Exercise to increase hips with pictures

Hips Dips Workout | 10 Min Side Booty Exercises ? At Home Hourglass Challenge

Hips Dips Workout | 10 Min Side Booty Exercises ? At Home Hourglass Challenge7 Apr. 2020
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Time for a booty workout

Time for a booty workout for hip dips as part of the new hourglass challenge. Stay safe and take care of yourself while in isolation. Do leave a comment below for any questions about building your booty, or you can also check out my new discord server which is where people who watch my videos or livestreams can hang out to chat and support each other.

Full program schedule at https://www.chloeting.com/program

Episode 1 - https://youtu.be/cIuiQyfKBTg

Episode 2 - https://youtu.be/LjmZ1YMOwws

Episode 3 - https://youtu.be/ywJgsm5mkkQ

Episode 4 - https://youtu.be/AQ-zcv_viAo

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Comments (100)

tbh, I had more sweat in the booty workouts than in the ab workouts hhahaha

Mayra Ma

I literally couldn’t lift for the glute bridges lol I’m shaking!

Beatrice Boadu

Hip dip workout caleneder for me

Day 1 - It i was actually very easy i don't know why maybe because i've done this about 4 other times but some exercises where hard like the Booty tap and the Booty V raise i guess just the lying on your stomach part?

Skylee Allen

Alr why is bo one taking about how HORRIBLE frog kicks are ?✋?

Jatinder Singh

Google video excellent

Leah Thompson-Ainslie

how do you prevent lower back hurting in the ones lying on your belly

selin özgüven

I think the resting should be 1 sec so that we can't move and understand the next exercise 5 sec is a lot <3


the fact that i gotta do this twice today ?? ig i gotta trust the processss


go 2022 lol

Pınar Özaydın


Ava Roche

I feel like I'm dead, I'm alive but I'm dead.

Rosie Makepeace

I love this because I dont do them all if I struggle I just do the ones I can do for more reps ? and im dead btw

magical world

• Day One : ✓
• Day Two :
• Day Three :
• Day Four :
• Day Five :
• Day Six :
• Day Seven :


Русские тут???


Ive been in this comment section so much ive memorised them

Ava Roche

Me: tries to do first exercise
Also me: tips over

Daniela Perez

, gilr u won a new suscríber into ur Channel , thanks for the exersice , GONNA GOT IT !

But quick question !
Do i have yo do this every day ? right ?


5 second rest but it takes me 6 seconds just to turn around ?


Я сейчас проверяю её челлендж, потом выложу видео

Bubble Tea

Is it meant to hurt straight away?

cherry caze

Im dead..But thats ok. Another 20 days to go. Who is with me???

Gracie Vena

me: Im gonna die from these workouts..
also me: but i aint gonna die with hip dips!

Samantha Abigail

I can’t do the little rainbow ones bc I fall back?

Im antisocial

The subtitles translate the "glute bridges" to "bridges of gluten"


My body is wayy to weak for this jeez ?

Kelsey Stark

Love these so much!! Thank you Chloe for all that you do! these are really helpful and encouragingI I am wondering if anyone knows if these workouts could be done with ankle weights instead of the bands. I am new to home fitness (really all fitness) and not sure if those would work the same. Thanks!

Gaby Dulley

Just came across this video today. Do it it’s worth it you forget about the pain eventually and it goes by so quick!!?

Milica Kolasinovic

Who else is trying to prepare for summer ??✨


sometimes you just need to fart during a workout

Jess Staro

updating everyone (stop: march 1)
stomache: 24.5
thigh: 19.2
hipdip: 34
day 1: done!
day 2: done!
day 3: done!
day 4: done!


Cant find my last comment so i'll update here. Im doing this rutine with a resistance band.
Day 1:✅
Day 2:✅
Day 3:✅
Day 4:✅
Day 5:✅ rest day
Day 6:✅ rest day
Day 7:✅ im comparing pictures and still no change. Is still too soon but i read in some comments that some of you see changes aftes 1 week.

Val Elric

Omg I managed to do the whole thing without my usually longer breaks ?


