Michael phelps olympics diet

I Did Michael Phelps 12,000 CALORIE DIET & Workout | GIRL vs. OLYMPIAN | Keltie O'Connor

I Did Michael Phelps 12,000 CALORIE DIET & Workout | GIRL vs. OLYMPIAN | Keltie O'Connor5 Feb. 2019
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I bring you guys on a

I bring you guys on a Full Day of Eating. Thank you Premier Protein for sponsoring this video! I show what I eat for breakftas, lunch, dinner, snack and more. All healthy meal ideas that are fast wuick and cheap. I talk about how I eat things such as sushi, bread, carbs, ice cream, sugar, coffee etc and still maintain my weight. We talk about protein post workout, post workout meal, intermittent fasting. Also dive into the topic of fear foods and how I eat them. If you guys want more fdoe (full days of eating) let me know down in the comments!

If you're new to my channel welcome! I'm a lover of all different sports, types of fitness, with a craving for adrenaline. Who love experimenting with new fitness trends, to see if they live up to the hype. Encouraging you to step outside your comfort zone & do that one thing you’ve always been scared to try. By taking on any challenge thrown my way. I also dive into what to wear, where to workout, athletic apparel, dogs, brunch, shambles with my friends, and whatever other shenanigans life throws at me. Just a cliche girl trying to live her best life, hoping to inspire you to do the same. Thanks for stopping by!


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I Did Michael Phelps 12,000 CALORIE DIET & Workout | GIRL vs. OLYMPIAN | Keltie O'Connor


Keltie O’Connor


Comments (100)

I could def do 12,000 calories in one day lol

Emma Luepke

I hate cheese tooooo!

Italiana 7

You would never drink more than 32 oz of water in one hour!! You can die from over hydrating!!

Italiana 7

The way she says PAstaA lol

Sandra Falk

I can’t eat cheese other then on pizza and nachos

Embla Bexell

I hate cheese too

Jennifer Drosera

White girl is wooookkke!!! A new sub and binge watching. Loving your awareness and vulnerability

nolo moussy

i mean, swimming makes you soooooo hungry


You look like Ntoreta Papadimitriou, omg like you two are twins


your ethics are on point....I wish more people thought that way!

Priscilla Leang

kpop diets!

Scarlet x Sophie

Can u eat like the rock for 24 hours ? Xx

Deanna Lisovich

I think you should do the blogilates PIIT 1.0, 2.0, 3.0 28 day workouts with the diet that comes with it.

Pretty Jessicaa

You have really good flip turns like wow??????

China Diva

Honestly all she say is what did I get myself into??

Lissette Rosado

Do you train people or make workout regimens for others?

Anna Atkins

Honestly, considering that Michael Phelps is at least DOUBLE THE SIZE of Keltie, she did a great job!!!

Kremena Avramova

I am on a diet but this is not tempting me to eat AT ALL ????????


Kpop training. 5 hours of dancing (cardio) eating normal. or 2 hours of dancing and 1 hour of weightlifting eating 1500 calories (3 meals a day). for the future commenters. I know there are a lot of extrict diets. but this is just a regular 50kg healthy idol rutine... and we don't want to Keltie to harm herself either.

Alexandra Albisoru

you are so petit, where did all that food enter? i love to eat carbs, but i couldnt eat not even half as much as you did


Figure skating! I skate for 6-8 hours a week plus i walk daily 10,000 steps and do core and endurance training and body weight workouts three times a week. As an adult skater. I also hike 6 miles two times a week.

caticorn sena

Thought this was morgz mum


How the hell you do that! ?


1:18 - You have a wonderful heart, what a generous and thoughtful person. This planet needs more people like you.... more cheese for me hahah!

Emily loves you


All That She Iz

Me looking at the title : ? how can you eat 12K calories? I would die ? I get full on 1500 to 1800 now with my diet. I counted what I would normally eat at my worst and that was between 2500 to 3000

Lalita Marvin

Dear god does this man eat any vegetables? This was a crazy diet! So interesting

Laura Lascher

you have such a big heart, you're amazing

Elizabeth Dadds

My gluten and dairy intolerance could never


excuse me how do u look so fit for swim #2 @5:27 after all that omelette and flour, i'd be 8 months pregnant

Jules Nemetz

I love her little happy dance she does why she eats something she loves. Whenever I am scared to eat food I think of that do my little happy food dance and eat something that I love. One point for me zero for eating disorder! (btw love your videos)

Zoe C.

