P 90x workout routine

P90X Workout, Full Body Class With Tony Horton, Class FitSugar

P90X Workout, Full Body Class With Tony Horton, Class FitSugar13 Aug. 2012
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No doubt you've seen the

No doubt you've seen the late-night infomercials for the P90X at-home workout — you may have even tried it for yourself. This highly addictive exercise program from trainer Tony Horton combines cardio, balance, strength, and stretch all into a single workout. And now Tony has created this exclusive 10-minute workout for us, combining the best elements from his P90X, X2, and 10-minute trainer programs. After transforming thousands of bodies with his popular exercise program, Tony's here to transform yours.

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Comments (100)

What if you can’t do push-ups

Saurabh Kambli

This guy would fit in GTA world perfectly!!!

,md saimon

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Vimuth Perera

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Nirdeshika Neupane

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pippo mio

54 years old and still making it look easy, much respect for Tony.


After 10 minutes, I feel like I've had an hour in the gym. This is great. Thanks Tony

Melissa Armitage

i like him  that one girl  omg so annoying

සාගර මහේෂ්

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Des Star

Okay I'm going to try this for 21 days, it is simple I know I can do it in my living room. 
Day 1 Done, had to modify the


I am seeing m results slowly with this workout and diet


I watched this whilst eating a packet of crisps ??

Max Jackson

I started doing these exercises 2 days ago.I did just as many as you did and now am in a lot of pain.Starting off that much was a baaaad idea.

akif safi

Yes i mean it. You are smart if you understand you need to eat right at your age to kill your belly. btw!but ye I saw an interview with body building champion where he talks about 7 odd foods he eats to keep his abs hard. if you are serious go for it now bit.ly/1f0x8fC?=xngzh


i was looking for a workout at home .... as soon as i opened the video i thought this looked similar than i remembered my krav maga coach makes us do this before every training but we have 5 exercises x2 with no break as soon as i remembered the pain of doing this i would much rather go gym and do weight lifting >_>

The Snakeboy Files

Sounds like you have a shitty family.


After 10 minutes, I feel like I've had an hour in the gym. This is great. Thanks Tony.


this is great, but do not support the 10 minutes, I will continue with the routine

Adonis Sakellariou

hos often do I do this

Philly's Finest Productions

Good workout!


So advance for me :(

Rumin Makaju

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Kenna Dell

Girl in the orange... WHO THE FUCK LOOKS THAT HAPPY WORKING OUT?! Shoooottt

Viscera Trocar

I stopped watching after the first pushup. Head down is bad form. Also none of them broke the plane. If you can't even do a proper pushup your opinion is invalid.

Preety Angel

hi, i had given birth n after that had a fat belly.this program will realy help me as m staying alone with my son....but may i plz ask ...what food should we intake during the cource in order to gwet best results.......

lime piper

Please bring him back!!!!

Renee Cook

This is killing me just watching it! Can't wait to start!

Chris Clemente

10:15 is sooooo cringey

bob brown

Would like to try. P90x

Liam Saha

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ahmad khan

Loved it!

gem cadimas

uhmm is 10 mins enough to get us into shape? if its done everyday?

mani kandan

They laughed when I told them I would bulk up with "Ripped X Beast", but then they saw the results. Go and Google Ripped X Beast to see their reaction. (It was epic!)

Niron Shrestha

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r Negoro

p90x is advanced. Not ez to do.

kristine flower

Can't watch this ... Please make sum minus this annoying girl!!! Please

Susan Brownfield

I wish that one girl would stop talking.


Keep your muscles guessing, don't do they same routine everyday. It helps stimulate muscle growth and boost your metabolism. Make it fun, don't look at it as a chore. Either go to a park or workout with friends. When it comes to burning fat, stay away from processed foods. Eat as organically as possible. No GMOs and WASH your fruits and veggies thoroughly !! ....k I'm done.

The Snakeboy Files

who laughed?

اللهم انا نسألك العافيه

The girl with red is pure hot and sexy


this girl is like one of those people that just repeats everything you say. she's like what lil mama did to jay z and alicia keys lmao stfu and do your workout

Julia Roberts

He's so hot.

The Snakeboy Files

who laughed? your friends? You must have some shitty friends.

PC Principal

I am burning although I just drank a glass of water. This is great exercise.

N 1

Would really like to try this but there is literally no space in my house, and there is no where in my area where I can have space to do this

The Snakeboy Files

who laughed?

Anthony Gephart

hospital time from muscle failure.


tbm tô nessa , vamos ver o resultado.

Angel Cancion

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Altan Emre

Çok etkili süper

Bikash Magar

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Mohamed Litefti

Woow naic


I love Tony, and I have done P90X... this is cute in comparison but great. The woman is really annoying to me.


