of discussion: What do girls do that we hate?

Here are some of the things we (guys) wear that girls don't like at all!

What I'm wearing:

Jacket: Club Monaco

Sweater: Club Monaco

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7 ITEMS GIRLS HATE ON GUYS | Men's Fashion Mistakes

What not to wear for guys | Why girls hate guys

On my channel you will find videos about men's fashion, men's hair, health, fitness, overall lifestyle, and of course, my personal life. This includes my friends and family, so please be mindful of that and maintain a positive atmosphere in the comments section. Don't forget to subscribe and make sure to hit that like button if you enjoyed the video!

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Comments (100)
OCC Plumbing & Restorations


Arthur Lintamo

Did this guy just diss my whole outfit?!?!


Over all, Alex have a hot neighbour....

june Hoque

I'm new here

Syed Ameen

Growth beard bruh!

sebseb seb

I love my buckles


You said don’t wear tight clothes and he wears a tight gray long sleeve ? so contradicting


I've got a mullet. Am I still fine to rock whenever I come it flat down

Impy Worm

You kinda look like Scott Helman


And the important what girls hate that is if you smell they like when you smell good not like a animal

Bon Ton

Europeans take the tight clothing to a new level! Lol. Seen 200lbs man with small size shirt and the messed up part is he thinks he looks good


I like the 1st ,?

theepic bocaj

As a proud bogan Australian, number 7 is very offensive lmao

Sammy Tartan

I dont have a hot neighbor

Russell Kimball

Stay in the resort areas, don't go exploring



Vinayak Saxena

4:49 dude I don't have any hot neighbour ?

mark lorenzo

you are cooler than alpha

John Groves

I know girls that like some of these things. So. Your wrong brother, sorry.

Sem Pff

If you say everyone has a hot neighbour you say everyone is hot which is bullshit

Pie God

Hey, I’m a woman and personally most of the points make no sense to me. Fresh underwear yes, and keep your hair clean. The other stuff? Eh. As long as your cloths fit you well and your style is harmonious i don’t see an issue with most of these.

I do hate shorts, though.

Oskar Linderholm

Condoms. Girls don’t want guys with condoms.

This comment have no prof beacuse my date life is bad. Like really bad.

Lucid Travis

Hi I wanna grow taller what should I do

Dylan Schneider

I've had a disconnected undercut (top knot) before it pop up, and I'm finally growing it out after about 4-5 years.


In other words don't listen to this kook and don't listen to trends... BE YOU AND SHE WILL LOVE YOU.

Garth Bekker Buksie

Lol.... Seriously you have it wrong what women hate on guys!!! Wow......


Tbh Not all girls hate hair at the back of your neck I actually love it

Elizabeth Reynoso

Im a girl and I didn’t even know these things annoyed me till he said them

Adam Henderson

I can pull of flip flops in Hawaii ?

Andrew Scrogins

Are u brazilian bc u seem like you are a brazilian

sujan parajuli

hey girls what he is saying is this true??

Mayur Mehta

girls' chutiya

Best of vines

Man f u I love me sum sweatpants

june Hoque

Hlo Alex

depressed boy

Idc if girls like it

Vaishnavi Agarwal

One more add on : *wearing too much popping colours at the same time*. That catches the eyes so fast even when girl doesn't want to notice .


I still kind of like the top knot :(

Malik AwaiS

Congratulations man! ??? with 3m

Mercerine Moraba

I really appreciate your advice for us males keep on rocking ✌️✌️✌️

Animal Gaming

2:37 weren't you just talking about NOT wearing tight clothes?

fly high roro

Number 1 - taking your hoodie from them

A Mdz

If you are embarrassed on some baggy pants or sweat pants you have issues. You shouldn't care what other people think. You do you.. love you..!


items guys hates on girls

just Marcin

The top-knot haircut originally came from prison btw, just saying.

muhammed jazeel

Bro alex pls do a video for fat ones

brandon alexander

Alex costa is like the twin brother of jake gyllenhaal

mohd salman

I waste my time for watching this.
Flip flop video

Kunal Sharma

Can i use alex 100 for 100 per. discount ??

Sparty Fortune

2 Years Now Today . Alex , You have completely changed

expastelline _Sof

D O N T Put on some spray deodorant and think you’re clean take care of your hygene

Aleksandra K.K.

