Girl mma fighters

Young MMA fighter goes viral

Young MMA fighter goes viral30 Apr. 2019
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A little girl with

A little girl with incredible skill is captivating the country. Eyewitness News reporter Savannah Louie shares more on the nine-year-old's "warrior spirit."

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Anthony White

She's very mature

Jennifer Miller

I do it


not MMA

Cgl noir Shangwe feliz


Gerald O'Hare

What a beautiful name.

Ivan Nieves

She is humble now but wait until the media blows up her ego


Khabib better watch out??



China beat down u all weak weak

Fezix 123


Jal El


Ricardo Mendoza


Dukjin Im

Very good. Lots of 9 year old kids doing great BJJ now. Glad to see so many girls doing it. Signed mine up and they love it.


Dude she competes in jiu jitsu come on guys not mma

jasmyn nguyen

how could she get bullied when she’s so nice and pretty and very talented!!

Joseph Mercel

02:47 03:01 Her armbar is already too far and should have been stopped (and yes i know kids joints are flexible).

Frannn C

Siiiiiiicccckkkk my daughter isn’t even 2 yet and I’m so ready for her to be in these type of classes

Dylan Mellars

She’s not an MMA fighter atleast get the title correct

snazdog dbfan

2:37 and that's on capp. Not more aggressive not even close

George Henderson

Apolonia is awesome. She is inspiring many kids to try this great sport.
Uploader of this video should change the title from "MMA" to "BJJ" or "jiu jitsu."
MMA is striking sports.

John Mason

She's definitely on steroids.

Ivan Quesada

hey good job keep up the good work my son RAMADAN ONDASH also is a brazilian jui jitsu grappler and hopefully after all the corona virus calms down we like to invite you to compete in a grappling/bjj invitational here in new mexico that we are having here called NEW MEXICO HARD WIRE TOURNAMENT


What's really sick is the amount of adults in the comments whining about a darn kid ...smh... this world is tanked

bad boi

NO, she a BJJ practitioner.

Full Fight | Kate Jackson vs. Lena Ovchynnikova - Bellator 223

Full Fight | Kate Jackson vs. Lena Ovchynnikova - Bellator 2236 Dec. 2019
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It's Full Fight Friday!

It's Full Fight Friday! Take a look back at Bellator 223: Kate Jackson vs. Lena Ovchynnikova in it's entirety!

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Comments (100)
Christmas.Demon KiLLJoy

Short break

Steve Bell

I enjoy a great boxing match, but I'm gonna tell like it is: How f...ed up we are as a species, that we would take delight, or enjoy in a perverted way, seeing SADISTIC INDIVIDUALS cutting people up with elbows, or knees to the face, etc.., doesn't matter, male or female, but to see women releasing all their demons, for they are DEMONS, is real, real ugly, and if WE get a perverted pleasure in witnessing someone get truly messed up in such an ugly manner, then we really must take a good look at OURSELVES. Just some thoughts...

Charles Strauss

It was a scary fight but it was awesome.


So she knows about bucking, but doesn't once even attempt to trap and roll


Ah Lena... if you only had better ground skills...

Marinus Scholtz

Great fight!

wk wk

I dont know what kind of doctor is him not even clean to see under blood he said NO three meters away from her ??? ?????

Macarons & more Macarons

How are those elbow hits even legal!

Erik Stagner

she acted disappointed the fight was stopped, but she's not a good actor.

Arturo Hernandez

La técnica de Jackson parece de comadre de vecindad solo le faltaba una chancla, que horror! No tendrá medios para una buena pelea? Su técnica va de acuerdo a su físico, HORRIBLE!!!


That beautiful face of Lena. Damn!

krispy kream

Anyone else kept getting mad at the ref for walking in the shot omg

Jenny Junko

the blood had already stopped, fucking cautious doctors ruining fights

Bob Blandford

There is obviously something missing upstairs with two people that will go into this enclosed area and try to beat each other bloody and battered. HOW IN THE HELL DO YOU CALL THIS STUFF "SPORT'? pathetic garbage.


weak ass ref and doctor. she was fine.


Guantes rojos

Maycon Lee lee

Adoro assistir lutas femininas eu fico de cueca melada

Justin Long


Khả Trần Đình


Valentin Petrakov

Lena Lena I wish you only victories. From Kherson.