Great work out ??. I feel it is working now. I watched eating Oreos and drinking chocolate milk.. awesomeness

All in 1

she is really trying to get in his pants

Chris Marchian

5:06 Keep going girls i'll check a couple of things . In that moment he thought : I'll check a couple of butt cheeks YEAH

Rafael Gon

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Matt Deiley

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big boobs don't help...those women can jump up and down...fuck gravity

Pobre Amarela Da Bunda Pequena

wow vou começar a fazer aqui cara vamos ver se fico trincada em noventa dias ** como os caras dos outros videos do p90x

Muravic Bustara

been trying variety of excercise but keep coming back to this one for years, really effective !

Vova Skoblyak

Wow! .I did -30 lbs in 30 days.More here hawght.so\#xQQ5YpF mdulSI8PACVDfxjMK


Impressive :)

Lilani Perera

workout that makes sense


The Bob Ross of gym?

Kat Wolf

oof i cant even do a pushup im weeeaaaaakkkk

David Gulliver

I finish P90X last month and started with Insanity, And I'm willing to get back to P90X, the results I got in belly fat loss are not comparable 10 centimeters in 3 months (4 in the first one), with the first month on Insanity ZERO centimeters, any explanation?

Melissa Armitage

brenda you are not entirely right....some woman develop quicker than others,i personally avoid all these push ups...these woman on here are thin   but i never envied muscles on woman's arms like this....i like thin arms...so i avoid heavy weights..

Efi Fragin

flexing core>? 0_o

Jenifer Deer

I'm a fan of Tony!! It doesn't matter what excersise he puts you through, he always makes it fun!! I love it!!

Sanda Bigyan

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Lê Kỳ Hiệp

thanks for your video so much, Mr.Tony Horton. Your video helped me a lot.Wishing you a healthy life.

lute oosten

never skip leg day !


i love working out to these videos. thanks for posting

anil maharjan

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Shamitha Silva

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After 10 minutes, I feel like I've had an hour in the gym. This is great. Thanks Tony.

Nhujah Collection

I really love this sort of video clip. Really enjoy Youtube due to this type of material!!! My step brother had been bullied. He explained he was about to get bigger. I chuckled... But then shortly after that he gained 40lbs of complete muscle mass. He tried the Muscle Building Bible - look in Google. No one dares to intimidate him anymore. :) I actually registered a few days ago. See what goes on. Not to mention this guys emails are cool!!!

Sarah Blair

i love Tony's workout. This awesome. I sweat a lot. Thank you for posting it. please post more like this...


@MAAU  Me too. I really like that program since_
I dont have to wait days or in many cases
even weeks to get it and put into action.

The Snakeboy Files

Sounds like you have some shitty coworkers

Amazed Fitness



They are still laughing

Promise Smithee

10 minutes a day is not enough to tone up

Василий Суровый

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Jennie z

I used to follow this workout back when I was in high school training for track & cross country... 7 years later I randomly remembered this video and realized I'm so out of shape haha! Good memories.. :)


I got my biceps just by doing this workout for 1 month?????? Thank you tony??

argy yia

he is so irrelevant with the balance movements...ooh and he looks like tomi rotten in lazytown..jajaja

Austin James

Lol pause at 9:32

javier guerrero

Does anyone know the order of the moves?

dodzxs Sison

girl at the back throwin haymakers and shit though..


I would really prefer you would be quiet.

Zenia Mendez

It's not only 10mintues, doctors recommend at least 30minutes of exercise daily!


haha both girls have a LOT better balance that the guy!

Brandon Levesque

Whats he say at 5:17 lmfaooo ? 

Kiran Rana

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Merve Sevinç

Bununla kilo vermştm bn

Kamal Bhardwaj

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Larry King

Check out our interview with renowned fitness experts like Dr. Travis Story (The Doctors), Tony Horton (P90 X), Bob Harper (Biggest Loser) and Josh Cribbs (Oakland Raiders). They give tips on injury prevention, and the myths of health supplements.

P90X Lean Schedule

P90X Lean Schedule3 Aug. 2010
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Click here to be Coached by me for free- http://trek2befit.com/go/freebbc-yt

During this video I go into the P90X Lean Schedule. I go over the basics on how the P90X Lean workout schedule is structured and I show you where you can download a PDF that tells you exactly what P90X workouts you should do each day.

Lastly, I'm a Beachbody Coach, so definitely make sure you sign up on my blog to have me as your personal success Coach!


Comments (5)

@jerrybp111 No problem! I'm glad it helped. When are you starting?


@GCTM951 I appreciate the comment! Unfortunately, I don't have a PDF version of the P90X Nutrition Guide to share. Sorry!

Jorge Perez

Thank u but u talk too much man.