Super super tight jeans/pants are the worst thing ever. Believe me guys
~ said a girl

Blog-in Tomi

pretty funny that a guy is telling me what GIRLS don´t like

Counter bhai

your face look like tony starc

Gamer Notoffical

Wtf i can't do nothing cuz i was born like that, my veins are poping out and....

Boundless Gaming

i can make flip flops look good

Andy Smith

Do nothing to chase after women, if t

Drizzy Drake

My neighbors are old


Hmmm....girls vs sweat pants...that's a tough one...

Adarsh samrat

I am not gonna impress any bitch.

T Sz

you forgot about white socks

Ignacio Temores

Mayne I agree whit everything except the lazzy things cus girls actually like some one who looks good in lazy tings

Denny the Budgie

LOL I am girl and all videos you make are true ?

Mac_ and_friends

No actually we don’t care what u ware

President-Elect Kekistani

Dog mom's don't exist.

little kid

Hot neighbour
Me lives in a village and have a field either side of my house and the one on the right is ares ah neighbours

Anshul Anand

2:26 ??? ?? ?

Moto Mouse

No one can make flip flops look good. Except for Aussies ?

Ëmrän jäň




Frank Njideka

Have a good flight

Vladimir Makarov

Damn he looks hot

Himanshu Sharma

I don't have any hot neighbor

Frederick John Picarello

Do not wear V-Necks.. especially the ones that come down to your belly button'

What_is_my_name_again? Oh_its_Mal!

I'm a girl and all the things he mentioned don't annoy me ? guess I'm weird

Ashley Johansson

What I hate about men the most these days is that every man now wants that same generic millennial men swept back hair style with short sides.

Gaming_King Studio

Number 8: me

Danilo Mitic

I have the same coat as you, looks great man!


The "top not"(i dont know how to spell it) gives football players aimbot LoL???


tips on how go eat healthier and get fitter

Chilly Dawgg

flip flops are an affront to human dignity

Alex Costa

Hope you guys like today’s video! Don’t forget to see what I’m doing RIGHT NOW in Mexico! http://instagram.com/alexcosta

Soban H

So you’re telling me I should buy baggy sweatpants just in case a girl decides to come over? :/

Geralt Of Rivia

That video is for SIMPS


alex only your ex hated the top knot ! you could pull it out and you look great with it !

Rinaldo Hricko

Can you make a video what guys hate about girls?


so instead of wearing my nice clean baggy sweats to go get the mail I should wear a suit??????.....jeans>?????..tell me what I should wear

OCC Plumbing & Restorations

I wear a hoodie, baggy sweatpants, and Crocs. I don't care what girls think right now.

for no apparent reason

But what if i dont even wear underwear?

Sohum Datta

alex makes the most hilarious scenarios xD


Man please start standing straight ! Your tilted back sucks !!!???

Suresh Choudhary

Hot neighbour everyone has a hot neighbour ??? dam alex


I really don’t give a fuck if girls don’t like what I wear

Sidra Hareem

I like the top knot though..

skyfame gaming

All the best for MEX


I hate that trend of really tight pants on guys. A bootcut jean is all a man needs. I hate those stretched out wifebiter that look like bras that guys wear to the gym. I hate when guys have nipple hair only... shave or wax that shit. I hate baggy saggy pants under the butt. So ugly.


Most girls think that men are rude and nasty, but we aren't.
There are bad girls bad boys it is all the same!
Btw i have a girlfriend and i treat her the way she loves.
And we are together for 7 yrs and we're 14.
But she is doing modeling stuff, but she uses the modeling for here face and stuff.

Niek Van wensen

You’re just clarifying your style, your points are all controversial

Resting Bird

I agree with everything except the white sneakers. White sneakers are probably the ugliest fashion piece.... skinny jeans are better than white shoes.


Hey Alex bro please give the summary in the next videos in description box ????????it's a huge request


Sir please make of my type
A very slim boy and having 6ft height


BEST MENS FLIP FLOPS | Sanuk Flip Flops16 May. 2018
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Hey Dads,

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Comments (5)
Dagohoy Ting

Try krooberg. Way more cheaper yet same good quality


How are these compared to the Reef Fanning Sandals?

Danny Danny

They're the best! but.... $$$$$$$!!!!

David Mena

Do they break in ? Size 9 fits just right 10 has a little more room. Will the 10 be loose eventually?

Patrick McCardell

Do best men’s slippers