Flex wheeler 1999

flex wheeler 1999 English Grand Prix

flex wheeler 1999 English Grand Prix8 Jul. 2014
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A video i took of flex

A video i took of flex wheeler in the 1999 English Grand Prix in Manchester (flex walks into the unlit front of the stage for a short time)

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The Company and country of Tra

This routine man ? too good

Kevin Willis

Great stuff. Did you take any video of the other bodybuilders like Coleman, Levrone?

Head to Toe Fitness

who is watching this in 2020?

Matheus De Sousa Rodrigues

Best Shape!!

Cristian Mauricio Quispe Quispe

No entiendo hasta ahora porque nunca pudo ganar 1 Olympia aunque sea ; era perfecto

Jonathan Alvarez Braña

Number one ???


I would consider flex the most aesthetic bodybuilder of all time if he wasn’t the oil. I don’t consider oil legit, you can’t consider that part of your physique. If he didn’t use oil and looked like this without the oil he would be top 4 for me


best shape ever

Mohammad Saad

Though i am a flex wheeler fan his biceps are full of oil here

Dom Motivation

0:42 Dorian Yates thinking, WOW if he had this shape in 1993, i wouldn't have won

The Omega Man

Esecline in delts arms calves. Other than that v good I guess

Rahul Dhingra

Oil everywhere

Patrik Sandvær

Yates mirin in the back, knowing flex would beat him with that shape

Reginald Johnson

Ironman style lighting

mohammad amin sarabi

That darkness was ronnie coleman's shadow...

Noel Walker

Best shape ever hes full of oil you dick head are you blind or just stupid


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gaurav palatshaha

Just loved the background music

mutante hardcore

tempo foda


Music name please

faizan hussain

Todays era is shit they have size but they look average comparing to flex ronnie kevin and chris back in the 90s. Phil heath and Brandon wouldn't even place they would come on stage and judges would tell them to fuck off. 90s era they are monsters today era all about fame and social media and how many likes and fans you can get

Jure Primorac

That guy, 2:33, left to ronnie, should've won. Who's that guy?!


What an ugly sight.
Nobody will get inspiration from such bodies.
Big blobs of muscles. No aesthetic.

Rob Lionheart

Ronnie’s quads and back slaughter the competition here......

Francisco Briceño

Todos merecian el primer lugar. Ahí quedó esa final para la historia. Levrone, Ray, Flex wheler, nacer el sombati, Marcus Rull, Ronnie Coleman, los más masivos y los más simetría enfrentafos

Naim Vegeta

I don't like ronnie shape, i think flex was better


Every bodybuilder is a legend and champion in its own right. But ronnie is unbelievable. No one can touch his back. Only big ramy can beat him in size but not in overall cuts.


Kevin looked unbelievable! They all looked great


Ronnies glutes best in bodybuilding history even presently in today's bodybuilding!

Time Fitness Pro lFBB

مادكلي شياخذون خاطر ربنا

Tommy Wiseau

ronnie was so fucking big wtf.

Celluler Sweller

That was a hell of a lineup, every body was stacked, awsome.

Mario Moss

Shawn ray quads were ridiculous

bhabanisankar giri

Shawn was too good fuck he 5th

Khurram Khan

After 20 years I still can't believe that a big fat belly won instead of more aesthetic like Wheeler and Kevin.

manuel Elias

K peronsa mas buena humana compañero y ppr encima de todos a nivel de culturistaby anivel cultural y personal pero.el.mas humilde...nassar el.sombaty....el profesor

Paul Daluz

Thats a stacked lineup if Ive ever seen one...


Levrone,nasser,flex,dennis,chris,ronnie.......those were the years!!

Mustafa Haider

nasir rip

David Chung

Shawn showed amazing detail but he can’t stand next to this version of Ronnie

dave the plug palumbo

Why dont we have high resolution pics of this pose down


Everbody on kingtropin legitm And trembo ace

Edwin Rivera


Matthew Pilling

Ronnies legs....game over

Faris Alzydani

Liked how friendly Nasser was with the other competitors. RIP legend.

