Quad days

Day 4: Trapped Under A Quad Bike While Fending Off Coyotes | I Shouldn't Be Alive | Wonder

Day 4: Trapped Under A Quad Bike While Fending Off Coyotes | I Shouldn't Be Alive | Wonder31 Aug. 2018
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Crushed And Alone: A Canadian paramedic with years of mountain experience has a freak accident and is crushed under his quad bike on a remote hillside for days. He has nothing but a pen knife and his initiative to outwit the weather and hungry coyotes.

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Jack Try Hard

You know the drill
1. Escape
2. I shouldn’t be alive
3. Mountain Rescue
4. Commando
5. Accident investigators
6. Extreme
7.Trough hell and high water
8. Born to kill
9. Seven deadly sins

Likê änd Šûbßčrîbë

Fadela Ghani

un homme courageaux ,chapeau

Cale Goethals

I feel like if I had glasses like these I’d be capable of anything!

scottie GAMING ML

ohh man ur lucky to have suppose to rescue u

Sarah Star

Oh my gosh! ?? Watching this made me scared ? for the skinny short brown haired guy who wears glasses ? too.

James Paras


Sarah Christie

Is he lucky for surving or unlucky for being in such situation?

Quad Stunt Show - Czech Stunt Days 2017

Quad Stunt Show - Czech Stunt Days 201729 Nov. 2017
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Comments (45)
mauro castanheira

2:37 best wheelie

Vanilda Correia


atrous wassila

amnin najem nechri klas fazet


22-й номер вообще убил, долгие прокаты на одном колесе, ну и вцелом круто исполняет!

علي الوحش

Bottle wow

Шаген Навоян

Молодец!не каждый сможет! Видно сторался!

Александр Aliexpress

3й парень чётко на одно колесо стаёт , красиво

جاسم محمد


khalil Bendaoud

حاب تقتل نفسك ياخو



Sarah Lopez

123545 567890 1234567789909887655443321|

Francisco Bravo justicia

Tramelo a torreperogil me llamo Fran

atrous wassila

amnin najem nechri klas fazet

Santi Turco

Tiene el freno en el manubrio no?


ееее бой

مقتدى امين

ماشاء الله

Laura Farre Farre

Walter cortad Farréñ



To Fi

??????????? ؤناطفل فلؤسس حدقت سلم ؤقرؤ ثلث سف منزل 20 جمعطلحو

Luiz Delmori


ibraheem athamneh


Ahmad Salem

شي رروعه

علي موسئ




Pamela Berton

Super bravo campione 2020??????????

Mafik Musik

круто, респект, особенно когда на одном колесе ехали

Maxim Bugaev


Toufik Aymen


Krystal Zavala


U1 Sr

https://youtu.be/jxlIzE3qVzg KTM Stunt show do watch

Karen sofia Rodríguez Ramírez

Picala picala 7 me gusta

Ekao Putri


Lalita Verma

o m g stunt

choaib djahel

nice moves pro ! keep it like that

Drake Docson

Quad Riders=Scooter Riders
When standing it straight up he’s still on four wheels.

Leandro Vieira


Bobby Stuntrider

mantapppp djiwaa

Taffix Mthetwa

wow its so amazing

Yofrandy Ureña


Ngawai Robinson


perre motovlog perre




The Supra Channel

2:46 pause

Sebastian Hołubowicz

Zna ktoś tytuł piosenki od 2:30?

Patrick Ronald

Хотелось бы увидеть подборку фэйлов, падений на квадриках

FULL RAW LEG WORKOUT | In Depth Look At My Quad Routine

FULL RAW LEG WORKOUT | In Depth Look At My Quad Routine24 Mar. 2019
108 347
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Film and Edit by:

Film and Edit by: @mohammedbelhouari

Meal Prep: https://www.trifectanutrition.com

https://cbumfitness.com Cbum Apparel

https://www.mvmtwatches.com Use Code CBUM (watches and accessories)

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https://mhpstrong.com Use Code CBUM15

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SupeR X

Ed sheeran shape of you song in backgrund :)

Anthony Intensity

Because of Chris' huge back and traps I can't notice if he's doing high bar squats, or low bar squats.... anyone!?

ckemi mire

Cameraman sucks ass

Scott Hickson

Fucking awful cameraman. Guessing his never held a camera before.


this camera work makes me feel like im on a roller coaster

nicholas morin

Really good video, better than the quality of your other videos, by far lol. He films well and asks question like in Calum's videos. Interactive camera man. Throws in some comedy here and there.

Ryo Jaeger

Few things for the new videographer-
-Make sure your frame rate matches the cameras frame rate. Footage seems a little jittery.

-use an external shotgun mic for better quality and so we don't hear ambience over Chris' voice.
-More full body so we can see Chris' form/etc. Keep it stable.
-Maybe include short music montages with slow motion by shooting at higher frame rates to keep it interesting.