I don't think I've sweat this much during a workout before why is this so difficult


I used to love my hip dips until I found out they were considered a "bad thing" and everyone hated on girls who had them, now they're my biggest insecurity

sweet as honey, bee

it starts here: 0:44


There is no God except Allah, Prophet Muhammed is the Messenger of Allah ❤️✨

bimo black

Day one: my body hurts af espacially the day after u feel the burn twice . day 2: i took day off because i saw comment said u should take the second off to rest . day 3 : still burn not gonna lie . like and comment I'll keep u updated day4: im getting a little used of it day5: still doing it and i feel my hips r getting slimmer idk why day6: i took day off day7:? my body hurts as hell day8and9: done i feel like I'm getting a little fat on my dips ❤❤yaay

Sita Rani

i need sm motivation lol...

jess x

“we’re nearly done” then has to do it all over again

ianna jjang

does this workout makes your thigh slim?? or thick??

hannahhh bb

Just a shoutout to everyone else doing these with periods and depression ? You are so strong

Nigar Azizova

Bu gun bawliyorummm

You'reaStan aPoochaFake

Cute lil Asian ting

nis_ janka

Day 1: ✅
Day 2: ✅
Day 3: ✅
Day 4: ✅
Day 5: ✅
Day 6: ✅
Day 7: ✅
Day 8:✅
Day 9: ✅


This workout was surprisingly not as challenging as I thought it would be as someone that just started working out this week. Maybe having a physical job made me more resilient than I thought.



Jean Jean

Do you have to use bands ?

Maria Valentina

Can we have comments for results and memes? Did it work? Can't seem to find comments regarding the results ?


chloe: you’re doing great!
me: dying and crying while doing those exercises holy fck

Aly Za

I'm on my second day ?

I am a waffle

8:30 how did she even do that?! When I try it nothing happens. I just lay there and be like ???

Angel 24

I just finished my day 8 of the 4 week summer shred and I’m just curious for tomorrow. Since I am dead (tired) lol, I’m not understanding. Is this to get “rid” of hip dips or get them? Idek what hip dips are

Lilly McCartney

i am very certain, that i did everything right... it just wasnt hard for me at all and that's why i'm concerned..
but laying on my fat stomach made me feel like vomiting ngl

Tasfia H

Day 1: ✅

Daniela Perez

, gilr u won a new suscríber into ur Channel , thanks for the exersice , GONNA GOT IT !

But quick question !
Do i have yo do this every day ? right ?


me: Not knowing how lateral lunges are supposed to feel
My Knees: Ouch! Wtf?!

Mashael M

I did that too?❤️

Nosipho Khumalo

Day 1, attempt 3, done!

Shannah Hurst

does anyone know if hip dips are the same as like hip fat?



Katie Reese

Pro tip: watch food network on the tv while this plays on your phone ITS SO MOTIVATING makes me want to work out so I can eat yummy food


El día 11 es sin duda hasta ahora el más dificíl ahhH

Ana Garciaa

tengo 14 años,está bien si lo hago todos los días?

Iris Wenger

me, aggressively LITTLE RAINBOWS

Hollis Mattson

Chloe: alright guys 10s break
Me: yay! Just enough time for me to get to the next position :’)

Afeiyha Czarina Santiago

pang apat na araw ko na to, sana di na ko tamarin

Katrine Bunkeflod

When the world ends I’m finna go to hell looking like a snack ready to bake!??

Rocio Muñoz Nuñez

Yo buscando algo en español ?? xd


I thought I was just fat. Easy fix right? I'm fairly active and can get rid of it.
But NOOOO, my stomach is not only fat, but I have hip dips. It's like oh wow I'm thick, but why are there two hourglasses?

Jessica Chen

Trying to do this while a very insistent cat is trying to snuggle is.... difficult

Daria Abdulova

Final exercise? Nope, i don't think so?


i go back to school full time on march 1st so im tryna glow up rq?

Rando _rich potato

yall know you cant work out hip dips right?...

Dietitian Andrea Urizar

Girls I have a tip! You don't need heavy weights or any crazy equipment to get that pump. All you need is a resistance band! These bands are a MUST-HAVE if you want to develop your glutes. See those chicks on Instagram doing workouts with perfectly rounded butts? Chances are, they’ve already done a few sets of certain exercises’ to give them that instant booty pump!


This works!!!!!! ?????

Rahom Alqadi

This workout growth my hip dips or what beacsue i want to grow it

Batas Firdaous

Please i wanna ask you if it's the eat after doing workout important or not

Joy Violets

my journey (Ima do it for 2 weeks and keep updating)
Day 1 : completed so much got lazy but pushed thru it
Day 2: completed Burning in my knees not so my hips or legs
Day 3: My back and hips and shoulders are very sore and I see some difference with my hips

Bianny Upia

So you mean we are supposed to do this same workout twice a day in the hourglass program? ?️??️

Listy Cutie

My period when do exercise ?☄️?⚰️


Can I still do this workout even though I dont have hip dips???