Jamban Tumban

Damn Ronnie is smaller than Nasser and chormier

ryki mendoza

Flex wheeler cut leg 2019


1 Flex.. 2 Kevin.. 3...Co..

Ryan Vlasic


manduheavy vazquez

Ronnie the SHIT GUT Coleman, the shame of bodybuilding and Olympia champions, the most gross and overrated ever. With that gut never deserved the Olympia and bodybuilder title. Always looked like a fat guy. The blind judges gifted the title since 2000 to 2005.

Jack Son

Ronnie is unfit for bodybuilding

Joseph dahi

To my mind 1999 is the best year in the history of bodybuilding

JAFFAL Aljohani

Everybody’s eyes went to wheeler and Ronnie because they were big but I think Shawn Ray was deferent physique at this time

Malik Jamshed

Ronnie was a mutant with biggest butterfly hip.

Al Pratt

The gut wins

diprangshu choudhury

Nasser el sonbaty was big ramy of that era

art work

This era is a Beast...

Brandon E.

Cormier looked pretty good.

Quick6pack fitness

Ronnie was unbelievable this year in the 1999 olimpia.
No one could touch him.

Göktuğ Taştekin


big smoke

In my opinion 1999 mr olympia is the best of all time because all the competitors were in best shape ever

Rambo Moore

No disrespect for Ronnie but i would take anyones else's physique here. Flex #1. Levrone #2

Hugo Eduardo Hernandez Alejo

La mejor época .flex gran genética pero q prepotencia tenia

Robin Arora

Flex Wheeler is the very dangerous and the very Angrast and very flexible bodybuilder of all time and he is the best and he is the real Mr. Olympia at 1999

Stefano Cattaneo

Six legends


Controversial opinion: Shawn Ray looked the best out there(aesthetics).

Sonu Sharma

The golden era ! Even the least impressive has better conditioning than today's bodybuilders!


Wer kommt von Heiko ??


Bubble gut bonanza - pause at : 1:01 and 1:02

Kevin Calzada

This honestly look like each of the bodybuilder was a Champion of a Continent and then they are all competing against each other to see who was the greatest Bodybuilder of the planet. Absolutely insane line up!


Flex flex flex

Sax Bari

Excelente, BRAZIL


We will never ever see a olympia lineup like this again


Best line up ever

shikar babulall

Dam they actaully think they all look good

Jeremy Fragua

Shawn Ray: c'mon guys stop please?

Francisco Briceño

NunKa habrá otra final llena de estrellas.


0:36 wtf is that shit hanging on levrone's arms? are those tricpes or glutes?

k k

Kevin's craaaaazy tricep is pushing shawn off the stage!!

Mr vinyl

Whats this song called?

Gerald V Woodall Jr

Flex had the best abs. He should have won this for sure.

gandra ranger

Olha o nível dos atletas


does anybody know the song in this video?


The 90s everything was perfect, the lighting to be exact

Saitama Kun

Lol ray

Jim Borghini

I'm pretty confident Phil Heath could have stood next to these guys in his prime. No question.


I am a normal person , I see Ronnie Coleman I like the video

Wonderful جدا

الله يرحمك كبتن ناصر


They manhandled the fuck outta shawn xD

billy bierbuik

the best line up of bodybuilders in history

Arik Rotem

Lol. That line would rip 2019 olympia's line.

otoot kol

huge juiced up muscles and u can see the sideeffects small dicks

David Alexander

one of the best mr oiympia in my life

harish vatsa

Flex wheeler has best symmetry in dis posedown

The DomRunner

98-99 lineup was really different almost everybody deserved to win !!

g MaytaR

Ronnie is the clear winner. Nasser is huge. But inferior to ronnie in a few areas back hams glutes delt pec tieins . but in the final analige its a empty meaninginless sport.]the world is a system orchestrated by satan and his demons. That is why people will fly across the country and to other. To see other men and women naked pay big money. Have imoral sex. Curse God and only care about money.1vjohn would cleari fy this. In 2019 were in the endvtimes JESUS CHRIST THE KING IS COMING BACK SOON. HUMILITY AND THE FEAR OF THE LORD ARE RICHES HONOUR AND TRUE RICHES GOD HIMSELF THROUGH JESUS CHRIST. SOMBODY GOT TO LOVE YOU ENOUGH TO TRY TO TELL YOU. BEING SAVED IS ALL THAT.

