Posture exercises for men

Posture Workout *Simple Posture Routine*

Posture Workout *Simple Posture Routine*29 Aug. 2019
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A Posture Workout Routine

A Posture Workout Routine for those trying to improve posture. In my opinion posture is made too complicated... if you work on these 3 specific exercises you will change your posture quickly and create more strength and balance in your body....

Shin Raises x10-15 reps

Half Kneeling Hover x10-30 sec.

Horizontal Hanging Retractions x10-15 reps

repeat 3x

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Ronald B

Thanks Josh, this is awesome.. Great teaching, cant wait too try this out and strenghten my weak areas in my posture!

Lori Hunt

Got it pegged!!!

v o r

if someone is looking for simple stretching routine that can greatly improve your posture (tested on me), i recommend "starting stretching"
just google it, its very easy to get into

Chompers 5

Awesome stuff


Finally a series of videos that are NEVER a waste of my time!! Wishing you a ton of success and longevity in this field! Thanks for all the well thought out instructions and demonstrations! I've watched thousands of exercise and/or stretching videos over the years (I'm a part-time personal trainer) but yours BY FAR are the absolute best!!


Live long and prosper Strength Side


Great clear explanations....


great medicin man

Strength Side

You guy's got anything to add on what creates good posture?
I'm sharing my day to day stuff on IG now - @TheStrengthSide ...Stop by and say whatup!


Josh is the PRINCE??of active & AWESOME??

Emmett Mathieu

I know I've got very weak hip extension, but I can't even get my knee off the ground during the 2nd exercise. Is that just a sign of much work I really need, or is there a chance I'm doing something wrong? I'm getting a great contraction in my glute just trying, but it feels like I don't have enough strength to push up and hold the hips extended.

Rafay Alam

Could you please do a video focused on stretches for calves and quads? Thank you love the content

victory in the scriptures

Thoroughly done and interesting.

Muhammad Fayyaz

Very nice gentleman,

Thanks for innovative

Postures n stretches !

Stay Blessed n Connected!

Volker Vaas

Thanks For providing us with those Tips. I felt an immediate Change after one time in the hovering Lunge!

Patrik Radacic

Following because I really like the way you move, so to say. Just wanted to give a heads up that the insta-tag in the top left seems to be misspelled. I hate the word strength :)

Nishay Pillay

Thanks for the easy guide!


First dislike just for fun ?


영상 항상 잘보고있습니다 i'm Korean i love your video 훗훗?


Your body aesthetics and control is what I want! God tier.

Dan Zwinger

How many times a week?

Emmy Maris

This was very clear, direct & helpful. Thank you for sharing.


Do you have any tipps for a Biceps tendon inflammation? :)

chiara dotti

I like so much activation moves!!! Thanks for sharing contents like this ??

Bastian Cárdenas

Thanks you! my posture has lead me through injuries, so this video is perfect to correct myself ?

The Real MFWIC

You get a new camera? Video looks super crisp brother! Keep up the amazing content!

Fast Drive

buddy I even don't have bar at home? show me something else

Antonella Micheli

Hello ..other option for last exercise,if we haven't got bar?

Fast Drive

Wow man that hip exercise is very shaky


Hip flex works great I can feel better posture already.

Yo Ge

I dont know. But i dont like this guy.

Charles Golden

how often should I do this?

Lee Oliver

I find the hip extension exercise actually hurts my knees :( Is there anything I can do about this?


Nice 1 Josh..thanks.

Harley Wilson

Hey dude, really enjoyed this vid! Can you do a video on your journey to where you are now? How you started in becoming a personal trainer etc? If you haven't already! I'm sure many people would be interested :) Cheers! Harley

Manuel Reyman Martin

Simple, nice and efective exercises, good job!

Thomas Hemming Larsen

Great with exercises for the posture! Can an anterior pelvic tilt cause "inhibited" quads?

K kooloo

Hey Josh, Great Content love your take on being für and healthy.
Would like to see a video explaining only why each different type on conditioning has the benefits and how they help in daily life as as one gets older.In other words the reasons for the fitness components.

Stacy Stanley

Awesome video thanks for sharing.


I am going to try to do this after my holiday.. what is a good weekly routine for a very stiff beginner? I can train 3 to 4 days per week..