Wow, a YouTuber with a conscience. Kind of rare these days

Amy Carrington

Is your favourite word "Shambles" by any chance? hahaha

Cindy Howe

Keltie you are so lovely. You gave and you didn’t film it. God bless you x

Beki Gjyzeli

She should do a track runner diet

emily. art

So impressive, I would eat one of those pancakes and be full for forever. And, even though I’m from Florida, I couldn’t swim like that very long.


Ok I doubt you ACTUALLY chugged 3 liters of water in one hour, because you would literally be dead from water intoxication.

Mikayla Katherine

The fact that you donated food and money after this.. I can’t. You’re a fantastic person.


Why not kombucha? It's really healthy

Tevo Christmann

This cracked me up!!!

Alexis Seymour

props to the guy playing basketball


I was a swimmer for YEARS and when I say I could pack away as much food as my teenage brother and my dad, I'm not exaggerating. And I stayed around 130 lbs at 5"4'. I was all muscle my friend.

yoona blue

you are awesome!


Yay for your donations <3


This video is incredibly amazing! I love that you donated along with the challenge. That is incredibly self-aware, and telling of your thoughtfulness. Love you videos in general, but this is so touching!

Kelly McKenzie

This is my favorite Keltie video yet!! ????

Manas Joshi

warning don't watch this while hungry you will be triggered

Charli P

try training like Chris Hemsworth


I looooved that she is aware of the hunger problems around the world. Thanks for using the ad revenue for the right purposes!

Helen Caleb

I know you’re most likely not viewing comments on this vid any more it’s so long ago now but if you haven’t done her before how about Serena Williams training and diet for a day?

Emy Maru


Vágó Luca

How is your belly looking so slimm after all that food? I would be bloated as hell if i ate all that?

ami poger funy

But like is it just me or does food hit different after you swam? It tastes so good for some reason ??

Eve Grylz

When I was a swimmer I literally never ate

Maddie Fishblob

Wow the fact that she donated add rev & gave 12,000 calories to the homeless is AWESOME ? wasn’t expecting that


GO PACK GO! Love the Packer fan comment :)

David Riskin

Try to live like a gymnast

Tay & Lexi

You are my absolute favorite youtuber/influencer ??


Dang I want some pizza, pasta, and pancakes!!! So much torture! But seriously though, awesome video!!

Looping Dragon

I don't miss being a competitive swimmer, I refuse to go into any pools even on holiday but my god I could eat for England haha! Watching the swimming clips stirred the old swimmer in me XD

All That She Iz

Me watching her in during the day : WAKE UP ! ? TIME TO EAT ! ? EAT EAT EAT ?

Star Light

As a swimmer, I literally eat a bagel sandwich with eggs in it and yogurt on the side, then a granola bar as a snack, then for lunch pasta or rice with chicken and squash or any veggies, then sandwich after practice and a dinner. It’s crazy but since corona I couldn’t do that anymore ?

Joe Duffy

Wow you can eat!!! ???

kate akech

train like a pro football player.for a day

Tatyana Williams

So much food!!!! How did you not throw up? I would not have been able to eat all of that in one sitting


How do you look good in a swim cap and goggles?!!

Athenes P

when she woke up post nap that's my default mood

Elisa Fernanda

I’d love to see you do The Rock’s diet!

Kezia Petrelli

Calisthenics workouts for 1 month? IDK if you can do it but see if you can get an effortless muscle up at the end? I've been wanting to get into it but working the first pull up :P


She is such a sweet beautiful human being omg

Snail Fingers

lol IDK how you managed to do this challenge, I can do swim training in the mornings because other wise I feel like I'm going to throw up even if its hours after I've eaten. I seriously don't know how you did this hahahaha.
love you channel btw

Sofia Moreno

I am not even joking when I say I eat like this ? where are my swimmers at? ??