Lunar Module

Great fight - THX

Karl Bloomfield


Chris Uda

Really sad people just love seeing beautiful ladies get their faces smashed up, pounded and bleeding profusely, while they drink their beer cheer and laugh. What a world!!!


3:00 that's what she said.

Jere Wolf

brutal esos codasos,y mantuvo la posicion siempre,por cierto al final pusieron una musica de Gorillaz ;)

Donald Lee

Lena was to cute for this one!


Bitches fighting is ridiculous
It’s just stupid


Such a bloody sport

Darius Sarrafi

"Full Fight". All 4 minutes of it!

Reed Martin gaming

4:34 jackson tried bite linadls hand

x. orb

Ok but Kate Jacksons shorts are cute

Macarons & more Macarons

I weigh 140 and I know that shed still woop my ass



Murtaza Abbasi

Best Woman Fighter She is real Warrior She is Lioness Love you so much Mam

Maycon Lee lee

Esse agarra agarra pra quebrar nas porradas me da tesão


Какая мерзость и глупость! - когда в этом участвуют женщины.

John Halchishick

I was wondering when those elbows would cut her

Willy Peter

She could have been a beautiful mother, but instead she got her face busted up.

Grandpa Stoner

Hey channel, This thumbnail told the fight. Please try not to do that anymore. Thanks

Oleg Nahimov

Но шь лог гл юж

Remus Cozma

Lena is very sweet!!!

Thomas K Dennis Jr.

She had no chance at all.

Cecilia Rivera

Rusiana valiente practica su wresting mas mija. La mujer de Inglaterra muy buen hecho

Dante 525

Good job ref.

Augusto Arturo Flores



Возьня на полу и только

Jajanan Trsdisional


Maycon Lee lee

Quebra bem a boca dela

A Google User anonymous

Love it at 4:59 looks like this pissed her off so bad lololol. Ankle on the jaw. So cute.

Andrew Palmer

12 to 6 elbows anyone? Illegal AF whether you agree with the rule or not

Jeremiah Sells

They don't even try to stop the bleeding and continue? LAAAAAME.

Maycon Lee lee

Ela queborou o nariz da outra nas porradas


"Lena's got skills on her back."

luis jose campos zamora

Si pierdes de esta forma con una rival así , esto quiere decir que tu carrera llego a su fin .


Lena still my favorite

Maycon Lee lee

Que mãos grande pra quebrar a outra gostoso


Lena is terrible....got taken down quickly and easily....no grapplinh abilities...too weak.

The month of myself 26

Muay thai blonde technique masterpiece

T Music

If you allow elbows and knees why don't you allow bare knuckles and headbutts?

Benni KDK _

bad fight.............

oleg kemper

Овчиникова нарвалась на тяжелую задницу кэйт джексон из под которой не смогла вылезти. Досадно


Everyone involved in the stoppage of this fight should be ashamed of themselves.
This was a pathetic stop.

Joshua Tobiasz

Fight fight fight


Это надо считать извращением. Вместо того, чтоб быть Женщинами, они становятся монстрами. Это при том, что в мире женщин в принципе не хватает. И в смысле спортивном - убожество.

Augusto Arturo Flores


Pato Hardoy

The ugly kicks the pretty... LOL

Emmanuel Pepra

If you came for a catfight you came to the wrong place

Aldo Monti

Embarrassing. Women don’t belong fighting sports.


I remember when Joanna contender turned Kate Jackson into sloth

Christmas.Demon KiLLJoy

The narrator's are perves lol

Terry Woolard

Idon't know who selects the videos to be uploaded or the criteria for what is uploaded.But,why is it that only the loses by Lena have been uploaded ?? I mean 12 wins and all I have seen have been the losses. Doesn't seem fair to Lena. Show some of the wins.

Jennifer Israel • 40 years ago

Damn Kate isn't wearing her mouth gaurd


Nice looking gals.

Maycon Lee lee

Eu fico lou só de olhar nesses rostos que vão ser quebrados nessas porradas queria que esses narizes sentissem o cheiro de tesao na minha cueca


The blonde girl has a big ass. There is no escape.?