Tiago Campos

This guy should have won. That guy should have won. This line up is better than that line up. Shut the fuck up people. Always the same sheep saying the same crap in every single fucking video

tortue geniale

Remove the fucking logo off the corner

Chamara kelum kumara

With this lineup Shawn is a joke ?




Ronnie hates shawn


Somebody tell me
What is this bgm??

Pedro Moreira

Rip 2019

andre luiz

Shawn ray is an asshole kkk

Nathan Carrille Music

Back when everyone came in shape, so all you had to worry about was symmetry, proportions and size.

Miguel Roman

Such an explosive Olympia in 1999, wow this lineup is top notch compared to the current competition! Everybody's a little bigger cause of Ronnie Coleman.


Shawn Ray. All Day


Where would Phil Heath stack up against this lineup? Top 5 or below? It’s crazy because I don’t even think Ronnie looks the best out of the lineup. His midsection looks horrible but his back is rediculous.

pierre mollans

Kevin Levron was the best !


One of the best top 6 of all time? I'm my opinion Ronnie at his best.

Ahmad Izhar

Kevin upper body was insane

John Ernesto

Dont know, why so many hates King Ron ?
His Overall look destroy all this other Guys!
Flex, full of Oil, that looks so weird.
Nasser, his Back is not the Best, Kevins back and Legs not that good... Shawn and Chris were better then Flex, but no One is near to King Ron! ??‍♂️

Vader78 Toy Hunter

Big boys ! The mass monsters

Creative bharat

Difficult to select from this lineup

Bashir Jan


methe memon

I love the Kevin levrone triceps and arms fullness in 1999 Mr Olympia ! Rest in peace Nasser Al sonbaty I can't forget his physique in 1997 Mr Olympia ! All the competitors here are awesome !

Болат Молдылуримов

Flex ?

Flex Wheeler vs. Ronnie Coleman @ 1999 Grand Prix England

Flex Wheeler vs. Ronnie Coleman @ 1999 Grand Prix England3 Jun. 2020
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Muscle MonarchsSubscribe 438 721

"Uncrowned Mr. Olympia"

"Uncrowned Mr. Olympia" Kenneth "Flex" Wheeler (August 23, 1965; Fresno, CA) vs. the Greatest Of All Time Ronnie Coleman (May 13, 1964; Monroe, LA) @ the IFBB Dorian Yates Grand Prix England on Sunday, October 31st, 1999 @ the Apollo Theater in Manchester.

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Malik aamir

Uncrowned king..flex wheeler. The sultan of symmetry

Patrik Sandvær

Hardest judging in bb history

Anthony Sefo


Clint Eastwood

Ronnie was in his prime

Dom Motivation

Flex was great, but coleman is unbeatable

RavSingh Rajput````

The more I look at flex and Levron, it's so pleasing to the eyes...
..But the moment Ronnie comes in the picture, all this fantasy is over
Ronnie the king ?

Nirmal Hettiarachchi

Only Ronnie can beat Ronnie Coleman.

manduheavy vazquez

Flex was robbed ......Ronnie the shit GUT Coleman sucks.

Bob Brown

Strange music choice Ronnie.

Ashutosh Kumar

90's era is the era which destroyed bodybuilding ...

Quatro Bajeena

You can def tell Flex used a bit of synthol.

Rico Kertes

ronnie won from the back flex won from the front case closed


that gay song by RONNIE though.

sandeep bhandarkar

People say Flex should have won in 1999 but for God's sake, just look at that extraterrestrial bodybuilder by the name Ronnie Coleman from 'PLANET MUSCLE' ?.... unbelievable and unbeatable. Period!✌️???