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C o n n e c t with Jen

C o n n e c t with Jen Selter:

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCdfkczRQA4pRsGo30x4uIcA

Instagram: @JenSelter

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yuri dunbar

Anybody know the songs used in the video? I would love to use them for my own workouts.

Emilia Wilk

I was waiting for this video since I saw it on ig ?❤️ love youuu so much!

Petra Kovacic

Kettlebell pulse squat - 20 sec
Sumo squat with high pull - 12×
Kettlebell single leg deadlift - 12×
(each leg)
Kettlebell lunge with rotation - 12×
(each leg)
Squat jack - 20sec
Side kick with bent knee - 12×
(each leg)
Wall sit squat weights are optional - 20sec
Kettlebell curtsy lunges - 12×
(each leg)

Michelle Castillo Moran

Holaaaa desde México <3


Jasmine stumbling while workout is so relatable. The angels are also learning and it's so comforting. ?

Aliza Soc

Skin care routine pls ?

Brit Williams

Came here for the tights. Really want to know where they're from. If I could make a recommendation it would be to answer some of the questions in your comments because it will help you build your community. Also leaving information like where to buy things (outfits, kettle bells etc) in the comment section would be helpful. Even a break down of the exercises written out in the comment section would help so we can add it to our calendars or notes to refer back to.

If these are all things you're already doing and I just missed it my bad please ignore me! Keep up the great work.

Ayşe Sema Çakır


Nikolina Telkiyska

Love the neon leggings ?

Damir Babic

Sorry...but i just don't like herr ????

Ludovica Valenti

This video was really useful!!
Thankssssss!Can you make a hair care video or a skin care video next please?

jjj s

That was great! I hope you guys make more videos like this one ?


Jazzzzz marry meee

m online

As soon as i saw this i did it and now i can barely walk, lol, love you guys


as long as my butt looks half as good as any of yours, im happy :3

Clara Mühlbauer

I love Josephine Shoes

luzS W

The demo is so helpful to check next position ?

Vicky Raffo

Love your videos!!!!!! ♥️

Mick Stodd

Jen Selter fucks.

Lily Anitha

So excited. Can you make self care videos as well. Thanks?

Claire Elizabeth

Thank you for doing the exercises without a kettle bell, Jas! I don’t have one, so now I know it can still be a great workout without it! Can’t wait to try this out! ?


can i do this on a leg day like does this also work the legs


Love the demo part and the bell chiming for switch leg etc!!! Great video! Love you all and your channel. BFF Fantasy Bras needs to happen with y’all ??

Giulia Gialletti

I'm on my way to the gym, I'm gonna try it right now ?? you're fantastic as always ??

Evelyn Guzman13

I will workout tomorrow

Makenzie Mello

Just did this 4 times, the last 2 sets I did with weights and I feel the burn ???? new favorite butt work out!


Video ideas :
•girl talk : periods (what you use and tips) , hairremoval (what you do) , bloating , cellulite and stretch marks!!!??

Maria Hatzoglou

Please joja.. we want a skin and hair routine video pleaaaaaase

Hot Cheetos Δ

I can’t wait for this years victoria secret fashion show!!


You inspire me so much. Even when i think i'm not strong enough you inspire me to keep going. I admire you.??


You girls are so inspiring, love you JOJA! ❤❤❤

b a


Ki’Arra Jariah

My feet never stay flat on the ground when I squat ? what am I doing wrong

Valentina Villatoro

More videos like this please ?? #trainlikeangel


Love u guys so much❤❤


Jass is not having it ? she is me tho? nice workout guys?

Zeynep S.

Josephine ??


That is a sign that I should move my butt from the couch and start exercising???


I worked out before you got the video out. But that's ok because i'm definitely trying this workout tomorrow.????


Great workout!! Thanks guys!!

Caitlin Rogero

Jo and ja are fricking giants they made jen selter look like a cute short human being

bicz please

Love from poland ❤❤❤

Sassy A

I can do it ?


I’m beginning today, when should I see results?


Jas was whole mood

aj i


Very Nice

been waiting for their vids ?

Danni ALA

Jen has a stunning figure ?

K Lam

Puts down donut :(

Vanessa J

I love this workout.



julieta vazquez torres


Cósmo Nauta

How do you do to not get muscular bulky legs?

Idzell N. Blanc

Yay! I need Jen Selter in my life as a coach ?????

sophiarohtt rohttsophia

Do they actually know how to workout any other part of their body? All i see is butt workouts..

Ki’Arra Jariah

Them workouts are paying off I see you joja ?? !! Motivation, most hardworking angels ✨

Filippa Hemberg

Arm workout next plzzz?!?