Day 2 for me I’ll keep y’all updated

Irma Dhima

I go to gym 2/3 times a day and do heavy weights squats and nothing burnsss my glutes like these exercises

kaouther haraka

كم مرة في لاسبوع ؟؟؟!

sumayyah adam

ive been doing this work out for two weeks now and im not noticing much difference. I know i am dong it right bc i can feel the burns and everything.

Tima jkiaoo

It’s funny how my room is too small and I’m tall so I’m kicking the bed and the walls with my foot while doing this workout because there is no space ??

Katerina Shami


Ill update this tomorrow because imma do this everyday and i hope i lose my hip dips man or else im gonna cry

Senpai Kocho JR

Wow! I just found website Agoge Diet and read their fitness tips and recipes. I can't wait to get my diet and training plan from that site and transform my body. Summer body, here I come!

Kaoutar Rabai

Hello chloe thanks for the video. Can you please tell me how long does it take to see results ? If am doing this every day ?

Tako Ki

I got a question to ask coz this make me confuse,
what should i do first? Hip exercise or butt exercise?


I just started this workout. I want to lose my hipdips and want to be in a shape. Im sweating a lot but i dont feel any strain . Its actually gud

tarzu ꨄ

My mom: umm..
Me: Can you go?
My mom: Can I do that with you?
Me: *suprised* Yes ofc


I lit don’t have any workout space so it’s difficult for me to do this stuff

Валерия Кравец

Русский тут?

tanna muntaha

I guess I saw a big difference going to the program in 1 week. the measurement is little different but I see big change when I look at my hips on mirror damn thanks

Alsandrah Kuvaoga

I am like Schroedinger’s cat, both dead and alive, after this workout ?

Ivy Kawa

my period wont stop me!!! im almost done w my 25 days hourglass challenge and im already seeing results keep it up ladies!!!

Hadjer Bakhouche

If one of you do this exercise, can you please leave a message about the result

Sanjal Chheda

somehow my hip dips feel more toned after dis workout help :'(((

Laire Faye Estrebilla

Does this hour glass challenge has to be done everyday? because i know you have to rest, but how frequent do you do it in a week?

how to stretch hips for bigger, smooth & rounder look|stretches for hips bone|how to get bigger hips

how to stretch hips for bigger, smooth & rounder look|stretches for hips bone|how to get bigger hips2 May. 2017
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if you would want to have

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Comments (100)
kandy Philemon

Like seriously, the reasons we here is because we have issues with our body. Let's appreciate what others r doing for us by posting videos to guide us.

Shelly Teves

Thank you :)

Cynthiah muthoni

Thank you so so much❤ may God bless you

asia edits

girl i looked at the thumbnail and i was like wtf she doin lol

yoolokeni vatileni

girl this is good wont give up till I get them right. keep up the good work

Uju Jessy

I taught hip is a natural thing

Daughter of Naphtali from Israel

Need a video where we actually do it together. That was too fast and I wanted to go along with it. But of course I had to pause and play.

olivia paige

these stretches are working very well for me thank you so much for this video!!! also i love your accent, it’s so cute!❤️

Masontaha Tsotetsi

Very good

Love Home

you need a class to work out not teach. your belly


My boobs are too flat to touch the ground lmao

Cindy Machado

Aite Ima try this out for a week starting tmrw. I'll be back wit results next Thursday.

Ronni Muñoz

Thank you for the wonderful video ?❤️❤️

Top Seed

It's always nice to see a beautiful Africanembracing their bodies in nice hips not like the European brainwash women that are scared to look like a female cuz they're under the European male standards of having a boyish look with big boobs like I said in recentwhen did all the other race of men lead the Earth and left a white man in charge of beautiful shapes women don't be ashamed of your body's if you have appreciate looking like a woman and not like a boy with most men shouldn't like if if they're if they like females

Bobby E. Wright

I think you look beaytiful luv some brothas love their women thick n beautiful like u

Jennifer Bassey

I'm available to model for you, if you're interested email me [email protected]gmail.com

Esther Gesare

This must be work

Omni EyeAm

Ma'am you are soooo gorgeous!!!!!!!

Ariana Fulcar

My knees hurt a lot while doing it. Is that normal? I've had minor injures on both my knees. Can I still do these?

Just Because24

I'm going to try and do these every day with my new workout

Addison Foxfire

You go girl!

Nicole Sarmiento

Hey !! I hope you Awnser this cause it's important, after I do this workout for a while, will I get an hourglass figure ?!?

Macreen Owino

Am afraid to have wide hips and big belly

gladdoh bastah

Hi dear,,will I have a flat Tammy if I do this?

Sim Bon

Sooo pretty?

