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New Balance Rollbar | Running Shoe

New Balance Rollbar | Running Shoe12 Mar. 2009
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The roll bar is a feature

The roll bar is a feature in New Balance shoes that prevent rear foot movement. This prevents both supination and pronation and adds extra stability to the shoe. Many New Balance walking shoes have the rollbar.

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Kathleen Anderson

I have had 5 PR of new balance shoes and have enjoyed them with no foot pain. I am a retired nurse and would like a more stylish shoe for everyday with the same fit!

Virginia Clark

Always wore New Balance walking shoe, now thee new roll bar, for flat feet. However my feet do feel better, than they did but I am 83 and have found the roll bar seems to push me forward, and I have lost my balance and fell, nothing serious, but balance is a problem as we age, and leaning forward at the waist sneakers raise the heel causing me to go forward.

sue mcdonald

I was introduced to the New Balance roll bar several years ago.  Right now the only shoe I can wear without foot pain is the one with the roll bar.  I have never felt the roll bar in either pair of the boots or shoes that I wear with them in them.


Model 857 with the rollbar is a lifesaver.


Roll Bars hurt bottom of feet and arch/heel area. You can feel tge bar when you walk, like you're walking on a bar going across your foot. Very uncomfortable.