Thalia Dalivigka

Amazing video ! And very helpful ! Thank you

Varsha Patibandla

3:31 jas is a mood

Danila Mathews

Model life pls ???❤❤❤

Ashley Leon

This is a good one! ouch!

Danila Mathews


M Beauty

He butt isnt big?

Unique Marta

Wow triple J ?

Fer Castro

More videos like this ?

Tea Time

i’ve been waiting for this colabb!!????

Eva Baumgarten

Love it! You are the best!

Nika Shahidian

These videos are the absolute best! I love them and I do the workouts you post over and over again! You guys keep the workouts doable which is super encouraging, and having you do them real time with us is really helpful! Please keep posting these workout videos ❤

Vicky Raffo

Love your videos!!!!!! ♥️

I Tried 5 Jen Selter's Best Booty Exercises | No Equipment Workout | At Home or Gym | Lululemon

I Tried 5 Jen Selter's Best Booty Exercises | No Equipment Workout | At Home or Gym | Lululemon18 Aug. 2019
75 449
getfitbyivanaSubscribe 438 721

I picked best Jen Selter's

I picked best Jen Selter's Booty Exercises to try at home or at gym.

Make them part of your workout routine to build desirable booty.

Let me know what you think and what would you like to see in next video :)

Music: SilentCrafter - Reflona

Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cm-F7X6cD8Q

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Kayta peace perrty beautiful Mcrae


leoneevans tarr

Hot ??????????

Nick Hard

You're cuter than Jen Selter ?

Wesley Vianna

T zão. kk mds

Tomasz Cisoń

Thsi Video Fitness✨?✔️?️????????

alma sota

You are perfect ivana.I love your cannel

Tomasz Cisoń


Maria Gibran

You are amazing girl and your channel so special hope you can try Pamela's workout too (pamela rief) i love both of you ??????


Love this. Thank you so much.

Marlene R.

What brand are the leggings from? would like to buy it. would appreciate an answer. love your videos!?

Brandon Shells

Definitely broke a sweet, thank you!



norteño santiago

Sos la mejor.. y la unica que filma de atras, diosaa

montse escamilla

Does this helps to lean thighs?

las vegas

thanks a lot you are perfect again

melvin mcmanus






みゃあこさん!ฅ( ̳• ·̫ • ̳ฅ)ニャン
MIL GRASIAS POR TANTA BEYESAS I loro stati di salute rispettivi prevenirli

Miss May

Tanks you are the best and I love it this channel, really you are the best

nisma eka apriliyani

why u didnt put timer or how many time do for every set workout

Leo S. Franklin


Working Out With Jen Selter

Working Out With Jen Selter23 Feb. 2017
143 461
Rob LipsettSubscribe 438 721

Did a workout I wouldn't

Did a workout I wouldn't normally do with Jen Selter in Dublin !

(Day In The Life Vlog)

■ My Nutrition & Training Program: http://shop.lipsettfitness.com/training-nutrition-ebook.html

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Discount Code: NutriRob10

■ People In The Video:

Zoe Whelan: https://www.instagram.com/zoewhelan_

Roz Purcell: https://www.instagram.com/rozannapurcell/

Jen Selter: https://www.instagram.com/jenselter/

Valentina Esteban: https://www.youtube.com/user/1awesomepal

Mooch FroYo: https://www.instagram.com/moochfroyo00/

■ Music: Chris Yonge - Waiting


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Dylan Fraser



rob lipsett im thinking of buying your book on training but u said its based on cutting but im trying to bulk so can i still use it ? also will there be another book on buling or is this one contain all info?


Every time you click publish, the dollar sounds roll in your eyes you mean Rob ?

Jake Fitzgerald

You look more shredded


WTF, in two days you've got like 2k subscribers? is that normal for you? in that rate you'll be 300-400k by the end of the year!


loved this vlog!! :)


Hey guys I have a fitness vlog channel and Im trying to get it rolling! Love robs videos and I hope you guys can take the time to go check it out! It would mean alot?

Jen Scott

are u Irish ????

Dani Barker

Totally feel you on the self employment grind...I've only been at it for a few weeks but balancing being a personal trainer, university student and youtube content creator is no easy thing to do! I can see the hard work you put in every day, like I do myself and your success is there to motivate me and show me that if I'm consistent I can achieve my goals too. Don't stop.


that mystical time at night, which only exists in Ireland TREE of the AM

Catie Leigh

Hey rob! Just wanted to say as a young person who is just getting into seriously working out/the gym lifestyle (as opposed to only playing competitive soccer which I've done my whole life), your videos have been super inspiring. Thanks for being such a ray of sun :) much love and thanks from the US!!