-Don't overuse that cheesy transition.
-Cut out some unnecessary parts (dialogue, etc).
-Make sure to watch other bodybuilders who have dedicated videographers (eg. Chris Guzman) for inspiration.
Good luck!


in depth kwodz yess

Niclas Gleich

will you be at the FIBO 2019 in cologne?

Ryan Streck

Let me get them shoes eh?

Quentin Le



bad camera man :(

Mateo Eva

E H ?

Farhan Fazni

Bring Calvin back jeethuth


I like the transitions. Audio seems a little off. Bit more of a wider shot so we can see your motions better. Less movement and more steady cam type for this kind of video. The fast stuff probably works great in a montage, not so much this where we really want to see as much as possible of your workout!

Michael Junior

Just got 2 "eh's"


Camera guy was lucky cbum didn't get injured

Gospel Blue2413

Bro pon subtítulos en habla hispana ?? like para que él lo vea eones ??

Daniel Harris

Good god that guy was bad on the camera and annoying af.

Matthew Mair

I'm sure camera dude is nervous. I say give him another 2 videos then see. So far 4/10

Boyko Dimov

*i know how to bold*

AK Raiden

I'm sorry for you not to able to squad as heavy or as intense as you used to because it sucks I've been there when wanting to squad to good feel good everything good but either my knee,hip or back is messed up :( so i feel your pain

Daniel Axelsson




T Gibson

Please don’t ever use this guy again... you film better than him

Derrick Johnston

When you said your strength glory days were behind you, I felt that in every joint I've ever injured.


Why don’t you just save squats for the end of the workout so you can pre exhaust the legs and it won’t be so hard on the knees. Lee Haney never went past 315 lbs on squats and he never got injured throughout his career while still retiring at the age of 31. His saying was stimulate not annihilate.


What's hurting with your knees? You heard about BPC-157 peptide? I used it for just 5 days and almost entirely shut down months of lingering tendinitis in the tricep/ulna junction.

Jovany Nunez


Master Wrong

I see why everyone is bashing at the new camera man but he will get better in time.... I hope. I would like to hear some music as you workout when you aren’t speaking. Calum like videos I would say ??

Tonino Luketic

NEW CAMERA GUY, or let this one get his practice

Mark Curry

The workout clips are great but the talking and whatever kn between is kinda boring, I like the vlog type parts you put in at the begining before. Also oyou camera man needs to work on getting better shots, not shaking and moving so much, and I can hear him chewing gum in the background. Overall can be improved tho, keep up the good work

Summer Yapper290

Chris u need to do leg day with Tom Platz. That would be legendary!!

Steve R

New sweatshirt/T-shirt...JOOTHY ?


Why focus on your face and yoyo up and down... defeats the object of watching your workout... gotta tel him to step back and get the whole thing in the frame

Stevie Ivy

I like the camera work and behind the scenes feel, he just needs to stand back a bit. I’d like less “iMovie” edits every cut also. But I like the subtitles at the bottom lol

Jesse Carstairs

Hey Chris, I tried out this workout of yours. Here is my video on it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IpCAqajZGj4&feature=youtu.be

Shane Maple

i enjoyed all the little annotations at the bottom of the screen had me dying

Shane Myers

struggles getting plate off the rack “it’s been a rough day” ?? don’t why that was so funny but made me laugh

Donovan Dunn

Your 1 legged leg press weight in a warm up is more than I push in a full set ?

Niclas Mikaelsson Triumf

I feel motion sick after watching this :(

George Cooper

Camera guy is definitely an improvement to normal, hitting legs tomorrow so those short lunges are going to get it then


I used to wear knee sleeves to prevent knee pain etc. After about a year of wearing them I started having really bad knee pain whenever I took them off after squatting and also sometimes during the squat itself I'd get random shooting pain on some reps, like you did in the video. I realized that they can make your patella track differently during the squat movement which can injure the different tendons and ligaments in your knee. Once I stopped wearing them my knee pain slowly went away and my strength has continued to improve almost linearly for over a year now since I stopped wearing them, without any knee issues. Maybe try not wearing your sleeves for like a month and see how you feel.

ליאור אברהם

Your squat is amazing


Oooooooo yaaaaaaaaaa


New video guy, tell me what you think...

Everyone hates him hahahaha

Geovany Santos

Hi , how r u?? Good video , u r the best ???????

Fabian c27

What happen to your epic intro :(


I got dizzy watching this video, why on earth the video grapher is also moving up and down as you squat. Shot was way too close.

Idin Hatam

The worst part of the workout was the Camera MAN!

Michael Lin

The shots are too up close and I can't see Chris' from on his sets, closeups are good for Chris when he is addressing the youtubers not on his sets. Please avoid moving around too much with the camera as well, it is giving me motion sickness.