Raque Mosche

It’s actually nice that you do the workout as well. I see a lot of people only do the diet part of an athlete’s lifestyle, but obviously there’s going to be a different result depending on what you do during the day. Great video!

Grace Hii

Girl, I hate cheese and literally get chicken pineapple with green peppers as my usual pizza order too!!

Soraya Lopidas

is it just me or did anyone else try and take a bite of the food whenever she puts it up to the camera then realized you can't take a bite but still tried to lol

Zabia Sotirakos

Intermittent fasting

Lara Horhor

I immediately pressed subscribed after that acknowledgement. yes girl!!!

Marissa Jaynne

You are a really good person ❤️
Gorgeous inside and out



14:39 ~ should i be getting WORRIED?? i literally feel like this everyday ???
can someone please tell me if i should be worried ?? ?

Taura Jackson

You should do Terry Crews diet and workouts!

rhi b

why does he eat so much damn

Fifi K

omg thats my food for a week in 3 days

Kay VanLoan

you should do a ballerina one

Julie Frey

I miss being a swimmer and eating a crap ton of calories lol

Alice M

Does it make anyone else feel sick just thinking about eating that much food

Alex H

9:43-10:25 awesome full body workout!
Brah... more and more Keltie videos pop up in my YouTube rec. ? thanks for the great content!

hannah • 6 years ago

if you don't laugh at yourself in a swim cap, you have a heart of STONE i stgg

Petra Maier

Are you a Former or active triathlete?

Shanna Tate

Man this is Sooooo much food!

sophie tribble

You are such an amazing person. You inspire me so much!


As an ex swimmer i totally understand why he is eating so much carbs like really swimming is a very intense cardio workout and when you finish you feel hungry like nuts and craving especially for carbs so yeah i was eating like nuts back in days???
Edit: okay.... soooo..... after watching the whole video no no no eating that's too much of food??i take it back i never ate that much??

Katie Weller

Love the way you say pasta

Milica Rajic

i feel very happy watching this because im a swimmer!??‍♀️

Ashlynn Flory

Honestly there's no point in working out just to eat 12,000 calories he should workout only 2hours a day and eat normally instead of hurting himself and wasting his entire life eating and working out.

Hennie 333

I'm a competitive swimmer too and it's sooooo fun

Ivy Luo

Train like a gymnast!

Annie Spurr

I hate cheese too!!!!!!! it’s gross in my opinion and i hate Milk I think it’s literally the grosses thing ever. Is it weird that I don’t like chocolate as well

Italiana 7

Do you swim with your apple watch?


the massive bag of trail mix triggered some memories of swim club deep within me??


navy seal boot camp

Michael Phelps on sacrifices, Usain Bolt and a possible Olympic return in 2020

Michael Phelps on sacrifices, Usain Bolt and a possible Olympic return in 202013 Sep. 2017
311 062

On his first ever trip to

On his first ever trip to Dubai to open Under Armour's new flagship store, the most decorated Olympian of all time sits down for an exclusive interview with Dubai Eye Sport. In it, he talks about those who influenced his career, the sacrifices he made and what one attribute above all others separated him from his rivals. Is he open to another sensational return to the pool in Japan 2020 and just who is the greatest: Phelps or Bolt? He reveals all

Comments (100)
Vade Retro

After the recent World Championships he would never be back anyway. Too much talent in his main events, more talent than he had in his prime.

Gravel Academy

He better stay away from 2020 or he will be the next big STEROID BUST !!!


The greats do things when they don't always want to.

Katie Williams

Michaels book no limits the will to succeed is an awesome book I absolutely loved it when I read it such a great book

Kaushik Oll

Most inspirational person for me ??

Lourdes Marquez

Lol he look different, He look sick.

Amo Ramoleko

His mental game. ? visualise what you want to happen ?

Alvin Dussoye

0:20 Michael Phelps is "28 Olympic Medals" LOL

Eduardo Larraz

He didn't want to be at 2012 Olympic Games ....but...he was...and he won gold medals...He controlled sport of swimming every time he wanted to or not... absolutely brilliant.

Victor White

Athlete's are the living legends of society! One of the greats, big ups! :D


dressel superior to phelps.