Ash Bash Sneakers

Where was the workout with Jen o_O


Just started a New Page!! Check it out and Leave Feedback!!

Alfie Bambro

Great video rob looking happy as ever ! What's the song used in the workout , so good!

Andjelko Kolasinac

What's name of the soundtrack?

Luis Guzman

Ever since I heard of yanet Garcia I completely forgot about jen


nice clickbait ... just 10 seconds of jen selter.

Damian Lloyd

Bloody legend mate... lots of love from Australia ??????

Jeedan Deka

damm Rob was pissed

Chris Lehman Music

The way irish people say three is one of the best things ever


the book is "never eat alone" by keith ferazzi.


I agree with what the guy said I. the message. and I agree with you. you have to work on yourself and for yourself. if it's working its working that's what it's all about. but then you post an instagram pic saying separate yourself from the crowd. that's was kinda weird since like every fitness model these days does the same thing lol. just don't tell us you are planning to open up your own gym that would really separate you from the crowd. and props to people who take something away from these videos or find them motivating, I find them funny and I ask myself quite often if it's just sarcasm at its best lol. but if it makes people happy keep doing it I guess. after a few of these motivational quotes i just have to turn it off its to cringe in a weird way.

andre belic

Name of song at 7:43 ?????

BB van den Bosch

Woman so distracted by your gains at 9:30 that she kicks over her water bottle.

Andrew Alexander


emele gibson

do you estimate the macros from the things like the froyo/pancakes??

Health and Swellness

First video of yours I've watched. Always seen you around social media, but never took the time to check you out. Glad I did. Great content and seem like a genuine dude (translation: lad). Subscribed!

andi 00

How tall are you?

Darren Walshe

have to say rob you are a sincere genuine lad you can't buy that so fair play you deserve what you strive for.


Oh man.. Jen and her hyperlordosis. Can't stand that cringe.

Ashley James

Not hard work, just busy

Vigor Fitness

Dude, you are so passive aggressive in this video. It's hilarious ??

Catherine Olivia Reid

Hi Rob, I have been following both your content and Sarah's for quite some time, you're both definitely very inspirational young people, upon my viewing, I would say that bloggers are similar to reality TV stars, in the sense that you allow people into your every day life, we as viewers regularly check in to see 'what happened next' as you share daily updates this i'd imagine is the intention. Naturally you like to keep people interested, thinking of video ideas, or keeping the viewers up to speed with your journey, workout routine, diet, lifestyle, couples questions, couples holiday, couple work out routine etc etc. But I have to say as a viewer, it's really hard to readjust to the huge change with both you and Sarah, as an invested viewer and I believe any other invested viewers, might agree that its much like following a series, or TV show. And for such a sudden change to take place, without any insight what so ever is a bit strange, its like watching a movie and one of the main characters just disappears. I think its important to bear in mind, that if you're going to share such intimate details of your life, you must be willing to explain things to your fans and viewers, although you might think it's not our business, and i would agree that it isn't in most respects, but as a viewer, it's impossible to see past that and forget about it. The fact that you're both continuing on with your routines, without any talk of each other, comes across as insincere to a viewer. I say this with good intention, but try to understand this from a viewers prospective.

Sam Breen

Sub to me I do vlogs


Controversial comment about Trinners there Rob, UCDfam not happy lol :)

Matt Lucas

thumbnail goals. all day. every day.

Darren Carroll

Was the suspense killing everyone waiting to see robs sister..then it didn't happen ?

Harvey Clark

Thankyou rob


when u talking in pavilions might pop down

Mark Humby

You're looking ridiculously lean atm Rob! Think the 20k challenge actually made you more shredded!! Haha. You going to do a meet up in London??

norm loughran

Enjoyed the vid Rob . Will you be at Bodypower in May? Norm.


Ha was watching this for some bedtime positivity, loved the real talk though Rob! #keepitreal


you need to come to Maynooth Univeristy Rob ;)

Ryan Mc Gurrin

i watch your videos every evening while having dinner.

Brian Martinez

Rob I met you at the la fit expo and you signed my bag and we're a great dudeI just wanna say that I admire you and your hustle and I wanna head in the same direction as you're in fitness and business oriented

Clive Anderson Jr.

What's your sis look like?

Kai Huang

man, im very impressed with the physique you having now! I have seen people lifting heavy and meanwhile getting good results. Seems you dont lift that much heavy weights but still get a good figure! Can you do a video to talk about is that necessary to train as heavy as you can to get good results? Appreciate the contents man. @Rob Lipsett


a talk in Trinity? I'm a student there with the Weightlifting club.... they have not advertised that at all

Gains Bro

Those eyebrows.. not very manly Rob... but if you r driving your car on the wrong side of the road these days, then fair play to ya! ha


Who the f*ck would hate on him? ffs..