Noah Clark

phenomenal fight
0:40 ??

Jay Jay

Female mma is Top. Men’s aren‘t better.

The fit 4 Leo

I thought that the up and down elbows were not legal ?


Kate needs to work on her standup, if she was a more exciting fighter. People might actually know who she is

NO вата

у Олени боротьба не виходить((


Настоящие Женщины


Aku pikir yg hitam yang menang (hahaha salah prediksi)

Maycon Lee lee

Essas sabem sair pro quebra mesmo essa luta vai ser um tesao

A Google User anonymous

Man must have been awful to get stuck under there and have your beautiful face getting wrecked lol. Exhausting and hopeless.

Luis Hernandez

A good fight with a competent referee; well timed stoppage.

Ratko Milutinović

Bravo reff ? she wud make her ugly ?

Oliver Roberts

Good stoppage.

Diederick Cock

illegal 12-6 elbow if you ask me.


This is supposed to be "professional" but this is just a low IQ street fight of beat the crap out of somebody

Sania Dejavu

Больше не буду смотреть женский мма , слишком жесткий спорт для девушек . Лене желаю удачи !

Terry Woolard

Good fight by Kate, She took Lena down, established top position and went to work raining down blows. She initially did not look as strong, physically as Lena, but seemed to have proved otherwise, by the way she controlled her. It would be nice to be seen on a date with either one, but I would not step into a ring, cage or on a mat with either.

ian philip

looks like they need to work on take down defense and improve her ground game.

Mighty Spider

Terrible stoppage . No blood in her eyes at all.

Klesk Quake

Hey hit strong! ????


Для того щоби на рингзі шматувати суперників треба Олені Овчинник, більш потужніше гойдати м'язи ніг використовуючи якісне спортивне харчування задля здіймання суперника у повітря.

Balkam T. Sangma

Beautiful womens ???

Javier Pellicer

I'm not expert in fight sports but I think that using elbows shouldn't be permited because it's very dangerous. I have suffered watching this fight.

Edward Tupper

When I hear Kate Jackson I think Charlie's Angels. In this case more like Charlie's Demons.

King-Marc Louis


Roselval Queiroz de carvalho Queiroz

Deus me livre ?

Top 10 Female MMA Fighters of 2019

Top 10 Female MMA Fighters of 201925 Nov. 2019
82 674
RS MMASubscribe 438 721

Top 10 Female MMA

Top 10 Female MMA Fighters of 2019

These ladies aren't messing around when the door shuts and the ref signals start.

10. Tatiana Suarez

9. Holly "The Preacher's Daughter" Holm

8. Germaine "The Iron Lady" de Randamie

7. Jessica "Bate Estaca" Andrade

6. Joanna Jędrzejczyk

5. "Thug" Rose Namajunas

4. "Magnum" Weili Zhang

3. Cristiane "Cris Cyborg" Justino

2. Valentina "Bullet" Shevchenko

1. Amanda "The Lioness" Nunes

All videos and music are not mine. The purpose of the video is to highlight the current best pound for pound female MMA fighters in my perspective.

Comments (60)
I miss 2019

Zhang is my favorite. That girl is not fighting to win, she’s fighting for win, she’s fighting to kill. She’s all techniques and strengths. Better g than some men I’ve seen. Dang....

Mayor Curley

Chintya Candranaya would DESTROY them all! And punches and kicks harder! Watch her do the following in her videos
* break bricks with telekenisis
* bend swords with telekenisis
* damage concrete pillars with shin kicks and punches
* punch through an incredibly hard durian fruit shell
* breaks rocks with knife hand
* kill MMA fighters with deadly street techniques
* can punch harder than Mike Tyson and other pro fighters
* defeated 40 people in one fight, killing at least 5
* break roof tiles while burning
* punch and kick at incredible speeds
* do 1 finger push ups
* bend metal pipe by kicking
* break 2 by 4 lumber with her blocks
* dodge bullets
* drive nails through board with palm strike
* take heavy blows to shins, chest, stomach and back with sledgehammer


Wubishet Belihu

i love Rose

GAME Breaker

song names??

Monika Belluchu

Валентина 1✌️


Amanda chops them down like a chain saw

Tee Money

Amanda Nunes

1000000x better than the rest


Where is Kate mangino?