Double D

Hey Josh. I am able to do these exercises fairly easily, as well as hip thrust decent weight. I still have anterior pelvic tilt from years of inactivity. Should I increase the difficulty of these corrective exercises, or expect it to take a while and keep at it like this? Thanks man, I watch every video!


Doggo audio bomb around 1:35 :D

Daniel Muar

thank you very much!! really helps my posture

Nathan Piatt

Good timing. Thanks.

Was sitting eating lunch and wondering how I can improve my posture long term.

Anti dote

Should i do this workout evreyday?


For some reason, when im in that kneeling position, i cannot squeeze my glutes, i just can’t feel them and also my knee feels as if it is about to explode, although i don’t have any injuries

Michele Commyn

Very good video. Exercises I haven't seen elsewhere. Direct and to the point. Thank you for sharing!!

Wolfie Power

Great video. Some really new useful movements there. Will be following more of these.


Very good, thank you ?

Adam Abdo

Hi, genuine question - what's your background/training?

Ulysses Payne

Thanks for all of your informative videos…….trying but have not mastered all of them yet. What do you sugguest for senior citizens?

Melk Tert

Yess... btw i can feel my left hip slowly opening up. Thanks SS

Jose Servantes

How often do you get high ? x2 (Answer man, give the people what they want lol)

David Farner

Great channel, brother.

Tony Smith

Thanks broski

Mehdi Manavipour

Thank you mate! I've nothing to hang from in my hotel room. Any alternative? Push ups?

Cal Bonar

This is good shit

Charles Urias

Off topic. Who makes that t-shirt. I'm a t-shirt head; as weird as that sounds. Thanks.

Scott P

How often do you get high

Fast Drive

do u have something else for hips

RNONThenics Channel

Hello Bro?

Marcello Antonio Dreier

downloadet it right now!!! great idea!!!

khony 'el eagle' fergumedov

How much time it takes to correct anterior pelvic tilt please respond

Posture Correction Exercises for Men | How to fix posture for men

Posture Correction Exercises for Men | How to fix posture for men26 Mar. 2019
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Posture Correction Exercises for Men

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Become a Warrior

✅The "Hidden" Cause of Low Back Pain http://bit.ly/posture-fix-now

Michael Dolan

thanks !

IAMBeautiful HolyThoughts

Can you Re-word the statement that “stretching won’t solve the hamstring issue”? Because it sounds like you all are basically saying stretching is NOT important. I know that’s not what you all are saying, but some people aren’t critical thinkers, and will be lead to believe “Oh great! These guys says stretching isn’t going to cure my tight muscles, there’s no need to stretch at all then!” - maybe you all can say “Stretching is only one of the important components to fixing a tight Hamstring.”? Or “Stretching as well as these exercises can help fix tight hamstrings”? Ect....

Wayan Thomas

How about for shoulder posture, opening the chest and tightening your back?
Ive had terrible posture and been doing stretches to open my chest, and facepulls, upper back exercises to tighten up and pull my shoulders back. Still not completely working though

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Comments (12)
Kiril Peychev

Hi there,
I've noticed an issue with 7:23, when I pull my leg I can't do a straight body, it's kind of blocked and I'm arching my lower back too much.
It's not the same with the left leg - again arching the lower back, but not so much and it feels easier.
Is that hips tightness?
Even if i stand up and try to fold my right leg from the knee, or stand on my knees, I can't stay aligned. Right hamstrings feel very tight. My upper body goes front and I'm arching my lower back too much.
Hope you understand what I'm trying to say. :)

George Harding

No shirt…we need to see what every muscle is doing

Dave Bremers

How do you breathe and tense your abs at the same time? Where do you breathe into?

Shanti Tanna

Great vid, awesome explanation and cues for correct alignment
This is the best I have EVER seen !
Keep teaching us

Diego Leyva

Thanks brother


Was gonna downvote because I thought I clicked on beginner workout. Got angry a few mins in. Then I see its not beginner workout. Its fine, will upvote you are doing great, just slight missunderstanding. Have a nice day

Yoga With Kalidasa

I like the balance work


This is GREAT! God bless you

Andrew Rae

really good explanation of the high lunge. dropping the hip que makes it feel so much better!

Agnes Walkowc

This is a very well-built Yoga flow.


How much time will this take to have effect

Carl Mosely

You look like JJ Reddick