@broadwaykayt My pleasure! Congrats for starting the P90X Lean Schedule! Just give the workouts 100% and follow a healthy eating plan and you will suceed! Have a great day!


excellent, thanks now I can start the torture.

P90X Workout Schedule

P90X Workout Schedule15 Aug. 2011
14 853
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P90X WORKOUT SCHEDULE! If you need one created personally for you! SEND ME A MESSAGE BELOW!


WEBSITE: http://www.thenuwavefitness.com/p90x-workout-schedule

Comments (34)

@pugsleyz I would do lean first since when you first start p90x, the first round brings the greatest results. So doing lean will promote more weight loss. It has more cardio than classic. After lean i'd do classic then maybe look into doubles.

Avinash Parajuli

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check your email :)


check your email :)

The Bald Mango

Hi, I was wondering if you could help me create a workout schedule for myself. I just received p90x today and want to lose about 20 pounds. Which program do you think I should try first? Classic,.double or lean? Thanks! :-)

Jeff Joshua

hi lloyd, im jeff 29 yr old, 5'7" and weigh 145. I really want to gain some muscle. i've watched a few of your videos and am really impressed by your results. Can yo please send me a schedule that would help me gain weight. My goal is is gain atleast another 5 kilos in the next 3-4 months (i've started taking isomass xtreme weight gain). any help will be much appreciated cheers


Hey, I want to start p90x in about a week. I was wondering if you can set me up with a schedule that would help me gain weight while doing p90x. Im 19 years old. My height is 6'2" and i weigh 155-160 pounds. My goal is to gain about 15-20lbs in those three months and at the same time look lean and ripped. I have been playing JC basketball. have been lifting weights for about 2 year now. At one point i reached 170lbs but end up losing it with a lack of motivation. I appreciated your time.


@BximTooJOHNLY Hey friend, did you order your P90X from me directly? So that I can be your personal coach? I look forward to working with you! :)

Antonio Garcia

sup coach lloyd, here for your personal workout to gain weight and bulk up routine send it to me at: [email protected]

Suresh Singh

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Manu Aggarwal

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Could you send me a schedule? Im 5'9 150-155lb.


sent check your email

Claudio Marino

If your desire is to get some muscle and be stronger, you should make a search on Google for "Oak Muscle Method". You are going to end up getting the muscles you should have.


i need a shceduale i am new to p90x and really need to start soooon so email me at: [email protected]



Roy Desigan

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Murat Sağlam

can i have the programme please? i need to gain weight. [email protected] is my email adress


@BximTooJOHNLY Ohh i see, yeah I'll be your coach :) let me know when your ready to start your p90x routine and i'll send you the schedule. are you wanting p90x classic, lean or for mass? If this is your first time p90x classic would be best option. also make sure you have an email account that has access to google documents from gmail.

Mr Noobizz

Hello coach lloyd, could you send me mass gainer and muscle up routine? Here is my email: [email protected] Thank you & may god bless you.

Aurelio Hernández

Hey, this is my first time with p90x and I'm interested in getting cut and gaining weight. I'm skinny 110lbs, 5'6. can you help me out with a schedule please. thank you. email [email protected]

brandon estrada

Hey man, I'm Brandon. I'm 17 years old and weigh about 120 lbs. I'm 5'4, could you Send me a schedule that will help me gain weight and muscle up? My email: [email protected] Thank you!

Christopher González

can i get ur schedule to gain weight??? Please.


Great informative video!! I would like the same schedule and workout you use. Right now I'm 170 lbs. and don't want to lose any more weight but do want to get in better shape. If you can send me a schedule for bulking up that woule be great. Thanks a lot!!

Chauncey Walker

[email protected]

Miroslav Kovach

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Hi I have the same problem it's very hard to put on weight.. Can u please help me.. Can you send me all the stuff please.. I want to get lean and have a nice body.. Can u please send me the stuff I need from p90x thanks very much.. [email protected] I want to her lean..

kobe ramirez

Can a 15 year old use p90x to get ripped, if i can, can you send me whole schedule sheet to [email protected] plz, thx


can you send me the lean work out all three phases please [email protected] thanks if you do

Ali Koca

hey man, i am 5``11 and 165 lb i m looking to lose some fat and gain some muscle. over all i dont really want to put on so much weight. So please help me. I am looking to start as soon as posible, My email is [email protected]


This is great, you are helping lots! Could you give me a workout schedule to follow? I am an ecto just like you when you started, 94pounds 5"5 and wanting to bulk. I work full time and only have 1.5 to work a day. Thanks! [email protected]

Ja Samov

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Chauncey Walker



Hey man, I'm interested in gaining weight, I'm 6'4 180 pounds, I'm looking to bulk up can you make me a workout to help me? I've tried pretty much everything but just can't get past that 180 mark. So PLEASE HELP !! P.S looking to start as soon as posible, My email is [email protected]