Cruz Perex

i know you had a canon m50 but do you know what camera your videographer uses? video quality and post editing is so clean

Steve R

The camera bounce during reps ??

Patrick Fluss

I can tell he didn’t send any previous work xD

Geoff Waldman

8.43 never ask how many sets hes doing. He will do as many as it takes to win the classic Olympia

Fitness Motivation

Your new camera guy is dope???

Jack Tse

So not bad, as per your usual workout dominant videos. Here's some quick feedback:
1. Audio could be vastly improved (Chris's voice)
2. Cut could use some structure, like - a state of address from chris thats a few minutes long and then you do the work out
3. Eventually the hope is that Mo can be a part of the video in that we come to enjoy some of the banter. This video showed good promise on that end
4. Overall, i don't think i had an issue with the editing but just to make it easier for Mo - i would say it actually works in your favor to a more raw cut rather than over produced.

thanks y'all

Crohn's Fitness

i couldn’t finish this video with how much the kid moved the camera it made me sick

Fit with Nic

Need. More. Vlogs

A mir

I see a lot of people criticize the photographer ... the video was clear and we are here for learning and development and not to criticize others for things that do not make sense... THNKS chris & Mahmmoud.

bryce gye

Mo seems like a decent guy, with a little bit of work I think that you have found yourself a good camera man. Started following his Instagram and he is a great photographer, transfer a bit of that skill to film making and it will be MINT!!

George Wallace

the camera guy stinks and the audio is way worse and very shakey

Vincent Fitzpatrick

No posing.

Angel Lopez


Mosk E

First time not able to watch a full cbum vid. Too much shaking getting a headache

Fitness Motivation

Guys don't show hate on him....we all watching this video on our comfort....but that dude is really put on some hardwork... he'll be better with every video....so just support him ...show some support in the comments.... I'm myself a student and learning things by my own...??

Athule Vos

Camera man seriously following every single movement ???

Alex Chen

needs more edits not too enjoyable to watch this whole training sesh way too long. incorporate your own vlogging with workout

Dino Grigoropoulos

I can’t work this out. Is he American or northern Irish ?

Ramiro Lopez

Why no leg extensions?


Don't pump your legs by doing those fast squats, do full range of motion and lock out the knees every rep. At least if you want to save your knee's :)

Śmierć Książka

new camera man is great

Jerick Kim

Got a headache watching this vid

Richard Phan

Quality is great and love the minimal intro. He could use less of that scene change effect though. Other than that good work

Jimme H

What size sbd sleeves did you get?


Not bad for a weekend warrior.

Hobbit Hubby

Deadlifting with hex plates is just the worst!

Sami Carberry

Not the biggest fan of the filming or editing unfortunately :(


like you having someone to talk to, and the bonus tips like the BFR from leaving the sleeves on...?? some of the commentary seemed like he was trying too hard, and the captions flashed by a lil quick to read. Seemed like a nice dude though.

Bonus points for Ariana Grande in the background, proven 35% better pumps when "Thank You Next" is playing in any gym.???

Frank Mancini

I agree stand further back stop moving in and out so much sorry chris I couldn't watch the whole video I gave up we couldn't see your form


brb throwing up

justa nother

"My strength will never be what it was when I was 19/20"... Dude, most people get stronger in their mid 20s.

Valentin Schelbert

Camera man took too much preworkout

Nick Saelee

The transitions seemed too much for a raw leg workout.

Gavin Richards

Needed a gravol to watch the whole video

Aaron Kovacs

camera dude seems chill, sounds like he's lickin his lips a lot judging by the audio lol

Tony Эль


Nick Guilliam

I don't like the new video guy. He moves around a lot, I could hear him breathing and chewing, I didnt like how he went up and down with you on the squats. We want to see your form on the exercises and we couldnt because he was way too close. Most of the little jokes he put in subtitles weren't funny at all and the clips of you doing exercises were cut short. I give him a 1 out of 10 for not giving the viewers a good video. Sick workout on your part though Chris. I cant wait to do it. Peace out bye ✌

Marcus Goh

5:00 did he just unrack the plates like it was just 20lbs?

Derrick Johnston

This was pretty good, little less transitional stuff and step back a bit during lifts. Everyone is so hypercritical lul

Housin' Authority

I was hoping to find a professional camerman and sound engineer today; looks like they are all here in the comments section - bingo!


Video made me dizzy. Cameraman sucks. I'm sorry.

Gorilla In Manila



Chris seems like such a humble dude. If I ever met you you have to let me buy you a drink.

David Fischer

Needs some music during exercises and step back a bit to watch his form.

Daniel Parra

Recorder needs to focus more on workout rather than y’all friendship

Darren McBrearty

Take it easy on all the transitions .....

Pop Eye

Tell camera man to stick to being a lollipop man

Oscar Karlsson

We want the old intro back

sandeep pattnaik

Honestly the editing and the recording is not at par compared to other videos