He talks like Harry Kane, but Kane is a better diver


3:07 - 5:17 he reveals the 2 secrets to his success

Jenelly Garcia


Eric Tong

Bro...don’t return again!!! Give someone the chance to win some medals


I like how he overcame his self esteem problems. It sucks to hit rock bottom, I just hope he doesn't become a huge egomaniac, which I highly doubt, by the way hahahaha

D Lane

While all the kids nowadays are watching KPOP...

ivan carlson

bleeps "pissed" but doesn't bleep "half-ass"


I want him back in play

Lzaer Light

God bless


So many haters in the comments here...git jealous lul

Gravel Academy

They are all doping

Youssef Kan

Truly, this interview is inspiring.

Sanju Singh Mma

Conor would murder this guy.

Mohammed Khan

Sports cannot produce a better sportsman like Phelps.


No longer the butterfly record holder, but still one of the best athletes of all time.

Chris Mackerdush

He spoke about learning to love himself. A lot of elite sportsmen seem deeply unhappy. As if eternal self-loathing drives them. Lance Armstrong being another example that comes to mind. Most of the time a result of terrible parenting?

Kelly Oniha

aquaman and the flash

christian Long

test the 2008 samples now...........all im sayin

Pious Seph

Wow when u put it that way: "when you take one day off it takes 2 days to get back to where you were before you stopped", its really equates to 7 days a week of continuous improvement vs 4 days, because taking off sunday really means monday and tuesday are being used to get you back to saturday.

Nive Yoga

6 days a week hard work is doable, but 7 DAYS?! That seperates the best from the good!

Me Trackerr

So stupid to compare Bolt and Phelps. Not even the same sport, nonsense.


alpha male ..thats what he is !!


my right ear loved this

Deepak Sharma

I had 52 days more...love and respect to him. I dislike the BEEP tone purposely used to hide that word..come on, grow up.


Weird to see him without goggles and a hat

Sanjib Chakraborty


Andrew Flood

michael phelps right about a possible olympic return in 2020 ?

Amir Khan

This guy is fucking legend

Lourdes Marquez


Sterling Lowery

You can't have a $Million$ dollar dream, with a minimum wage work ethic.

Deep Patel

Who came to watch this after seeing all these young kids beat his records

Jesse Compton

Fuck dubai


I wonder if Phelps gets interviewer's accent.

ashish p naik

Listen in earphone the anchor voice will be heard in left bud and Phelps's voice in right

Purple Angel

He came to Dubai ?????


Insights into greatness from the GOAT. Such an inspiration.

Jozef beau

Don’t do that don’t give me hope

Global Mask Penguin

Michael Phelps may be considered the greatest Olympian of All times. However, Phelps is definitely the strongest mentally athlete in the history of sports.


Sacrifice is when you do something you love and get paid millions for it?


Greats do when they don't want to do , this separates greats from goods,...

Poonam Singh


Alaa Masalha

Reported for misleading title. Nothing about Usain Bolt, and definitely no possible Olympic return in 2020.


? still.

Tyler Crouch

The one thing I don’t understand is why everyone is like Michael for 2020 it’s like why can’t we just let the man retire. I understand he’s an amazing athlete and one of the reasons on why I’m swimming but everyone has to retire at some point and live there life they want to either that being in the spotlight or not it’s there choice. Why can’t some of us just accept his choice to not compete at the Olympics. I mean he has other aspirations like his own company


Bolt is on a different level to anybody

smokey sauce

Click bait possible return nice

Giuseppe P.

What a horrible disgusting accent this interviewee has. Could not finish the video.

Peter D

Interviewer: so will there be a return to the olymp-

Phelps: No

Title: a pOsSibLe oLymPiC ReTuRn!!!


«Michael Phelps on Usain Bolt11!!»

Dai Nguyen

Well, things to consider is technology nowaday, nutritions, better coaching etc. I expect records to be break, so i only compare era to era, and during his era, hes a king! Same goes for Bolt!


Phelps: “I sacrificed a lot. Worked out 365 days a year for 5-6 years straight. I lost when I didn’t follow the process of my coach, etc.”

YouTube comments: “It’s all his genetics.”

Sharon 92075

Insightful interview!