Ryan Hurley

As always, a great V-blog with so much positivity!


Hahah i found the fitness expo advert funny too, i mean dont get me wrong your looking fantastic but when your in the middle of those two monsters mid workout and then theres you swanning around by a pool on holiday, quite amusing :-)


Yo Rob, dope video man! Could you do a workout video with commentary some time ?


So did you make some serious booty gains with all those body weight squats? ?

Dave Taika

Rosanna is pretty

Yannick Quintelier

Hey Rob, do you have any tips on avoiding strapmarks? Greetz

Zaid Shtayyeh


Dylan M. Johnson

"entrepreneurs must be willing to be misunderstood for long periods of time."
-Jeff Bezos.


great talk ??


Rob. I would.... that is all



Amanda Bucci

The list of things to "do" hahahaha


"Working Out With Jen Selter" ... proceeds to show 5 seconds of footage. Mm yeh nice Rob -_-


But did you smash?

Kev Smith

Been unable to go gym because i fell down my stairs and injured my leg, have been so bummed out. Luckily I have your videos to binge watch and cheer me up =) Thank you Rob #Teamlip

Clayton Snyder

You're a legend

Aaron Hughes

Any rooms to rent in that big ass house ?

Emily Hayden

Lol rob watching your video to catch up with you, and I'm laughing so hard. I can't wait for Australia.

Tom Buckle

love the food sections, you should do a collab with Tom's big eats, that would be awesome!

Jeedan Deka

Rob is the best



Erik Rot

Do you come to Germany in april?

Kilian Van Geest

Carnaval is coming can you make a video About alcohol and keeping your gainz i now you talked about thuis in the past but can you focus the senerio where your drinking 2 to 4 days in a row and need to stay Lean and strong

Ariana Cruz

I mean anything with that accent is worth watching ! Besides the great informative content of course :)


You are so disrespectful to your poor ex gf. How dare you act like a player and rub it in her face. Just shows how rude and insecure you are! She is way out of your league anyway. You are a prawn - nice body but chuck away the head! You are pathetic!!!

Zaid Shtayyeh


DNa Activity

Idea to the parts of the day you just work on your computer: film the whole thing and speed it up and put music over it, i show what you do and it dosent have to be long

Tim Hernandez

Rob is awesome! Love this channel! I will take a punch to the nuts if i get a reply from Rob! Best fitness personality ever!

Tim Ryan

Rob: "Me and Louise are just friends"
Me: "and Santa is real ffs"
We know ye are going out! TELL US THE TRUTH!!

Mssiah Talks

So used to just liking before even watching these days haha! Love it Rob

Curtis O'keeffe

Love the vid bro!

Darren Walshe

Rob is naturally spiritual.

lauren X ocean

Wow really liked the message of the video, how there's no off buttons when you work for yourself.

Cormac Nugent

Great Rant about your work rate and being an entrepreneur. Good points and inspirational as always Rob! Good luck in the Ted Talk!

Sean Byrne

Rob what gyms this? I go Slender Health in Raheny which is amazing but the amount of machines in this one is unreal id love to check it out

Sinéad M

Rob is the man #LFarmy


Is it just me or does Rob seem really happy and loving single life haha

Severin Performance

Normally enjoy your videos. But I have to mention.. Getting a bit repetetive listening to you talking negatively about people in '9-5' jobs. Some people are better suited to this sort of life style, and a lot are a hell of a lot better off than you current fitness youtubers. Don't think for at second you can remain relevant forever. Everything needs to evolve mate. And when that time comes, that is likely where you will end up again. Just my 2 cents.

John Mooney

Great video
Amazing channel man

Tomasz Borucki

Hey! Anyone can tell be the song at 8:30 ?

raja janjua

im starting to really enjoys your videos ?

Saqib Sheikh

lads checking in! sweet video. might come to the expo you mentioned if its good

April Rossiter

Idk how I got to your channel but it's cool seeing hard working, well-spoken social media influences and fitness gurus NOT from America. I'm Canadian so I appreciate seeing people outside of America on YouTube. Your work ethic got me hype. I'm subscribing to see more for sure! Cheers


single rob hey now.

Matt Lucas

huge congrats on getting a spot for a TED talk! :D looking forward to it

David Young

You're an absolute champ Rob mate

Nick Murphy

i luv u rob

Ethan Cowan

would love ur ebook but I'm 16 and can't afford £30

Maisie Burton

What song did he use when working out?

Adriel Lifts

Love how REAL you're man! Loving the content man!