Esse Taire

Thanks for the video Abigail. The funny thing is that I did these stretches and slept like a baby cause my body was so relaxed?❤❤❤

Niyagang Subscribe

Don’t judge her

Gabryael Nathanuel Israel

Is that all y'all women care about and good for showing your ass to ever man it's getting old shows low self esteem. You attract a man especially a righteous man by showing your body you show your personality only make him earn the right to see your body, and I'm not talking about naked with no clothes on I'm talking about enticing provocative clothing it lets him be able to describe every detail and shape of your body that's sinful repent and start dressing and modest dresses.


Does this help with getting the middle splits too?

Tmaziing Starrs

Thank you

cuesta samantha

does this show improvement to anyone?


1:33 oh hell nah, i cant do that?

Chosen Speaks

Wonderful workout, I really enjoyed it. Thanks for sharing

Ruth Chi

"Wide leg forward bend" is a funny name for a straddle stretch, also that relaxes your muscles and does nothing to your hip. I've been a dancer for 8 years

angela maria

I have very tight hips and these stretches are helping. Thank you!




What’s an alternative for those of us that have knee pain and can’t bend them like you’ve shown?


*hold for 30 sec each

Imranmalik Imranmalik

I have soft hips suggest me

Mz E Brown

Hi I have very narrow hips, would I be about grow 3-5 inches ?

J King

I like the stretches but I need you to do the stretches along with us for 30 sec instead of just showing us what to do.

Namam Bahram

Can you really guys open your thighs that much apart and bend completely forward that your boobs touch the ground!!! Why I cannot it really hurts so bad can’t lean that much ? is that only me??

Doro Ice

I’m I the only seeing a pile of huge stomach ???? everyone wants to work money on YouTube ???? but the exercise is good and she is cute ?

Ernestina Kyei Baffour

Abi how can I reduce a long shoulder

Dennis Cellina

waw I think ds will hell ma tiny boo out

Suzette Cardenas

Love it ! Has been working for me and I dont work out at all just walk alot but these stretches have helped my booty .And dont listen to the negativity your awesome!

Siva Jnana

I subbed your channel. Thanks for sharing this video. I wish I could flex more! You are so flexible!

cuesta samantha

2nd day so far and i already see so much improvement. Will keep you posted for those who are wondering if this works or not. xoxo

Isca Banteck

Love so much

shiela amoomo

Hi abi,I have been doing this stretches quite a challenge at first but I enjoy them.the only problem I'm gaining weight consistently especially ma butt and thighs..could it be the expanding of the muscles??

Ginius'his excellency' Gc

aish!! good for ladies

Asha Sidibe

Abigail tks! The stretches are so relaxing

Isabelle Monteiro

This is really helpful, thank you so much!!! AND IGNORE THESE HATERS


how long till results show

Chandrika Jayasingha godak hondhay akki


Joyce Akhere

I think u have to work little bit on ur belly sweetheart

Ayyye Kylie

I hope this works because I have hip dips and then when it comes to my thighs they are vast. hip dips around:46 thighs around:72, but like I to have a goal by widening my hips and having a flatter stomach and yes. But tbh it's 2017. It's probably a modern tradition to be really thick and plus sized and curvy. But the thing is, is that every time I go to school there are people like really skinny and I feel like fat, but then people say, 'omg you are so curvy' and when I look on youtube there are mostly girls like me. I have the worst self esteem about me and idk how to fix it. I always complain to my mom and cry that I have an ugly body. Am I fat? Am I too big? Do I have a double chin? And my mom says, "No! You are lucky to have a big, thick, curvy body. Stop moaning to me everyday!" Can someone help me not talking shit about my body, because I need mental help rn.

Karima Ennakhli

Thank you girl I will try it

Linda Dorsey

Don't let any of these negative comments bring you down A lot of these people are miserable. you're a strong black queen I love the video keep up the great work ❤️?

E.B. G

I chuckle when you say bum bum LOL. Great video sweetheart

Mia Martinez

Do we do this two times??

gladdoh bastah

Am following

Kirsten Elise

You cant widen your hips. Exercise doesn't change your bone structure only thing you can do is put on muscle to make it look thicker. Genetics play a big big role.

Zalelapie Mvalo

You are too damn fast

Faridat Abdulsalami

Wow those stretches felt amazing ☺️❤️

Bethany Morris

Have these stretches worked for anyone??

Lyric Laurie

Hi I’m a beginner how long should I hold each pose?


I do those positions all the time if yk yk still no hips?

cuesta samantha

I do this about once every 2 days along with my leg/butt workout.

