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Ludwig Martial Arts5 Nov. 2014
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How To Flow On A Uppercut Bag with DUANE LUDWIG at LUDWIG MARTIAL ARTS

How To Flow On A Uppercut Bag with DUANE LUDWIG at LUDWIG MARTIAL ARTS24 May. 2016
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Comments (23)
hssoy ss

I could genuinely watch Duane on the bag for hours

Ashad Wasim

Found this video really helpful, thanks.

Mike Hunt

Watch your back that other back touched the booty!



Doc Halovic

What type of heavy bag do you like working on (e.g uppercut bag, bowling ball bag, banana bag)?

rundown thomas

i dont class that as an uppercut bag...its not very good for uppercuts.


where's my peanut butter?


Any schools that teach your way around Ontario California?

Doc Halovic

You are a genius when it comes to flowing striking.

Alex Joseph

Thanks for these, great stuff.


Again. Amazing. I love practicing theses drills on my BOB in the backyard. I need that bag though!

freedom fitness

Literally my favorite thing in the world is training these combos on the bag at my Boxing Club

Logan O'Rourke

Beastly bag work right there


He moves like tj too

Damien Holland

The bag at my local gym is way, way too tall, heavy, and hardly has any give at all. I might have to pay for a local Muai Thai school so I can actually hit the bags without risking injury. I should probably buy gloves as well so I don't tear the skin of my knuckles anymore but they are beginning to callus.

Grant Franchey

TJ is def lucky to have this guy he's a awesome coach

Benjamin Crout

Its too bad Duane is such an asshole in person, hes got some alright stuff. But make no mistake, hes a huge asshole in person.

italiano medio 88 brescia

Please learn the basic boxing footwork before teach something

unknown monkey killer

I just think the BANG Muay Thai system is awesome asf


This is a fantastic video

Shawn Stafford

Love your videos man!


That was guud.

fabio gutierrez

Compare these videos to alpha male teenage coaches than u will realize why Coby was and it will be losted agaisnt TJ

Ludwig Martial Art update

Ludwig Martial Art update16 Mar. 2020
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