You can be the King Kong, bangin’ on your chest

Candy Le

that is really helpful to me

Solomon Martinez

he better return in 2020!!

Igor Filipovic

they ripoff Milorad Čavić

GER_ Simon

Usain Bolt < Michael Phelps

Lizi Moody Specter


Charles peterson

One night, while living in Mexico I was watching the Sports segment of the news and they were discussing Phelps and whether he was truly a great Olympian. They agreed he was not, for whatever reasons they had. Mexico s a country has never won a Gold. I have no idea how many Phelps has won. 28 total, from Gold to Bronze. Next time you try to reason with a Nationalist, bear that in mind.


built like a machine.


have no words to describe this guy

Ty Pedersen

He kinda sounds like jake paul

Vi Blu

Ah Michael, 2004 ‘Race of the Century’ was too bad as a loss... you’ve completely removed! But we Love you and Thorpie ?


The swimming Virginian! A person, a character, a tune: https://youtu.be/S423KrdanTM


Phelps,Bolt,Mayweather >the Greatest athletes ever ..period...Ever...

Mitchell Jack

This is someone that doesn’t understand his genetics

Nick Name

the biggest influence on an olympian career ?? and still doping!..... lol !!!

Sidney Aquino

I know from personal experience that great genetics + Adderall = awesomeness haha!! I'm 47 years old and can outsprint and outlift college boys LOL! Like Phelps, I have severe A.D.D. too which Phelps is a poster boy for so we are "legally doped up" when competing plus people with A.D.D. really succeed once they find their "interest." Regardless, Phelps is THE GOAT!!!

Milkshake 123

Audio is bad

Maahd Shahzad

“So it’s my fault and I got what I deserved.”

Michael Vonhaven

I only want to see Usain bolt come back if he's only going for number one

Some One

That question ith tho hard to anther.

Johnny GoodFellow

he has a freak body nothing but luck not even that good of a swimmer

Paulius Domarkas

Love this guy.


Crazy. I figured Olympic swimmers never had their goggles come off accidentally.

C. S.

Hes not that fast actually looking at the numbers, I could show you how to do it better.

sohaib ahmed

Man great interview true warrior. Key point he made was he stood out he was willing to do the work that other people weren’t going to do which is train everyday. He was also wanted to be the best and wasn’t intimidated by it.

Joseph McDonagh

I want to swim in the olympics but i'm 22 already so i doubt it.

Mr. Mystiks

Wasn’t he caught doing steroids at some point?


I can’t understand a lot of what the host is saying.

Why do they have someone doing interviews with such a heavy accident and hard to understand


This man made me passionate about swimming. So bad we won’t be able to see him ever again.His skills in water are truly remarkable... There may be some other greats out there but no one will ever come close to this greatness !! Goat without discussion! Respect!


Title is such clickbait. You guys are garbage.


7:40 "Bolt or Phelps?" What a stupid question to ask Phelps.

Juice Lee

One word.....



Bolt and 2020 are in the last minute. Bolt or Phelps: Phelps. 2020: No.

Lourdes Marquez

Always him

Bruce Laister

"What I did was not rocket science" Repeat 6 things 1000 times to succeed no matter what it is

Jonas Langesæter

My left ear enjoyed this a lot


He sounds like Jake Paul

Michael Phelps: Going Five Years Without Missing A Single Day of Training | Forbes

Michael Phelps: Going Five Years Without Missing A Single Day of Training | Forbes24 Oct. 2016
625 257
Forbes LiveSubscribe 438 721

Michael Phelps, the

Michael Phelps, the greatest Olympian of all time, sits down with Forbes' Kurt Badenhausen and discusses the highs and lows of his illustrious career.

Subscribe to FORBES: https://www.youtube.com/user/Forbes?sub_confirmation=1

Stay Connected

Forbes on Facebook: http://fb.com/forbes

Forbes Video on Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/forbesvideo

Forbes Video on Instagram: http://instagram.com/forbesvideo

More From Forbes: http://forbes.com

Forbes covers the intersection of entrepreneurship, wealth, technology, business and lifestyle with a focus on people and success.

Comments (100)
Maria S

he really looks like Ryan Reynolds in here or is it just me

Victorianne Castle

5 straight years without missing a single day.
-Secrets to success.