Butter Gurls

She's so pretty even in a baseball cap

Katrina Griffin

Everyone wins a $20 amazon gift card by clicking this link (ITS THAT EASY) http://IncomeDoze.com/?refer=674


I’m sorry but her butt looks like it stinks



Lerato Modiakgotla

You're very flexible ? I am trying to do them but my hips hurt I suppose if I keep doing them it will get easier and my hips will get wider. Thank you ?

Demarcus Faulkner

you look great keep up the hard work.

Winner's Circle

#NewSubscriber Thank you x

Rambeer Sharma

same work out for 50yr man please tell me

تجربة من عمري

We do that befor or after squats exercice?

Leah Drake

Hey! So I did these stretches but I don’t feel it in my hips nor my butts only my inner thighs, I’m I doing it wrong??

Claudette Cluffs

Yes I would like more.hip stretch I love it thanks

V Cook

2:38 it's like she is doing a spider Man pose


Anyone with an inverted triangle body use this and it works? If so let me know is like to try for my exercise plan next month

Angenettai Ivy

So glad I found this. Stretching I did in high school dance class. Am now mid 50s and injuries that won't permit me to workout as I use to. Needed this been searching forever. This I can handle not squats. Signed disabled❤️

Love Home

the truth is not nagitave comment work on your tummy

Siva Jnana

I like the frog squat!

Tanisha Sharma

Black women in general are blessed with beautiful curvy bodies...so envious of them ??

NoeNae Monae

You can widen your hips by increasing the mass of the muscle, not the bone. The stretches being shown widen and increase the flexibility of the hips.


I am not trying to be mean, but you need to lose some weight.

Marie Racie

Can I do these stretches before working out?

r a

great work keep it up ???

Hellden Ricky

yes more videos,lovely tutorial?

Caroline Matthews

I like the glut stretches, but not sure I want wider hips.


Her belly is not big. She's in awesome shape!!

asia edits

The title shouldve been HOW TO GET FELXIBLE bcz babi i feel like im finna die the stuff u got us doin for some dip hips no

Romita M

Such beautiful curves. Thanks for posting this.

Eva Tahsin

Can this reduce hip dips?


We do these stretches in Tae Kwon Do.... You need the hip flexibility to kick!

Ernestina Kyei Baffour

Abi how can I reduce a long shoulder

Makiya Queen

These are my volleyball stretches ?

AsheObi Fitness & Motivation

These are amazing, thank you so much!


37 618
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Comments (29)
Beyonce Muojekwu

Can you do a video on meal planning plz


Do waist trainers help?



Kayta peace perrty beautiful Mcrae


B1 Queensland

I'm inspired, but a germaphobe.??? Ugh, I got to get creative at home. Baby making hips here I come! ?

sariana marie

I need to see someones growth


Can you augment your genetics? NO

Landria Spicoli Beeks-johnson

You and my wife make this look so easy, keep up the great work

Rojali Gajula

Will this bulk up your legs tho

Win Win

Super interesting! I’m a bit confused with some recommending to build up the TFL and some saying u shouldn’t because that can cause hip/knee problems...

Daniel Cercas Garcia

I love your panties

Jayla Freeman

I love this! You provide a lot of helpful information. I’m gonna try some of these exercises! Great video girl ❤️


So basically if genetically your pelvis is more narrow you can’t grow hips?

Kennedi Campbell

Btw girls, a lot of insta models either do workouts like this or get surgery. You don’t really need that super wide pelvis bone

ShesA Diamond

I have sort of an inverted triangle body shape, there's no way I'll ever grow any hips. I tried apetamin, maca powder. Nothing works, ig ill be shapeless forever ):

Wanda Olmeda

It would be nice if you did workout videos on top of the 5 or 6 minute ones. Would like to without to your routines.

Izza Lisa

3:33 what is he doing haha

AritheVirgo o

Do you use the lowest weight on the machinen for video purposes? If so what weight to you really use?

Claudia C

what are the best type of shoes for the gym??

Shayy Butter

YESSSSS GIRL you killed this workout! today is leg day and im tryna grow these hips! Im going to do these tonight :)

bad coolie

what about me eating u out while u work out


Tell me why she uploaded while I was On my way to gym. BLESSED TIMING ????

Hamilton H

Linda ??❤

Nokia Nokia

Hi, I have a question, why at 4.17 there are 2 types of seated abduction? what's the difference? Thanks in advance! ❤❤

Brenda Ochoa

Do you think you can do an at home version for this ?

Kellyneth Martinez

Can you do one for home workout ?


Mulher, que corpo é esse?!?


and how do we shrink our waistttt i wanna look like i.am.sitting! lol i know it is mostly the foods you are eating but can you do a vid on this including exercises ?