Nyc marathon results 2019

My plan to beat my NYC Marathon Record... *EDIT* - I DID IT!!!!!!

My plan to beat my NYC Marathon Record... *EDIT* - I DID IT!!!!!!2 Nov. 2019
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*EDIT* - Well, my legs are

*EDIT* - Well, my legs are absolute jelly but I managed to get 3:18!!!! :)

Wish me luck! I really hope this works lol.

Look out for the weird blonde hair and shout at me if you see me :)

Link to my JustGiving page in aid of Alzheimer's Society if you want to donate: https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/michael-timbs1?utm_id=124


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Liam Forster

Timbsy Neistat

James Davies

Bro please make the videos longer! Love this though!

Gabriel Forsberg

This is such a clever video. The way you go about your day and at the same time talk us through the course and what will be on your mind while running it. Good job!


I love you
Ok now srsly, great editing man love the style and narrative of the video! keep up the good work! And good luck on the marathon✨?

No but srsly I love you.


Keep it up!


Best of luck with it Timbsy!

Lawrence FR



Hope you enjoyed guys! If you like the video and if I beat my record, there might be a special post-NY Marathon film coming soon... ?



beautiful vid timbsy, hope the run goes well.

Zanquin Yang

Good luck Timbsy! ??

Fahim Farhan Khan

Brilliant vid, did alexis Sanchez like it?


You got this Timbsy! I have full faith in you buddy??you’re more than capable of pulling a shorter time than 3:30!


Good luck dude!

Jay Tomlins

Sick video lad!

Conor Duffy

Good luck bro

Ryan V

Good luck from upstate NY mate


Brilliant time Timbsy, how did you manage to get a place in the run? would love to do it next year

2019 New York City Marathon | Des Linden

2019 New York City Marathon | Des Linden3 Nov. 2019
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Des Linden speaks about

Des Linden speaks about her race strategy, her future, and corrects a reporter on her favorite beverage.


For more, check out:


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Mark A. Meyers

Why interview these two? Dime a dozen runners!

New York City Marathon 2019 | WINNERS DOMINATE!

New York City Marathon 2019 | WINNERS DOMINATE!3 Nov. 2019
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These are the highlights

These are the highlights of the 2019 New York City Marathon. Two new winners in this year's event. Watch and see who they are!

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Kiswahili Kitukuzwe 254

I noticed there are no pace setters in NYC marathons. I like that!

Marathawn Jawn

Cool video. I enjoyed it. Nice work!?


Kamworor will eventually run a really fast time in the marathon. For now he can be content with winning.


The second-place men's finisher A. Korir, spent a lot of time looking around him. He did it so much from very early on that I started thinking he was a pacesetter.

Rayz Melody music

I feel the mens pace was slow and it made it easy for the Kenyan to kick in the final kms.

yareli soto

Buen resumen!!!!

Mark A. Meyers

Ward got dropped like a bad habit!

Msizi Cindi

I've been watching your videos for a while now. After this video i instantly subscribed. Keep doing videos like these. Your commentary was legendary.

Manolo Tusca

Term limits on these repeat winners.

Andrew Roberts

No, I'm sorry - the leaden delivery makes it a no from me

John G


Kimen Njeri

Kenya ever pround auu we thank you Lord


Michael Johnson - legends of sport

Ace Hardy


edu ngari

Kenyaaaa.. kenya.... Kenya.... Kenya????????????????????????????????????????

Joshua Nishitani

Damn Kitata has a nasty heel strike

David Mungai

You can see how Kipchoge has instilled a family and winning mentality in his camp. I am proud of all you guys

David Jones

It was nice that someone can win a marathon without wearing the ugly Vaporfly Next %


Please can I have the title of the songs used in this video. I really love them. Well done gars again!!!


Great race recap!!!! Very pleasant to watch!!!!! All the best for you gars... Good job........

Justin Reilly

Good video but wish the narrator spoke better English.

Sam Wade

Well made video. Thanks

Sibusiso Dladla

Geoffrey keeps getting better, good running form similar to Kipchonge. And the lady who won it on her debut was impressive even though I am a big fan of Aga.

Rahma Ismikhan

They were born to be champs.Strong Kenya Forever


excellent job indeed ,very well put together video . best of luck to your channel brother .

Bertrand Fonji

You did a an Excellent job recapping the race. Great Watch!!

Emir Emryss

Is that eliud kipchoge?

The Running Guy

Well done, thank's heaps!


What kind of voice is that haha


Definitely geoffrey is on fire!!!!!!! Great runner and always smiling!!!!!! All the best and congrats. Good rest!!!!!!!!!

Zippy Mwas

Congratulations my fellow Kenyans

Leonardo Olenana

Imagine all of them coming from one ethnic community in Kenya

James Harrod

Great upload thanks??

Angel Hernandez

Kenia # 1 my Team congratulation gocelyn anda geffrey bendiciones

Simon says

Butter my bread

L Martinez

Channel 7's broadcast was awful. They did not provide enough coverage of the wheelchair race and they had too many commercials. Channel 7 has NOT been doing a good job for years. I tried to find a different online stream ( that I did not have to pay for) and I found some great coverage over Facebook but it was abruptly stopped in the middle of the race. Not sure what happened. Might have been terminated by the webmasters.

Kemunto K. Kenani

I knew Kamworor would do it. Congrats but the pace was slow.
Congrats to Jocyline too!!

Carl Drew

Great job on the video and information. Thank you.

Tri Boost

Good race! Geoffrey on fire ?

Joanne Brown

Thank you it was informative

SoulJah Roch

Nice work. Thanks ?✌

scott barker


Ru Shodai

Great except he kept going back and forth between miles and kilometers for the splits.

Ben Dover

Great race review. You did better than the clowns on NBC news.

tapani tappo

Fuck the miles talk about kms


Thx Eliud for influencing our KENYAN men and women to know that when we put our Trust in God, nothing is impossible. Since Eliud's sub 2, Kenyans have been on fire in these races. We pray for all of you. May God favor you to even lower Eliud's record.
Eeeh Mungu nguvu Yetu!

Mitchell Goldstein

Great overview; thanks for putting this together

Talia McKinney

This was an excellent recap, very informative and knowledgeable thank you!

David Mungai

5:10 WTF is that car doing?