Adrian Villafuerte

why you always lyin!

REAl REAction

Aquaman on retirement

Konstantin Danailov


Ivy Yesterday

I can't swim.

Alex Cameron

Haha i couldn't see the full title, i though it said 'going five years without a bong' lmao


Finally he looks like a man. Thanks to the beard.

Murr Plays

2:38 wow, this is dead on a saying I concocted whilst experiencing both sides of success and failure in running, winning is awesome, you’re truly on cloud 9, but it fails in comparison to the defeat of losing. Think of it like absolute value in math, if winning gives you 100 happiness, losing gives you 1000 unhappiness

christian Long

That last turn in the 200 is everything

Mukesh Sharma

hard work can break any record and u have proved it legend. hats off to u sir.

Mohan Patil

Wow. Just 2 hrs ago, My friends were telling me about football players training. I mentioned Phelps as I had read about this on qoura. And then this pops up in my recommendation. Coincidence?

Brian Bastoni

What's the most pruny your skin got? Did it scare you sorta?

Marco Martinez

this dude should be aqua man for the movies

Josh H

well.. i just purchased a case of Core water.


a walking/talking dolphin

Shan Aslam

Who else thinks Michael Phelps looks like John Krasinksi with a beard?

Sir Yogi Beats

He ain’t shit I can swim better

Alan Dawkins


piikuni blackfeet

How can men sit like that?
I know when i tried 2 sit like that it hurts my Nuts.

Stefan Vo

He should've been casted as Aquaman in the Justice League movie.

Fabrício Monteiro



Dr strange


This is so good.

shailendra singh

the original Aquaman.

Just Rose

you have to love his work ethic


i bet he can beat a shark in a race

Da7me H

It is the name guys, name your son Michael and good things will happen

Global Mask Penguin

For a person to do what Phelps did is really ludicrous and insane. He is the perfect mutant for swimming

Lool John

How do you handle injury that sidelines you (makes you miss a day or more of working out)? frustrates me so much to have to stop my workout momentum to prevent further injury. I'm trying to do pull ups & pushups challenge (60 days straight), but I've got recurring bicipital tendonitis. Any advice??

Daniel Johnson

That product placement tho

ZekeTaughtMe -

Cool dude

Phillip Shaps

Would give anything to see Michael compete in 2020, perhaps just 2 events (200 butterfly, 200 individual medley) + 4x100 m medley


isn't he the guy in justice league?the fish dude.

Vineeta Yadav

Spr se upr Michel Phelps

Kevin Le

He should be the star in Aqua Man.

Navya Shetty

October 24th is my birthday and this was posted on my birthday. Michael Phelps is my idol. Dreams coming true day by day.

tushar kotnala

Hard work beats talent, if talented doesn't work hard. Michael Phelps proved it.

Annette Sanchez

Damn he's hard core! Love it though. ?

The crows

If phelps selling water, I am drinking it

Kevin Zhou

He takes himself too seriously.


He is going to OD if he keeps smoking the wheat.

jeevan v

He is the male version of MERMAID
You know that
Those legs are fake

mozart mario

He will be back. He is still working out in the pool. I think he is doing that to keep in shape just in case he comes back.

Maya Padilla

the discipline of this man is superbbb. Salute!! ❤️

Axel Cr7

He has a genetic disorder

Kevin Le

So he trained when he got a cold or a flu? How?


It's a marathon, not a sprint. Consistency!

Seth Gerringer


Kyler Murray

One for the tokers that get shit done !


Talk about Consistency!!

felix schmidt

Grown man!

piyali dutta

Love u

Rhea Malana

How will he earn $$ if he’s not competing & retired ?


It annoys me that every single interview he gets asked about 2020, can't imagine how annoyed he must feel being asked about it.

Blender Wiki

is embarrassing the Forbes live had soo low video quality for an important guest like Phelps

TJ Lama

He should have been featured as Aqua man in DC comics.

open-minded skeptic

I appreciate you editing out applause breaks ?

Christian Di Lazzaro

MP's goal in life: 2:08


I love when Phelps swims out of his home (the ocean), comes to the surface, and attends land interviews with us mere mortals. It's like witnessing a water harnessing Greek Demigod. Perhaps he's one of the sons of Poseidon.