InnerVulture Call of the Wild

Where is the song playlist??

Deano Pereira

Amanda is the best ever ??????


Menuda mierda de video

Oyunlar Vs Bilgiler


Celo Messias

1 Amanda Nunes 2 Cris Cyborg 3 valentina Shevechenco

t .byrne

Nunes is a killer. She turns people into hamburger

Alexander Gapour

Where is Irene Aldana?

Dilwar Abbas

Where is Ronda rousey

Dilwar Abbas

Ronda rousey

Joel Santos Farias

Cris cyborg é melhor lutadora de todos os tempos

Rizwan Rizwan

Amanda nines great

doni hersono

Holly holms is my favorite because it’s so rare to find in woman division fighter with deadly kick like holly


Yessssss the bullet


An excellent list and compilation for the current fighters out there.

Gusti Ayu

Hello there! Our company has business now, hope to cooperate with u, if u r interested, we can talk in detail! Looking forward to your reply!

sean parker

In 2019 Rose had one fight and was koed, Jessica had one fight, and was koed, Cyborg one fight and first round ko, top 10 fighters of 2019???

Pandas are cool

Joanna is trash, Cyborg is a dude.

Alice Campos

Amanda number one and cyborg number two and Valentina number three get It right you jealous people

Md Abu Saleh

Valentiana Shevechenko.


The girl who number one is not better than the second one come on now dislike??‍♂️?she only whooping these girls just by using her power that’s it that’s takes no skill!

Avery Thompkins

please turn from your sins and believe in THE LORD JESUS CHRIST and be baptized in THE NAME of THE FATHER THE SON and THE HOLY SPIRIT( if you haven’t already before CHRIST comes back or before you die


Muy buen top , saludos ??

Md Abu Saleh

Valentina Shevchenko has the best skills.

Hellio G

Valentina is the strongest woman, as of Amanda she struggles in a match with her

Muktia Bsbs

Zang Weili is the best

Lord Call

Where is Ronda Rousey? I understand that she doesn't deserve to be first, because Amanda Nunes is the best, but with only two losses which one with Amanda that took down even Cris Cyborg, I thinck that at least 4 or 3 she should have been listed. She is a complete fighter with wrestling and Judo grappling backround and good at stricking even if in that field she should improve. P.S. on the loss with Holly Holm that I thinck should be listed 5 she lost for a lucky strike, before that the fight was slightly in favor for Ronda with one take down and an attempt of finishing. For the loss with Amanda no contest Amanda Nunes is the best.

Panghanba Luwang

Bullet Valentina is best ever

Стас Карабас

Валентина лучшая!

Vicky Grace Canuto

Yeah they are great but kinda disappointed for not seeing ronda rousey there... I mean yeah she loses against holy Holm, Amanda nunes but God damn she finishes her fights for just seconds.... SECONDS... ? FINISHES MOST OF HER FIGHTS FOR JUST SECONDS OF THE FIRST ROUND... LIKE WTF

DgW 77

2 & 3 should be flipped


zhang is amazing

Danny Martin

Zhang will eventually take over. I would love to see her dominate and then eventually destroy Nunes in a superfight.

mok tad

who's gonna compute valentina unless amanda . but by personal ability no one is like Amanda

Prisking lazzaro

Ronda rousey should be number 1

Revival Kazombiaze


Misplaced Haole

The top 2 are right. 3rd should be Zhang. Cyborg was Ko'ed. Other than that good list.

Papa Rock

8:34 best

Kunal bandhate

Where is ronda rousey


Liked the music. What’s the play list.

Celo Messias

I don't know, if Valentina could beat Cris Cyborg, as Amanda Nunes did

banjir jir

could you imagine man dont know this women and sexually grope em......

xin huang


Gulab Meshram

Ronda rousey nahi hai

Jaime Palacios

Amanda Nunes la mejor ..las otras luchadoras no exiten .

Daniel Aguilar

Las incogibles...

Sameera Madushan


George King

count down nice,,,,right order



Olise Wakwe

What's the song playing in number 10?

Sagar Sharma

Where is Ronda Rousey

Efrain Rivera

#ValentinaShevchenko pound for pound best in the world. ??

Alan Botan

Valentina is number one