Gera Enterprise

5 years without missing a day of smoking dope

Skibble Dazzle

He could sell swimming pool water, in bottles.

Lewis Luigi Cobos

Stop the joints

Bruce Wayne

The real Aquaman!!

Stella Ng

He is a winner


When he means training he doesn't mean a full on work out every single day. There are work out days and warm up/ cool down days leading up to and after the work out days. Still have to get in the pool and swim though, just not as intense everyday. Same thing with track, you have to be doing something everyday, even if it's just light jog stretching or mobility work/ form work/ etc.


DAMN he is not coming back ???


5 years and not a single day of training missed??

like isnt he sick some days yknow fever and flu??

Kaustubh Datta

Forever my role model


I don't care what anyone says. This man is the greatest, most dominant athlete in the history of the planet. NEVER have we seen someone dominate their sport like Phelps did. Hopefully he'll put the suit on for one more go in Tokyo.

Jason Mcmechon

Jesus Christ is Lord God of all! God bless you all, nothing, and I mean NOTHING, is too difficult for the Lord our God, with Christ, ALL things are possible!

Emma Hardy

who came here from Kevin's snapchat

Carlo Yu


Warfield Alexandre

he can beat fish in a race

Nerveshiré Homes

wow, discipline will always prevail over talents

Andrew W

Greatest Olympian, but Bolt is the greatest athlete!

Alex Trendov


Utkarsh Sharma

Is he like one punch man?

Malik Waqar

handsome guy

Solid Soldier

I was just thinking of doing swimming again last night when I was in the shower and then even more when I came out I was doing something with the water in my hands that I’ve never done before and it made me wanna swim again...Phelps is amongst the greatest

Perry Robles

Michael, you inspired me so much that I love to swim.

You are a TRUE athlete. Much. Much. Love, respect and admiration.

You inspired me so much that I just published RIO on Amazon. When I saw you, i could not stop swimming.

If you ever get a chance, read it. I think you will like it.

“Thanks for al the YouTube tutorials. They helped. ALOT!”


Fuck that, its no struggle to smoke weed, its great for recovery I'm training for my first marathon and smoke weed everyday, Michael Phelps is the Stoners Champion


365 days a year, for 5 years straight... without a break?? lol

Anyone who thinks MP managed this without the help of PEDs... is a total fucking gullible moron!! Drugs work people... they work VERY well. :D

Stefan Vo

truly GOAT. As a swimmer, I will forever idolize Phelps.

Jason J

For me...this is a pretty interesting video...I mean for me, that's just how I feel. For me.

Cian Burrowes

His title is wrong .. "The greatest Olympian of all time " belongs to usain bolt

Molly Edmonds

This guy rom my swim team grew up in Michael's neighborhood in Baltimore. He actually went to his mom's house or story's. Just thought that was cool.

Brian Bastoni

He's coming back for the cannonball relays 4x

Gy Bx

To anyone at any level of swimming, he's an inspiration. He's made some mistakes in life. I have made many mistakes. The losers will never forgive you. They don't matter. Only recovering from the mistakes and rebuilding your life matters. In the final analysis, no one cares about you. You must do what you do for yourself. There is no other choice.


sup shinigami here


He trains 365 days a year which means he did get a day off on that leap year.


He will be back :)

Joe Schmoe

Very lucky individual to be given the genetics and environment to be groomed to this level. He just had to want it.

Mario Eduardo Sánchez Peláez

if Michael goes to the next olympics even if doesn't win anything his legend will be even bigger. He is the greatest and will be not matter what


2016 Phelps is still my favorite version of him, even though he wasn’t as dominant as 2008 the whole comeback was incredible


The only bath water that would be worth buying is his.

Thanh Dinh

Lol ?
Michael Phelps "Never Comin Back"


4:54 "Im not coming back." Goodnight!

Maya Padilla

“There are days you’re not gonna wanna do it, sure. And everybody has these days. But it’s what you do on those days that help you move forward.” -Michael Phelps ????

nijesh manuel

how the fk did he went 5 year without missing a day ... a sportsman without injury is not possible he is lieing....